Guiding Light - Season 51

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #14191
    Ep. #14191
    Episode 250

    Jeffrey interrupts Cassie and Edmund as they fool around in the bushes outside of the Beacon. Cassie thinks that Jeffrey is purposefully hanging around her, but he keeps insisting that she isn't his type. Reva tries to be supportive when Cassie tells her she plans to go away with Edmund. Cassie is worried when she gets an emergency call from Edmund. When she races to his hotel room, she's surprised to see that he's set up a romantic oasis. Josh doesn't tell Reva that he mailed the signed contract to the sports agent. Josh and Shayne have their first pleasant moment together in weeks. Josh frets that Reva won't understand if Shayne decides to go pro. Dr. Sedwick tells Olivia that another paternity test had been ordered on her baby and Olivia assumes it was Alan. Phillip tells Alan that he's the father of Olivia's baby. Alan goes to Olivia for confirmation and she informs him that Phillip is the real father. It dawns on Olivia that Phillip must have ordered the other paternity test.

  • Ep. #14190
    Ep. #14190
    Episode 249

    Olivia is furious when Phillip accuses her of changing the paternity results so that he is the father of her baby. She insists that the results are true, but he doesn't believe her. Phillip leaves and asks her to be gone when he returns. When Phillip talks to Rick, his friend makes him understand the flaw in his virtuous stance. Olivia leaves the loft, but doesn't understand why Phillip won't believe her. Olivia heads to the Beacon and Alexandra and Lizzie are pleased to see that she's moving in. Eden makes Gus and Harley leave when Gus starts to question her. Tony offers Eden his help to find the killer, but she doesn't want it. Bill becomes suspicious of Tony's motives in helping Eden. Lizzie wants Ben to take her to prom and reunite with Marina so that she can have Shayne for herself.

  • Ep. #14189
    Ep. #14189
    Episode 248

    Frank and Gus realize that Ben, Darci, and Eden were the only ones alone in the Country Club when Ariana was killed. Frank tries to subtly question Darci, but she realizes that he's interrogating her. Frank is impressed by her directness and good spirits, but she lies to him about knowing Eden. Lizzie eavesdrops as Phillip tells Beth that Alan is the father of Olivia's baby. Lizzie is pleased until she hears her father say that he intends to stay with Olivia no matter what. Gus worries that Eden will be crucified by the press. Harley and Blake volunteer to warn Eden and they head to the museum. Ben finds a strange note at the museum and takes off. Harley and Blake find Ariana's missing pins on Eden's shirt. Ben takes the letter he found to Gus who thinks it's a warning that Ben is the next one to be murdered. Ben runs into Lizzie who tells him that they should help each other fix their problems. Olivia learns from the DNA test that Phillip is the father of her baby. When Phillip comes home, she tells him the good news but because of the test he had performed, he thinks she's lying.

  • Ep. #14188
    Ep. #14188
    Episode 247

    Beth calls Lizzie's boarding school and is surprised to hear that the principal has been trying to get in touch with her. Lizzie confesses that she destroyed the phone messages. Beth wants Lizzie to open up about her feelings, but Lizzie pushes her away. When Alan arrives, Lizzie pretends that nothing happened and kisses Beth goodbye. Alan lets Beth know that he doesn't think anything is wrong with Lizzie. Danny tells Gus that Eden should move into her own apartment because she seems to be the killer's target. Gus asks Eden to leave in order to keep Harley and the kids safe. Eden blames Danny for her oust and circles his picture in her scrapbook. Alan manipulates a meeting between Gus and Lucia, but Gus has too much work to do to stay. Lucia tells Alan that Gus has no interest in connecting with her so she plans to leave town. Alan asks her to stay and build a relationship with their son. Lucia and Gus later have a nice talk. Edmund promises Cassie that he will take care of her duties because she needs to work. When Edmund insists on helping Tammy find a prom dress, both Cassie and Tammy are impressed.

  • Ep. #14187
    Ep. #14187
    Episode 246

    Despite seeing Cassie and Jeffrey together in a state of dishevelment, Edmund remains calm. Cassie is insulted when Jeffrey assures Edmund that she isn't his type of woman. Edmund makes sure Jeffrey leaves and then helps Cassie to relax. They are on the verge of making love when Cassie suddenly comes down with chills and a fever. Edmund puts her to bed alone, but she asks him to stay with her through the night. Gus and Harley revel in their engagement. Bill shows up to make sure that Gus is looking out for Eden. Blake confides to Harley that she thinks Eden is involved in the murders, but Harley tries to give Eden the benefit of doubt. A tabloid photog snaps a picture of Tony and Eden together. Marah gets upset when Tony punches the photographer. While alone with Tony, Eden bursts into tears and "allows" Tony to comfort her. Eden later has a fantasy of Tony which Ben interrupts. Danny and Michelle go on a romantic date and reaffirm their decision not to remarry.

  • Ep. #14186
    Ep. #14186
    Episode 245

    Reva and Josh continue arguing about what's best for Shayne's future. They sit with Shayne and all decide the wisest thing to do is sign the contract with the sports agent as well as the letter of acceptance to Stanford and Shayne will decide which one to mail in the morning. Shayne admits that he wishes the decision could just be taken out of his hands. Acting on Shayne's words, Josh mails the letter to the agent. Cassie and Edmund plan to have an intimate meal in her room, but while she's getting ready for the date, she falls asleep and the bathtub overflows. She wakes up and slips just as Jeffrey comes in and helps her. Edmund finds the two of them together. Harley's family dinner with Gus and Alan starts to fall apart when starts feeling as though she's lost Gus to Alan. Harley is stunned when Gus kneels down and proposes to her.

  • Ep. #14185
    Ep. #14185
    Episode 244

    Olivia wakes up alone in the cabin and fears that Phillip left her. Her fears are assuaged when Phillip returns with a gift and a renewed sense of commitment towards their relationship. Alexandra fends off another blackmail attempt from the lab technician who made sure that Alan was the father in the paternity test that Phillip had conducted. Alex is convinced that Phillip will dump Olivia because he believes she's having his father's baby. When Gus learns that Alan has made plans with a beautiful female attorney, he worries that Alan is still working undercover. Gus goes to rescue Alan only to learn he was mistaken. Lizzie goes to Shayne for sympathy about her family situation and she tries to get him to forget about Marina. When Marina arrives and Shayne's attention is completely drawn to her, Lizzie realizes that Marina is real competition.

  • Ep. #14184
    Ep. #14184
    Episode 243

    Phillip and Olivia have a relaxing time at the Bauer cabin that is interrupted by Alexandra's unexpected arrival. Alex wants Phillip to sign documents establishing himself as her successor at Spaulding. Phillip calls Rick for advice and ultimately decides to sign the papers only if Alex will remove herself from the company. Alex agrees to his terms and leaves. Olivia tells Phillip that she had a paternity test performed. Phillip is moved by her honesty and they make love. Rick tells Gus that Ariana the escort was killed by a lethal dose of anesthesia. Gus tells Alan he doesn't want to continue their investigation because he doesn't want his father to be hurt. Alan favorably compares Gus to Phillip, but Gus says he's not trying to be Alan's substitute son. Harley complains to Buzz about the growing closeness between Gus and Alan. Buzz warns her that she will ruin her relationship with Gus if she continues trying to keep him from his father. Acting on Buzz' advice, Harley invites Alan over for dinner. Reva has another frightening vision and asks Christopher for help. He tells her that the fears are coming from something in her personal life. Billy warns Josh that he is in danger of driving Shayne away with his demands. Harley gives Josh conflicting advice when she expresses her faith that he will do right by Shayne. Reva vows to Shayne that they will get through their difficulties as a family. At the same time, Josh calls the agent that Shayne wants to skip college and turn pro.

  • Ep. #14183
    Ep. #14183
    Episode 242

    Shayne throws a surprise party for Marina and they share a real kiss. While she knows Tony and Marah are at Marina's party, Eden takes a souvenir from their bedroom. Frank takes Darcy as his date to Marina's party. Harley tells Frank she thinks each murder is connected to the next. Darcy later tells Eden that she no longer wants to see Frank as a favor because she has developed genuine feelings for him. Lizzie tries to interfere with Phillip and Olivia's plans to go away, but she fails. Lizzie is also upset when she sees Shayne and Marina kissing. Olivia wants to get the paternity test results before she and Phillip go away. Josh finally tells Reva that he's using Shayne to realize his own dreams. Reva stops him from going to Marina's party and they have a romantic evening at home instead.

  • Ep. #14182
    Ep. #14182
    Episode 241

    Reva discusses her conflicting feelings about her psychic gifts with Christopher. He encourages her to pursue her gift so she can learn to better control it. Out of her concern for Cassie, Reva has a vision that disturbs her, but it convinces her to try and harness her powers. Cassie wonders if she really received a message from Richard and if she misinterpreted the message. Cassie visits Richard's grave and talks to him about her feelings. Jeffrey looks for a new law clerk and ends up at the hospital where he meets Mel. Jeffrey thinks Mel has the potential to work with him. Shayne asks Marah for advice about his life choices. Shayne's indecision about going to college or turning pro becomes even more apparent as his romance with Marina makes progress.

  • Ep. #14181
    Ep. #14181
    Episode 240

    Lizzie is pleased by the tension between Phillip and Olivia. Harley helps Phillip realize what he needs to do and he asks Olivia to go away with him. Olivia, meanwhile, has scheduled a paternity test at the hospital. Harley apologizes to Gus again and they make love. Josh and Shayne continue their argument about Shayne's baseball career. Reva gets upset when Josh questions her recent actions. Reva decides to take Christopher's advice and arranges a meeting with him.

  • Ep. #14180
    Ep. #14180
    Episode 239

    Gus is furious when he finds out that Harley and Blake were working together on the investigation. Gavin is a potential suspect in Ariana's murder but Gus manages to clear Alan. Rick performs an autopsy on Ariana. Gus gets angrier at Harley when she admits that she started the investigation to make sure that Gus didn't get too close to Alan. Alan finds a clue and Harley leaves, ashamed of her actions. Edmund and Cassie decide they're ready to make love, but Jeffrey interrupts them by saying he needs Cassie's help. Michelle worries about her wedding and realizes that she really doesn't want to have a wedding at all.

  • Ep. #14179
    Ep. #14179
    Episode 238

    Eden and Jeffrey arrive separately at the Country Club to warn everyone about the potential danger. Gus is angry with Alan for dragging Alexandra into the investigation. Alan uses his charm to question Ariana, but Alex is freaked out by her weird date, Gavin. Frank makes a fool of himself on his date with Darcy but she tells him he's charming. Edmund asks Cassie about the message from the psychic and she tells him what she believes. Edmund and Cassie are kissing when the lights go out, but they meet up later to continue the kiss. Gus, Harley, and Jeffrey get everything under control at the club. When the lights come back on, Alan's date, Ariana is dead.

  • Ep. #14178
    Ep. #14178
    Episode 237

    Cassie prepares for her date with Edmund by getting a radical hair cut. Jeffrey tells Edmund that according to a psychic. Richard came from beyond to give Cassie a message. Jeffrey and Edmund are together when they see Cassie and they are awed by her new appearance. Gus helps Alan get ready for his undercover assignment with one of Eden's escorts. Gus doesn't know that Alan also blackmailed Alexandra into going on a date to help them. Harley and Blake wire one of the escorts for her date with a brand new client. Harley convinces Gus to let her join him on his surveillance watch of the dates. Marina helps Frank get ready for his date though they are both unaware that Darcy is one of Eden's girls. Gus and Harley watch in horror as the Country Club fills up with people on dates with escorts. Eden gets a note from the killer that another person is going to die.

  • Ep. #14177
    Ep. #14177
    Episode 236

    The psychic leads Cassie to believe that Richard is bringing her and Edmund together. Jeffrey sits behind Cassie at the psychic convention. Christopher suggests that Reva develop her psychic gifts. Michelle learns from a psychic that Maureen is happy for her and wishes her well. Ed gets the message that Maureen wants him to forgive himself for her death. Michelle's reason for wanting to set the wedding date make Danny uneasy. Edmund confesses to Alexandra that he fears Cassie won't want him because of Jeffrey. Alex urges him to find out Jeffrey's secrets. Danny receives a warning wedding gift from Salerno. Danny informs Gus of the connection between Salerno and Eden and thinks they're somehow related to the recent murders. Danny later tells Tony that if Gus can't solve the case, they'll take matters into their own hands. Jeffrey gives Gus permission to try to connect Salerno, Danny, and Eden to the murders. Phillip wants Olivia to explain her argument with Lizzie. Olivia tells him that his daughter is manipulative and he accuses her of being cold hearted. Lizzie gets Alexandra to be her ally. Alex later tells Phillip that he's hurting his daughter because she doesn't like Olivia. Olivia overhears Alex blaming all of Phillip's problems on her.

  • Ep. #14176
    Ep. #14176
    Episode 235

    Lizzie confronts Olivia and tries to make trouble. Olivia asks Lizzie to leave and tries to physically remove her. When Olivia trips over the book bag that Lizzie dropped, she worries about the baby's safety. Lizzie leaves to tell Phillip and Beth that the confrontation was Olivia's fault. Phillip is angry with Olivia, but Beth doesn't fully believe Lizzie's story. Cassie and Jeffrey call a momentary truce that is ruined when Jeffrey insults the children. Cassie goes to meet Reva at the psychic event. Reva meets up with the doctor she worked with in Europe, Dr. Langham. Reva explains to Dr. Langham that it's been too hard for her to work on developing her gift. Dr. Langham introduces Arthur, who's a practicing psychic. Arthur gives a reading that Reva connects to at the same time. Cassie gets a message from Richard about a new man he is sending to her. Jeffrey walks in at that moment. Bill confronts Eden about her failure to take responsibility in Ben's situation. Bill thinks that Eden should find another line of work.

