Guiding Light - Season 52

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #14445
    Ep. #14445
    Episode 254

    As Danny scrambles for an excuse to cover the toy Michelle found in the couch, she inadvertently supplies him with one. To his relief the issue is dropped for the time being. She's tired from a day of meeting people and they awkwardly go to bed but Michelle would rather sleep alone. Cassie has invited Edmund to stay the night and, as before, he's hesitant. Cassie changes gears, telling him she knows she's done wrong but he's failing them too, by not trusting their relationship enough to weather any storm they encounter. Tammy and Remy help fate along and Edmund and Cassie reconcile.Phillip finds Olivia enraged over having her access cut off to Spaulding credit. Tony and Bill go to the Social Club so he can get a look at what Tony intends for the place. But, in the middle of their meeting, Josh and Billy arrive to demote Bill.

  • Ep. #14444
    Ep. #14444
    Episode 253

    Tammy worries about her mother and Edmund. Michelle continues to struggle with her connections to her previous life. Bill and Tony discuss business.

  • Ep. #14443
    Ep. #14443
    Episode 252

    Harley talks about elopement plans while Gus tries to help out Alex and the incriminating evidence about her. Jeffrey and Cassie bond. Michelle gets further annoyed by Danny.

  • Ep. #14442
    Ep. #14442
    Episode 251

    Harley announces that she and Gus are eloping. Olivia plants a kiss on Bill. Cassie doesn't know if she can trust Edmund.

  • Ep. #14441
    Ep. #14441
    Episode 250

    Rick and Danny try to remind Michelle of her life while she leans on Tony for support. Edmund and Gus commiserate as do Harley and Cassie about their love lives.

  • Ep. #14440
    Ep. #14440
    Episode 249

    Michelle continues to feel a connection to Tony. Olivia continues to bait Bill. Lizzie wants Alan to fix it so she is stuck with Joey on a project.

  • Ep. #14439
    Ep. #14439
    Episode 248

    Michelle awakens from her coma but her memory is gone. Gus finds a letter that connects Brad Green to Alex. Olivia wants a partnership with Bill but he turns her down. Olivia allows Beth to be Emma's nanny.

  • Ep. #14438
    Ep. #14438
    Episode 247

    Olivia strategizes about building a power base to get out from under Phillip's blackmail. Danny talks to Tony about going legit. Michelle opens her eyes when Tony is at her bedside.

  • Ep. #14337
    Ep. #14337
    Episode 246

    Phillip blackmails Olivia. Cassie fears that she has lost the man she loves. Gus gets a hero's welcome.

  • Ep. #14436
    Ep. #14436
    Episode 245

    Danny continues to talk to a comatose Michelle. Joey breaks up with Tammy. Gus tells Alan and Alex that he will keep their secret.

  • Ep. #14435
    Ep. #14435
    Episode 244

    Jeffrey thanks Danny for his help. Cassie finds Edmund packing his belongings. Gus finds Brad dead.

  • Ep. #14434
    Ep. #14434
    Episode 243

    Phillip taunts Olivia after the gala. Alex confesses her role in the drug ring and Alan asks Gus to protect his aunt. Reva runs into trouble.

  • Ep. #14433
    Ep. #14433
    Episode 242

    Cassie accuses Edmund of dealing drugs and is proven wrong and she tries to apologize. Lizzie continues to plot against Tammy. Phillip spots Olivia and Bill kiss.

