Guiding Light - Season 50

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #13828
    Ep. #13828
    Episode 15

    Ross finally gives in to his passion for Tory and makes love to her in the classroom. When it's over, a remorseful Ross tells her that they can never let that happen again. Edmund has employed the acting troupe in Mexico to the play the roles of the people who rescued "Beth." His plans are jeopardized when Phillip arrives before the actors are ready. Cassie apologizes to Alonzo for keeping the truth from him and Alonzo makes a confession of his own when he tells her that he has feelings for her. Alone with Richard, Cassie neglects to tell him what Alonzo said. Olivia goes to Alan for help with Sam's journalism school admission and she is grateful when he's able to get him in. Alan privately gloats since he was the one who set up Sam's rejection in the first place. He determines that he's going to make Olivia realize that he's the only person she can ever turn to.

  • Ep. #13827
    Ep. #13827
    Episode 14

    Ross says goodbye to his students, unaware that Tory didn't leave town and is watching him. Blake and Clayton both try to get Ross to change his mind about giving up teaching, but they are unsuccessful. Tory eventually reveals herself to Ross. Sam is so disappointed that he was rejected from journalism school that Olivia vows to get him in. Catalina tells Ben that she plans to get pregnant in order to keep Tony. At the same time, sparks are generated between Marah and Tony when she insists that he followed her to the cabin because he was jealous. Cassie and Richard can't decide if they should tell Alonzo the truth, but he shows up with proof of the truth in hand. Alonzo initially thinks it's a joke, but Richard confirms the tale. After a reporter confronts Camille, Dax admits that he sent the reporter to her.

  • Ep. #13826
    Ep. #13826
    Episode 13

    Edmund gets another idea on how to stymie Phillip after he sees a flier from an acting troupe. Rick and Harley prepare to exchange vows, but they're interrupted by a call telling them about the fire that Gus saved Danny from. They vow to go through with the marriage at a later date and they rush to the hospital. Rick takes care of Danny, but Gus collapses in Harley's arms. Mel wonders what made Gus save his enemy. Carmen is horrified when she realizes that she inadvertently almost killed her son.

  • Ep. #13825
    Ep. #13825
    Episode 12

    Lorelei was desperate to stop Phillip from searching for the mission in Mexico where she supposedly recovered. She is grateful when Edmund arrives with a plan to stall Phillip. Harley and Rick decide to elope rather than have a production of a wedding. At the warehouse, Danny struggles with one of Carmen's henchmen who has set the place on fire. The man accidentally knocks Danny unconscious and leaves him in the burning building. After receiving a tip from Harley, Gus heads down to the warehouse and is shocked to see that it's been set ablaze. He finds Danny there and struggles to rescue him from the flames. Frank and Eleni continue their search for their daughter. Unbeknownst to them, Marina is nearly arrested after shoplifting at the Springfield mall.

  • Ep. #13824
    Ep. #13824
    Episode 11

    Cassie reels when Richard tells her that Alonzo is his half-brother. She's even more stunned when Richard admits that he's jealous because he believes Alonzo is in love with her. Camille eavesdrops as Alonzo says that he's leaving San Cristobel to prevent her from causing more problems. Ross tries to get Tory to stay in Springfield, but she insists that leaving would be the best thing. However, she couldn't help but watch longingly as Ross recommitted himself to Blake. Since she has been resistant to him thus far, Josh decides to use old-fashioned tactics to court Reva. Alan attempts to bribe Danny back into the Spaulding business by gifting Michelle with a priceless South American artifact. However, Danny suspects that the artifact is one that his mother illegally imported. Naturally, Carmen professed her innocence when Danny asked her. Still, he decided to search her warehouse, just as Carmen was giving the order to have the place burned down.

  • Ep. #13823
    Ep. #13823
    Episode 10

    Ross goes to Rick for advice about Tory and Rick tells him to cut ties with Tory immediately in order to save his marriage. Ross apologizes to Blake for his recent behavior and blames it on a mid-life crisis. He tells her that he's going to find Tory a new job. However, he finds Tory at the airport and is stunned when she admits to having feelings for him and kisses him. With marriage on his mind, Rick proposes to Harley just as she's ready to propose to him. They accept each other's offers. Lorelei asks Phillip to take her on a romantic vacation, but he thinks they should visit the Mexican mission where she recovered from her injury. Lorelei runs to Edmund for help. Camille admits to Cassie that Alonzo is San Cristobel's true prince. Cassie immediately confronts Richard with the truth.