  • Ep. #14175
    Ep. #14175
    Episode 234

    Edmund looks into Jeffrey's past and finds that there are three unaccounted for years after Jeffrey graduated from college. Edmund tells Dax to quickly find out what happened to Jeffrey in those three years. Lizzie persuades Tammy to play a prank on Jeffrey. When Jeffrey complains about to Cassie, they end up laughing about it. Reva worries about Cassie's date with Edmund, but vows to stay out of it. Reva advises Edmund to stick to his "new" persona or else. Danny orders Tony to stop protecting Eden. Tony complains to Marah and she suggests that he talk it out with Danny. Tony tells Danny that he doesn't feel like an equal partner and Danny says that Tony is being selfish. Tony gives in and cements his bond with Danny, but Danny doesn't tell him the whole truth about the business. Michelle asks Ed for help in planning her wedding, but they both realize it feels empty without Maureen. Michelle confides in Marah that she wishes her mother could witness her happiness. Marah gives Michelle a flyer about a parapsychology event that may enable her to contact Maureen.

  • Ep. #14174
    Ep. #14174
    Episode 233

    Reva is happy that Shayne has received a full scholarship offer. Josh, meanwhile, is determined for Shayne to have a professional baseball career. Shayne continues to be drawn to Marina. Ross and Holly help Ben get released from jail, but he's told to stay away from Marina. Ben tries to see Marina anyway but eventually seeks out Eden. Harley and Blake's new partnership takes Blake to the police station to look for information on the murders. Blake flirts with a cop to try and get info and Ross comes in. Harley and Gus make an effort to put their differences aside and reclaim their romance.

  • Ep. #14173
    Ep. #14173
    Episode 232

    Beth tries to reach out to Lizzie, but Lizzie hides behind her cheerful facade. Olivia finds Beth and Lizzie together and ends up confiding in Beth. Lizzie goes to see Phillip and hints at the fact that his relationship with Olivia upsets her. Harley is uncertain that she made the right decision to quit the police force. Harley worries when she sees Gus getting closer to both Alan and Eden. Gus wants Alan to stay away while he arranges for him to go undercover in Eden's business. Alan pretends to agree but ends up going to Eden and offering her a chance at a real family.

  • Ep. #14172
    Ep. #14172
    Episode 231

    Marina decides to work at Company rather than go to school. Eden shows up to see Blake and Frank tells Marina not to fight with her. Blake wants Eden to bring her escorts to Harley's house. When Blake leaves, Marina yells at Eden for getting Ben into her sordid business. Frank and Buzz ask Eden to leave Company. Eden makes a phone call when she leaves and a beautiful woman soon shows up at Company and flirts with Frank. Eden takes the escorts to Harley's house where Blake leads the women in a self-defense class. Eden later calls her new employee Darcy who informs Eden that she made contact with Frank. Cassie admits to Edmund that she has conflicting feelings about their new relationship. Edmund asks her out to dinner and also sends her flowers. Phillip confides to Rick that he can't get close to Olivia because he knows he isn't her baby's father. Rick suggests that Phillip leave Olivia if he's unhappy, but Phillip can't do that. Olivia unexpectedly breaks down in front of Cassie.

  • Ep. #14171
    Ep. #14171
    Episode 230

    Gus and Jeffrey realize that Eden is connected to all of the recent murder victims. Gus tells Jeffrey that his sister isn't a killer. Jeffrey wants someone to go undercover to expose Eden and Gus asks Alan to pose as a client. Alan agrees to help his son. Eden asks a jobless Harley to act as her protector, but Harley turns down the offer. Lizzie apologizes for being snippy with Olivia. Beth takes Lizzie for a therapy session with Felicia and Felicia warns Beth that Lizzie is in trouble. Alexandra thinks the solution is for Beth and Phillip to reunite and she relays to Beth that things between Phillip and Olivia probably won't work out. Alan tells Phillip that he doesn't care about Olivia's baby no matter who the father is because he has Gus to concentrate on. Alan insinuates that Phillip was never the right man to take over Spaulding. Phillip goes home to Olivia but can't get close to her because he thinks he isn't the father of her baby.

  • Ep. #14170
    Ep. #14170
    Episode 229

    Phillip goes to see the lab technician about the paternity of Olivia's baby. He is devastated to learn that Alan fathered the baby. When Phillip runs into Alexandra, she declares that she wants the baby to be Alan's so that he and Phillip can reconcile. Alex later pays off the lab technician who is revealed to work for her. Danny learns of Eden's nearly fatal accident and Tony's subsequent bodyguard duties. Danny tells Tony to stay way from Eden but both Tony and Eden disobey him. Eden goes to see Gus and instead finds a restless Harley. Gus, meanwhile, is finding it hard to stay separated from a charming Alan.

  • Ep. #14169
    Ep. #14169
    Episode 228

    Eden tries to meet with Salerno but Tony stops her. When Eden is nearly hit by a car, Tony insists on going to the meeting with her. Eden recognizes the car's driver as a Salerno employee, which prompts Tony to declare himself Eden's new bodyguard. Eden later calls the driver and thanks him for helping her scheme. Reva visits Ramona's hotel room and has a vision of Mrs. Hendon being drowned, not electrocuted. Jeffrey shows up with the autopsy report and confirms Reva's vision. Jeffrey wants to investigate Reva's sixth sense to see if she knows anything else. Reva confesses to Cassie that there was more to her vision but she doesn't want to incriminate Ben. Marina avoids talking to Ben until Shayne advises her to deal with the situation. Marina visits Ben in jail only to learn that he wants her to give him an alibi. Feeling that he's taking her for granted as usual, Marina refuses to cover for him.

  • Ep. #14168
    Ep. #14168
    Episode 227

    More suspicion is thrown on Ben about Mrs. Hendon's murder. Bill and Michelle support Ben and tell him to fight the charges against him. Gus arrives with more evidence against Ben. Jeffrey and Reva meet for the first time and she's the first person who doesn't accuse him of being a poor imitation of Richard. When Reva challenges Jeffrey, he becomes more interested in her. Reva meets the sports agent and likes the way he wants to handle Shayne's career. Josh believes that Shayne can ably balance school and sports but nothing else can get in the way. Eden is stunned to learn of Ramona's murder and Ben's arrest. Tony and Marah offer Eden support. Salerno pays Danny a surprise visit. Michelle is concerned to find Salerno and Danny talking in the living room.

  • Ep. #14167
    Ep. #14167
    Episode 226

    Frank decides to surprise Marina at the Beacon and she panics because she doesn't want him to know she's there with Ben. Ben finds Mrs. Hendon dead in the bathtub and stumbles out only to run into her husband. Marina also arrives and Mr. Hendon accuses Ben of sleeping with Ramona and killing her. Trying to get himself out of trouble, Ben says that Ramona was blackmailing him, but it only serves to make him look guiltier. Shayne comforts Marina when she realizes Ben cheated on her. Ben is arrested for murder. Danny learns that Eden used to work for Salerno and her clients and associates are being killed. Danny puts out a warning against the east coast bosses, which Bill overhears. Bill questions Michelle's safety with Danny. Ben calls Bill after his arrest and Bill and Michelle race to the station. Josh and Shayne meet with a sports agent and Josh questions Shayne about his distractions from baseball. Cassie tries to apologize to Jeffrey but he's too concerned with the Hendon case to listen.

  • Ep. #14166
    Ep. #14166
    Episode 225

    Eden admits to Gus that the murdered woman worked for her and she also lied about not knowing the coroner. Eden tells her guests that she is in danger. Danny suspects that Eden's former boss Salerno doesn't like the competition she's giving him. Marah and Tony think that Eden should move into the museum with them. Bill is worried when he hears Tony say that he will help him handle Salerno. Phillip offers an unemployed Harley more child support but she declines. Harley wonders at Phillip's sudden switch in attitude towards Gus and Phillip explains that he feels sorry for his former rival. Gus tells Phillip and Harley that he's decided to stay on the force in spite of Alan's manipulations. Marina gets a room at the Beacon for her 18th birthday celebration at the same time that Ben sneaks in to meet Mrs. Hendon. Ben wants to hurry and finish so he can be with Marina, but Ramona wants to draw things out. Ben sneaks out to see Marina, but he feels too guilty to make love to her. When he returns to Ramona's room, he thinks she's still in the bathroom and he tells her through the closed door that he's quitting. Ben opens the bathroom door only to find her dead in the bathtub.

  • Ep. #14165
    Ep. #14165
    Episode 224

    Harley tells Alan that Gus can never be bought or bribed. Alan tells a shocked Gus that he had a park in Chicago named after Joe August. Gus can't help but be moved by Alan's gesture. Alan further plays on Gus by asking him to teach him to be a good father. Alan later calls his lawyer to firm up his latest plot. Jeffrey makes a pass at Harley who decides to quit the police force. Eden's party starts to go wrong when she mentions Salerno and Danny assumes she's trying to provoke him. Tony comforts Eden when she "breaks down." Gus shows up to tell Eden that her name has come up in connection with the murder victims. Phillip dreams that Alan really is the father of Olivia's baby. Phillip admits to Rick that he paid a lab to analyze the baby's DNA. Phillip gets a call that the paternity results are ready. Lizzie and Alexandra bond as they accuse Olivia of being the source of their troubles. Olivia and Alex later meet and agree that though they both want Phillip at the head of Spaulding, they don't want each other around.

  • Ep. #14164
    Ep. #14164
    Episode 223

    Shayne realizes that Marina is more frightened than she is letting on about finding the body. Buzz points out to Marina that whenever something bad happens to Marina, Shayne is always there, not Ben. Other cops on the force tease Gus about someone pulling the strings to get his job back. Gus is angry with Harley for not telling him that Alan got him reinstated. Harley admits her fears that Gus will leave her since he's a real Spaulding, but he promises her that won't happen. The dead woman turns out to be one of Eden's women who drowned. Jeffrey and Gus deduce that both recent murder victims were killed in one location and then moved. Jeffrey thinks Gus should be dismissed from the case since Eden is connected to both victims. Marah and Tony convince Danny and Michelle to attend Eden's dinner party. Marah accidentally reveals that Tony and Danny beat up the 5th street drug dealers and Michelle surprisingly supports their actions.

  • Ep. #14163
    Ep. #14163
    Episode 222

    Beth and Olivia argue over Lizzie and both women are surprised when Lizzie stands up for Olivia. Beth wants Lizzie to go to therapy. Phillip is furious with Alexandra for drugging Alan and making him think he was crazy. Alex tries to tell him that she had the company and family's best interests at heart. When Phillip won't have anything to do with her, Alex turns to Olivia. Tammy sees Jeffrey and Cassie together and is shocked by his resemblance to Richard. Edmund shows up and causes an argument between Jeffrey and Cassie. Edmund gives Tammy advice and then asks Cassie on a date. Eden invites Bill to be her date to the dinner party she's hosting but he declines. Bill later sees Eden's scrapbook and almost discovers how deeply obsessed Eden is with Tony. Ben discovers that Mr. Hendon is following him. Ben finds out later that Mitch Hendon and Buzz are friends. Buzz tells Frank to call Mitch who can help him buy Marina an inexpensive car for her birthday. On her way home, Marina is shocked to find a dead woman's body.

  • Ep. #14162
    Ep. #14162
    Episode 221

    Phillip has a talk with Gus and outlines the ways that Alan will use him. Gus confides that he told Alan he doesn't want to be a part of the Spaulding clan. Phillip declares his desire to be a friend to his "brother" but Gus doesn't trust his intentions. Phillip finds out that Lizzie is in jail and Gus offers to talk to the D.A. Gus manages to convince Jeffrey to drop the charges against the girls. Phillip warns Gus that he may owe his reinstatement to Alan. Cassie nearly passes out when she sees Jeffrey for the first time. Edmund supports Cassie against Jeffrey. Cassie later tells Edmund that she can't rush into a relationship with him. Still in jail, Lizzie refuses Olivia's offer of help. Frank attempts to make peace with Marina when the girls are released from jail. Lizzie pretends to be fragile and distraught when Phillip arrives. Eden gives Marah the good news that Adrian Pascal has bought her design. Eden later puts a picture of Marah and Tony in her photo book, but she colors in Marah's face.

  • Ep. #14161
    Ep. #14161
    Episode 220

    Cassie and Edmund grow closer, but an intimate moment between them is interrupted by a call from Frank. When Cassie learns of Tammy's arrest, she tells Edmund that she needs to return to Springfield. The mayor orders Jeffrey to shave his beard and make himself presentable as the new D.A. of Springfield. Jeffrey finds out about the teenage girls being arrested and decides to press charges against them. Cassie and Edmund get to the police station and Cassie is furious to learn about the charges. She wants to confront Jeffrey, but Edmund tries to usher her away. Cassie goes to the Beacon and is shocked when she comes face to face with Jeffrey. Frank tells Harley that Gus was only reinstated because Alan called in a favor. Harley decides to keep the information from Gus. Phillip finds Lucia and asks her for the truth about Gus. Lucia tells a stunned Phillip that she and Alan were in love and he may have sentiments towards Gus because of that. Phillip is also surprised when Lucia tells him that Alan once grappled with the same life decisions as Phillip. Phillip decides that it's time for him to have a talk with Gus.

  • Ep. #14160
    Ep. #14160
    Episode 219

    Edmund and Cassie explore San Cristobel together. Cassie goes to bed early, but the power goes out. Edmund "rescues" her when she's terrorized by an iguana. Later, Edmund is stunned when Cassie starts undressing in front of him. Lizzie tries to get into Marina and Tammy's good graces by devising a plan to steal back Marina's car. Lizzie flirts with the impound guard while Tammy and Marina try to speed away in the car. The cops catch them and throw the girls in jail. Frank gets the charges dropped, but he makes them stay in jail to prove a point. A baseball agent wants to discuss Shayne's future career. Reva and Josh are angry when the agent thinks Shayne should skip college to focus on baseball. Though Josh disagreed with the agent, he still has big plans of his own for Shayne.

  • Ep. #14159
    Ep. #14159
    Episode 218

    Cassie worries about going to San Cristobel with Edmund, but Tammy convinces her that it's a good idea. Jeffrey asks the mayor for information about Edmund whom he instantly distrusts. Cassie and Edmund arrive in San Cristobel only to find that they have adjoining hotel suites. The mayor orders Frank to have Gus reinstated to the police force. Gus and Harley celebrate his freedom from Alan and the other Spauldings. Frank arrives to reluctantly give Gus his badge. Marina plans a romantic night with Ben.