  • Ep. #14432
    Ep. #14432
    Episode 241
    The festival is in full swing and Phillip abandons Olivia to fend for herself. Cassie wants to confront Edmund. Lizzie's team wins the competition.
  • Ep. #14431
    Ep. #14431
    Episode 240
    Phillip tries to embarrass Olivia. Joey asks Tammy to the Spring Fling. Danny tries to cover his tracks.
  • Ep. #14430
    Ep. #14430
    Episode 239
    Cassie shares her suspicions about Edmund with Jeffrey. Harley and Gus prepare for the bust at the Festival. Marina and Shayne try to get through to Michelle.
  • Ep. #14429
    Ep. #14429
    Episode 238
    Cassie interrupts Danny's "hit" on Jeffrey. Harley tries to catch Vinnie Salerno is a drug deal.
  • Ep. #14428
    Ep. #14428
    Episode 237
    Cassie continues to be suspicious of Edmund. Olivia takes Phillip's bait. Bill continues to grieve Eden.
  • Ep. #14427
    Ep. #14427
    Episode 236
    Lizzie plots to have Joey on her team for the Spaulding summer project. Danny proves himself to Salerno.
  • Ep. #14426
    Ep. #14426
    Episode 235
    Lizzie talks to Alex about a summer intern contest. Jeffrey warns Cassie that Edmund is possible target of his drug investigation.
  • Ep. #14425
    Ep. #14425
    Episode 234
    Jeffrey continues his surveillance of Salerno. Harley worries about Gus. Cassie finds evidence that Edmund was talking with Salerno.
  • Ep. #14424
    Ep. #14424
    Episode 233
    Michelle stirs from her coma, but has a relapse. Edmund tries to talk Cassie out of doing something about the drug problem in Springfield. Bill's joy is shortlived when he finds Eden alive but she goes into the witness protection program.
  • Ep. #14423
    Ep. #14423
    Episode 232
    Bill comes face to face with presumed dead Eden. Sandy is caught in a lie. Danny meets with Salerno.
  • Ep. #14422
    Ep. #14422
    Episode 231
    Tammy and Cassie reconcile. Eden's funeral is held. Bill has a hard time at the funeral.
  • Ep. #14421
    Ep. #14421
    Episode 230
    Danny warns Jeffrey that he will come after him if Michelle doesn't survive. Olivia stops Bill from making a mistake. Michelle makes it through surgery.
  • Ep. #14420
    Ep. #14420
    Episode 229
    Danny is stunned when Michelle is hurt and Tony saves her. Eden is crushed when she can't tell Bill the truth.
  • Ep. #14419
    Ep. #14419
    Episode 228
    Danny detonates the bomb to kill Eden. Bill receives word about Eden. Michelle is caught in the explosion.
  • Ep. #14418
    Ep. #14418
    Episode 227
    Danny sets the bomb up. Bill asks Josh and Reva advice on marriage.
  • Ep. #14417
    Ep. #14417
    Episode 226
    Bill confronts Salerno. Phillip continues his game of cat and mouse with Olivia.
  • Ep. #14416
    Ep. #14416
    Episode 225
    Salerno orders Danny to kill Eden. Jeffrey insists to Eden that she must testify.
  • Ep. #14415
    Ep. #14415
    Episode 224
    Harley and Jeffrey set up the plan for Eden.
  • Ep. #14414
    Ep. #14414
    Episode 223
  • Ep. #14413
    Ep. #14413
    Episode 222
    Ed leaves town. Harley figures out what Eden is up to.
  • Ep. #14412
    Ep. #14412
    Episode 221
    Bill tells Michelle that Danny is not invited to his and Eden's wedding. Nico leaves town.
  • Ep. #14411
    Ep. #14411
    Episode 220
    Shayne is set to abandon his cane for good. Tammy shows up at Reva and Josh's doorstep. Michelle tells Ed to head to Africa.
  • Ep. #14410
    Ep. #14410
    Episode 219
    Bill confronts Salerno. Phillip tells Olivia that he wants to be back in charge.
  • Ep. #14409
    Ep. #14409
    Episode 218
    Olivia is spooked by Phillip. Vinnie stops by Danny and Michelle's. Eden is given a job by Salerno.
  • Ep. #14408
    Ep. #14408
    Episode 217
    Michelle tells Danny that she will support him in making Salerno think he is back in the life. Olivia is shocked when Phillip is released. Tammy makes plans to make Cassie worry.
  • Ep. #14407
    Ep. #14407
    Episode 216
    Olivia tries to make Rick believe that Phillip got violent with her. Eden receives another threat from Salerno.
  • Ep. #14406
    Ep. #14406
    Episode 215
    Gus tells Alan that he doesn't want the trust fund. Lizzie is jealous of Joey and Tammy.
  • Ep. #14405
    Ep. #14405
    Episode 214
    Beth, Olivia and Cassie argue. Lizzie tires to spend time with Joey without Tammy. Salerno eases Danny back into the life of the mob.
  • Ep. #14404
    Ep. #14404
    Episode 213
    Edmund worries about jeopardizing his happiness with Cassie. Danny misses his flight from New York.
  • Ep. #14403
    Ep. #14403
    Episode 212
    Olivia transfers Phillip's stock into her account. Harley intercepts Eden's message from Salerno.
  • Ep. #14402
    Ep. #14402
    Episode 211
    Josh won't let Bill resign. Salerno tells Eden that he has a job for her.
  • Ep. #14401
    Ep. #14401
    Episode 210
    Phillip and Alex think they have Olivia right where they want her. Cassie discloses that Tammy kissed Edmund.
  • Ep. #14400
    Ep. #14400
    Episode 209
    Danny wants Michelle to leave him for her own safety. Cassie comes to Josh for advice.
  • Ep. #14399
    Ep. #14399
    Episode 208
    Rick and Ed argue about Danny and Michelle. Lizzie leaves Tammy's diary for Cassie to see.
  • Ep. #14398
    Ep. #14398
    Episode 207
    Danny tells Michelle the truth. Olivia feels like Phillip is playing games with her. Edmund is rattled by Tammy's kiss.
  • Ep. #14397
    Ep. #14397
    Episode 206
    Tammy impulsively kisses Edmund. Danny decides it's time to come clean with Michelle.
  • Ep. #14396
    Ep. #14396
    Episode 205
    Romeo and Juliet goes off without a hitch. Bill and Eden apologize to each other.
  • Ep. #14395
    Ep. #14395
    Episode 204
    Jeffrey makes Michelle more suspicious of Danny. Olivia makes herself at home at the Spaulding mansion.
  • Ep. #14394
    Ep. #14394
    Episode 203
    Jeffrey warned Cassie to stay away from Danny. Danny concedes the election.
  • Ep. #14393
    Ep. #14393
    Episode 202
    Jeffrey tells Marah that she can heal without him. Bill finds out that Danny may concede the election.
  • Ep. #14392
    Ep. #14392
    Episode 201
    Gus tries to hide his pain from Harley. Olivia tells Sam that she and Emma are moving into the Spaulding mansion.
  • Ep. #14391
    Ep. #14391
    Episode 200
    Danny tells Jeffrey that he is going to go along with the plan to overturn the election and get back into the mob. Harley does her best to get along with Eden.
  • Ep. #14390
    Ep. #14390
    Episode 199
    Alan convinces Olivia and Emma to move into the Spaulding mansion. Phillip tells Rick that he wants to do ECT therapy.
  • Ep. #14389
    Ep. #14389
    Episode 198
    Jeffrey makes a plan for Marah. Danny is on edge about the election.
  • Ep. #14388
    Ep. #14388
    Episode 197
    Marina makes a plan to have everyone gain closure. The men move on from Maryanne's death.
  • Ep. #14387
    Ep. #14387
    Episode 196
    Carrie leaves Marah more shaken. Jeffrey asks Danny to make a big sacrifice.
  • Ep. #14386
    Ep. #14386
    Episode 195
    Carrie is arrested. Jeffrey pressures Danny to go back into the mob.
  • Ep. #14385
    Ep. #14385
    Episode 194
    Reva channels Maryanne. Election day arrives in Springfield.
  • Ep. #14384
    Ep. #14384
    Episode 193
    Christopher hypnotizes Reva. Alan and Alex are thrilled that baby Emma has arrived.
  • Ep. #14383
    Ep. #14383
    Episode 192
    Beth chastises Lizzie for putting the baby at risk. Reva and Josh tell Marah that Carrie is alive.
  • Ep. #14382
    Ep. #14382
    Episode 191
    Everyone searches for Lizzie and baby Emma. Reva tries to find proof that Carrie is alive.
  • Ep. #14381
    Ep. #14381
    Episode 190
    Reva and Harley find Carrie, alive! Olivia finds out that Lizzie has taken Emma.
  • Ep. #14380
    Ep. #14380
    Episode 189
    Lizzie takes Emma. Mel and Rick have their baby.
  • Ep. #14379
    Ep. #14379
    Episode 188
    Edmund sees Jeffrey and Cassie talking about Marah and gets jealous. Alan makes a confession to the rest of the guys.
  • Ep. #14378
    Ep. #14378
    Episode 187
    Jeffrey practices with Marah for the trial. Olivia interrupts the federal investigation interview.
  • Ep. #14377
    Ep. #14377
    Episode 186
    Ross confronts Jeffrey with a photo of him and Marah. Harley feels that Carrie is still alive.
  • Ep. #14376
    Ep. #14376
    Episode 185
    Cassie confronts Jeffrey. Harley and Reva focus on clearing Marah's name.
  • Ep. #14375
    Ep. #14375
    Episode 184
    Olivia has a dilemma with Phillip. Doris produces evidence that Marah may be the murderer.
  • Ep. #14374
    Ep. #14374
    Episode 183
    Harley wants Gus to wait before going back to work as a cop. Alan tells Alex to stay away from Brad Green. Olivia is afraid Phillip will spill the beans about Emma.
  • Ep. #14373
    Ep. #14373
    Episode 182
    Marina thinks that Sandy leaked the story about Jeffrey and Marah. Alan suspects Alexandra may know more about the missing Antimonious shipments than she lets on.
  • Ep. #14372
    Ep. #14372
    Episode 181
    Jeffrey takes himself off of Marah's case. Cassie decides to look into Jeffrey and Christopher's connection after she finds out that Edmund was looking into it.
  • Ep. #14371
    Ep. #14371
    Episode 180
    Eden receives flowers from Vinnie Salerno. Reva sees a vision of Carrie.
  • Ep. #14370
    Ep. #14370
    Episode 179
    Phillip pretends to take his meds. Gus accuses Alan and Spaulding of being connected to the mob.
  • Ep. #14369
    Ep. #14369
    Episode 178
    Josh and Billy hand over Lewis to Bill. Marah has a nightmare about Carrie.
  • Ep. #14368
    Ep. #14368
    Episode 177
    Alex offers her help to Buzz. Shayne is angry at his family.
  • Ep. #14367
    Ep. #14367
    Episode 176
    Jeffrey tells Marah that they can't be seen together anymore. Reva thinks that Maryanne is trying to tell her something.
  • Ep. #14366
    Ep. #14366
    Episode 175
    Marah confesses. Gus tells Alan that he has been working with the FBI to investigate Spaulding.
  • Ep. #14365
    Ep. #14365
    Episode 174
    Marah realizes the truth. Harley and Gus discuss Alan.
  • Ep. #14364
    Ep. #14364
    Episode 173
    Phillip pretends to take his medication. Gus tells Harley that he has learned disturbing info about both of their fathers.
  • Ep. #14363
    Ep. #14363
    Episode 172
    Olivia finally tells Phillip the truth. Jeffrey worries about Marah's involvement in Carrie's shooting.
  • Ep. #14362
    Ep. #14362
    Episode 171
    Olivia has a surprise for Phillip. Ross is concerned about Phillip's will. Marah thinks that she was wrong about Jeffrey.
  • Ep. #14361
    Ep. #14361
    Episode 170
    Michelle and Marina try to help Marah. Josh is listed as a murder suspect.
  • Ep. #14360
    Ep. #14360
    Episode 169
    Jeffrey tells Frank that they need to hold Josh overnight in jail. Alex is happy that Buzz is okay.
  • Ep. #14359
    Ep. #14359
    Episode 168
    Josh, Billy and Buzz agree to protect Marah. Frank arrests Josh.
  • Ep. #14358
    Ep. #14358
    Episode 167
    Danny accuses Lizzie of selling drugs. Josh reports Carrie's death.
  • Ep. #14357
    Ep. #14357
    Episode 166
    Carrie tries to shoot Ed and does shoot Buzz. In the struggle, Marah shoots Carrie.
  • Ep. #14356
    Ep. #14356
    Episode 165
    Josh, Billy and Buzz go after Carrie. Olivia won't tell Phillip the truth until she has the Spaulding fortune.
  • Ep. #14355
    Ep. #14355
    Episode 164
    Carrie has memories of Maryanne. Olivia tells Cassie to not divulge the truth about Emma.
  • Ep. #14354
    Ep. #14354
    Episode 163
    Buzz apologizes to Marina for his actions in the past. Harley and Gus set up a sting for Brad Green.
  • Ep. #14353
    Ep. #14353
    Episode 162
    Jeffrey fills in Gus and Harley on their investigations. Carrie continues her diabolical plan.
  • Ep. #14352
    Ep. #14352
    Episode 161
    Carrie sets her plan in motion. Lizzie brings Nico into the hospital and he won't tell Danny who spiked his drink.
  • Ep. #14351
    Ep. #14351
    Episode 160
    Josh realizes who Carrie is. Marah comes onto Jeffrey again at the dance.
  • Ep. #14350
    Ep. #14350
    Episode 159
    Marah and Jeffrey kiss. Blade gives Lizzie a spiked drink.
  • Ep. #14349
    Ep. #14349
    Episode 158
    Michelle tells Marah that Carrie has no power over them unless they give it to her. Sandy watches Marah wistfully.
  • Ep. #14348
    Ep. #14348
    Episode 157
    Carrie sets her sights on Michelle, Marah and Marina. Marah has a fantasy that Jeffrey is in love with her.
  • Ep. #14347
    Ep. #14347
    Episode 156
    Buzz worries about the witness stopping at nothing to get their revenge. Marie Green threatens Alexandra.
  • Ep. #14346
    Ep. #14346
    Episode 155
    Cassie is almost attacked at the hotline by a teen on "D". Harley has a meeting with Marie Green.
  • Ep. #14345
    Ep. #14345
    Episode 154
    Olivia has every intention on taking Phillip's place on the board. Cassie and Marah go for their psych tests.
  • Ep. #14344
    Ep. #14344
    Episode 153
    Alan wants Gus to take Phillip's seat on the board of Spaulding. Sandy tells Lizzie that she needs to shapen up.
  • Ep. #14343
    Ep. #14343
    Episode 152
    Billy worries that Ed won't be able to keep it together for the cops. Michelle tells Cassie about a new designer drug going around.
  • Ep. #14342
    Ep. #14342
    Episode 151
    Tony wants to find out who is after Danny. Christopher tells Reva that he wants to run some tests to test her psychic abilities.
  • Ep. #14341
    Ep. #14341
    Episode 150
    Lizzie reels from the news that Olivia and Phillip are married. Beth urges Jeffrey to go after Marah.
  • Ep. #14340
    Ep. #14340
    Episode 149
    Reva decides to continue her studies with Dr. Langham. Josh changes his mind about confessing as long as the girls are in danger.
  • Ep. #14339
    Ep. #14339
    Episode 148
    Olivia tells Harley that Gus plans to stay at Spaulding. Alan assures Alexandra that he is not ignoring the Olivia problem.
  • Ep. #14338
    Ep. #14338
    Episode 147
    Olivia pleads with Cassie to keep Emma's existence a secret. Edmund wants to find out if Cassie's baby is indeed alive.
  • Ep. #14337
    Ep. #14337
    Episode 146
    Cassie finds out Olivia's secret. Ross tries to convince the mayor to back him and not Danny.
  • Ep. #14336
    Ep. #14336
    Episode 145
    Beth and Lizzie arrive at Ravenwood to find out that Olivia and Phillip are married. Tony gets into a fight over Eden.
  • Ep. #14335
    Ep. #14335
    Episode 144
    Michelle plots against Marah. Olivia marries a dazed Phillip.
  • Ep. #14334
    Ep. #14334
    Episode 143
    Buzz wants Gus to drop his investigation of Alan's past. Cassie encourages Sandy to make a connection to Reva.
  • Ep. #14333
    Ep. #14333
    Episode 142
    Cassie tells Reva that she has come to terms with her miscarriage. Ed continues to have his harsh headaches.
  • Ep. #14332
    Ep. #14332
    Episode 141
    Olivia tells Sam who has been taking care of Emma that she asked Phillip to marry her and he said yes. Michelle, Marina and Marah search Carrie's place.
  • Ep. #14331
    Ep. #14331
    Episode 140
    Olivia and Phillip's daughter is alive! Carrie shares the story of Maryanne's death with Jeffrey.
  • Ep. #14330
    Ep. #14330
    Episode 139