  • Ep. #13822
    Ep. #13822
    Episode 9

    Frank and Eleni talk about their marriage and lament the events that led to its demise. They vow to work together to find Marina and help her. Buzz and Holly also pledge their support to the estranged couple. Josh wonders why Reva isn't gung ho to remarry him. Dax insists that Camille tell Richard that she lied about Alonzo being the true heir to the throne. Before she can, a betrayed Richard tells Dax he doesn't want to work with him any longer. Suspicious of everything, Cassie tries to get Camille to tell her the truth.

  • Ep. #13821
    Ep. #13821
    Episode 8

    Reva receives clues that point towards Josh planning to propose to her. Wearing a disguise, Carmen visits Sam to find out if he remembers what happened to him. She is relieved when he appears to be clueless. Unfortunately, Harley and Rick spy her leaving Sam's room. Harley tells Gus that she suspects he's right about the Santos family's involvement in Sam's illness. Olivia is confused when Alan praises her for double-crossing him with Josh and Reva. Catalina and Tony get to the cabin and surprise Marah and Ben as they are intimately entangled. Later, Catalina plots to become pregnant with Tony's child.

  • Ep. #13820
    Ep. #13820
    Episode 7

    Naomi warns Lorelei about the dangers of falling for either Phillip or Edmund. Phillip is suspicious when he finds out that Naomi lied about her relationship with Edmund. Danny confronts his mother about her questionable offers to help him in the job arena. Carmen later learns that Sam fell ill after he was in her warehouse. Catalina listens as Tony hears that Marah and Ben are taking a ski trip to the Bauer cabin. She is dismayed when he tells her that they should stay at the cabin for their trip. Wanting to be alone with Marah instead of skiing, Ben pretends to be injured. Though things heat up between them, Marah pulls away from him. Catalina manages to get word to Ben that she and Tony are coming to the cabin.

  • Ep. 13819
    Ep. 13819
    Episode 6

    Phillip is confused when Lorelei/Beth doesn't remember that her mother had breast cancer. Lorelei tells Edmund that he did a poor job of tutoring her just as her friend Naomi arrives. Edmund fears that Naomi will blow their scheme apart, but she surprises them by covering for them in front of Phillip. Cassie is angry that Richard arranged for Alonzo to leave without her knowledge. Richard decides not to tell her that he learned of Alonzo's true heritage. Tory is stunned when Ross admits that he has feelings for her. Blake arrives before Tory can say a word.

  • Ep. #13818
    Ep. #13818
    Episode 5

    Ross is disturbed after he envisions making love to Tory while he's in bed with Blake. Meanwhile, Tory dismisses Romeo's claim that Ross is attracted to her. Josh tells Olivia that he wants to file for divorce because there is no way he can forgive her misdeeds during their marriage. Olivia blames Reva for everything that's happened to her. Later, Josh and Reva find a book that verifies all the events that occurred during their time-travels. Reeling from Camille's claim, Richard unearths Prince William's grave and discovers that his coffin is filled with stones.

  • Ep. 13817
    Ep. 13817
    Episode 4

    Camille tells Richard that she knows that Alonzo is the true heir to the San Cristobel throne. Tony invites Catalina on a ski trip and she agrees to go after throwing away her birth control pills. At the same time, Marah suggests to Ben that they head to the Bauer cabin for their ski trip. Olivia uses her charms to get Alan to confess his scheme about the Harbor Project. Josh and Reva come in and Alan is furious over the set-up. Using evidence she gleaned from her time-travel, Reva convinces Alan to halt his plans to ruin the project.

  • Ep. 13816
    Ep. 13816
    Episode 3

    Rick and Mel are thrilled when Sam starts to make progress. Working together further solidifies their bond. Josh and Reva accuse Olivia of plotting with Alan to destroy the Harbor Project. Olivia denies their claim, but Reva comes up with a plan to test her. She tells Josh that they should "allow" Olivia to help them expose Alan. Gus spies a drunken Claire at Towers and calls Michelle to rescue her mother. Later, Harley and Gus talk about Zatunica. Gus thinks that the Santos clan is involved in illegal exportation. Harley muses on whether the Peruviam artifacts are linked to Sam's strange illness.

  • Wednesday December 19, 2001
  • Wednesday December 5, 2001