  • Ep. #14158
    Ep. #14158
    Episode 217

    Alan is stunned that Harley and Gus are angry with him for betraying them. Alan tries to explain that he wants Gus to be his heir and he's manipulating Alex to make sure that happens. Gus rejects Alan's plan. Frank finds out that Gus and Harley hid Alan while the police were searching for him. Furious at them both, Frank tells Gus he doesn't want him back on the police force. Gus blames Alan for getting him permanently dismissed and asks him to leave. Alan calls the mayor and orders him to have Gus reinstated and keep the fact that Alan called in a favor quiet. Reva is surprised that Alan's return made the news and yet Alexandra is still not in custody. Alex admits to Reva that she made it seem as though Alan was the stalker, but she doesn't apologize for her actions. Alex says that she has bigger problems than Reva, mainly that she has been kicked out of her family home. Frank has Marina's car impounded and yells at Ben for giving her the car in the first place. Marina is so angry that she decides to sleep with Ben on her upcoming 18th birthday.

  • Ep. #14157
    Ep. #14157
    Episode 216

    Alexandra heads to the loft to ask Phillip for help with Alan, but she doesn't know that Alan already arranged for Phillip to go to the mansion. Alan accuses Phillip of plotting with Alex against him. Phillip is too angry and shocked to defend himself, but he vows to fight back when Alan declares that Gus will be his new heir. Lizzie is surprised to hear that Alan is back and angry at Phillip and Alex. Olivia realizes that Alex won't fight Alan because she's afraid of going to jail. Alan welcomes Lizzie home but warns her that their family troubles are going to get worse in order for things to get better. Cassie misses seeing Jeffrey again. Edmund worries about her seeing Jeffrey and mistaking him for Richard. Edmund invites Cassie to go with him to San Cristobel to plan the memorial library.

  • Ep. #14156
    Ep. #14156
    Episode 215

    Alan and Gus let Harley know where they can find a piece of evidence that will prove Alexandra drugged Alan. Alex heads home from the gala while Harley is still in the mansion. Gus tries to dissuade Alex from going inside. Alex finds Harley with the incriminating videotape and begs her not to use it. Harley refuses and gives the tape to Alan. When they call Frank, Alan pretends not to know what's going on and Gus leaves, believing that Alan was just playing games. Alan secretly intends to use the videotape to blackmail Alex and bring Gus into the family. Edmund meets Richard's look-alike and he is the new D.A. Jeffrey O'Neill. Cassie finds a shaken Edmund and wonders what's wrong. Edmund can't fight his growing feelings for Cassie. Later, Cassie narrowly misses seeing Jeffrey. Lizzie decides she has to break up Phillip and Olivia and tries to come between them. Olivia realizes what she's up to, but Lizzie plays innocent. Ben is stunned to finally meet Mr. Hendon who is a mean ex-Marine. Ben is scared when he realizes that Mrs. Hendon lied and her husband does not condone her rendezvous.

  • Ep. #14155
    Ep. #14155
    Episode 214

    Gus and Harley split up to search the Spaulding mansion but Lloyd finds Harley and threatens to kill her before Gus intervenes. Alan puts something in Alexandra's martini at the gala. Alan listens to Alex's conversation and realizes that he is losing his grip on Spaulding Enterprises. Reva sees Alan and realizes she's the only one who knows he's there. Gus shows up and takes Alan away when security confronts him. Alan tells Gus that he knows where to find proof of Alex's crimes, but they have to get to the mansion before she does. Edmund and Cassie share a hug at the gala that turns into a passionate kiss. When they are interrupted, Cassie tries to pretend that the kiss meant nothing. Cassie nearly runs into the Richard doppelganger, but misses him.

  • Ep. #14154
    Ep. #14154
    Episode 213

    On the night of Richard's gala, Cassie is touched when Edmund has a gift for Tammy. A newspaper article comes out that defames Edmund and brings up his misdeeds of the past. When Cassie sees that Edmund is genuinely hurt by the article, she pledges to support him. The Richard look-alike prepares to attend the gala. After testing Alan's blood, Rick reveals to Gus and Harley that Alan has a hallucinogenic drug in his system. Alexandra asks Harley to protect her from Alan. Harley later berates Alan for terrorizing Alex. Harley and Gus leave to search the Spaulding mansion while Alan secretly dresses in costume to attend the gala. Reva and Josh's argument over Shayne's baseball career hints at deeper issues. Josh tells Reva that she doesn't know Shayne as well as he does because she disappeared for so much of his life. Eden informs Marah that a famous fashion designer will be at the gala. Eden also lets Ben know that Mrs. Hendon's husband will be at the party so he may want to rethink attending.

  • Ep. #14153
    Ep. #14153
    Episode 212

    Marah designs something fresh and Eden wants to help her get the design publicized. Michelle warns Eden not to break Bill's heart. Father Ray fears that Danny and Tony are returning to their gangster lifestyle in cleaning up 5th street. Danny tries to reassure his cousin, but Tony worries that Danny has simply become a better liar. Lizzie's school lets Beth know that Lizzie is under suspicion for having set the fire. Beth is angry when Lillian believes it could be true. Olivia wants Phillip to tell her that he loves her, but she drops it when he can't. Olivia tries to bond with Lizzie.

  • Ep. #14152
    Ep. #14152
    Episode 211

    A strange man who looks identical to Richard shows up at the Beacon. Cassie and Edmund are on the verge of kissing when Tammy interrupts them. Cassie realizes she's finally ready to move on from Richard. Edmund figures out that he's falling in love with Cassie. Alan has a flashback from the drugs and Harley and Gus realize the drug can still be traced if it's in his system. Rick tells them he will test Alan's blood. Alexandra worries that Alan has gotten in the house and is attempting to frighten her. Lizzie and Tammy head to the museum house and Lizzie is annoyed to see Marina and Shayne together. Lizzie purposefully tells Frank about Marina's new car.

  • Ep. #14151
    Ep. #14151
    Episode 210

    Reva tells the expert she worked with in Europe that she won't be dealing with him anymore. Reva questions Edmund about Alexandra and doubts that he's telling her the whole truth. She says that she will attend the gala if he spills what he knows about Alex. Edmund informs her that he can't say anything out of friendship to Alex and that ultimately impresses Reva. Reva changes her mind about working with Christopher, the psychic expert. Harley wants Alan to leave her house in spite of Gus' protests. Gus finally convinces her that Alan has nowhere else to go and Harley agrees to let him stay. Frank pressures Marah and Tony to tell him who got rid of the drug dealers. Danny later plays it tough with Frank and Tony and does not apologize for cleaning up the crime-ridden neighborhood. Before the gala begins, Edmund and Cassie are sharing a toast and a waltz when a familiar looking stranger walks in without their knowledge.

  • Ep. #14150
    Ep. #14150
    Episode 209

    Reva goes to the Spaulding mansion to get the truth from Alexandra. She pretends that she has another sensory feeling and tells Alex that she thinks Alan is innocent, but Alex is in danger. Alex tries to tell Phillip that Alan is coming back to get revenge on them, but he doesn't listen. Alex decides to talk to Gus about it instead. Alan goes back to Harley's house so that he can plan how to respond to Alex. While he's talking to Gus, Alan calls him son and they share an emotional moment. Harley lets it be known to Alan that she won't let him drag Gus into his revenge cycle. Phillip worries how Lizzie will react to him dating Olivia. When Lizzie finds Phillip and Olivia in the loft, she seems to be fine with their relationship. Once Lizzie is alone with Olivia, however, she expresses her displeasure. Marina meets a baseball scout who is in town to observe Shayne. The scout sees that she's friends with Shayne and suggests she encourage Josh to back off. Later, Josh very gently tells Marina that its none of her business. Excited by his prospects, Shayne pulls Marina into a kiss.

  • Ep. #14149
    Ep. #14149
    Episode 208

    Olivia gets angry when Alexandra pressures her to have a paternity test. Alex calms down when Phillip subtly lets her know that he's taking care of it. Alex suggests that Beth should wait for Olivia to self-destruct. Lizzie returns home after a fire breaks out at her boarding school. Tammy tells Lizzie that something is wrong with Alan. Alan, meanwhile, has been peeping into the mansion to check on things. Alan finds Reva and asks her to help him bring Alexandra to justice. Reva wants to help him, but knows it's something she can't tell Josh. Tammy yells at Edmund when she senses that he's getting too close to Cassie. Edmund congratulates her for being suspicious about him which makes Tammy open up a bit more.

  • Ep. #14148
    Ep. #14148
    Episode 207

    Gus gets Lucia to agree to talk to Alan. Lucia tells Alan about her time with him, but he insists that she's lying. However, Alan is shaken when she leaves. With Alexandra constantly prodding him, Phillip becomes more determined to find out who fathered Olivia's baby. He arranges a DNA test without Olivia's knowledge. Shayne asks Josh if he can move into the museum with Marah. Reva tells Josh she thinks it's a good idea because Shayne could use some separation from his parents. Reva fears that Josh's obsession with Shayne's baseball career puts unnecessary pressure on him. Reva wonders if Josh isn't living out his dreams through Shayne and when Josh disagrees, they angrily walk away from each other.

  • Ep. #14147
    Ep. #14147
    Episode 206

    Alan thinks that Gus is lying about Alan being his father. Gus counters that Alexandra doesn't want Alan to have control of Spaulding and wants Phillip to take over. Gus theorizes that Alex was drugging Alan in order to keep him in the dark about Gus. Alan accuses Gus of wanting the Spaulding money. Harley yells at Alan for questioning Gus' integrity. Danny and Tony feel its time to send another message to the NY bosses. They take out several of the boss' thugs at the same time that Michelle is giving a dinner at home. Bill arrives to try and mend his friendship with Michelle. Though Michelle is worried about his dealings with Eden, they fall back into a friendship. Shayne tries to make a move on Marina but Ben ruins the moment when he arrives with a new convertible that he bought for her. Feeling like he can't compete, Shayne leaves the two alone.

  • Ep. #14146
    Ep. #14146
    Episode 205

    Alan eavesdrops as Gus and Harley argue about him and Frank shows up. Frank almost finds Alan, but he manages to get away. When Frank is gone, Alan demands that Harley and Gus tell him why they're helping him. Gus finally admits that he is Alan's son. Cassie is threatened by two of Salerno's men. She fights them with some martial arts moves and knocks them out. Edmund learns of her fight and she gets upset when he points out all the things that could have happened to her. When Edmund tries to comfort her, Cassie pulls away. Ed tells Michelle that he's still worried about Danny's involvement with the mob. Danny calls Salerno and says that the time is up for Salerno to pull back his men. When Salerno doesn't back down, Tony and Danny leave to take care of the situation themselves. Frank lets Eden know that the dead coroner was found with one of her business cards.

  • Ep. #14145
    Ep. #14145
    Episode 204

    Alexandra fears that Alan has drowned and she's about to reveal her schemes to Gus when Phillip arrives on the scene. Alex is relieved to learn that Alan's body wasn't found in the lake. Harley manages to keep Alan from hitting her with the fireplace poker. Alan becomes more oriented but he decides to keep faking his condition so he can learn what's going on. Harley realizes that Alan still doesn't know that Gus is his son and she plans to keep it that way. Harley tells Gus that she wants to tell Frank that Alan is hiding at her house. Gus and Harley are arguing over Alan when Frank shows up. Phillip is worried that when Alan recovers he may use Olivia's child against them so he asks Dr. Sedwick what would be involved in a paternity test. Beth wonders why Edmund is suddenly attempting to reconcile with her. She tells him that his growing feelings for Cassie are quite obvious. Edmund wonders if Beth could be right about his feelings for Cassie.

  • Ep. #14144
    Ep. #14144
    Episode 203

    Alexandra worries about Reva's visions of Alan being near water and she demands that the police drain the lake. Gus heads to the lake and pressures Alex about what she did to Alan. When the police are at the lake, they pull out the body of Dr. Simmons, the missing medical examiner. Alan is starting to recover from the effects of the drugs, but he worries that Harley is on the plan to destroy him. Alan grabs a fireplace poker and threatens to hit Harley. Tony tells Danny that the thug was sent to threaten Danny's friends and loved ones. Danny phones Salerno, a family boss and gives him one day to pull his men off the case. Michelle finds out that Danny is still struggling to get away from the mob and she vows to stand by him this time. Salerno plans a special test for Danny.

  • Ep. #14143
    Ep. #14143
    Episode 202

    Reva decides to search for Alan on her own because she isn't convinced that he was her stalker. Reva gets the feeling that Alan's disappearance is connected to water and Alexandra is upset when she hears that. Reva wonders if Alex is the one who caused Alan to disappear. Danny and Michelle fill Marah and Tony in on their wedding plans and ask them to be maid of honor and best man. Tony later asks Danny if his trip to New York means that he is returning to the mob life but Danny tells him that the trip actually secured a future apart from the mob. Ben lies to Marina about his relationship with Mrs. Hendon. Marina later goes off to search for the burglar's stolen goods that he wants returned. When he confronts her, Marina is grateful that Shayne comes to her rescue and knocks the guy out. Tony and Marah arrive on the scene and Tony takes the guy outside once he wakes up. Tony is stunned when the thug reveals he has a message for Danny.

  • Ep. #14142
    Ep. #14142
    Episode 201

    Harley is stunned to go home and see Gus taking care of Alan. Harley suspects that Alan is faking his mental collapse, but Gus tells her he believes Alexandra has been drugging Alan. Gus also thinks Phillip is in on the plan so that he and Alex can stage a coup at Spaulding. Harley fears that Gus and Alan will start to bond and tries to tell her boyfriend the true nature of his father. Gus vows that he won't desert Alan and Harley agrees that he can stay for one more day. While Alan is in a state of confusion, Gus reveals that he is Alan's son. Holly refuses to keep putting the Spaulding story under wraps so Olivia threatens serious retribution from the Spauldings if the story isn't completely honest. Olivia admits to Holly that she's pregnant with the next Spaulding heir. Phillip confides in Ross about his concerns in taking the reigns at Spaulding. Ross sees that Olivia is happy with the latest turn of events, especially when Phillip plans to retain permanent control. Cassie has a dream of Richard and he tells her that he's come so she can let him go. Richard declares that he failed Cassie and Edmund both when he was alive, but he is proud of the woman she's become. Richard tells her to looks towards the future and then fades away. Cassie is furious when Edmund wakes up her up from the dream. She later contemplates Richard's words and decides to attend the gala.