    Buzz, Billy and Josh theorize about who is trying to get their revenge. Harley tries to get information out of Alex about Brad Green.
  • Ep. #14329
    Ep. #14329
    Episode 138
    Billy calls Josh for support when he's about to drink. Salerno pays a visit to Danny.
  • Ep. #14328
    Ep. #14328
    Episode 137
    Rick tells Michelle that he wants Ed to take a leave of absence. Eden goes behind Bill's back and Tony thanks Eden for doing what needs to be done.
  • Ep. #14327
    Ep. #14327
    Episode 136
    Carrie leads the women on a game of cat and mouse. Eden realizes that she needs to steal Bill's keys.
  • Ep. #14326
    Ep. #14326
    Episode 135
    Shayne tries to stand on his own. Harley thinks that her father is keeping something from her.
  • Ep. #14325
    Ep. #14325
    Episode 134
    Tony continues to pursue Eden even though she says that she is not interested. Jeffrey encourages Marah to go to her family while Shayne is in surgery.
  • Ep. #14324
    Ep. #14324
    Episode 133
    Reva tries to get close to Josh and they share a kiss but he pulls away. Rick confronts Ed about hitting Michelle.
  • Ep. #14323
    Ep. #14323
    Episode 132
    Shayne is excited to have a tingling feeling in his legs. Buzz calls the men together to discuss Carrie's latest note.
  • Ep. #14322
    Ep. #14322
    Episode 131
    The men are haunted by their past as they open their envelopes. Ed slaps Michelle in the face.
  • Ep. #14321
    Ep. #14321
    Episode 130
    Carrie reveals what she knows. Reva accuses Jeffrey of feigning concern about her son to get her help with her psychic abilities for a case.
  • Ep. #14320
    Ep. #14320
    Episode 129
    Michelle demands the truth from Carrie. Gus questions Alan about the car that was recovered.
  • Ep. #14319
    Ep. #14319
    Episode 128
    Ed gives Shayne the wrong medication. Jeffrey and Marah sleep together.
  • Ep. #14318
    Ep. #14318
    Episode 127
    Shayne insists on having surgery right away. It's New Years Eve and Springfield celebrates.
  • Ep. #14317
    Ep. #14317
    Episode 126
    Marah comes onto Jeffrey. Everyone gets ready for the dance.
  • Ep. #14316
    Ep. #14316
    Episode 125
    Jeffrey wants Harley to do whatever it takes to nail Green. Bill wants Ross to drop out of the mayoral race.
  • Ep. #14315
    Ep. #14315
    Episode 124
    Josh, Alan and Buzz worry about the sunken car. Reva, Harley and Cassie try to restore the children's belief in Santa Claus.
  • Ep. #14314
    Ep. #14314
    Episode 123
    The Mole announces that there is no Santa Claus on the radio. Blake and Ross prepare for a wedding.
  • Ep. #14313
    Ep. #14313
    Episode 122
    Marah asks Billy about Maryanne Caruthers. Ross informs Danny and Bill that he is going to be running for mayor as well.
  • Ep. #14312
    Ep. #14312
    Episode 121
    Olivia tells Phillip about their baby dying. Josh discusses Shayne's treatment.
  • Ep. #14311
    Ep. #14311
    Episode 120
    Phillip thinks he is hallucinating when he sees Olivia. Michelle is unhappy with the press coverage she and Danny are getting.
  • Ep. #14310
    Ep. #14310
    Episode 119
    Carrie wants Marah, Michelle and Marina to continue investigating Maryanne Caruthers. Ed seems to be letting the pressure get to him.
  • Ep. #14309
    Ep. #14309
    Episode 118
    Marah, Marina and Michelle continue to investigate. Bill doesn't want Eden to do business with Brad Green.
  • Ep. #14308
    Ep. #14308
    Episode 117
    Marah and Michelle continue their investigation. Tony, Bill and Danny talk about addressing Danny's past with the public.
  • Ep. #14307
    Ep. #14307
    Episode 116
    Gus prepares for his first day at Spaulding. Harley tells Jeffrey that she's in on his investigation.
  • Ep. #14306
    Ep. #14306
    Episode 115
    Carrie continues her game with the three girls. Reva doesn't want Josh to push Shayne too hard.
  • Ep. #14305
    Ep. #14305
    Episode 114
    Gus tells Alan that he has signed on for a stint at Spaulding. Shayne pushes himself too hard in therapy. Lizzie and Olivia bicker.
  • Ep. #14304
    Ep. #14304
    Episode 113
    Lizzie hears that Olivia is back in town. Marah and Jeffrey have an interesting discussion.
  • Ep. #14303
    Ep. #14303
    Episode 112
    Nico comes forward publicly against Tony. Olivia goes to see Beth.
  • Ep. #14302
    Ep. #14302
    Episode 111
    Ross and Danny discuss the mayoral race. Alan doesn't want Phillip to be told about Olivia's "miscarriage".
  • Ep. #14301
    Ep. #14301
    Episode 110
    Marah, Michelle and Marina talk abou the story that Carrie told them. Olivia tells the story about how she lost her baby.
  • Ep. #14300
    Ep. #14300
    Episode 109
    Olivia arrives back in town. Ed, Billy, Josh and Buzz meet at Company.
  • Ep. #14299
    Ep. #14299
    Episode 108
    Alexandra wants to photograph Tony and Eden. Phillip is barely holding on.
  • Ep. #14298
    Ep. #14298
    Episode 107
    Tony tries to convince Eden that they belong together. Sandy tries to let Reva in.
  • Ep. #14297
    Ep. #14297
    Episode 106
    Danny gives a speech about Thanksgiving as the whole town of Springfield celebrates the holiday.
  • Ep. #14296
    Ep. #14296
    Episode 105
    Reva starts planning a family Thanksgiving. Marah goes to Jeffrey's room to talk to him.
  • Ep. #14295
    Ep. #14295
    Episode 104
    Shayne gives the dance tickets to Nico and wonders if he will take Marina. Gus invites Eden to Thanksgiving.
  • Ep. #14294
    Ep. #14294
    Episode 103
    Danny shares his good news with Michelle. Reva goes to Christopher and Josh feels awkward around them.
  • Ep. #14293
    Ep. #14293
    Episode 102
    Cassie jumps to the wrong conclusion that Jeffrey has been hitting on Marah. Edmund feels bad about the way he treated Sandy in the past.
  • Ep. #14292
    Ep. #14292
    Episode 101
    Marah targets Jeffrey and Sandy is a witness to it. Phillip further unravels.
  • Ep. #14291
    Ep. #14291
    Episode 100
    Danny tells Michelle and Ed that he is thinking about running for mayor. Shayne overhears Marina and Nico talking about the dance.
  • Ep. #14290
    Ep. #14290
    Episode 99
    Beth counsels Lizzie. Alan and Lucia share dinner and talk about Gus. Phillip ends up scaring an innocent pregnant woman.
  • Ep. #14289
    Ep. #14289
    Episode 98
    Tony decides to help Danny with his campaign since Bill and Eden will be involved. Marah flirts with Jeffrey.
  • Ep. #14288
    Ep. #14288
    Episode 97
    Sandy tells Reva that he is the Mole. Shayne wants to sleep with Marina.
  • Ep. #14287
    Ep. #14287
    Episode 96
    Reva's family dinner is awkward and Sandy leaves and Reva feels that she has blown it with her son. Lizzie makes Tammy feel like she blew her tryout.
  • Ep. #14286
    Ep. #14286
    Episode 95
    Cassie thinks that Reva is pushing Sandy too hard. Lizzie finds out that Tammy is trying out for the play.
  • Ep. #14285
    Ep. #14285
    Episode 94
    Reva invites Jonathan to a family dinner. Cassie introduces herself to Jonathan. Marah and Tony get into it.
  • Ep. #14284
    Ep. #14284
    Episode 93
    Josh decides he's ready to move back home but he doesn't tell Reva. During a conversation with Josh, Christopher calls Reva. Josh realizes from their conversation that Reva told Christopher that Sandy was her son before she told her own husband. Josh decides to remain at the Beacon without telling Reva of his initial plans. Alan gives Reva advice about accepting a grown, unknown child. Marah is still angry and humiliated but Reva tells her they need to show Sandy the best side of them. Sandy visits Marah and gives her the Mole puppet. She puts on the puppet and starts talking to Sandy at last. Marah goes to the Beacon to fulfill the auction prize which is an outfit designed by her. When she arrives, she's stunned to see that Tony is the prize winner. Acting on Alan's assignment, Harley goes to meet the man who is supposedly selling Spaulding secrets. Harley is surprised to see Gus instead of the man. Gus confesses that he and Alan plotted to give them some alone time. Harley and Gus enjoy a romantic time. Marina is thrilled when Shayne speaks in full sentences. Marina closes Company and finds Carrie there who mysteriously disappears.moreless
  • Ep. #14283
    Ep. #14283
    Episode 92
    Lizzie finds out info about Olivia and her baby from the PI but keeps the information to herself. When she sees how upset Phillip is, she tells him about the PI's call. Beth finds Jeffrey in a compromising situation with another woman but he doesn't think it's a big deal. Beth breaks up with him over his callous attitude. Cassie sees their confrontation and talks to Jeffrey about the way he treated Beth. Cassie is offended when Jeffrey refuses to take the blame. Bill undermines the executive Josh planned to hire. Danny sees through Bill's actions and congratulates him. Sandy and Shayne make a connection. Edmund tells Sandy that he was the reason Reva and Richard abandoned their baby. Sandy refuses to forgive Edmund.moreless
  • Ep. #14282
    Ep. #14282
    Episode 91
    Edmund worries about how Jonathan's return will affect things with Cassie. He's stunned when she proves her faith in him by asking him to help Tammy with her Romeo and Juliet audition. Tammy senses that something is wrong with Edmund and tries to comfort him. Cassie tells Edmund that if she's forgiven him for her baby's death, he has to start forgiving himself for his past. Edmund says he's determined to earn her trust. Tammy and Joey argue about his unromantic view of the play. Eden has a sexual dream about Tony. Eden tells Bill she feels responsible for Marah and Tony's break up. Bill and Eden make love and he expresses his frustration with Josh. Eden suggests that Bill take charge of the situation. Phillip doesn't react well to Harley, Gus, and Alan's attempts to help him. Lizzie comforts him by telling her father that she's getting better. When Lizzie accepts a call from Phillip's PI, she doesn't tell him about it. Alan wants to help Gus find a way to spend more time with Harley, so Alan hires Harley for a new case.moreless
  • Ep. #14281
    Ep. #14281
    Episode 90
    Josh accuses Sandy of getting close to him and Marah to hurt them. Josh is touched when Sandy tells Josh a story about a previous time he tried to visit Reva. Cassie is shocked when Reva tells her about Sandy. A listening Edmund is filled with guilt and he is determined to tell Sandy that Reva gave him up to protect him from Edmund. Reva is surprised that Josh already knows about Sandy and he vows to stand by her. Eden urges Marah to try and develop a sibling relationship with Sandy. Marah decides to concentrate on her design career instead. Josh also suggests that Marah try to make a connection with Sandy. When Sandy shows up at the museum, Marah closes the door in his face. Tony corners Blade and Luis, the guys who stabbed Nico. He tells Danny to either call the cops or let the guys go and owe Nico for their lives. Danny tells Tony to let them go. Tony informs his cousin that he's bought a horse farm where he intends to live quietly. Tony later sees Eden and the chemistry between them heats up.moreless
  • Ep. #14280
    Ep. #14280
    Episode 89
    Marah is devastated to learn that Sandy is her half-brother, Jonathan. She tries to run away but finds herself in the press spotlight for the fashion show. Marah yells at Sandy and Reva for keeping the secret. Marah is too distraught to go inside the after party for the show. Reva tells Shayne about Sandy and he takes the news well. Josh informs Bill that he's bringing in an outside executive to help run Lewis Construction. Bill is angry and Eden suggests that Josh is afraid of Bill's capabilities. Sandy tells Josh his true identity and says he plans to leave town. Josh demands more answers. Michelle finds a piece of her furniture at the warehouse. She finds a note that says it was the work of a mysterious intruder. Nico hides his knife wound from Danny. Tony and Danny come face to face. Their reunion is interrupted when Nico collapses from blood loss. Michelle takes Nico to the hospital while Danny and Tony look for the perpetrators. Tony asks Danny to let him handle it.moreless
  • Ep. #14279
    Ep. #14279
    Episode 88
    Shayne attends the fashion show despite his reservations. Reva tries to overcome her worries and enjoy the evening. Jeffrey and Beth have a romantic encounter backstage. A couple of near disasters are averted during the show and it becomes a spectacular success. Danny congratulates Nico for all he did to help with the show. Nico hides the fact that he's been stabbed. Sandy keeps trying to put Marah off but he finally blurts out that he's her brother, Jonathan. A devastated Marah runs away. Tony secretly watches Marah.moreless
  • Ep. #14278
    Ep. #14278
    Episode 87
    Marah gets to the warehouse and finds it's been trashed. Nico goes to Gus and Harley with a plan to stop the thugs. Sandy gets on the radio and asks the townspeople to get to the warehouse to help out. Everyone shows up to help paint and repair the warehouse. Sandy's efforts to help only endear him more to Marah. Sandy tells Reva that he can't confess he's Marah's brother until after the show because it will cause to great a distraction for her. Cassie confronts Tammy about the arrest and reminds her that she can tell her mother anything. Alan and Billy join forces to run up the charity auction bids so the charities will get more money.moreless
  • Ep. #14277
    Ep. #14277
    Episode 86
    Marah supervises the last fittings for her fashion show while Eden takes care of the set construction. Josh and Reva stop by to see if they can help and while she's there, Reva tries to talk to Sandy. Marah finds out that Shayne doesn't want to come to the show because he's worried people will stare at him. Marah tries to convince him otherwise but he can't overcome his fears. Marah eavesdrops on Sandy as he tells Eden that he wants to take Marah out after the show to talk to her. Marah is thrilled as she thinks he may have something romantic to say. Danny and Nico tell Gus and Harley that the Fifth Street gangs may disrupt the fashion show. When Nico is unwilling to give up names Gus says there's little he ca do to help. Harley agrees to provide special security for the show. Danny and Nico go to the warehouse to warn Marah to be careful. Beth stops Jeffrey on his way to dinner to talk about their relationship. Jeffrey is uncomfortable with her aggressiveness and says he doesn't want to be held up to any rules. Harley shows Gus the scales of justice statue that Jeffrey gave Mel because she thinks it's bugged. She takes it apart but doesn't find anything. The head rolls off and lands at Jeffrey's feet. He waves away Harley's suspicions about him.moreless
  • Ep. #14276
    Ep. #14276
    Episode 85
    Cassie is thrilled to see Edmund giving Tammy dancing lessons. Tammy is grateful when Edmund doesn't tell Cassie about her arrest. Edmund later realizes that he owes Cassie the truth. Before he can tell her, Cassie learns of the arrest from the police officer who drops off Tammy's things. Edmund defends Tammy to Cassie and she is appreciative of how much he cares for her family. Nico finally tells Danny about the threats made against him but he refuses to tell Danny who made them. Danny promises to find a way to keep the neighborhood safe. Marah receives a visit from a woman named Carrie and assumes she's a local eccentric. Reva promises to let Sandy tell Marah the truth about him after the fashion show. Reva later tells Christopher her woes and he helps her realize she can't control what happens with Sandy. Reva returns home to find Sandy bonding with Shayne and Josh which provokes mixed feelings in her.moreless
