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  • Please someone plug the Light back in???!!!

    It has only been a little over 4 months since the Light was turned out. I say, why doesn't someone turn it back on?!! Can't one of the actors take over the show? (I.E. Crystal Chappel - Venice The Series) It can be written again, just change the name of the title, buy it, something. Not having this show that was so much a part of my everyday life since birth is really hard to take. CBS has lost my viewmanship, and my respect!

    As to the show, it was a constant companion since my Mother's death 20 years ago. I feel so lost without it, empty, numb. It was my contact with her. It became 'reality' tv to me, and a lot of other women, families in this country. We shared this show with our families. Everyone got involved. I NEVER thought it would end.

    I feel though, if someone does restore GL to tv, can they concentrate on the families more, and not make it about just 3 families? The Spauldings, Coopers, and Bauers are great, but what about the Reardons, the Santos, and some new families? Towns have more than just a few families in them, with more than just a few businesses. I would like to see the show made more real, but still have the history of the original. This is just my opinion, what's yours? I would like to say to all the actors of the show, you are missed! You are in our hearts, and keep smiling, maybe the Light will come back. God bless you all!
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