  • Ep. #14141
    Ep. #14141
    Episode 200

    Gus begins to think that someone is really trying to hurt Alan. Because he's not being drugged by Alexandra, Alan begins to regain some lucidity. Harley goes undercover to try and find Eden's abusive customer. When she roughs the guy up, Eden can't help but be grateful and impressed. Harley heads for home in order to surprise Gus. Danny leaves New York thinking that he has secured a peaceful life separate from the mob. Michelle is ecstatic when Danny comes home a day earlier than she expected. Cassie starts dealing with her feelings of guilt about Richard's death and she and Edmund make a fragile peace. Cassie falls asleep and receives a special visitor in her dreams.

  • Ep. #14140
    Ep. #14140
    Episode 199

    Gus finds Alan on a dangerous bridge and manages to get him to safety. Alan begs Gus to help figure out what's wrong with him and Gus decides to hide Alan at Harley's house. Alexandra initiates a search for Alan and assures Frank and Josh that she can handle him once they get him home. Acting on Olivia's advice, Phillip decides to return to Spaulding temporarily. Harley leaves the hospital to confront the thug that hurt one of Eden's girls. Danny tells Michelle that he's going out of town on business. Michelle is afraid to stay in the house alone and decides to take a room at the Beacon. Danny privately reveals his plans to meet with the mafia dons in New York. Edmund suspects that Cassie is constantly irritated with him because she has survivor's guilt.

  • Ep. #14139
    Ep. #14139
    Episode 198

    Harley decides that she needs to put her children and her relationship with Gus before work. Frank arrives to tell Gus and Harley that the bullet that hit her didn't come from Gus's gun, but Gus is still under investigation for reckless conduct. Gus leaves to find a lawyer and Harley talks to Frank about whether or not she should remain a police officer. Eden visits Harley and tells her that one of her "girls" was injured by a client and Harley struggles with her need to take action. Alan's competency hearing begins and Reva is in attendance. Alan tries to defend himself, but the drugs make him delusional. Reva suspects that Alan is the victim of foul play. While looking for a lawyer, Gus learns of Alan's trial and is unsympathetic to his father's condition. The judge recommends that Alan be institutionalized, but Alex feels the judgment is too harsh. Gus is the only one who sees Alan slip out of the courtroom and goes off to find him. When the medical examiner goes missing, Rick agrees to fill in for the position.

  • Ep. #14138
    Ep. #14138
    Episode 197

    Alan runs into Gus at the hospital and inadvertently asks about Gus's father. Gus is close to revealing the truth, but Alexandra comes back and takes Alan away for testing. Alex panics when she learns that the PET scan can detect drugs in the system. To avoid having Alan take the test, Alex provokes him into having a panic attack. Cassie and Blake visit Harley and she tells them that she's questioning her ability to be a cop and a mother. Reva, Shayne, and Josh find Marina searching for the biker's stolen goods. Reva senses that Marina is hiding something. Reva later visits Harley and tells her that she had a vision of Harley being held in Nadine's arms. Reva tells Cassie that her psychic visions are getting stronger and she had a bad feeling the minute she returned to Springfield. Ben is waiting for Mrs. Hendon when Marina shows up. He attempts to get rid of her, but Mrs. Hendon arrives just as Marina sits down. Mrs. Hendon doesn't betray him and Ben breathes in relief. Later however, Marina is stunned to see that Mrs. Hendon has her handkerchief.

  • Ep. #14137
    Ep. #14137
    Episode 196

    The D.A. reminds Alexandra that Alan has to have a physical and a court hearing to decide if he's mentally competent. Alex frets over the fact that Alan is refusing to eat or drink anything that might make him feel strange. Alex makes Alan a mixed drink and puts her special drugs in it. When Alan has a bad reaction to the drink, Alex takes him to the hospital. Alan wanders off in the hospital and runs into a startled Gus. Danny and the mayor meet to discuss the redevelopment of 5th street project. Danny is stunned when the mayor introduces an FBI agent who he's brought along to make sure that Danny keeps things on the level. Danny and Ed later have a confrontation over Danny's sincerity towards Michelle. She arrives in time to see Danny and Ed trying to make headway with each other. Cassie hears Edmund rehearsing a speech for the gala and is livid because it's one of Richard's speeches. Edmund defends his intentions to honor Richard's memory. Edmund later finds material that speaks of Richard's devotion to Cassie and he can't help but be intrigued. Gus is furious to see an Internal Affairs officer questioning Harley about the shooting.

  • Ep. #14136
    Ep. #14136
    Episode 195

    Phillip asks Olivia not to tell Alexandra that he knows Gus is his half-brother. Olivia calls a meeting with Alex, but doesn't betray Phillip's wishes. Holly tells Phillip that Olivia asked her not to go forward on the story of Alan's condition. Phillip confronts Olivia and she defensively tells him that he's being selfish in walking away from his family. The DA arranges Alan's mental competency hearing under Alex's direction. Alex frets when Lloyd tells her that Alan refuses to keep drinking his special tea. Marina wants Frank to let her live at the mansion with her friends, but he says no. Later, Marina is accosted by a man who used the museum to stash stolen goods. Eden and Bill have sex, but their time together is interrupted when one of Eden's girls calls and says she's in trouble.

  • Ep. #14135
    Ep. #14135
    Episode 194

    Olivia tells Phillip that Alexandra got the stalking charges against her dropped and Phillip is suspicious of his aunt's motives. Olivia confesses her deal with Alex, but stands by her belief that Phillip should consider returning to the family fold. When Phillip is still hesitant, Olivia leaves to seek out Alex. Gus admits to Harley that in the confusion during the stakeout, he may have accidentally been the one to shoot her. Harley tells him that it doesn't matter because she's just happy to be alive. Alexandra later confronts Gus and offers him a bribe to stay away from the Spauldings. Frank brings Zach to visit Harley and seeing him makes her think about the dangers of her job. The museum roommates are stunned to end up in Danny and Michelle's living room and Bill is particularly awkward with Michelle. Michelle is affected by the museum's ghostly history and its ties to her new home. Bill and Eden get passionate.

  • Ep. #14134
    Ep. #14134
    Episode 193

    Phillip is stunned by Harley's declaration that Gus is his brother. When Phillip seeks answers from Gus, he receives none. Rick helps Phillip piece together clues and realizes Harley may have been telling the truth. Gus tries to convince Phillip that Harley was hallucinating. Internal Affairs questions Gus and he has to turn in his badge while the investigation is pending. Harley tells Frank that she saw their mother. Harley is stunned when Gus tells her that he shot her. Michelle and Danny make love in their new house. Michelle is startled by a noise in the house and wakes Danny to look into it. In the museum house, Bill finds a secret tunnel. Marina gets the others to go exploring with her. After walking for what seems like miles, the group ends up in Danny and Michelle's living room.

  • Ep. #14133
    Ep. #14133
    Episode 192

    Harley receives heavenly help from her mother Nadine. Lucia talks with Father Ray about her indecision on whether to try and be a mother to Gus. Phillip and Gus inadvertently bond as they wait for news on Harley. When Harley stabilizes, everyone is relieved. Frank warns Gus that he may be held responsible for Harley's injury. Phillip visits Harley who groggily tells him that Gus is his brother. Alexandra convinces the DA to drop the charges against Olivia and investigate Alan instead.

  • Ep. #14132
    Ep. #14132
    Episode 191

    Harley's life hangs in the balance as she's taken into surgery. Alexandra and Olivia make a devil's bargain that Olivia will help steer Phillip back to Spaulding in exchange for Alex's help in clearing Olivia's name. Alex claims to have proof that Alan is Reva's stalker and Olivia promises not to seek revenge on her unstable ex. Olivia secures Holly's promise to sit on the story of Alan's condition and Phillip's abandonment of the family. Edmund admits to Cassie that he would like for her to see him as a good man. Danny runs into Buzz at the 5th street redevelopment site. Buzz accuses the Santos clan of being responsible for the neighborhood's ruin. Danny promises Buzz that he's going to fix everything. Danny also later promises Michelle that he will keep her in the loop on everything he's doing.

  • Ep. #14131
    Ep. #14131
    Episode 190

    During surgery, Harley has a vision of her mother Nadine. Nadine tells Harley that while she shouldn't be afraid of death, she shouldn't be in any hurry to die. Harley can't decide between life and death. Phillip and Olivia discuss Alan's mental state and then he gets the news of Harley's surgery. While he races to the hospital, Alexandra and Olivia strike an unholy bargain. Alex will help Olivia clear her name and get the charges against her dropped if Olivia works on bringing Phillip back into the family fold.

  • Ep. #14130
    Ep. #14130
    Episode 189

    Gus rushes in to help a wounded Harley and she is taken to the hospital. Gus is plagued by guilt when he doesn't know if he accidentally shot her. Rick and Mel work on stabilizing Harley. Reva gets a premonition that something bad has happened to Harley. Still disoriented, Alan believes that he and Olivia are together and he goes off to find her. He is confused when he finds her at Phillip's place and Olivia realizes that something is really wrong with him. Olivia takes Alan back to the mansion. Shayne comforts Marina when she frets that Ben isn't there for her. Ben goes on his date with Mrs. Hendon and accidentally leaves something behind in her hotel room.

  • Ep. #14129
    Ep. #14129
    Episode 188

    Frank tries to calm an agitated Gus who is worried about Harley's situation. Harley tries to negotiate with Steve the gunman. When his girlfriend tries to escape, Steve turns violent. Gus sees the gun turned on Harley and fires at Steve to protect her. However, Harley appears to be the one who was wounded. Ben accepts another date with Mrs. Hendon. Buzz and Eden race to the scene, but Eden irritates Gus. Marah takes Eden away and the two women start to bond. Shayne keeps Marina company as she takes care of the restaurant. Olivia frets over raising a baby in Phillip's cramped cottage. She encourages Phillip to see Alan's illness as an opportunity. Phillip argues that money has corrupted his family, but Olivia reminds him that she has dreams of her own that money will help her fulfill.

  • Ep. #14128
    Ep. #14128
    Episode 187

    Harley is surprised to learn that Phillip is living with Olivia and that she is pregnant. Beth is alarmed about Alan's behavior. Lucia warns Gus to not get too close to Alan. It is clear that Edmund is becoming more fond of Cassie. Harley answers a police call and goes without backup and ends up with a gun to her head.

  • Ep. #14127
    Ep. #14127
    Episode 186

    Alan, under the influence of the drugs that Alexandra slipped him, threatens Edmund with a letter opener. Edmund realizes that Alexandra is drugging Alan and lays the groundwork to blackmail her. Bill is upset to learn that Danny and Michelle plan to get remarried. Edmund uses the money Alexandra gave him for Richard's memorial and Cassie is touched.

  • Ep. #14126
    Ep. #14126
    Episode 185

    Alan and Phillip get into an argument at Olivia's Bar. Alan rants to Gus about the importance of family and Gus considers telling him that he knows his true parentage. Alexandra tracks Alan to the bar and interrupts Gus and Alan before Gus can say anything. Gus lets Alex know that it will be his decision when to announce his familial ties. Alex leaves him and fears that she has little time to implement her plans for Alan. Edmund visits the Spaulding mansion just as Alan comes home and Alan, disoriented from the drugs, thinks that Edmund is a burglar. Phillip takes Olivia to a beach hideaway he owns and says they should live there together. Olivia tries to be enthusiastic, but she's horrified by the place. Tony and Marah christen their new home by making love. Remy later tells Marah and Tony that the museum is cursed.

  • Ep. #14125
    Ep. #14125
    Episode 184

    Alexandra sees Lucia and Alan talking and manages to get Lucia out before she reveals that he has another son. Alex convinces Lucia to keep the secret from him. Under the influence of the doctored tea Alex gave him, Alan walks out of the house. Harley tries to comfort Gus who is distraught after learning that he is a Spaulding. Gus runs into Phillip and wonders if he should tell him about their familial connection. Alan walks into the bar and sees Gus and Phillip together. Reva and the other mothers go to the museum to help the kids move in. Josh finds out that Reva plans to leave the country to investigate the return of her sixth sense.

  • Ep. #14124
    Ep. #14124
    Episode 183

    Michelle is thrilled that Danny bought her a house, but she doesn't like the fact that he's still being so controlling. Her annoyance quickly dies and she and Danny make love. Eden manipulates Marah by hinting that Tony will never be supportive of her burgeoning career. Tony admits that he doesn't like the thought of Marah getting involved in the fashion world. Eden gloats and plots to make more trouble for the couple. Gus and Harley take the DNA results to Lucia and demands answers from her. Lucia breaks down and admits that Alan is Gus's biological father.

  • Ep. #14123
    Ep. #14123
    Episode 182

    Michelle asks Cassie to go house hunting with her. Michelle visits a house that she always wanted to own and is shocked to find Danny waiting in the house with a set of keys. Bill finds out about Danny's gift and hopes that Michelle has received her happy ending at last. Reva approves of Marah's plan to move into the abandoned museum. After having another sixth sense moment, Reva goes to Felicia for help. Felicia suggests that Reva talk to one of her colleagues in Europe. Marah talks about her plans to become a fashion designer, but her enthusiasm dampens when Tony regrets that she'll be living a fabulous life without him. Marah tells Tony that she needs him to be supportive of her dreams. Acting on Phillip's advice, Olivia tells Ross about the incriminating lipstick. Ross thinks that the cell phone they found will be enough to place doubt on Olivia's guilt. Olivia and Phillip decide to move out of the Spaulding mansion at the same time. Alex soothes Alan by giving him a cup of special tea.

  • Ep. #14122
    Ep. #14122
    Episode 181

    Gus reels from learning that Lucia is his mother. Harley questions Alexandra's role in keeping the truth hidden. Lucia lies to Gus and tells him that Miguel Santos is his father. Gus believes Lucia until Harley shows him the DNA tests results proving that he and Danny aren't related. Buzz warns Harley not to let her cynicism as a police officer invade her personal life. Finding a cell phone that Alan programmed to call him alerts Phillip to the possibility that Alan really did set up Olivia. Phillip disavows Alan as a father and tells he and Alexandra that he plans to move out of the mansion and leave the company. Alan blames Alex for Phillip's defection and he vows to take back control of the family. Alex makes a call to order a special drug for Alan. Michelle gets another gift from Danny, but she's fed up with the mixed signals he seems to be giving her. Cassie makes plans to see Michelle.