  • Ep. #14275
    Ep. #14275
    Episode 84
    Reva catches Sandy taking a handful of money from Josh's safe. She's ready to call Josh when she sees that Sandy has accessed the account of Jonathan Randall, her son. Sandy says he's a friend of Jonathan's but she doesn't believe him. Reva makes Sandy take off his shirt and sees that he has the same tattoo she saw in her vision. Reva calls Jonathan's adoptive mother who says he is traveling through Europe. Sandy finally admits to Reva that he's her son. He wants to leave town but she convinces him to stay for a while. Marah confesses her feelings for Sandy to Tammy. Marah also advises Tammy not to let Joey pressure her into having sex. Joey invites Tammy to a formal awards banquet. Tammy admits to Edmund that she's nervous about the dancing because she can't formal dance. Edmund volunteers to give Tammy dancing lessons. Michelle finds the ghostly woman in her living room and goes to get Danny. When they return, the woman is gone. Danny thinks Michelle dreamt the whole thing. Nico is harassed by two old friends who warn him to keep the fashion show away from Fifth Street. Danny and Michelle sense that Nico is keeping something from them. Danny tries talking to Nico but fails to get him to open up. Someone watches Michelle as she's alone in the living room.moreless
  • Ep. #14274
    Ep. #14274
    Episode 83
    Marah's dinner turns into a disaster when Sandy refuses to respond to Reva's questions. Sandy ultimately excuses himself and leaves. He goes to Josh's office and removes payroll money from the safe. As he leaves, Reva appears and says she's sorry that her instincts about him were on target. Lori goes to the hospital to visit her mother who she thinks is dying. She is informed that her mother died and she sits in grief when Marie Green comes in. She urges Lori to leave before they're caught with the money they extorted from Brad. Harley comes in and tells Lori that the jig is up. Lori denies everything and says it's her word against Harley's. Gus, Jeffrey, and Blake then come in to back Harley up. Danny asks Nico to help him clean up the neighborhood. Michelle spends the night on the stairs to see who is moving her furniture. When she wakes up, she is stunned to see an ethereal woman on the couch. The woman insults Michelle's decorating skills.moreless
  • Ep. #14273
    Ep. #14273
    Episode 82
    Gus and Harley step up their plan to reveal the suspects behind Lori's disappearance and Brad's blackmail. They stage an argument and make sure that Brad's wife Marie sees them. They then ask Lori's mother for help in setting the final stage. Rick finds Phillip in a dark depression. Rick helps him be able to return home. Marah tells Reva that she and Sandy are just friends but Reva thinks there's more to it. Sandy thanks Josh for being such a good mentor to him. Sandy is stunned when he comes face to face with Reva at the dinner. He becomes defensive when Reva questions him. Tony makes mysterious plans on the phone.moreless
  • Ep. #14272
    Ep. #14272
    Episode 81
    Michelle finds the living room furniture rearranged again and questions Nico. He says he didn't do it but he reminds her that the tunnel connects to the outside. He suggests she talk to the kids at the museum. Marah arranges for Josh and Reva to be at the museum at the same time and asks them to chaperone her dinner with Sandy at Company. Marah's wedding dress design sparks fun debates. Shayne asks Josh to help him with extra therapy. Though Reva protests, Shayne convinces her and he is later able to move his arm. Reva and Josh decide to have dinner with Sandy and Marah. Sandy agrees to dinner not knowing that Josh and Reva will be there. Marina finds Nico outside of her music harmony class and she uses music as an outlet for her frustrations. When they see Michelle later, Marina says she didn't move the furniture. Michelle asks Nico to close the tunnel entrance. Jeffrey tries to seduce Beth in the Spaulding mansion. Beth gets carried away with passion and they make love on Alan's desk. When Alan returns, he and Jeffrey spar over Jeffrey's intentions towards Beth.moreless
  • Ep. #14271
    Ep. #14271
    Episode 80
    Jeffrey calls in Harley and Gus to discuss Brad Green's case. Jeffrey is more interested in Brad's part of it than actually solving the case. Harley wonders why Jeffrey seems to care so much about the case. Jeffrey calls someone when they leave and tells them to remove the bug from Harley's office. Eden picks up on Marah's frustration regarding Sandy. Marah decides that in order to keep Sandy close to her she needs to involve him with Josh and Reva more. Alexandra confides to Alan that she thinks Jeffrey may be using Beth to get close to their family. Beth is offended when Alan talks to her about it. When Beth invites Jeffrey to the Spaulding mansion, however, his behavior makes it look as though Alex's suspicions are on target.moreless
  • Ep. #14270
    Ep. #14270
    Episode 79
    Shayne wakes up to realize that his room is on fire and he's unable to speak to warn Marina. For the first time since his accident, Shayne finds his voice and he's able to call Marina's name. She wakes up and puts out the flames. While she rejoices for Shayne's progress, she feels guilty that she was the cause since she left the candles burning. Darcy arrives with Frank and she helps to mitigate the situation. Frank realizes that Darcy is covering for Marina and he loves her for it. Reva has a vision of a burning sun and Christopher helps her figure out that it may represent an angry Shayne. She has another vision of a Ying-Yang symbol which Chris says stands for a man and woman. Marah admits her attraction to Sandy but he is reluctant to act on it. Michelle loves the redecorating of the house and she and Danny have a romantic night. When she goes down in the night to find the furniture moved, she figures that Nico must have rearranged it.moreless
  • Ep. #14269
    Ep. #14269
    Episode 78
    Buzz, Ed, Billy, and Josh have separate and dark reactions to the date because it is the day that a woman named Maryann Carruthers died. Each man visits her grave site and reveal that it's a yearly ritual. Marina gets time alone with Shayne and they curl up together in his candlelit room. Shayne wakes up when one of the curtains catches fire but he's powerless to do anything about it. Marah joins Sandy at a college party and tries to get him to dance with her. He reluctantly dances with her until the music slows. Marah tries to hold him close and tells him she doesn't want to be alone. Danny surprises Michelle with a party to welcome her home. Michelle urges Nico to continue to stay with them.moreless
  • Ep. #14268
    Ep. #14268
    Episode 77
    Gus finds out about Brad's blackmail claim and realizes that Brad has been covering up pictures of Lori. Brad gives Harley the picture of Lori but claims he didn't kill her. Harley notices a clue in the picture's background that leads her to the docks. Jeffrey hears Harley and sends Gus to the docks as well. Harley finds blood between the dock's planking and shares the evidence with Jeffrey. Blake meets up with Brad's wife at a martial arts class. Jeffrey tells Gus that tests confirmed it was pig's blood on the docks. Jeffrey thinks that Lori is alive and has an accomplice planting evidence of her death. Reva has an erotic vision of Christopher. Marah walks in on one of Chris and Reva's exercises and is upset to see him holding her mother's hand. Reva gets a flash of Tony and Marah wants the details. Reva doesn't tell her that she saw Tony putting Marah's picture away. Reva tells Marah not to live for a man. Tammy and Joey are in trouble at the police station. Joey's mother, Shirley, finds Edmund trying to get the charges dropped. Shirley and Tammy admire Edmund for being kindmoreless
  • Ep. #14267
    Ep. #14267
    Episode 76
    Danny gets word that Michelle is coming home but the renovations and plans for the party aren't complete. Nico helps Danny try to get the house together but they fail. Bill suggests that Danny work with Eden on the renovations. Danny accuses Eden of causing Tony to leave town. Bill later tells Danny that Eden idolizes him. Tony makes plans for his independent life. Marina coaches Shayne during his speech therapy while Shayne dreams of being able to hold Marina. Phillip tells Alan that Brad embezzled money from Spaulding. Brad admits to Alan that he was blackmailed by Lori's real killer. Phillip tells Mel and Rick that he's certain Olivia will come back to him. Mel tells Rick that Phillip may need to seek counseling. Phillip has another vision of his unborn daughter. Lizzie apologizes to Tammy. Joey and Tammy break into a private garden and hide out in a shed to escape the rain. When things get passionate between them, they're interrupted by a cop who takes them in for trespassing.moreless
  • Ep. #14266
    Ep. #14266
    Episode 75
    Reva is startled when Josh appears while she's eating with Christopher. She tells them both that she's quitting the research project but Josh tells her to keep going. Reva convinces herself that she and Christopher can maintain their platonic relationship while working together. Billy moves Josh's things into a luxury suite at the Beacon so that Josh won't sit around pining for Reva. Josh is uncomfortable with Billy's plans. Bill finds Eden and Alexandra launching their ad campaign for Bad Girl cosmetics. The photo shoot sparks romance between Bill and Eden. Alex and Eden's friendship deepens. Marah and Sandy work together to promote the fashion show fundraiser. Sandy fights his attraction to Marah. Harley safely returns to her office and Gus. Jeffrey listens in via the bug he planted while Harley and Gus plan to prove that Brad murdered Lori.moreless
  • Ep. #14265
    Ep. #14265
    Episode 74
    Josh sees that Shayne's friends are committed to helping him get better and have ensured he'll be well taken care of at the museum. Josh feels encouraged enough to let Shayne live his own life. Marah is curious when Sandy is interested in a picture of Reva holding a baby. Marah is becoming more drawn to Sandy and she wants to know what's going on with him. Christopher tells Reva that his connection with her is the first one he's made since his wife's death. Reva admits to him that the problems with her family has made her more susceptible to him but they agree their attraction has no foundation. Josh walks in as they share an ice cream sundae. Gus suspects that Brad Green could have killed Lori Jensen and he's anxious to find Harley. Brad corners Harley in her office. Gus gets Blake to admit that Harley planned to meet Brad. Gus races to the office only to find it empty.moreless
  • Ep. #14264
    Ep. #14264
    Episode 73
    Under Alan's supervision, Lizzie apologizes to Marina and Shayne for the trouble she caused them, but Marina doesn't accept the apology. After arguing with Billy, Reva goes to the docks and sees Christopher. He comforts her as she cries and they almost kiss. Josh goes to the hospital to take Shayne to the museum and Shayne finds a way to tell Josh he forgives him. Harley's Angels realize that Lori Jensen is pregnant. Brad Green agrees to meet with Harley to talk. Gus talks to Brad first and he seems to have a solid alibi. Later, Frank gets an anonymous tip that Brad was seen boating on a rocky sea. Frank and Gus speculate that Brad may be dangerous. Brad goes to Harley's office when she's alone.moreless
  • Ep. #14263
    Ep. #14263
    Episode 72
    Harley is angry with Gus for getting the evidence on Lori Jensen. Gus suggests that the competition between them turns them both on. Harley denies at first, but passion soon erupts between them. Jeffrey gives Mel a tip about her case claiming that he just wants to see justice served. Mel is impressed that Jeffrey did the right thing but she doesn't know that Jeffrey bugged the Angels' office. Lizzie fears that Phillip hates her because Olivia left town. Christopher watches as Phillip reassures his daughter that he is the only one to blame for Olivia's departure. Marina tells Frank that she wants to move into the museum to help Shayne. Darcy and Alexandra double-team Frank to get him to loosen up and Frank reluctantly agrees to Marina's plan.moreless
  • Ep. #14262
    Ep. #14262
    Episode 71
    Marina helps Shayne tell Josh and Reva that he wants to move into the museum. Josh agrees that Shayne needs freedom to get better, but Reva isn't so sure. Reva thinks that Shayne isn't forgiving Josh because she hasn't and she asks Josh to move back home. Josh refuses and says it isn't time yet. Mel has her first day in court against Jeffrey and manages to hold her own. Jeffrey turns the tables on her and she realizes she could lose the case until Jeffrey makes her a tempting offer. Harley and Blake are curious as to why Lori's mother hasn't given them Lori's personal effects. Harley is furious to learn that Gus subpoenaed Lori's mother to get the personal effects. Billy admits to Bill that Eden may be a good choice for him after all. Billy is still worried about Josh and Reva and decides to talk to his sister-in-law again.moreless
  • Ep. #14261
    Ep. #14261
    Episode 70
    Marina is angry at Shayne for rejecting her but she realizes he did it because he doesn't want her sacrificing her life for his. Shayne turns his head to follow Marina's movement. Thrilled, Marina calls in Josh and Billy. Ed says that Shayne should be ready to move into a rehab center by the end of the week. Marina comes up with a plan and she tells Shayne she will go back to school if he agrees to her plan. Billy tells Reva it's her fault that there's distance between her and Josh. He vows to make things right in the family. Alan can't convince Phillip not to go after Olivia. Phillip runs into Edmund who accidentally tells him Olivia's last known location. Phillip races to the docks but he is too late, Olivia is already gone. Phillip has a terrible nightmare about his and Olivia's child. Beth and Lizzie are shocked to hear that Olivia has left town. Lizzie vows to make amends for all the trouble she's caused. Darcy plans a romantic evening for herself and Frank at Eden's apartment. Things heat up between Darcy and Frank but he pulls away to confess that he was on a mission to get information from her. Darcy forgives him and they make love. Darcy tells Frank that she was never an escort but he says he doesn't care about her past. Buzz comforts Alexandra and they heads upstairs to her room.
  • Ep. #14260
    Ep. #14260
    Episode 69
    Phillip asks Cassie for answers when he finds Olivia's room empty. Olivia left a note saying she's not coming back. In a panic, Phillip takes off to find her. He asks Harley for help but she advises him to let Olivia go. Alan shows up as Phillip is in the midst of another panic attack. Olivia asks Cassie to meet her on the ferry dock. When Cassie arrives, Olivia is ready to board a ship but she won't say where she's going. Marina talks with Shayne and he tells her that he wants to ends things. Nico tells Marina Shayne's pride is probably at the root of his decision. Marina goes back in to see Shayne and refuses to let him off the hook. Jeffrey offers Mel a gift, a statue of the scales of justice. He warns the Angels to stay out of the Lori Jensen case but they refuse to back down. The Angels wonder why Jeffrey is so interested in the case. Mel admits to Blake that she's terrified by her first court appearance. Gus needs Eden for information on Brad but he knows she won't talk to him. Frank volunteers to ask Darcy for the info while they have a date she planned.moreless
