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  • Who didn't see this coming?

    I watched from the early 90s and stop watching about 3-4 years ago. Certainly the acting talent was there and it's a shame that writers refused to up-play the positive for the instant gratification angle. We never thought that the Bauers would have been shoved on the back burner and then pushed nearly completely off the map. Does anyone remember the most recent Annie storyline where she drugged Josh into comming on to Cassie? We were all horrified! Yet these current writers thought it was fantastic to hook Cassie and Josh up a few years later. The problem is that the writers seemed to equate romance with random sexual attraction. The difference, for those who are confused, is that I may fantasized about Jason Statham but I LOVE my hubby. Reva may have had a "thing" for Richard but she LOVED Josh. Super couples shouldn't be equated with what ever the current status quo on marriage is. No one knows people like this in real life and they love the "happily ever after" when it comes to love. There are other ways to inflict drama other than divorce and talented writers would have utilized the history. Instant gratification works in short term stories (movies) but not on a show that is shown 5 days a week and shame on the writers for taking 5 decades and turning it into s hollow shell. I don't believe that soaps are a "dying art", I believe that writers have forgotten why these shows were great and tried to turn them into twisted, bed-hopping, Sex in the City-esque soft corn porn nightmares that seem to be popular but inevitably get cancelled after a few seasons. I must have missed the memo that says couples can endure.