  • Ep. #14121
    Ep. #14121
    Episode 180

    Danny, Cassie, and Tony happily celebrate the launch of their business project. Tony asks Josh if he would like to get Lewis Construction involved, but Josh expresses his wariness over working with Tony. Edmund gloats to Cassie about his appointment as an ambassador. Cassie tells him that he'll never take Richard's place and Edmund vows to prove her wrong. Gus reluctantly tells Danny that they could be half-brothers. A stunned Danny agrees to take a DNA test. Harley informs Eden that she and Gus may not be brother and sister. Eden is devastated by the news and says there's someone who may know the truth. Ben takes his "date" Mrs. Hendon to the country club where Marina and Shayne are. When Marina sees them together, Ben lies that he's on a job interview. However, as the date progresses, Mrs. Hendon starts coming on to Ben.

  • Ep. #14120
    Ep. #14120
    Episode 179

    Reva is stunned by the telepathic readings she got from Olivia. She grows even more concerned when she seems to be able to read Buzz' mind as well. Danny asks Cassie about an additional business partnership. He needs her to lend him credibility as his reputation is sullied. Cassie agrees, but only if Danny promises to also focus on getting Michelle back. Marah thinks it's time she moved into her own apartment. Eden approaches Marah about a truce and claims not to want Tony any longer. Eden extends an olive branch by asking Marah to design the business cards for her escort service. The money of his new job means more to Ben than a date with Marina. Shayne asks Marina to go to the country club with him and since Ben ditched her, she agrees.

  • Ep. #14119
    Ep. #14119
    Episode 178

    Phillip has doubts about Olivia after finding her incriminating lipstick in the Spaulding study. Rick suggests that Phillip get Olivia help right away. Alan demands that Olivia recognize his rights as the baby's father, but she shocks him by saying that she also slept with Phillip and he could be the father. When Alexandra sees Alan raging, she urges him to take a tranquilizing pill. Olivia admits to Phillip that she lied about the lipstick, but she's hurt that he believes she could be the stalker. Phillip pledges his support and she asks him to help her trap Alan who she suspects is framing her. In Germany, Gus dangles Roy out of the window to try and get answers from him. Roy confesses that Miguel Santos was Gus' father. Gus tells Harley he thinks Roy was lying. Ben gets a new nighttime gig, but he doesn't want to tell Marina much about it. Ben turns out to be Eden's new employee in her escort service. She tells him that he won't have to have sex with his "dates," but he's still conflicted. Marina finds out that Shayne is major league baseball prospect and the two playfully flirt.

  • Ep. #14118
    Ep. #14118
    Episode 177

    Alexandra prevents Phillip from seeing a drugged Alan. Alex overhears Phillip and Olivia plan to go to the country club and she directs Alan to go there as well. At the country club, Alan provokes Phillip and Olivia and a reporter witnesses the argument. Edmund asks Alex if she orchestrated the event and she declares that according to Brandon's will, if Alan is incapacitated, control of Spaulding goes to her. Gus and Harley go to Chicago and learn that the family friend, Lucia, is in a convent. At the convent, Gus is told that Lucia died. Gus returns later, however, and finds Lucia very much alive. Tammy questions why Cassie won't participate in the event to raise money for Richard's library. Cassie explains that she doesn't want to be involved with Edmund, but Tammy makes her see that it's a cause for Richard and has nothing to do with his brother. Cassie concedes that point, but says that since the gala is in Washington D.C., she can't go away and leave the children.

  • Ep. #14117
    Ep. #14117
    Episode 176

    Alan takes the prescription pills that Alexandra suggested would help him calm down. Olivia wonders if Phillip really believes she's innocent, but he assures her that he does. He concurs with her theory that Alan may have set her up. When Phillip confronts Alan, Alan deals with his anger by taking another pill. Alexandra gloats when she finds Alan passed out. Harley doesn't trust in Eden's efforts to help Gus learn his true parentage. Eden gives Gus a scrapbook that has a picture of a family friend in Chicago who may be able to help him. Ben and Mrs. Hendon are alone in a hotel room and he tries to avoid having sex with her. She allows him to leave, but tells him that she definitely wants to see him again. Ben finds Marina at the country club and she's upset over a bill she was stuck with. Ben uses the money he earned to take care of the bill and recognizes how important it is to always have money.

  • Ep. #14116
    Ep. #14116
    Episode 175

    Danny, Cassie, and Tony happily celebrate the launch of their business project. Tony asks Josh if he would like to get Lewis Construction involved, but Josh expresses his wariness over working with Tony. Edmund gloats to Cassie about his appointment as an ambassador. Cassie tells him that he'll never take Richard's place and Edmund vows to prove her wrong. Gus reluctantly tells Danny that they could be half-brothers. A stunned Danny agrees to take a DNA test. Harley informs Eden that she and Gus may not be brother and sister. Eden is devastated by the news and says there's someone who may know the truth. Ben takes his "date" Mrs. Hendon to the country club where Marina and Shayne are. When Marina sees them together, Ben lies that he's on a job interview. However, as the date progresses, Mrs. Hendon starts coming on to Ben.

  • Ep. #14115
    Ep. #14115
    Episode 174

    Reva is stunned by the telepathic readings she got from Olivia. She grows even more concerned when she seems to be able to read Buzz' mind as well. Danny asks Cassie about an additional business partnership. He needs her to lend him credibility as his reputation is sullied. Cassie agrees, but only if Danny promises to also focus on getting Michelle back. Marah thinks it's time she moved into her own apartment. Eden approaches Marah about a truce and claims not to want Tony any longer. Eden extends an olive branch by asking Marah to design the business cards for her escort service. The money of his new job means more to Ben than a date with Marina. Shayne asks Marina to go to the country club with him and since Ben ditched her, she agrees.

  • Ep. #14114
    Ep. #14114
    Episode 173

    Phillip has doubts about Olivia after finding her incriminating lipstick in the Spaulding study. Rick suggests that Phillip get Olivia help right away. Alan demands that Olivia recognize his rights as the baby's father, but she shocks him by saying that she also slept with Phillip and he could be the father. When Alexandra sees Alan raging, she urges him to take a tranquilizing pill. Olivia admits to Phillip that she lied about the lipstick, but she's hurt that he believes she could be the stalker. Phillip pledges his support and she asks him to help her trap Alan who she suspects is framing her. In Germany, Gus dangles Roy out of the window to try and get answers from him. Roy confesses that Miguel Santos was Gus' father. Gus tells Harley he thinks Roy was lying. Ben gets a new nighttime gig, but he doesn't want to tell Marina much about it. Ben turns out to be Eden's new employee in her escort service. She tells him that he won't have to have sex with his "dates," but he's still conflicted. Marina finds out that Shayne is major league baseball prospect and the two playfully flirt.

  • Ep. #14113
    Ep. #14113
    Episode 172

    Reva gets in to see Olivia again to ask why she was attempting to hurt the Lewis family. Olivia continues to deny her guilt and Reva gets a flash of Olivia's internal thoughts. Reva wonders if her sixth sense is returning and allowing her to see the truth. Alexandra urges Alan to take a sedative to control his temper and he actually considers it. Olivia and Ross prepare for her arraignment, believing that the evidence is against her is circumstantial at best. However, Phillip finds a piece of evidence that further incriminates Olivia. Michelle receives a romantic surprise from Danny, but thinks it best not to thank him. When she can't resist him any longer, she goes to find him but he brushes her off. Rick is surprised when Mel decides to return to law school.

  • Ep. #14112
    Ep. #14112
    Episode 171

    Olivia is surprised by Alexandra's show of support and further stunned when Alex gives her the divorce papers. Olivia signs them and then listens to Alex's plan to get her moved from jail to the ER. Alan gets off of Mystic Island and is determined to get his company back and confront Olivia for plotting against him. Phillip squelches his doubts about Olivia and defends her to Alan. As Alan begins to act even more irrationally, Alex plans to use his vulnerability against him. Ben is growing more and more frustrated by his job working for Alexandra. Tony and Marah's romantic evening is interrupted by Eden who has a proposition for Tony that she knows he won't refuse.

  • Ep. #14111
    Ep. #14111
    Episode 170

    Reva tries to get Olivia to confess to stalking her but Frank intercepts and sends her home. Josh and Shayne tell Reva that they don't think Olivia's guilty. Alexandra plants doubt in Phillip's head about Olivia's innocence, but he insists that they give Olivia their support. Alexandra spies Olivia and Alan's divorce papers and sees that only Olivia's signature is required. Gus and Harley tap into Olivia's cell phone and learn that calls were also made to Cassie and Marah. Harley lets Phillip visit Olivia and he tells her that he believes in her, but he privately has doubts. Gus and Harley turn their attention back to his mother's case and figure out that the bracelet has an "S" design engraved on it that may stand for Santos. They decide to go to Germany to look for Roy Baker for more information. Alex and Edmund also discuss the bracelet and he suspects there's more to the story than she's telling. Meanwhile, Alan calls India and makes plans to see her.

  • Ep. #14110
    Ep. #14110
    Episode 169

    Gus and Harley arrive at the Spaulding mansion and discover that the calls are being made from Olivia's cell phone. They arrest a protesting Olivia and Phillip calls Ross to represent her. Alexandra warns Phillip not to talk to the police, but she heads to the station in a show of support. Reva feels vindicated when she learns that Olivia has been arrested for the crime. Reva sneaks away to go to the police station and confront Olivia. Beth learns from Bill that he and Michelle broke up and they have a comforting talk. Michelle tries to talk to Danny at the TV station, but he's preoccupied and ends up leaving with Cassie.

  • Ep. #14109
    Ep. #14109
    Episode 168

    Gus and Harley advise Reva to cancel her special show after a bomb explodes at the studio. Since no one is hurt, Reva wants to continue the show. Frank leaves to look for Edmund, who becomes the prime suspect when it's revealed that he's missing. The stalker calls in to the show and Reva keeps them on the line so the call can be traced. Gus and Harley track the call to the Spaulding mansion and they race there to see who's making the call. Olivia and Phillip are at the mansion watching Reva's show. Olivia tells Phillip that she wouldn't be surprised if Reva wasn't staging the stalker threat to boost her shows ratings.

  • Ep. #14108
    Ep. #14108
    Episode 167

    Olivia worries that she's losing the baby. Rick runs tests and confirms that the baby is fine. Olivia asks Phillip not to call Alan and admits that either one of them could be the baby's father. Olivia tells Phillip that she wants him to help her raise the baby no matter who the biological father is. Phillip is moved by her words and promises to help Olivia raise "their" baby. Holly confronts Reva about being invited as a guest on her own talk show. Holly tears up the invitation and refuses to attend. Marah feels assured of her family's safety because Tony is on hand. The audience starts filing in and Holly decides to attend after all in order to clear her name. Josh tells Tony to keep an eye on Holly. As everyone prepares for the show, Tony sees a strange backpack in the studio and hurls it out the door just as it explodes.

  • Ep. #14107
    Ep. #14107
    Episode 166

    Reva meets with the show executives to tell them about her plan. She wants the police to trace every call that comes in to the station during the show. Frank isn't convinced of the plan's success, but Josh reluctantly defends it. Reva admits to Marah that she's scared, but she refuses to be a victim any longer. Alexandra tries to prevent Olivia from meeting with Phillip, but he agrees to see her. Alex blurts out that Olivia will tell him that she's pregnant and he's the father. Olivia's brother Sam comes to town and she admits that she wants to tell Phillip about the baby. Sam thinks that Olivia is just looking for an excuse to be with Phillip. Olivia gets a strange pain and Sam takes her to the hospital. Phillip is at the hospital talking to Rick when Olivia is wheeled in.

  • Ep. #14106
    Ep. #14106
    Episode 165

    Gus can't find the police report on a stolen bracelet and decides to go home and talk to Alexandra. Harley volunteers to stay in Chicago to continue the investigation. Frank and Buzz arrive to help her dig up Gina's grave, but they are all surprised when it's empty. Alexandra is examining the sapphire bracelet when Edmund comes in and tells her that he got a great job offer. Edmund helps her hide the bracelet when Gus arrives. Gus gets Alex to reveal where Roy Baker is and he leaves to make reservations for Europe. Gus calls Harley who asks him not to leave town just yet. Edmund gives Alex the good news that he's been offered an ambassador appointment. Alex confesses that she recommended him for the position. Shayne receives a "gift" from the stalker and takes it home to show the family. As they're all gathered in the living room, a brick is thrown through the window. Reva determines to go through with the live call-in show and talk about the stalker. Though the family is against the idea, Tony supports Reva.

  • Ep. #14105
    Ep. #14105
    Episode 164

    Gus wants to have Gina's body exhumed but is stymied at every turn. Harley secretly calls Buzz and Frank and asks them to come to Chicago and help her dig up the grave. Alan wakes up on the island and is angry that Olivia drugged him. Fortunately, he suspected she might do something like that and he prearranged for Ben to come for him. Olivia sees Beth and worries when Beth confides that she and Phillip were away together. Alexandra visits Buzz at Company, but he isn't happy to see her. Alex tries to defend herself but she ends up leaving in tears. Buzz goes outside and he and Alex have a comforting talk.

  • Ep. #14104
    Ep. #14104
    Episode 163

    Gus and Harley find Gina's grave that has the inscription "A Promise Kept." They ask the grave keeper who pays for the upkeep of Gina's grave and he tells them that an anonymous benefactor has always taken care of it. Gus wants to find Baker because he may have additional clues. Danny wants to give Michelle space at the same time that he wants to reunite with her. He tells her that he was wrong for not trusting her in the past. Michelle admits that she's worried about hurting him. Danny agrees to give Michelle time to think about what she wants. Reva comes up with a plan to draw out the stalker on her TV show. Josh thinks that she could be putting herself and their family in danger and he asks Marah to move back home. Marah and Tony talk and he asks her to move in with him. They go to tell her parents and Josh suggests that Tony become a Lewis houseguest instead.