  • Ep. #14259
    Ep. #14259
    Episode 68
    Christopher informs the Spauldings that Lizzie needs more intensive therapy and suggests she be hospitalized. Beth is devastated, but agrees with the decision. When Christopher tells Lizzie, she breaks down and admits that she needs help. Christopher pledges to help Lizzie through this crisis. Phillip goes to check on Olivia and is stunned to find that her room has been emptied and she has left. Nico makes fun of Marina on her unwillingness to get in a car and she reluctantly admits her fears. Nico persuades her to go for a ride with him in Danny's car but Marina is upset when she realizes he's driving without a license. Marina asks Nico to set aside his fear of hospitals and visit Shayne with her. At the hospital, Shayne types out a message to Marina saying that their relationship is over. Harley and Blake try to find Lori Jensen before Gus can. They meet Brad Green's wife, Marie and she tells them that while Brad is a cheater, he's not a murderer. Gus sees them all together and tries to question Marie but she refuses to talk to him without a lawyer present. Gus accuses Harley of making Marie say that but she honestly denies. Harley and Gus agree to share information regarding the case. Eden urges Tony to stay in town and fix his relationship with Marah but he's determined to leave. Tony and Danny say a poignant goodbye and Danny supports his cousin's decision to find his own way in life.moreless
  • Ep. #14258
    Ep. #14258
    Episode 67
    Marina gives Shayne a laptop computer but he is frustrated by his inability to use it. Lillian takes Josh to task for upsetting the night nurses and asks him to stay away from one in particular. Sandy visits Shayne and Shayne taps out "MOLE." Josh realizes he's saying the night nurse is a fan of Sandy's show. Sandy calls the nurse using the Mole voice and she lightheartedly promises to lay off of Josh. Shayne thinks of everything he wants to say to Marina and can't. Reva and Christopher have a heart-to-heart talk about Josh and he urges her to reconnect with her husband. But when Reva calls Josh, he's asleep in the chair and misses her call. Olivia tells Phillip she won't marry him because she doesn't want Lizzie anywhere near their child. Phillip begs her for one day to try and straighten things out and she reluctantly agrees. Phillip asks Ross to bring a copy of his divorce decree to the Beacon so that he can prepare to marry Olivia. Ross brings it but advises Phillip to slow down. Phillip suffers another anxiety attack.moreless
  • Ep. #14257
    Ep. #14257
    Episode 66
    Lizzie tries to play on her family's sympathy over Olivia's rejection of her gift. Cassie and Jeffrey find Olivia hysterical after she discovered the doll's head in the crib. Jeffrey realizes Lizzie must have done it and he calls Beth. Once the magnitude of Lizzie's illness is finally recognized, Lizzie feels estranged from her entire family. Cassie and Jeffrey calm Olivia down and Cassie is surprised by Jeffrey's gentleness. Marah asks Eden if Tony cheated on her. Eden prepares to tell Marah the truth but Bill interrupts them and Eden stays quiet. Tony later tells Marah that he's decided to leave town.moreless
  • Ep. #14256
    Ep. #14256
    Episode 65
    Olivia is frightened by the notion of Lizzie giving her a gift and she tries to send the teenager away. Christopher arrives and sends Olivia inside so he can deal with Lizzie. The gift box comes open and the gift is just a baby dress. Olivia later finds the head of a baby doll in her child's crib. Gus tries again to make peace with Eden, but they argue anew when he sees that Brad Green was one of her clients. Bill steps in to try and make peace between the pair. Edmund sees Jeffrey with the mysterious Japanese woman and assumes they are lovers. Edmund warns Jeffrey that he's on to his deceipt, but Jeffrey is unaffected by Edmund's words.moreless
  • Ep. #14255
    Ep. #14255
    Episode 64
    Lizzie asks Tammy's boyfriend Joey to take her to the Beacon. When Tammy calls and blows Lizzie's cover story, Joey realizes she's using him. Lizzie persuades him to take her to the Beacon anyway. Olivia's baby shower is a surprising success. During the festivities, she is called outside and she finds Reva. Reva gives her a gift but doesn't want to go inside. As Olivia is returning to the party, she is stopped by Lizzie who tries to give her a gift. Shayne is upset by Marina's decision to drop out of school in order to take care of him. Shayne suffers a setback and is unable to move his finger again. Reva and Josh briefly come together to hear the doctor's prognosis for Shayne. The Cubs scout calls to check on Shayne's progress and Josh wants to talk to Reva about the call but she's not ready to listen. Edmund and Tammy have a talk about sex.moreless
  • Ep. #14254
    Ep. #14254
    Episode 63
    Lizzie is holed up in her room thinking about Olivia's baby shower. Tammy visits and Lizzie tries to plot a way to leave with her. Her plans are thwarted when Lillian arranges Tammy's ride home. When Tammy's boyfriend Joey calls looking for her, Lizzie lies that Tammy is still there and tells Joey to come get her. When Lillian later checks on Lizzie, she finds the bed made to appear that Lizzie is sleeping. Meanwhile, Lizzie is in the driveway waiting for Joey to show up. Beth tries to question Jeffrey about his past but he dodges her. He also maneuvers so she can't get into his room. Fearing that no one will attend the baby shower, Cassie asks Edmund to find women to come to Olivia's baby shower. Edmund runs into Beth and he sees a Japanese woman greeting Jeffrey like a lover. Jeffrey invites the woman into his room. Marah walks in on Sandy at the radio station and discovers that there is no Mole. The Mole is actually a puppet that Sandy provides the voice for. He invented the Mole as a child as a way to get out his feelings about his father. Marah has a new understanding of Sandy. When she leaves, Sandy takes out a framed picture of Reva.moreless
  • Ep. #14253
    Ep. #14253
    Episode 62
    Lizzie refuses to leave her room and attend her therapy session with Christopher so he goes to her room to have the session. Lizzie admits to him that she hates Olivia and her unborn child. She rips a baby doll's head off and threatens Olivia with harm. Christopher later consults with Felicia and they agree that they should warn Olivia of possible danger. Phillip nudges Olivia about answering his proposal. Lizzie is desperate to escape the mansion. Marah confronts Reva about the strain between her and Josh. She calls her mother a hypocrite for not forgiving Josh when he forgives her time and time again. Reva realizes that Marah is really concerned about her parents' situation because of her break-up with Tony. Reva advises Marah to stay true to her beliefs about Tony. Josh apologizes to Marina and she is able to thaw a little. However, Shayne still doesn't want Josh helping him recover. They listen to Sandy and the Mole on the radio and Sandy asks everyone to light a candle or honk their car horn in support of Shayne. Shayne is so moved by the support that he moves a finger, causing Marina and Josh to rejoice.moreless
  • Ep. #14252
    Ep. #14252
    Episode 61
    Gus officially takes on the Lori Jensen case. He tells Phillip that Brad Green is under suspicion and he wants Harley off the case. Harley refuses to step aside and she and Gus start a friendly wager to see who can find Lori Jensen first. Alexandra goes to see Brad Green to get the truth. Brad maintains his innocence and tells Alex that he knows many Spaulding secrets. When Phillip later confronts Alex about Brad, she ends up defending the accused man. Marah is humiliated after Tony brings a waitress to Danny's family-only dinner. Danny tries to keep the peace between them but he's unsuccessful. Blake tries an unconventional approach when questioning Brad. Marah leaves Danny's house to sit with Shayne and Josh.moreless
  • Ep. #14251
    Ep. #14251
    Episode 60
    Reva and Josh alternate times for sitting with Shayne. To help Shayne recover, Reva urges him to let go of his anger towards Josh. Cassie notes the irony since Reva has not been able to forgive Josh. Josh offers to remove Lewis Construction from the 5th street project since he's going to be tied up with Shayne. Danny tells Josh that he should be with his son but Bill is a good representative of the construction company. Danny wants to begin a new tradition of having a family dinner every night. Marah finds out from Sandy that Josh moved out of the house. Sandy confronts Tony after realizing that Marah still hopes for a reconciliation between them. Marah counsels Josh to fight to make his marriage work and Danny asks Josh and Marah to stay for dinner. Though Josh declines, Marah stays. However, the family dinner is ruined when Tony shows up with a waitress from Company. Reva and Olivia have a moment of understanding. Edmund and Jeffrey compete to be chivalrous towards Cassie.moreless
  • Ep. #14250
    Ep. #14250
    Episode 59
    Josh tells Shayne that he caused the accident and Shayne is visibly upset. Josh wants to take Reva home but she doesn't want to be alone with him. Josh offers to move into a boardinghouse near the hospital and he and Reva share a heartbreaking goodbye. Tony allows Shayne to believe that he and Marah are back together so he won't be upset by the truth. Alone with Marah, Tony tells her that there is no chance for a reconciliation. Marina stays with Shayne during his first physical therapy session. She wants the therapist to teach her everything she should do because she plans to be with Shayne all of the time. Shayne is distraught to hear Marina tells Marah that she's dropping out of school in order to take care of Shayne. Phillip has a claustrophobic attack on the elevator and when he finally gets out, he comes face to face with Olivia. She takes him to the beach to relax and she's stunned when he proposes to her. Phillip tells her that even though she doesn't need him, he does need her. Olivia doesn't say no to his proposal, but she doesn't say yes.moreless
  • Ep. #14249
    Ep. #14249
    Episode 58
    Buzz babysits for Robbie and is aided by Alexandra who asks him for advice about Olivia's baby shower. Buzz reminds her that Olivia's baby will be a Spaulding and forever a part of the family. Beth prepares for another date with Jeffrey. Lizzie hides her feelings of dismay and tells her mother that she's happy about the date. Lizzie later throws a tantrum with Christopher but when he's unfazed, she kisses him. Christopher still doesn't react and he finally gets Lizzie to admit that her actions and thoughts are unhealthy. Beth is surprised when she gets fancily dressed per Jeffrey's request and he ends up taking her to on a beach picnic. Jeffrey tells her that she needs to let go of control and let life happen. Reva is still angry at Josh for exerting control over Shayne and she walks away from him. Reva later breaks down when she hears Josh pledge to teach Shayne to walk and talk, just like when he was a little boy. Phillip gets stuck in an elevator and has a panic attack.moreless
  • Ep. #14248
    Ep. #14248
    Episode 57
    Marah questions Reva about the gulf between her and Josh, but Reva doesn't answer her. Sandy proves himself a very competent assistant at Lewis Construction. Marina visits Shayne and is surprised when he opens his eyes and looks at her. But when Ed tests him, it's revealed that Shayne is paralyzed from the chest down and only time will tell if it's a permanent condition. Josh tries to talk to Reva and she finally lets it out that she blames him for the accident. Nico tries to comfort Marina and helps her with Robbie. Danny asks Nico to help him do scouting on 5th street. As they walk, a woman asks Nico to sing her a song and Nico's beautiful singing voice is revealed. When Danny comments on it, Nico clams up. Alexandra reluctantly agrees to go to Olivia's baby shower. Alex and Eden meet about Bad Girl perfume and Alex warns Eden that she has to stay good. Eden tells Alex that they are very similar creatures and neither of them is very good.moreless
  • Ep. #14247
    Ep. #14247
    Episode 56
    Harley's Angels get together to organize a blood drive. Edmund and Beth have memories of Lizzie in the hospital fighting leukemia. Edmund asks Beth if she will attend Olivia's baby shower. Edmund is also relieved to hear how well Beth's date with Jeffrey went. Jeffrey sends Beth a note telling her there will be more romance and surprises in store. Phillip decides to make Harley's Angels his next project. Alan asks Gus to intervene with Phillip for him. Gus tries in vain to get Phillip to loosen up. Alan confronts Brad Green, the executive suspected of hurting Lori Jenson. Brad declares his innocence and then threatens to reveal Spaulding secrets if Alan doesn't help him. Rick and Mel are thrilled to learn they are having a baby.moreless
  • Ep. #14246
    Ep. #14246
    Episode 55
    Reva and Josh wait for the results while Shayne has a cat scan. Marah, Tony, Edmund, and Cassie are there for support while Frank shows up for Marina. Gus questions Josh for details about the accident. Marina tells Josh that the accident happened because Shayne wanted to get back in time to meet with the Cubs GM and was desperate to please Josh. When Reva hears that, she fights the urge to blame Josh. Ed's prognosis for Shayne provokes more answers than it gives and Josh and Reva grow farther apart. Olivia asks Alan to look out for Phillip because she's worried about his emotional state. Alan catches a glimpse of a fragile Phillip and decides on a course of action.moreless
  • Ep. #14245
    Ep. #14245
    Episode 54
    Marina and Shayne are nearly lifeless in the car wreckage. Marina revives but can't wake up Shayne. Marina manages to get out of the car and goes to the car that hit them. She is stunned to see that Josh is the driver. When Josh realizes Shayne is hurt, he tries to free him from the car. Reva calls Shayne and Marina searches through the wreckage to get to the phone. Because of the poor connection, Reva only hears Marina say that there was an accident and Josh was involved. Reva rushes to the hospital and is shocked to learn that Josh hit Marina and Shayne. Reva pulls away from Josh and fights the urge to blame him. Beth is hit with guilt after making love to Jeffrey. She can't help but think of Lizzie even though Jeffrey wants her to stay in the moment. Beth convinces Jeffrey to take her home. Tony is poised to tell Bill that he and Eden slept together. Bill stops Tony by calling Marah and asking her to come to the bar. When Marah arrives, Tony doesn't have the energy to fight her off and they kiss. Marah asks Tony not to give up on them. Tony goes with her to the hospital when she gets the call about Shayne's accident.moreless
  • Ep. #14244
    Ep. #14244
    Episode 53