  • Ep. #14103
    Ep. #14103
    Episode 162

    Reva warns the Lewis clan to be on alert because the stalker may have personal information about them. Marah tells everyone that she received a threat over the phone. Ross tells Holly that she can probably sue the police department for damages and she decides to do it. Blake doesn't think her mother is making the right choice and Holly realizes that Blake thinks she may be guilty. Holly vents to Reva that the accusations are ruining her life. Reva surprises her by encouraging Holly to fight back as she plans to do. Cassie listens to Bill tell Billy that he no longer wants to discuss Michelle. Meanwhile, Rick advises his sister to straighten things out with Bill. Cassie tells Bill that she doesn't think Michelle and Danny are quite finished with each other. Bill tells Danny that he's quitting the renovations project, but Danny insists that he stay on. Bill asks Michelle about their relationship and she says that thought she doesn't want to hurt him, they can't be together anymore.

  • Ep. #14102
    Ep. #14102
    Episode 161

    Michelle is put in the uncomfortable position of refereeing an argument between Danny and Bill. When Bill gives Danny and Michelle time alone and she admits that she needs a relationship without so much emotional baggage. Danny leaves and Michelle and Bill get closer. They are about to make love, but when Michelle visualizes being with Danny, she halts her intimacy with Bill. Tony and Cassie express their concern to Danny about his distracted mood. Danny reveals his plan to open another business. Alan waits for Olivia at the cottage at the same time that she is having a discussion with Alexandra. Though Alex doubts Olivia's abilities, Olivia insists that she's going to keep the baby. Olivia goes to the island and lights into Alan for doctoring her birth control pills. She then tells him that wine he's drinking has also been drugged. She leaves the island to find Phillip, confident that Alan can't stop her.

  • Ep. #14101
    Ep. #14101
    Episode 160

    Danny is hurt when he realizes that Michelle arranged things so that she would never be around when he comes to pick up Robbie. He engineers a confrontation with her and tells her that he's tired of playing games. Danny confesses that he will always care about her and he believes she feels the same way. Michelle admits that she's thought of reconciling but is too scared to do so. Bill shows up in the middle of their discussion and refuses to leave. Phillip and Rick discuss the situation with Olivia and Phillip reveals that Olivia wants to tell him something, but he doesn't think she can change anything. Phillip says that it's hard for him to deal with Olivia having been with his father, but Rick reminds him that Alan has been more enemy than parent. Olivia asks Alan to meet her at the cottage on the island and contemplates a life with a child.

  • Ep. #14100
    Ep. #14100
    Episode 159

    Gus arrests Alexandra and Edmund and asks Alex to admit that she knew Regina, the Spaulding nanny. Alex claims not to have known that Gina was Gus's mother. She tells him that she kept information from him because she didn't want him hurt by his mother's shady past. Gus goes to Harley for comfort and she thinks maybe they should halt their investigation. Gus is overwhelmed by the thought that Miguel Santos could be his father. Alex reveals to Edmund that there is more to the story than she told Gus. Ben chafes at being Alex's go-for, but he likes having Marina's support. Olivia debates telling Phillip about the baby. Her decision is made when Phillip says that their relationship hurt enough people and he doesn't want to cause more damage. After Alan dismissed her, Monica the PI tells Olivia that Alan gave her fake birth control pills. Olivia reels at the news and decides that it's proof that she and Phillip belong together.

  • Ep. #14099
    Ep. #14099
    Episode 158

    Phillip goes to see Zach at Harley's and inadvertently gives Harley a clue about Gus's mother. Harley finally tells Gus about Roy Baker and the note he dropped about "Gina." Harley thinks that his mother may have been the Spaulding nanny that Alexandra had sent away. Alan is confused when Olivia denies that she's pregnant. He decides to tell everyone the news in order to force Olivia to reveal the truth. Alexandra warns Alan that it's a bad idea and Alan nixes the plan when Phillip arrives. At the Beacon, an irritable Olivia yells at Cassie's kids and feels horrible about her apparent lack of maternal feelings. Cassie realizes that Olivia is pregnant and suggests that Olivia talk to someone about her situation. Olivia calls Alan, but Phillip shows up to meet her instead. Beth gets drunk and runs into Bill and Michelle. She unloads on Bill how much he hurt her and Bill fears he may hurt Michelle the same way. In keeping with his fears, Bill tells Michelle that they should slow their relationship down.

  • Ep. #14098
    Ep. #14098
    Episode 157

    Danny apologizes to Cassie for his actions, but Cassie assures him that she overreacted. Danny is angry to see Bill and Michelle kissing on their first date at Towers. Danny tries to remain focused on work, but he can't stop himself by stopping at their table. Cassie gets a call from Reva's stalker and tells Danny about it. Michelle admits to Bill that Danny's friendship with Cassie bothers her. On Valentine's Day, Reva receives a box of candy and worries that it's from the stalker. Frank takes the candy to the police lab to make sure it isn't poison. Shayne comes home and relieves everyone when he reveals that he sent the candy. Cassie inadvertently brings back the tension when she reveals that the stalker has her private cell phone number. Holly tells Ed that she's been distant with him because of the problems with Reva. Holly is furious to learn that she has been temporarily unseated from the TV station. Ed encourages her to fight and Holly calls Ross to inquire about suing for character defamation.

  • Ep. #14097
    Ep. #14097
    Episode 156

    Michelle unknowingly gives Danny hope that she still wants to be with him. At the same time, Michelle tells Cassie that she only wants Danny to be happy. Cassie is uncomfortable talking to Michelle because she's confused about her feelings for Danny. Michelle is a little jealous when she sees the camaraderie between Danny and Cassie. Cassie later tells Danny that she thinks they should end their partnership. Danny realizes that he's been unfair to Cassie by toying with her emotions. Olivia gets dizzy in front of Alan and Phillip and Alex's hackles are raised. Olivia privately wonders what to do about the pregnancy since she didn't want to have a baby in the first place. In order to keep the peace with Phillip, Gus extends an olive branch by giving him the photos of Phillip and Olivia together. Harley shows up and Phillip lets she and Gus take Zach home.

  • Ep. #14096
    Ep. #14096
    Episode 155

    Olivia runs into Phillip but doesn't tell him about her pregnancy. Alexandra figures out that Olivia is pregnant and accuses her of deliberately getting pregnant to make more trouble in the family. Josh can't believe that Holly is a legitimate suspect as Reva's stalker. Ross and the Lewises meet to discuss Holly's possible guilt and things don't look good when Holly doesn't have alibis for some events. Ross assures Holly that they will clear her. Blake reluctantly tells Ross that she wonders if her mother could be guilty.

  • Ep. #14095
    Ep. #14095
    Episode 154

    Olivia is stunned to learn that she's pregnant and the father could be Alan or Phillip. Scheduled to begin divorce proceedings against Alan, Olivia questions if divorce is a good idea in light of her pregnancy. Reva receives a package of her clothes stained with blood. An officer describes the woman who dropped it off and Reva discerns that it sounds like Holly. Blake is furious with Reva for trying to blame her mother. Holly comes in and has an explanation that clears her, but Reva is still doubtful. Michelle wonders about the relationship between Danny and Cassie. Meanwhile, Cassie worries that she is interfering with Danny and Michelle's potential reunion. Danny accuses Michelle of being jealous of his friendship with Cassie but she adamantly denies it.

  • Ep. #14094
    Ep. #14094
    Episode 153

    Gus informs Harley that the Jane Doe lived in a tenement building that Miguel Santos owned. Wanting to keep the truce with Phillip, Harley doesn't tell Gus that Baker confided that the Jane Doe was named Gina. Gus' investigation into the woman's past leads him to Danny. Finally believing that Alan intercepted her letter, Olivia tries to reach out to Phillip. Phillip pushes her away because he says Alan will always have a scheme to keep them from being together. Knowing that he replaced her birth control pills with placebos, Alan is confident that he will win Olivia. Ben starts his new job as Alexandra's assistant and hates that he is simply a go-for. Ben is especially humiliated when Marina sees him playing errand boy, but she expresses her support.

  • Ep. #14093
    Ep. #14093
    Episode 152

    Nolan informs Olivia that Alan hid her letter to Phillip. At the same time, Beth is telling Phillip that he's foolish to think he can forget his feelings for Olivia. Olivia immediately wants to find Phillip, but a conversation with Alexandra leaves her doubting a future with Phillip. Mel is surprised when Harley keeps it a secret from Gus that she has the woman's name who may be his mother. Harley later explains to Mel that she wants to investigate it herself because she doesn't want Gus going after the Spauldings and potentially damaging her truce with Phillip. Gus gives Harley the news that Miguel Santos owned the building where his mother lived. Bill and Danny meet about the Towers renovation in spite of Michelle's objections. Bill watches Danny and Cassie together and later tells Michelle about their partnership. Michelle hides her distress over that news. Danny confides in Cassie that he wants to prove something to Michelle by working with Bill.

  • Ep. #14092
    Ep. #14092
    Episode 151

    Reva and Josh ask Frank to investigate the message left on their wall. Frank tells them that the stalker he arrested is still in jail so they either have a new stalker or a copycat. Holly shows up to talk to Reva about work and is stunned to hear that there was another break-in. Reva vows to wage war against her stalker. Baker whispers "secret" to Mel before Alex's men take him away. Harley hears that Baker has been transferred and she and Mel race after him. Baker manages to drop a note from Harley before he leaves. Cassie is stunned when a romantic dream of Richard suddenly stars Danny. When Danny arrives to talk business, a still shaken Cassie sends him away. Blake later tells Cassie that the dream probably meant nothing. Michelle thinks Bill has come to the hospital to see her and accuses him of rushing their relationship. She's chagrined when Bill reveals that he's there for medical reasons. Danny is later furious when he sees Bill with Robbie. Michelle warns Danny that he needs to accept Bill as a part of her life. Danny later surprises everyone by hiring Bill.

  • Ep. #14091
    Ep. #14091
    Episode 150

    Reva informs Alexandra that she plans to continue working on her expose on the Spauldings. Baker tries to contact Reva in order to avoid Alex sending him out of town. Roy reaches for Mel as Alex's paid orderlies try to take him away. Reva gets home and finds another message from her stalker. Harley and Phillip are relieved to learn that Zach is getting better. Phillip reminds Gus that while he's reconciled with Harley, that doesn't extend to her boyfriend. Phillip warns that if Gus messes up again, he will reinstate the custody case. Tony is stunned when Danny reveals that Cassie is their new partner. Josh warns Cassie that doing business with the Santos clan could be dangerous. Tony hears Josh's concerns and reveals his own plans for legitimacy. Marah is warmed by Tony's statement.

  • Ep. #14090
    Ep. #14090
    Episode 149

    Rick gives Harley and Phillip the good news that Zach is stable. Alan doesn't want Phillip to drop the custody case, but Phillip refuses to continue. Olivia offers Phillip comfort, but he rejects her because she slept with Alan. Olivia later pulls away from Alan. Once they've recovered from the crisis with Zach, Harley and Gus talk about Gus's questionable parentage. Gus gets DNA evidence and decides to investigate the possible affair between his father and the Jane Doe. Alexandra assumes that Harley and Gus have ended their investigation. When Danny sees an old friend hitting on Cassie, he kicks him out of the club. Cassie again suggests to Danny that they become business partners and renovate Towers. Danny agrees after considering that Cassie's good reputation will legitimize their project.

  • Ep. #14089
    Ep. #14089
    Episode 148

    Harley, Gus, and Phillip race to get Zach to the hospital after the little boy is hit by a car. Once Zach is in surgery, Phillip yells at Gus for interfering at the accident site. Phillip feels guilty after Rick explains that Gus's actions may have saved Zach's life. Phillip apologizes to Harley for giving her custody grief and promises that things will be better. Michelle freaks out when she sees Holly with Robbie because she knows of Holly's past of kidnapping babies. Ed accuses Michelle of overreacting once Holly leaves. Ed goes to Holly and tells her that he wants to be a part of her life. Michelle goes to Bill for comfort when she doesn't feel safe in her house. Bill tries to donate the money he received for Carmen's capture to Father Ray's church. Ray won't accept the donation since he thinks Bill is trying to ease his guilt over taking Michelle from Danny.

  • Ep. #14088
    Ep. #14088
    Episode 147

    Alan worries that Phillip is still in love with Olivia. Meanwhile, Phillip tells Alex that he's through with Olivia and she and Alan deserve each other. Olivia and Beth find themselves in a surprisingly frank discussion about Olivia's love life. Beth wonders what Olivia plans to do. Olivia later sees Phillip who declares that he can't get over his anger with her. Harley picks up her ring from the jeweler and learns that a three-digit number is inscribed on it. Harley thinks the number is connected to the key she found on Baker. Harley goes to the box, but it's empty. Harley accuses Alex of getting there before her. When Harley leaves, Edmund gives Alex the envelope and her worst fears are confirmed when she opens it. Gus wonders at the connection between Baker, Joe, and Rico Santos. Phillip takes Zach to Company to spend time with Harley. Zach runs across the street to get to Harley and is hit by a car.

  • Ep. #14087
    Ep. #14087
    Episode 146

    Alexandra confides in Edmund that Roy Baker has damaging information about the Spauldings and has been blackmailing her. When Alex expresses interest in the ring that Gus gave Harley, Harley wonders if the ring is worth something. Gus informs Harley that the Jane Doe they uncovered died while giving birth. Gus suspects that the Jane Doe was his father's mistress and Gus' mother. Gus decides to see Roy to get real answers. Harley takes the ring to a jeweler to be appraised. Edmund sees the ring in the shop and tells Alexandra. Cassie tells Reva that she doesn't think Jonathan is her stalker. When Reva leaves to see the Spauldings. Cassie answers a call from the stalker. Cassie pretends to be Reva and keeps the stalker on the phone long enough for the call to be traced. Everyone is thrilled when the supposed stalker is apprehended. Unbeknownst to them, someone watches Reva and Josh through the window. Tony and Marah attempt to search the lighthouse for clues, but they're distracted by a little romance.

  • Ep. #14086
    Ep. #14086
    Episode 145

    Alan asks Olivia to move back into the mansion. Phillip returns home and Olivia asks him why he didn't respond to her letter. Phillip realizes that Alan stole the letter, but Olivia doesn't believe it. Olivia later tells Alan that she needs to be alone to think. Phillip finds the letter and burns it in anger. Reva tries to call Jonathan at his Switzerland boarding school, but the school won't let her speak to him. Reva learns that Jonathan knows he is adopted. She suspects that he could be her stalker. Marah tells a hurt Tony why she thought for a moment that he was the stalker. He accepts her explanation and they make love.

  • Ep. #14085
    Ep. #14085
    Episode 144

    Alan tells Olivia that Phillip and Beth went away together. Olivia privately wonders if Phillip got the letter she sent him. Alan later clarifies that Phillip and Beth took Lizzie to boarding school. Alan manipulates Olivia and tries to seduce her. After Phillip calls the mansion to see if Olivia is home, Beth suggests that Alan wanted him out of town. When Phillip calls again, Alan picks up the phone, but doesn't tell Olivia that Phillip called. Marah worries that Tony is Reva's stalker, but she doesn't tell him her suspicions. Marah admits to Michelle that she thinks Tony might be stalking Reva in order to look like a hero when he saves her. Tony hears Marah's suspicions, but leaves before hearing Marah reaffirm her trust in him. Danny asks Michelle for another chance, but she refuses. Cassie and Danny talk later and she tells him she wants to partner in the new club. Danny agrees to think about it.

  • Ep. #14084
    Ep. #14084
    Episode 143

    Harley takes a safe deposit box key from Baker while he's unconscious. Harley and Gus are pleased when Edmund arrives, but Harley lets him leave without fully questioning him. Alex pays Harley and Gus a visit and continues to evade their questions about Joe. Alex warns them that they won't like the truth if she tells it. Alan deliberately misplaces Olivia's letter choosing Phillip. He takes Phillip's place at the appointed meeting time, surprising Olivia. Tony finds Olivia on the Lewis' doorstep. Olivia tells Josh and Reva that she's been worrying about Jonathan. Josh urges Reva to call Jonathan and tell him the truth about his parentage. Reva refuses to do that, but she does call to make sure Jonathan is okay. Tony decorates the lighthouse so it is a romantic spot for him and Marah. Their outing comes to a halt when Marah finds the picture that was stolen from her house.

  • Ep. #14083
    Ep. #14083
    Episode 142

    Reva finds a picture of her family with her cut out. The message that her children will miss her is attached to the photo. Feeling desperate, Josh asks Tony for help. When Marah is alone, someone creeps up behind her. Gus suspects that investigating his father will lead them straight to Alexandra. For that reason, he decides they need to stop the investigation until after Harley's custody hearing. Harley is against that and they ultimately decide to fight both things together. Harley receives a phone call informing her that Roy Baker is back in the country. Edmund meets with Baker who reveals that he has a big secret about Alexandra. The two men strike a deal. Harley and Gus break into Baker's apartment and find him lying still on the floor. Michelle and Bill try again at having a public date, but when they go to Company, both their families are there. Feeling pressured, Michelle tells them all to butt out. Buzz and Billy warn Ed that once their relationships with Holly got too serious, she broke things off. Ed corners Holly to ask if he will suffer the same fate. Holly promises him that their relationship is different.

  • Ep. #14082
    Ep. #14082
    Episode 141

    Harley and Gus go back to Baker's apartment to see if they can find a connection between Joe and Alex. They find a news article about the death of a Jane Doe who died five days before Gus was born. Rick wants Phillip to consider settling things with Harley. Phillip tells Rick about Gus's attempt to basically blackmail him. Rick is furious to learn that Phillip is having an affair with his stepmother. He accuses Phillip of turning into Alan. Rick shocks Phillip by disclosing that he intends to be a character witness for Harley. Alan intercepts a letter from Olivia to Phillip. He suggests to Beth that she and Phillip take Lizzie to look at boarding schools. When Beth approaches him, Phillip agrees to go. Alan reads the letter and learns that Olivia intends to choose Phillip and asks him to meet her. Alexandra asks Edmund to keep Baker away.

  • Ep. #14081
    Ep. #14081
    Episode 140

    Harley and Gus find love letters from Gus' father to his mother and they're surprised when the letters reveal that his mother couldn't have children. They also find a birth announcement for Nicholas Augustino. Gus wonders if he's really his father's child and he wonders how Alex fits into it all. Reva is shaken when the caller makes a threat against Marah. When the Lewis home is empty, a mysterious intruder breaks in. Marah and Tony tell Josh and Reva about the email. When Reva and Josh go back home, they see that someone has been there. Ben approaches Alexandra about making him a loan. Instead, Alex offers Ben a job. Alex later shows Alan their father's will to see if it will inspire him to reconcile with Phillip. Alan refuses to share the Spaulding power with Phillip since he clearly wants to steal Olivia away.

  • Ep. #14080
    Ep. #14080
    Episode 139

    Reva goes back to see Annie to find out more about her threatening caller. When Annie makes a rational comment, Reva realizes that Annie may not be as crazy as she seems. Annie warns Reva that the threats against her will probably get worse. Marah and Tony inform Josh that Reva's caller apparently made the calls from inside the house. They discovered that a device was planted to reroute the calls. Marah gets an emailed condolence card offering sympathy for her mother's death. Cassie learned of the threats against Reva and believes that Edmund may still be the culprit. Edmund later calls someone who may be Reva's caller. Eden lets Alexandra know that Harley is investigating her, but she wants something in exchange for the information. Alex pays Eden for the package that was supposed to be delivered to Harley. Gus warns Phillip that he either gives Zach back to Harley or he'll make the affair public knowledge. Gus worries that Harley will object to his new plot, but she surprisingly accepts it.

  • Ep. #14079
    Ep. #14079
    Episode 138

    The private investigator tells a pleased Gus that Olivia and Phillip are sleeping together. Gus goes to confront Phillip and reveals that he knows the truth. Harley begins her investigation into Alexandra's affair as she's convinced that she knows something about Gus's father. Eden asks Harley for help, but Harley turns her down. Eden takes a package that was supposed to be for Harley and she finds out about Harley's looking into Alex's affairs. Bill is late for his first date with Michelle because he is trying to console Beth. When he shows up, he and Michelle are awkward with each other. To ease the tension, Michelle suggests they skip going out and stay in to watch a movie. Blake wonders at the relationship between Danny and Cassie when Danny shows Cassie his divorce papers. Cassie assures Blake that she and Danny are just friends. Later, Danny and Cassie decide to help each other move forward.

  • Ep. #14078
    Ep. #14078
    Episode 137

    Olivia sends notes to Phillip and Alan, telling them that she needs space to think. Alan asks Phillip if he slept with Olivia, but Phillip avoids answering. Phillip does vow to fight for Olivia and he attacks Alan's manipulations against her. Lizzie tells Beth and Phillip that she wants to go to boarding school, but they're not sure it's a good idea. When Lizzie admits to blackmailing Alan, they fear his influence and agree that boarding school may keep her safe. Michelle and Bill decide to have a first date and take things slowly. When Michelle returns home, her divorce papers have arrived and so has Danny. He begs Michelle not to sign the papers, but she says it's time to move on. Bill pays a visit to Beth to make sure she's okay. Ben defends Marina to Buzz and Frank and they reluctantly let her stay at the cabin. However, Ben purposely bounces a check so that they're forced to leave with her family.

  • Ep. #14077
    Ep. #14077
    Episode 136

    The custody lawyer Alexandra recommended tells Harley that she could get a boost in the case by defaming Phillip. Gus warns Eden that he will disavow her if she lies at the custody hearing. Eden places a desperate phone call. Gus goes behind Harley's back to hire a P.I. to dig up dirt on Phillip. Marina and Ben are busted when Frank and Buzz go the cabin with them and they find out Marina's ski trip story was a lie. Marina cries that Frank is ruining her life. Michelle asks Bill to stay with her at the cabin even though he worries that his feelings for her will interfere. Michelle later realizes that she's being unfair and she suggests that he leave. Danny worries that his life is meaningless without Michelle so he should perhaps return to his criminal life. Cassies dissuades him by arranging for him to spend time with Robbie. Danny's mood instantly improves when he sees his son.

  • Ep. #14076
    Ep. #14076
    Episode 135

    At the mental institution, Reva and Josh discover that Annie has created a fantasy life in her room. She has recreated the Lewis living room in her suite. Reva and Josh find out that Annie isn't the one making the threats against her, but Annie claims to be able to help them find the real culprit. Tony asks one of his friends to find out if Reva's phone line was tapped from an outside computer. Marah is impressed by Tony's street smarts. She suggests that she would do well to leave college and get life-experience instead. Tony shocks her when he tells her that he is taking college courses. Phillip theorizes that Alan burned the pre-nup agreement out of desperation. Phillip wants Olivia to walk away, but Olivia reveals that she still has feelings for Alan. Olivia leaves the mansion so she can think of what to do next. Roy Baker threatens Alexandra by claiming to know a secret that could destroy the Spauldings. Alexandra resists Roy's blackmail attempts, but he tells her that she is running out of time. Phillip blames Alex for the Spaulding troubles, but she tries to defend herself and her actions.

  • Ep. #14075
    Ep. #14075
    Episode 134

    After a night of lovemaking, Olivia and Phillip feel very close to each other. Olivia tells Phillip that she wants to completely break things off with Alan before starting a relationship with him. Olivia goes to the mansion and finds a regretful Alan waiting for her. Phillip shows up to witness his father burning the pre-nuptial agreement. Olivia can't help but be moved by Alan's gesture. Marah wants to help Josh investigate the threat against Reva, but he wants to keep her safely out of it. Marah asks Tony to help her instead and he agrees. Alan tells Reva where Annie is being kept. Reva goes to the mental institution and finds Josh is there as well.

  • Ep. #14074
    Ep. #14074
    Episode 133

    Michelle gets to the cabin and is stunned to see Danny and Bill arguing about her. Bill leaves Danny and Michelle alone and Michelle tells him that she wants to be away. She asks him to leave. Michelle and Bill later spend the evening together as friends. Back in Springfield, Danny goes to see Cassie who warns him that he is driving Michelle into Bill's arms. Cassie later listens to Tammy talking to Rick and hears that her daughter feels guilty about being happy. Cassie admits to herself that she needs to move on. Ben and Marina are stranded when their car breaks down on the way to the cabin. They cuddle in the car for warmth and they are stunned when Buzz and Frank drive by. Frank and Buzz also break down and they join Ben and a frustrated Marina in the car. Eden and Gus investigate their father's life. After catching Alexandra in a lie, Harley calls her sister Lucy to ask for help in uncovering what Alex was doing before coming home.

  • Ep. #14073
    Ep. #14073
    Episode 132

    Alan almost caught Phillip and Olivia together. Danny told Bill to stay away from his wife.

  • Ep. #14072
    Ep. #14072
    Episode 131

    Gus and Alexandra make surprising comrades at the bar as he deals with his father's possible corruption and she worries over the situation with Phillip and Alan. From comments Alex makes, Gus wonders if she has information about his father. Josh asks for Harley's help in tracking down Reva's stalker. Reva goes to Alan for information on Annie. Harley later tells Josh and Reva that the calls are apparently coming from their own home. Olivia and Cassie argue about how to keep the Beacon out of Alan's hands. Olivia asks Phillip for help and they end up alone in her bedroom. Against his doctor's warnings, Alan leaves the hospital to find Olivia.

  • Ep. #14071
    Ep. #14071
    Episode 130

    Reva accuses Edmund of making the threats against her, but when she receives a call while with him, he is exonerated. A listening Alexandra suggests that Reva look into her past for answers. Reva tells Josh that she's worried her stalker is Annie Dutton. Marah goes to the cabin and finds an injured Tony. She yells at her father and uncle for letting Tony be hurt, but she's pleased when Josh expresses his admiration for Tony. Bill apologizes for kissing Michelle, but she counters by telling him that she and Danny have broken up for good. Bill asks Michelle on a friendly ski trip, but she gently declines. Marina lies to Frank in order to go on the ski trip. She plans to have a romantic weekend with Ben.

  • Ep. #14070
    Ep. #14070
    Episode 129

    Alexandra refuses to help Alan when she thinks he's faking a heart attack. Olivia and Phillip accuse Alex of wanting Alan dead and she forces him to reveal the truth. Alan says enough to let them know that he faked his previous attack. Olivia refuses to go with Alan to the hospital. Harley and Gus go to their commendation ceremony, but Gus is unsettled when Eden starts talking about their father. Gus and Harley go to Baker's apartment for information, but the apartment is empty. Harley attempts to comfort a distraught Gus. Josh and Billy give Tony a hard time while they're all hunting together. Josh and Billy are impressed by Tony's apparent devotion to Marah. When they tell him that they fear he will hurt Marah, the frank discussion leads to a new understanding between the three. Reva tells Marah about the threatening phone calls she's been receiving. Reva later receives another call on her unlisted cell phone.

  • Ep. #14069
    Ep. #14069
    Episode 128

    Despite Danny's attempts to reassure her, Michelle tells Danny that their relationship is over. Danny tries to convince her to give him another chance, but she walks away. Olivia comes in as Alexandra threatens Alan that she will reveal his faked heart attack to Olivia and Phillip. Olivia is furious at Alan, and when Alan attacks Phillip, Olivia defends him. Later, Alan has a seizure, but Alexandra believes that he is just faking yet again. Blake and Ross plan their wedding, each believing that they want a big wedding, but Ed and Holly convince them otherwise.

  • Ep. #14068
    Ep. #14068
    Episode 127

    Danny and Ray sit at Carmen's bedside, who is in a coma. Danny tries to get through to Michelle, who tells him that she cannot deal with the danger anymore. Meanwhile, Bill breaks up with a devastated Beth and leaves to see Michelle and Danny kiss and assumes that they are back together. Phillip comforts Beth after her breakup. Later, Phillip is mad at Alan for his invoking of the pre-nup, but Olivia is hell-bent on preserving her marriage. Alexandra threatens to reveal that Alan faked his heart attack after she finds out the lengths he is going to, to make Phillip and Olivia pay. Tony decides to start over with Marah and they look to the future.

  • Ep. #14067
    Ep. #14067
    Episode 126

    Carmen has come to the Bauer house to kidnap Robbie, and demands that Michelle cooperate. Carmen tries to shoot Michelle, but Bill barges in and knocks the Mafia Mama out. Afterward, Michelle rewards Bill with a lip-lock. Danny finds out what happened and feels twinges of guilt. Bill arrives late and Beth spots some blood on his coat, but Bill dodges her questions. Tony talks to Eden, but surprisingly forgives her for what happened with his father and offers her a job at the club, which angers Marah. Harley goes back to Roy's apartment, but Gus is already there and Harley is forced to tell him the truth about his father.