    Shayne plans to take Marina to the concert and get back in time to meet with the Cub's GM but by the time he gets to the concert, the meeting has already started. Reva expresses her concerns to Christopher about messing up fate's natural course. Josh is angry when Reva tells him she suggested Shayne go to the concert. Josh leaves to find Shayne before the GM leaves town. Marina tells Shayne that she wants him to turn around and meet with the GM. Reva has a terrifying vision about Shayne. As Shayne heads back to Springfield, he and Marina are in a horrible car crash. Danny and Nico find Tony drinking away his sorrows. Danny is surprised to learn that Nico witnessed him and Tony beating up the 5th street thugs. Danny is impressed by Nico's determination to see the neighborhood cleaned up. Tony goes to Olivia's bar and thinks he sees Marah kissing another man. He goes to fight the guy only to find out that it isn't Marah and the offended man has very large friends. Bill steps in to save Tony. Beth and Jeffrey's date turns to passion and they start to make love.

  • Ep. #14243
    Ep. #14243
    Episode 52

    Marah introduces Sandy to Josh and is happy when they get along. Sandy gets Josh interested in the possibility of windsurfing. Marah is thrilled when the men agree to trade expertise. When Josh stresses about Shayne making his meeting with the GM, Reva reminds him that he promised Shayne could lead his own life. Reva tells Shayne to stick to his promise to take Marina to the concert and assures him the meeting can wait. Christopher counsels Lizzie on her rage and guilt. Alan admits to Alex that hiring Christopher makes him feel that he has surrendered control. Alan suggests that Alex loves being in control more than she loves Lizzie. Alex turns to Buzz for comfort. Worried about Lizzie, Phillip visits Olivia because he wants to make sure their baby is okay. Olivia assures Phillip that their child will always know it is loved and needed. Christopher tells the Spauldings that while he will do what he can for Lizzie, she may have to be institutionalized.

  • Ep. #14242
    Ep. #14242
    Episode 51

    Josh tells Christopher that his suggestion for Reva to be more instinctive like she was in the past could be dangerous their family. Christopher promises that he will never exploit Reva. Phillip, Beth, and Lillian prepare themselves for Lizzie's first therapy session. Jeffrey arrives to ask Beth on a date but she turns him down. Phillip and Lillian encourage Beth to go out with Jeffrey later that night. Alan tells Lizzie about her new therapist and she hides her anger over it. Marah thinks Josh should hire Sandy and though less than thrilled, Josh agrees to meet him. Josh tells Shayne that the General Manager of the Cubs wants to meet him but Shayne realizes the meeting conflicts with the concert. Shayne vows not to ditch Marina for the meeting. Marina meets Danny's houseguest, Nico. Cassie knows she has to deal with Edmund's role in her infertility and she assures him that she no longer blames him.

  • Ep. #14241
    Ep. #14241
    Episode 50

    Shayne surprises Marina with concert tickets for a hot band. Danny thinks Marina is a perfect babysitter for Robbie. Gus is with Alan when Alan is confronted by a woman who claims that her daughter, a former Spaulding employee, has gone missing. The woman thinks one of Alan's executives is responsible. Gus offers to look into the case for Alan. Harley dismisses Eden's warning about Gus, but she is later concerned when Gus asks her to investigate the missing girl. When Harley finds out that Spaulding is involved, she wonders if Gus is using her. Alan asks Christopher for help with Lizzie. Eden and Alexandra come together as business partners.

  • Ep. #14240
    Ep. #14240
    Episode 49

    Olivia is thrilled to learn Cassie is throwing her a baby shower. Harley warns Cassie that Olivia doesn't have enough friends to attend. Cassie and Olivia later talk about Edmund and Cassie explains that she's forgiven Edmund, but he hasn't forgiven himself. Olivia advises Cassie to open up to Edmund. Eden tells Marah not to give up on Tony. Marah asks Eden why she thinks Tony refuses to reconcile, but Eden keeps mum. Harley talks to Eden about Gus and Eden says she's angry at the way Gus treated her during the murder investigation. Eden warns Harley that Gus turns on the people he loves. Rick and Mel discuss their problems with having a baby. Mel gets good news when she learns she passed the bar exam. Sandy tells Marah he's having financial difficulties and Marah tries to think of a way to help him.

  • Ep. #14239
    Ep. #14239
    Episode 48

    Marah and Tony come face to face and she admits that she may have made a mistake in pushing him away. She wants to try again but Tony thinks she made the right decision. He tells her that he can't guarantee that he will always live up to her expectations. Tony finalizes their break-up. Gus tries to make up with Eden but she tells him that she's no longer his problem. She tells him that the brother she knew and loved is dead to her. Gus tells Harley about his talk with Eden and how much it hurt him. Harley blames herself for pushing Gus to think Eden was the Garden of Eden murderer. She vows to make Eden listen to the truth. Phillip vows to protect Olivia from Lizzie and she lets him take her home from the hospital. Olivia is stunned when Phillip says he is moving back to the mansion. She tells him that she understands his motives but she privately thinks that their relationship is over. Edmund finds a baby sleeper amongst Cassie's things and wonders why she needs it. Cassie says it's a present for Olivia's baby. Edmund realizes that Cassie can't have more children and it's his fault. Cassie stops his thoughts and talks about her previous pregnancies. Rick admits to Harley that he and Mel seem unable to have a child.

  • Ep. #14238
    Ep. #14238
    Episode 47

    Before she leaves Springfield for her PA training, Michelle tells Danny that she hired Nico to work around the house and live on their grounds. Danny is reluctant to let Nico get so close to them but he is ultimately persuaded. Danny and Michelle say a sad farewell and Danny is left alone with Nico. Marah and Sandy spend the night on the billboard and talk about her relationship with Tony. Sandy advises Marah to go after the man she loved. Dean Boudreau comes to make a deal with Sandy. He agrees to put the radio show back on the air. Though Marah and Sandy celebrate their victory, he sends her off to find Tony. Cassie is terrified when the nanny tells her that RJ has ran off. RJ is hiding under Jeffrey's table and Cassie is surprised when she sees Jeffrey being sweet to her son. Cassie later admits to Reva that it was easier for her when she thought Jeffrey was a jerk. She is telling Reva that she dreamt of Jeffrey just as Edmund walks in. Edmund surprises both women by saying he isn't threatened by Jeffrey. Beth visits Jeffrey to talk about the trouble Lizzie may be in. She is moved by his compassion and they end up kissing again.

  • Ep. #14237
    Ep. #14237
    Episode 46

    Lizzie desperately tries to grab hold of the steering wheel as Harley is driving her back to Springfield. The car lurches to the side of the road and Harley manages to calm Lizzie down. Lizzie cries in Harley's arms. Beth and Lillian voice their concerns about Lizzie to Phillip, Alexandra, Alan, and Gus. Alan and Alex share the fear that committing Lizzie will scar her for life. Beth is more concerned with the fact that Lizzie get the help she needs. Phillip says they need to move slowly and he thinks the best way to start is for him to move back in. Lillian says she plans to move in as well. When Harley returns Lizzie home, Lizzie is thrilled to learn her parents will be sharing the same house again. Marah and Sandy stage their billboard sit-in at the university. Marah is disappointed that the Mole won't be joining their protest. The billboard protest becomes such a scene that radio DJ's Baltazar and Goumba Johnny show up to broadcast live. Dean Boudreau arrives and engages Marah and Sandy in a debate. The Dean and Remy have a father-son argument. Marah notices Tony watching her from afar, but he ends up walking away without speaking to her. Reva later confronts Tony and tells him to fight for his relationship with Marah. Tony admits that he and Marah may be too different for their relationship to work. Shayne is hit on by a groupie and he and Marina realize they will have to deal with other people being attracted to them. To reaffirm his commitment to her, Shayne gives Marina an open ticket to visit him at any of his away games.

  • Ep. #14236
    Ep. #14236
    Episode 45

    Lillian tells Beth that Lizzie may need to be institutionalized. Gus and Phillip arrive at the Spaulding mansion and discuss sending Lizzie away. Alan is horrified that Phillip is actually considering it and he calls Alexandra for backup. Alex makes a strong impression on Phillip. Harley and Lizzie are still making their way to Springfield when Lizzie realizes that she may be institutionalized. Lizzie grabs the steering wheel and Harley slams on the brakes to try and get control of the car. Danny is surprised when Nico gives him an attitude. Ray pleads with Danny to go easy on Nico who later escapes from custody. Michelle is startled awake by Nico hovering over her. He gives her back the money he stole from her just as Danny comes in and tackles Nico. Danny wants Nico arrested immediately.

  • Ep. #14235
    Ep. #14235
    Episode 44

    Harley arrives at the cabin just as Lizzie becomes violent and threatens to hurt herself. Hearing Lizzie's antics on the phone, Phillip asks Harley to intervene. Harley is reluctant to get involved until Lizzie really pushes the envelope. Harley races in and literally talks Lizzie off of the ledge. Beth worries that she pushed her daughter too far. Though Lillian encourages Beth to be strong, Beth calls a halt to the intervention and asks Harley to take Lizzie home. Michelle is accosted in the alley by a young man demanding her wallet. But when she falls backward, he surprisingly helps her even though the police are approaching. Danny finds Michelle at the courthouse where the thug, Nico, is to be arraigned. Ray arrives to plead Nico's case and Danny is shocked when Michelle backs him up. After hearing about Nico's troubled past, caused in part by Carmen, Michelle thinks Nico deserves a break.

  • Ep. #14234
    Ep. #14234
    Episode 43

    Reva admits to Cassie that she's been neglecting Josh lately. Cassie suggests that Reva take Josh out to the farm for the day. Reva gets Josh into the hayloft, but because of seeing her with Chris, he is resistant to her advances. Reva refuses to leave him alone and he eventually responds with passion. Olivia tells Harley what she believes something happened to cause her accident. Harley thinks Beth isn't the person who needs to help Lizzie and she wants to find her and bring her home. Gus puts an APB out on Beth's car. When the car is located, Harley takes off for the location. Eden and Bill become closer after making love. Tony later asks Eden how she wants to handle their brief interlude. Eden says that she's happy with Bill and wants to forget anything happened. Jeffrey and Ross go to court to finalize Ben's case and Ross is surprised by the judge's reaction to Jeffrey.

  • Ep. #14233
    Ep. #14233
    Episode 42

    Phillip is surprised that Beth and Lillian have taken Lizzie away without telling him. Phillip asks Gus and Harley to find Beth and Lizzie. Gus has no legal way to do that so he asks Harley to do it instead. Beth catches Lizzie trying to sneak out of the cabin that Lillian and Beth rented. Lillian demands that Lizzie tell her the truth about her dealings with Ben. Lillian also wants answers about Lizzie's involvement in Olivia's fall. Lizzie lashes out at them both and vows to do something terrible to herself. She locks herself in a room of the cabin. Josh tells Billy that he's worried about Reva distancing herself from him since she's so involved with her new psychic gifts. Billy reminds Josh of Reva's past and tells his little brother to be firmer with Reva. Reva admits to Chris that her psychic abilities are draining her. Chris tells her to let some of her old inner fire shine through and she will be fine. He takes her to the hospital and Reva does a reading on a pregnant woman. Chris embraces Reva and Josh witnesses it. He leaves before hearing Reva say that she needs to be with her husband.

  • Ep. #14232
    Ep. #14232
    Episode 41

    Marah organizes a rally on behalf of Sandy and the Mole. Marah admits to Sandy that she is so dedicated to helping him because facing the truth cost her Tony. The bond between them strengthens when Sandy and Marah climb a billboard together in protest. Marina decides to attend Springfield University instead of Northwestern. She decides to use Ben's money to create a foundation that will help fund Harley's Angels. Edmund and Cassie are surprised when Jeffrey says he's interested in Beth. Edmund is pleased that Jeffrey has an interest other than Cassie. Cassie, however, is a little upset by Jeffrey liking Beth. Edmund takes Cassie on a romantic interlude at the farm but she ends up dreaming of Jeffrey. Lillian and Alexandra have a confrontation about Lizzie. Olivia tells Phillip she doesn't want him or Lizzie near her because they threaten her baby's safety. When Phillip refuses to believe that Lizzie is a danger, Olivia makes him leave.