  • Ep. #14066
    Ep. #14066
    Episode 125

    Michelle finds out from Danny that her family confronted them about the date on New Years. Michelle opens the door on New Years to find a gun-toting Carmen, who has come to kidnap her grandson. Cassie helps Danny get ready for his date with Michelle, but cannot help but be reminded of Richard. Bill reassures Beth that there is nothing between him and Michelle, but later gets a pep talk from Reva, Josh, and Billy who urge him to follow his heart. A conversation with Rick urges Phillip to help Olivia and Alan reunite. However, Alan decides to invoke the prenuptial agreement and tries to take away Olivia's half of the Beacon.

  • Ep. #14065
    Ep. #14065
    Episode 124

    Michelle and Danny look forward to their date on New Year's Eve. Ed wonders if Danny forced Michelle into attempting to reconcile, but she denies it. Danny and Tony decide on major plans for their two clubs. Ed and Rick tell Danny to be careful with Michelle. Tony is shocked to learn that Eden killed his father and calls Eden. Harley tries to explain what she was doing in Roy's apartment, but Roy is unconvinced. Gus finds out that he and Harley are receiving commendations for their work on the Santos case and calls Roy to invite him to Springfield.

  • Ep. #14064
    Ep. #14064
    Episode 123

    Gus surprises Harley with a special family heirloom. Roy Baker, the former partner of Gus' father, catches Harley in his apartment. Phillip tries to convince Alan to take back Olivia, while Olivia blames Alexandra for her troubles. Reva receives an ominous phone call and believes it is Edmund, but he gives a credible alibi and Alexandra backs him up.

  • Ep. #14063
    Ep. #14063
    Episode 122

    Blake shoos away Mel, Ed, Rick, and Holly, as she prepares to propose to Ross, who accepts. Olivia and Phillip help out a group of stranded carolers. Phillip arrives, but the spirit of the season gets to them all and Alan takes Olivia home. Michelle and Bill pass the time by assembling Robbie's gifts, while Cassie and Danny meet a mysterious old man who inspires them both. Josh is dismayed to have Tony at their Christmas celebration. Harley, Gus, Buzz, and Frank drop Zach off at the Spaulding mansion when they are stuck by the snow, which does not make Alan very happy. Ben gives Marina a special gift.

  • Ep. #14062
    Ep. #14062
    Episode 121

    When he helps Olivia from her accident, Phillip is surprised to learn that Alan has seen the surveillance tape. Phillip breaks into Company when the snow gets too bad. Alexandra tries to convince Alan to go looking for Olivia. When Alan hears from Phillip, he is jealous that his wife turned to his son for help. While Marina and Ben try to tell Michelle about the tension between Danny and Bill, the two gentlemen have another altercation. Bill has a steamy dream about his best friend. Cassie and Danny, as well as Michelle and Bill find themselves stuck inside from the snow.

  • Ep. #14061
    Ep. #14061
    Episode 120

    Alan confronts Olivia about the videotape and throws her out of the mansion. Olivia gets into a car accident and calls Phillip for help. Carmen gets a threat from Harley about Gus' father. Harley and Phillip take Zach to see Santa. Zach tells Phillip that he wants to be with his mom for Christmas, and Phillip backs down. Danny files a statement against Carmen against her pleas otherwise.

  • Ep. #14060
    Ep. #14060
    Episode 119

    Reva and Josh try to deck the halls without their daughter, while Marah pushes Tony away until they are ready to make love. Tony steals a snowmobile so that Marah can get home. Alan mistakes Phillip's present from Olivia as his own. Alan gets the wedding video, but is shocked to see Phillip and Olivia kissing in the elevator! Edmund tries to pump some information out of Alexandra about her motives, but she does not reveal what is in store.

  • Ep. #14059
    Ep. #14059
    Episode 118

    Alan is shocked when Alexandra announces that she is giving Edmund a position on the Spaulding executive board. Phillip brings his date to the mansion and runs into a seething Olivia. Harley tells Frank about Gus' father, and Frank tells her to be careful. Harley sets up a meeting with Joe's old partner. Gus tells Phillip the truth about Eden pushing the man off the roof, but Phillip remains nonchalant. Marah and Tony reminisce and then begin to make love.

  • Ep. #14058
    Ep. #14058
    Episode 117

    Bill tells Michelle to be careful with Danny, as Cassie tells Danny that he needs to fight for his wife. Bill gives Danny a warning not to hurt Michelle again. Ross gets Holly to call into Blake's radio show, and Blake misinterprets Ed's message as a declaration of love for Holly. However, Ed comforts Holly when she learns of what happened. Eden tells Harley that her father was on the take and makes a plea that she not tell Gus the truth.

  • Ep. #14057
    Ep. #14057
    Episode 116

    Gus and Harley try to forget Alexandra's advice, as Eden agrees to steal Carmen's confession from the police station. However, before she can, Harley catches her. Phillip tries to leave Alan and Olivia alone when he learns of their family plans and Mel and Rick help Blake to set him up with one of their friends. Alexandra and Olivia have a heart-to-heart about children. When Olivia tells Alan she does not want a child just yet, Alan steals her birth control pills.

  • Ep. #14056
    Ep. #14056
    Episode 115

    Reva, Cassie, Blake, and Harley get together for dinner to celebrate the Christmas season. When Blake gets the idea to set Phillip up on a date, she asks a jealous Olivia for advice. Alexandra tries to convince Gus to marry Harley, who is horrified at the advice. Carmen threatens Eden that she will reveal her secrets, as Gus walks in.

  • Ep. #14055
    Ep. #14055
    Episode 114

    Carmen tells her lawyer some damaging evidence against her will disappear. Cassie tells Ed why she helped Danny. Josh and Billy invite Tony hunting with them.

  • Ep. #14054
    Ep. #14054
    Episode 113

    Reva tells Josh who the bloody items belong to. Michelle rips into Cassie for keeping a secret from her. Carmen hears a shocking statement.

  • Ep. #14053
    Ep. #14053
    Episode 112

    Josh discovers the truth and confronts Reva. Danny "appears" before Carmen.

  • Ep. #14052
    Ep. #14052
    Episode 111

    At Danny's memorial service, Michelle puts Carmen on the spot. Alan tells Olivia he wants her to have his baby.

  • Ep. #14051
    Ep. #14051
    Episode 110

    Harley tells Cassie that it's important Michelle not know the truth about Danny. Beth threatens Olivia.

  • Ep. #14050
    Ep. #14050
    Episode 109

    Gus puts Cassie in jail. Harley asks Alexandra for a favor. Phillip makes a decision about Zach's custody.

  • Ep. #14049
    Ep. #14049
    Episode 108

    Alexandra questions Eden about the check Phillip gave her. Frank tells Gus the body in the morgue isn't Danny's! Tony and Marah kiss.

  • Ep. #14048
    Ep. #14048
    Episode 107

    Danny finds out that Michelle is once again in danger from Carmen. Marah hopes that Reva and Josh will change their minds about Tony. Buzz offers Ben a job.

  • Ep. #14047
    Ep. #14047
    Episode 106

    Harley ruins the confession Gus nearly gets from Carmen. Alexandra gets Olivia to admit she was behind Beth's diary being published. Beth, however, tells everyone she knew it was happening.

  • Ep. #14046
    Ep. #14046
    Episode 105

    Olivia hosts a Thanksgiving dinner at the Spaulding Mansion. Carmen demands to see Danny's dead body. Everyone continues to lie to Michelle.

  • Ep. #14045
    Ep. #14045
    Episode 104

    Bill leaves Beth in order to comfort Michelle. Ed reveals to Gus that he knows Danny is alive. Alexandra has doubts about Olivia.

  • Ep. #14044
    Ep. #14044
    Episode 103

    Danny's condition worsens causing Cassie to get help from someone. Tony tells Michelle that Danny is dead.

  • Ep. #14043
    Ep. #14043
    Episode 102

    Ed finds Carmen with Robbie. Alexandra invites the Cooper clan to dinner. Olivia convinces Phillip to stay at the mansion.

  • Ep. #14042
    Ep. #14042
    Episode 101

    Carmen goes searching for Danny. Eden overhears Tony and Marah making plans. Reva continues to help Cassie.

  • Ep. #14041
    Ep. #14041
    Episode 100

    Carmen tells Eden to stop Tony from getting invloved with Marah. Danny tells Cassie they need to find somewhere else to hide. Doris says she's gotten new evidence from Edmund.

  • Ep. #14040
    Ep. #14040
    Episode 99

    Olivia dreams of Phillip. Reva admits to Josh that Richard's living will is a forgery. Holly gives Ben some upsetting new.

  • Ep. #14039
    Ep. #14039
    Episode 98

    Carmen tells Edmund she thinks Danny is dead. Harley tries to get her job back. Eden tries to get Gus to allow her to move back in with the Santos family.

  • Ep. #14038
    Ep. #14038
    Episode 97

    Cassie nearly makes a mistake with Carmen. Reva wonders how Edmund knows so much about the living will. Gus finds a fragment of a bullet covered in blood.

  • Ep. #14037
    Ep. #14037
    Episode 96

    Edmund admits something to Alexandra. Ed refuses to let Carmen near Robbie. Tony believes Father Ray knows something about Carmen that he isn't sharing.

  • Ep. #14036
    Ep. #14036
    Episode 95

    Cassie wonders where Danny has disappeared to. Alan uses Edmund to bring down Alexandra. Marah tells Reva that Danny is missing.

  • Ep. #14035
    Ep. #14035
    Episode 94

    Ed catches Cassie breaking into his clinic. Marina gets jealous when she sees Ben and Lizzie together. Holly tells Buzz that Ben has lost all his money.

  • Ep. #14034
    Ep. #14034
    Episode 93

    Cassie hears gunshots! Marah and Michelle discuss the perils of loving a Santos man. Tony realizes that Eden is keeping him from helping Danny.

  • Ep. #14033
    Ep. #14033
    Episode 92

    On the beach, Danny comes face to face with Carmen who is holding a gun. Josh is stunned to see Reva at home. Cassie says goodbye to Richard.

  • Ep. #14032
    Ep. #14032
    Episode 91

    Robbie is upset when he sees Danny. Cassie apologizes to Edmund. Bill talks to Marah about Beth.

  • Ep. #14031
    Ep. #14031
    Episode 90

    Cassie asks Danny for some help. Harley tells Phillip she won't give up Gus. Alexandra continues to threaten Olivia.

  • Ep. #14030
    Ep. #14030
    Episode 89

    Phillip finally agrees to joint custody of Zach. Tony admits to Marah that he is not dating Eden. Edmund lets Alan know that he hasn't gained Alexandra's trust yet.

  • Ep. #14029
    Ep. #14029
    Episode 88

    Danny meets with Gus to solidify their plan. Carmen lets Cassie know her debt is paid in full. Lizzie covers for Alan with Olivia.

  • Ep. #14028
    Ep. #14028
    Episode 87

    Alan admits to Lizzie his heart condition is fake. Beth sees Bill and Michelle share a kiss.

  • Ep. #14027
    Ep. #14027
    Episode 86

    Rick tries to get Mel's job back. Marina hids the fact that she's at Bill's Halloween party from Frank.

  • Ep. #14026
    Ep. #14026
    Episode 85

    Danny sees Eden kissing Tony. Blake uses Harley to practice for a job interview.

  • Ep. #14025
    Ep. #14025
    Episode 84

    Alan and Olivia's wedding day has arrived. Bill helps Michelle study for her mid-terms. Beth kisses Bill.

  • Ep. #14024
    Ep. #14024
    Episode 83

    Alan puts Alexandra's kidnapping into motion. Lillian tries to make Beth see that getting involved with Bill is bad for her. Carmen convinces Eden to spy on Danny for her.

  • Ep. #14023
    Ep. #14023
    Episode 82

    Phillip refuses to give Zach back to Harley until he is sure she's over Gus. Carmen taunts Danny about Michelle, not knowing he's setting her up to be arrested.

  • Ep. #14022
    Ep. #14022
    Episode 81

    Ben asks Holly to put in a good word with Buzz about him. Beth tells Bill she was invited to Alan and Olivia's wedding, but he's not allowed to come.

  • Ep. #14021
    Ep. #14021
    Episode 80

    Cassie visits Reva and jail and the sisters share a tender moment. Harley thanks Eden for saving Gus' life. Bill tells Billy that he and Beth are married.

  • Ep. #14020
    Ep. #14020
    Episode 79

    Reva is processed for her trip to jail. Cassie tells Shayne and Marah that she will get Reva out of the mess she's in.

  • Ep. #14019
    Ep. #14019
    Episode 78

    Now that Alan has lost Spaulding, Phillip wonders if Olivia will still be interested in his father. Cassie visits Richard's grave.

  • Ep. #14018
    Ep. #14018
    Episode 77

    Alexandra gets Phillip's ex-wives together to support her take over of Spaulding Enterprises. Olivia asks Lizzie to be her Maid of Honor.

  • Ep. #14017
    Ep. #14017
    Episode 76

    Phillip is surprised to see who attends a Spaulding board meeting. Harley realizes Gus will not allow Eden to go to prison.

  • Ep. #14016
    Ep. #14016
    Episode 75

    Carmen believes Edmund is interested in Alexandra. Ben saves Marina's life. Mel worries that she will not be reinstated.

  • Ep. #14015
    Ep. #14015
    Episode 74

    Gus tells Eden he wishes he never came back into her life. Michelle tosses her wedding ring.

  • Ep. #14014
    Ep. #14014
    Episode 73

    Lizzie finds Beth and Bill together in the Carriage House. Ben doesn't realize Marina is being kidnapped. Phillip questions why Olivia is marrying Alan.

  • Ep. #14013
    Ep. #14013
    Episode 72

    Eden sets Harley up. Marah clues Tony in about her living arrangements. Marina shows up at Millennium wearing Harley's dress.

  • Ep. #14012
    Ep. #14012
    Episode 71

    Cassie realizes the money Alexandra gave her was missing. Michelle helps Ben, Bill, and Marah move into the Carriage House.

  • Ep. #14011
    Ep. #14011
    Episode 70

    Cassie dreams about Richard. Marah tells Reva that Bill and Ben invited her to move in with them. Rick worries over Mel.

  • Ep. #14010
    Ep. #14010
    Episode 69

    Tony offers to help Reva. Alexandra offers to throw Alan and Olivia a wedding.