  • Ep. #14231
    Ep. #14231
    Episode 40

    Reva comes back exhausted after trying to help the police find the missing girl. She worries that she's given the family false hope but she feels better when Frank calls saying they found the girl alive and well. Reva shares the good news with Christopher and when they hang up, he makes a mysterious phone call saying he has plans for Reva. Eden tries again to get Marah to reconcile with Tony and though Marah is tempted to call him, she doesn't. Tony later goes to see Marah but when he notices that she seems to be doing fine without him, he leaves without notice. Tony confides in Danny that he slept with Eden. Bill shows up before they can discuss it further and Danny gives Bill cryptic advice for dealing with Eden. Bill visits Eden and tells her he wants things to work between them. Bill and Eden make love. Shayne and Marina lock themselves in Company for the night so they can talk about the future. Shayne confesses to Marina that he loves her and knows she's going to do great things with her life.

  • Ep. #14230
    Ep. #14230
    Episode 39

    Eden pulls back from her kiss with Tony to try and do the right thing, but they can't deny their passion anymore and they end up making love. At one point, Eden tells Tony that she wanted him for a long time. Tony asks Eden if her friendship with Marah and her relationship with Bill were schemes, but Eden insists that her feelings for them both were real. They go back to Springfield and promise to keep their affair quiet. Eden goes to the museum to see Bill but runs into Marah instead. Tony vents his frustration to Danny about his cousin's unnecessary influence in his life. Ed hears Danny and Michelle talking about her finishing her PA training out of state. Ed is surprised by Danny's show of support, but he tells Michelle that selfishly, he wishes she would stay in town. Danny places a mysterious call to make plans while Michelle is gone. Shayne is happily surprised when Marina shows up at his bedroom window. She needs his help in deciding her future plans. Shayne runs into Josh in the hall and Josh wants Marina to go home. Shayne declares his independence from Josh and leaves the house with Marina.

  • Ep. #14229
    Ep. #14229
    Episode 38

    Eden calls Salerno and tells him she wants to get back into her old life. She asks him to meet her on a rooftop in New York, but when he arrives and sees Tony, he realizes he's been set up. Tony asks Salerno if the photos of him beating the girl were doctored. Salerno tells Tony that it was done to hurt Danny. Tony almost throws Salerno off the roof but he stops himself. Tony later thanks Eden with a passionate kiss. Marah works on her designs as she listens to a special broadcast from Sandy and the Mole. They announce that Dean Boudreau has thrown them off the air so this is their last show. The Mole rants about the hypocrisy of the people in Springfield and Marah calls into the show. She agrees with the Mole and expresses her desire for people to be honest about who they really are. Marah is stunned when Sandy later appears at her door and thanks her for her support. Ross tells Marina that Ben left her his inheritance of one million dollars.

  • Ep. #14228
    Ep. #14228
    Episode 37

    Reva apologizes for interrupting Arthur, but Christopher urges her to finish the reading. Reva has a vision of a dark woman who turns out to be the mother of the missing girl's mother. The mother asks Reva for a private reading to find out what happened to her daughter. Jeffrey and Frank arrive on the scene to question Reva about the case. Reva has images of a city that may be where the missing girl is. Josh hides his anxiousness as Reva cries in exhaustion. A guilty Lizzie waits with Phillip for word on Olivia's baby. Olivia tells Cassie that she thinks Lizzie was responsible for her fall. Cassie eventually accepts Olivia's theories and agrees to help Olivia protect the baby. Lizzie overhears Olivia's words and is devastated. Lizzie asks Beth to meet her at Company. Beth breaks away from Jeffrey and calls her mother for help in dealing with Lizzie. Lillian calls Lizzie, but she doesn't take the calls. A remorseful Lizzie prays that the baby makes it and she cries herself to sleep. Phillip watches over Olivia as she sleeps.

  • Ep. #14227
    Ep. #14227
    Episode 36

    Jeffrey and Cassie are talking in the Beacon's lobby when they hear Lizzie call out a warning. They turn to see Olivia fall down the stairs and rush to her aid. Olivia yells for them to keep Lizzie away from her. Cassie calls Phillip and they wait for word on Olivia's condition at the hospital. Cassie and Phillip ask Lizzie what happened and she becomes defensive. The doctors say that Olivia is fine, but the baby may be in distress. Olivia asks to see Cassie who immediately tells her how worried Phillip is. Olivia asks Cassie to keep both Phillip and Lizzie away from her. Jeffrey speaks to Beth about Lizzie and shows her the map to the cabin that Lizzie drew for Ben. Beth is horrified to realize that Lizzie and Ben were that close and she takes full responsibility for Lizzie's behavior. Beth's honesty turns Jeffrey on and he unexpectedly kisses her. Reva is nervous before the start of her talk show. An anxious Holly has no luck in calming her down. Both Dr. Langham and Arthur join Reva on the show and Arthur begins his first reading. He picks up a message from a mother whose daughter had been kidnapped years before. Though the police closed the case believing the girl was dead, Reva blurts out that the girl is still alive.

  • Ep. #14226
    Ep. #14226
    Episode 35

    Reva prepares for her first psychic show with Christopher and Arthur. Josh sets aside his own fears to offer Reva support. Shayne returns from his rookie league road trip and stops by to see Reva. Marah also arrives and she and Reva share their respective fears. Shayne and Marina enjoy their reunion and Marina even indulges in fantasizing about being a superstar. Phillip joins Olivia's Lamaze class and his charm makes Olivia grateful that he's there. Alexandra attempts to get Lizzie interested in joining Spaulding as an intern. Lizzie is pleased when Alex wants to name a perfume after her. Lizzie decides that she needs to end Olivia's pregnancy. At the last moment, she realizes what she's doing, but it's too late when Olivia takes a dangerous step.

  • Ep. #14225
    Ep. #14225
    Episode 34

    Olivia decides to have a test to determine the sex of her baby. Olivia tells Cassie that she's worried about Lizzie. Phillip joins in on Felicia's session with Lizzie. Phillip is stunned when Lizzie confesses that she's worried the baby will replace her. Phillip tries to reassure Lizzie of his unconditional love. When Olivia tells Phillip that they're having a girl, Lizzie's doubts are renewed. Cassie and Edmund go over plans for the farm and feel fortunate over their run of good luck. Marah can't tell Tony that she no longer loves him, but when he says he needs her to be better, she says she has to keep her distance. Danny orders Salerno to leave Tony alone. Danny later talks to Marah and realizes that Tony may have lost her for good. Eden swears to Bill that she's not interested in Tony. However, when Tony later shows up at her door looking for help, she doesn't turn him away.

  • Ep. #14224
    Ep. #14224
    Episode 33

    Danny tells Michelle that Tony and Marah broke up. Danny wonders if Bill is truly happy with Eden and Michelle is sure that Bill loves her. Danny later confronts Eden about her involvement in Marah and Tony's breakup. Eden pushes the blame on Salerno, but Danny wonders why Salerno would feel threatened by Tony. Danny leaves to talk to Salerno. Michelle asks Bill if Eden's affections towards him are real. Bill suggests that he and Michelle should stay out of each other's personal lives. Cassie and Edmund have an intimate encounter in a linen closet at the Beacon. Cassie later questions Jeffrey about his past. She decides not to take all his insults to heart until he makes a rude remark about her hair. Jeffrey then flirts with a surprised Reva. Josh worries about Reva's plan to be a secondary psychic on her show. He thinks that an unstable viewer might upset her. Reva is hurt by Josh's apparent lack of trust.

  • Ep. #14423
    Ep. #14423
    Episode 32

    Marah throws herself into work to forget her troubles with Tony. Reva tries to get Marah to open up, but Eden interrupts them. Eden wants Marah to reconcile with Tony and hides her underlying motive of trying to get over her feelings for Tony. Marah is certain that breaking up with Tony was the best thing to do. When Eden finds Tony, she can barely hide her attraction to him. Danny suggests that Tony needs to patch things up with Marah and he decides to interfere. Reva confides her doubts in her psychic abilities to Christopher. He puts her skills to the test in an unlikely way and boosts her confidence. Cassie recognizes that she was unfair to Edmund in rejecting his offer to renovate the farm. Edmund asks Jeffrey to move out of the Beacon in order to keep him away from Cassie and RJ, who has started to think of Jeffrey as his father. Edmund is pleased when Cassie accepts his offer to renovate the farm.

  • Ep. #14222
    Ep. #14222
    Episode 31

    Tony has no answers for Marah about the woman in the photographs he appears to have hurt. He tells her that he was drunk the night the pictures were taken. Marah breaks up with Tony because she isn't sure she can trust him. Marah moves back home to the Lewis home. Reva pitches doing a weekly psychic segment on her talk show. Though initially reluctant, Holly eventually agrees. Reva tells Christopher about the show and he suggests that she be the psychic rather than using an outside source. Reva is tempted, but unsure of her own abilities. Gus is happy to hear that Alan sparked the idea for Harley to start her own P.I. firm. Alan later gives Gus advice on dealing with Eden.

  • Ep. #14221
    Ep. #14221
    Episode 30

    Eden hides the photos of Tony from Marah. Eden breaks down when she sees Tony and Marah in a tender moment. Marah follows Eden who accidentally drops the pictures. Marah sees them and runs out. Eden gives Tony the pictures and he races to find Marah. When he finds Marah she apologizes for jumping to conclusions and assumes the pictures were doctored. Tony confesses that the pictures are real. Danny makes a business proposal to Edmund. Michelle and Bill talk about Ben and remember the good days with their friend. Bill proposes that they start a hotline for troubled kids and Michelle thinks it's a great idea. She is surprised to hear Bill say that his feelings for Eden are deepening. Eden goes home to find Bill waiting for her. Bill tells Eden that he's in love with her. RJ gets away from Cassie at the country club. When he sees Jeffrey, RJ calls him daddy. Cassie and Jeffrey try to explain Jeffrey's resemblance to Richard, but RJ doesn't understand. Edmund manages to have a little more success with the young boy to Cassie's surprise. Edmund tells Cassie that he wants to fix up the farmhouse for her and the children. Cassie thinks he wants to live together and she rejects the idea. Though it wasn't what he had in mind, Edmund is hurt by her rejection.

  • Ep. #14220
    Ep. #14220
    Episode 29

    Eden can't decide what to do with the photos of Tony seemingly abusing a woman. Eden tells Tony that he may be in danger from Salerno. Eden prepares to give Tony the pictures, unaware that Marah is nearby. Olivia finds out that Lizzie didn't tell Felicia that she sent Ben to the cabin and Olivia vows to get Lizzie much needed help. Lizzie pretends that she's fine in front of Phillip but when she's alone, she displays how troubled she is. Phillip tells Rick that he thinks he loves Olivia but he isn't sure if the feelings are real. Phillip confesses his doubts to Olivia and she is touched by his honesty. Mel is in a panic over both the upcoming bar exam and the job offer from Harley. Felicia warns her daughter about throwing up a wall to hide her insecurities. Rick sees through her façade and offers her his love and support. Mel decides to accept Harley's offer to join the "Angels."

  • Ep. #14219
    Ep. #14219
    Episode 28

    Eden receives an envelope full of pictures that suggest Tony has been abusive to a woman. Eden hides them in her purse and Tony almost sees them but she covers. Tony gives Eden the advice to make a fresh start with her life and Eden fights her attraction to him. Marah later tells Eden that Ben's craziness made her remember Tony's potential for violence. Shayne tries to break through to Marina who has shut down after Ben's death. With Shayne's help, Marina is finally able to let go of her feelings. Harley asks Mel to work at the agency with her and Blake but Mel isn't sure it's a good idea.

  • Ep. #14218
    Ep. #14218
    Episode 27

    Gus thinks that he and Harley have been using the various police cases as a means to distract themselves from their personal lives. Gus declares that they need to start making some decisions. Harley agrees and calls Blake to propose that they start a non-profit detective agency. Blake thinks it's a brilliant plan. Gus apologizes to Eden for the hard stance he had to take with her. Eden tells him that she doesn't want his fickle brand of love. Eden has dinner with Bill and Billy and Billy takes a thorough disliking to her. Bill punches his father when Billy doesn't hide his dislike and Eden is moved by the gesture. Marah tells Tony that she wants to move in with her parents for a while because the experience with Ben left her rattled. Marah and Shayne talk about their complicated lives.

  • Ep. #14217
    Ep. #14217
    Episode 26

    Shayne plans a non-threatening get-together for Marina, but she shows up almost crazily determined to have a good time. Frank shows up with what he thinks will be good news: he has the money for her to go to Northwestern. However, it's all too much for Marina to digest. Lizzie's arrival pushes Marina's stress level over the top so Shayne takes her back to Company. Marina promises Shayne that she won't let what happened with Ben ruin their relationship. Josh and Reva make up and re-cement their bond. Lizzie initially denies Olivia's accusations that she sent Ben to the cabin but she ultimately confesses. Olivia promises to keep Lizzie's secret as long as Lizzie agrees to tell Felicia about it. Not trusting Lizzie, Olivia tells Felicia herself and is surprised when Felicia doesn't seem concerned. Phillip comes in at the end of their conversation and worries that Olivia is talking about something being wrong with the baby. Phillip is suspicious when Alan offers him full control of Spaulding. Alan talks to Harley and Gus about career moves. Harley fears that Alan is trying to sucker them and she throws him out.

  • Ep. #14216
    Ep. #14216
    Episode 25

    Marina tries to deal with Ben's death, but she is clearly not able to handle it. Lizzie is shocked to learn that Ben was the murderer and is dead. She can't help but feel guilty for sending Ben to the cabin and putting Marina and Shayne at risk. Tammy tells Olivia that she thinks Lizzie may have alerted Ben to Marina's whereabouts. Olivia confronts Lizzie with Tammy's accusation. Marah asks Eden what her intentions are regarding Tony. Eden admits that Tony has been a good friend but says that's all there is between them. Eden wonders if she can put Tony aside and make a fresh start with Bill. Marah worries that she and Tony are on different life wavelengths.

  • Ep. #14215
    Ep. #14215
    Episode 24

    Olivia and Phillip set aside their differences and put the baby's crib together. Olivia tells Phillip she doesn't need him in her life, but progress has been made in their relationship. Reva comes home from Italy and is grateful to see that Shayne wasn't hurt. Reva and Josh realize that they need to place their marriage and their family first. Realizing that Ben is near death, Jeffrey asks him for a deathbed confession. Ben manages to answer Jeffrey's questions just before he dies.

  • Ep. #14214
    Ep. #14214
    Episode 23

    Michelle and Danny decide to throw a celebration in honor of Spaulding Enterprises committing to the 5th Street project. Tony goes to the party and is worried about telling Danny that he and Eden went to see Salerno. Danny is infuriated by Tony's news. Michelle suggests to a stunned Marah that Eden may have more than a platonic interest in Tony. Though Marah defends Eden, she can't help but feel a little suspicious. Josh, Jeffrey, and Darci stay behind at the cabin while everything is going down at the shack. Reva calls Josh and decides to come home immediately when she learns of the situation with Marina. Jeffrey asks Darci about her past involvement with Salerno and warns her that it may all start catching up with her. Shayne is too anxious to wait for the cops to show up and he bursts in to save Marina from Ben. Ben gets control of Shayne and threatens both he and Marina with the lethal injection. Frank shows up with the S.W.A.T. team and asks Ben to give himself up. Ben struggles with his love for Marina and his fear of being captured. He decides to spare Marina's life and injects himself.

  • Ep. #14213
    Ep. #14213
    Episode 22

    Marina pretends to be on Ben's side so he'll let her go. When he takes a medical injector from his pocket, she realizes that he's the killer. Fortunately, Ben believes that Marina still loves him and that they can be together. Shayne finds the shack and arrives just as Ben tells Marina that he wants to make love to her. At the Bauer cabin, Frank is finally able to get through to the tracking device on Marina's cell phone. He and Jeffrey travel with a police unit to a shack and they surround it. When they burst inside, they are disappointed to find hikers instead of Marina and Ben. Shayne calls them back at the cabin and tells them where the real shack is. Harley, Blake, and Ross work to put together the puzzle of Ben's past. They are horrified to realize that Ben was sexually abused by a teacher at boarding school which may be the cause for his mental break.

  • Ep. #14212
    Ep. #14212
    Episode 21

    Shayne alerts Frank that Marina is missing from the Bauer cabin. State troopers arrive on the scene, but Jeffrey uses his FEDS contacts to deal with everyone. Josh arrives to be with Shayne who is fuming with anger. Frank remembers that Marina's cell phone has a tracking device, but when they try to call they can't get a signal. Marina wakes up in Ben's car and Ben pretends that she passed out at the cabin. Marina doesn't believe him and she tries to escape which makes Ben furious over her betrayal. Ben takes Marina to a shack in the mountains and ties her up. He tries to kiss her but she becomes hysterical. Harley gets a barely legible fax from Gus that contains info about a European boarding school but she's not sure what to do with it. When Ross learns that Marina was abducted, he calls the boarding school but can't get answers from them about Ben. Tony and Eden go to Salerno's NYC townhouse and realize that they have to share a bedroom. Tony pretends to be unaffected when Eden walks around in a sexy kimono. Tony is upset that they can't phone outside of the townhouse and they are locked in the bedroom.

  • Ep. #14211
    Ep. #14211
    Episode 20

    Ben watches as Marina and Shayne grow closer and closer to getting intimate. When Ben hears Marina declaring her affections for Shayne, he breaks down. Marina goes into the bedroom while Shayne waits for her in the living room. He starts to get concerned when she doesn't come out and he goes in to find her gone. Meanwhile, Ben has taken Marina, knocked her out and put her in his car. Tony discovers that Eden's alibi for one of the murders is Vinnie Salerno. Tony wants to go to New York to secure Vinnie's cooperation, but Bill arrives and is upset when he learns of their potential trip. Bill later agrees that Tony should go with Eden. Tony and Eden get to New York and they meet a gun toting associate of Salerno's. They don't seem to have any choice but to go inside Salerno's house.

  • Ep. #14210
    Ep. #14210
    Episode 19

    Shayne and Marina have a day of fun and romance at the Bauer cabin. Sexual tension builds between them, but they're unaware that Ben is on this way to interrupt the fun. A hiding Ben later witnesses a romantic moment between Shayne and Marina. Phillip and Olivia are eating at Company at the same time when Olivia realizes she needs to tell Cassie about being in the birthing class. Cassie is reluctant to go along with Olivia's plan. Olivia finally admits to Phillip that she lied about Cassie being her partner. Phillip gains hope from the fact that she told him the truth, but she still isn't ready to completely forgive him. Jeffrey gives Gus the information on the P.I. that Mitch hired to follow Ben. Gus is annoyed that Jeffrey got the information first. Gus decides he needs to go to Europe for more information about the situation.

  • Ep. #14209
    Ep. #14209
    Episode 18

    Marina schemes for her overnight trip with Shayne by telling everyone that she's going with Tammy. Ben prepares to visit his grandmother. Gus tells Ben that Mitch was having him watched. Ben is upset to learn that his grandmother died before he could see her. Ross shocks Ben with the news that he inherited over one million dollars. Ben is excited to think what the money will mean to Marina. Rick tells Gus that the medical examiner's notes reveal that right before he was murdered he examined the remains of Ben's ex-girlfriend. Lizzie finds out from Tammy that Shayne and Marina will be at the cabin. Lizzie quickly lets Ben know. Harley tells Buzz and Frank that Marina was accepted to Northwestern. She suggests a fundraising plan where the three of them could pay for Marina's education. Phillip and Michelle have lunch together and Olivia sends him all the flowers he sent her along with a note telling him to give up. Danny arrives - as Michelle had pre-planned - and offers Phillip a business proposition. Danny wants Spaulding Enterprises to fund a warehouse on Fifth Street. When Phillip objects, Danny counters each of his objections until Phillip agrees to the deal. Phillip leaves a message for Olivia saying he's not giving up on her.

  • Ep. #14208
    Ep. #14208
    Episode 17

    Mitch nearly pulls Cassie to her death, but Jeffrey grabs her arm in time. Jeffrey struggles to hold onto them both, but Mitch loses his grip and falls. Jeffrey pulls Cassie to safety just as Edmund arrives. On the ground, Gus is stunned to see that Mitch survived the fall. Before the paramedics can take Mitch to the hospital, federal agents arrive and say Mitch is their suspect. Jeffrey shocks everyone by cooling the agents when he announces that he too, is with the Feds. Harley is thrilled to see an acceptance letter from Northwestern for Marina. Marina doesn't want Frank to know about it because she knows he can't afford to send her. Harley still wants to tell Frank, but when she sees how busy he is with the Hendon case, she keeps quiet. Marina asks Shayne if he wants to take an overnight trip to the Bauer cabin. Tony confronts Bill about his fight with Eden and makes Bill feel guilty. Bill goes to Eden and they discuss their inability to commit to each other and they end up making love.

  • Ep. #14207
    Ep. #14207
    Episode 16

    Cassie tries to talk a suicidal Mitch out of jumping off the Beacon's roof. Jeffrey appears, having come to retrieve his belongings. Cassie refuses to leave when Jeffrey tells her to. Cassie makes headway in talking to Mitch but everything is ruined when a police helicopter arrives and Mitch flashes back to the Vietnam War. Mitch panics and jumps over the side. Cassie reaches for him and he pulls her down with him. Olivia tells Phillip that Cassie is going to her partner in the birthing class. Phillip decides to pull out all the stops to charm Olivia. He gives her a top ten list of reasons why he should be her birthing partner instead of Cassie. Marah frets that Tony is still annoyed over her reluctance to get married. Their tension subsides for a moment and they share a sweet intimacy. The moment is ruined when Josh arrives and Marah tells him that she came back to tell him something important. Tony is upset that Marah didn't come home to be with him. Marah tells Josh that he needs to go to Milan and be with Reva.

  • Ep. #14206
    Ep. #14206
    Episode 15

    Cassie asks Jeffrey to leave the Beacon after enduring one too many of his snide comments. Edmund asks Alexandra for advice on getting a field for Cassie. Alex is more interested in getting dirt on Jeffrey. Gus demands answers from Eden about her involvement in the murders. Eden denies being the culprit. Ross calls Gus to tell him that Ben's grandmother is dying and wants to see Ben. While Gus is at the hospital, Ben remembers seeing Mitch on the night that he was stabbed. Though there is a lot of evidence implicating Mitch, Gus isn't certain that there isn't more than one killer. Ross tells Mitch that Ben has identified him as the stabber. Ross suggests that Mitch turn himself in. Mitch says before he goes in, he needs to take care of a few things in his room. Cassie decides to get rid of the boxes that Jeffrey had in storage at the Beacon. She goes out onto the hotel roof and finds Mitch there as well. Marina and Shayne are stunned by Shayne's new celebrity status and Marina agrees with him that they need to find a way to be alone.

  • Ep. #14205
    Ep. #14205
    Episode 14

    All of the evidence in the case keeps leading Gus back to Eden. Tony, meanwhile, starts to sense that Eden's interest in him isn't strictly platonic. Ben tells Bill that Eden was at the Bauer's when he was stabbed. Bill confronts Eden and she doesn't come out of their conversation looking very innocent. Gus determines that he needs to get the truth from Eden once and for all. Edmund and Cassie have a picnic with the boys. Cassie makes the comment that she wishes the kids had a yard to play in and Edmund gets the idea to give her the field of her dreams.

  • Ep. #14204
    Ep. #14204
    Episode 13

    Shayne's baseball game goes downhill and Josh gets more and more anxious. Buzz tries to find Marina, thinking her absence is throwing off Shayne's game. At the hospital, Marina tells Ben that Shayne is her first priority and she leaves for the game. When Shayne sees her, he regains his throwing ability and he wins the game. Buzz decides to throw a party for Shayne at Company. Tammy wants to go out with Joey instead. Cassie is reluctant to let Tammy go, but Edmund makes the young man so fearful that Cassie feels more comfortable. Lizzie visits Ben at the hospital and tells him not to give up on Marina. Shayne and Marina linger in the stands after the game and enjoy some time alone. Gus calls Frank to tell him about the ring Harley found in the hot tub. Gus also tells him that the information he found in Eden's black book warrant a talk with Jeffrey. Jeffrey still thinks Eden is their prime suspect and encourages Gus to question her further.

  • Ep. #14203
    Ep. #14203
    Episode 12

    Ben calls Marina and says he needs her help at the hospital. When she gets there, Ben tells her that she's the only one he wants around him. Shayne gets ready to play his last amateur baseball game and both he and Josh are very emotional. Shayne admits to Josh that he has deep feelings for Marina. Before the game begins, Shayne learns from Lizzie that Marina went to visit Ben. An upset Shayne imagines that Ben is holding the bat and his fastball hits the batter in the head. At the Beacon, Alexandra recognizes Jeffrey but can't remember where from. Jeffrey warns her that he's considering reopening the stalker case. Alexandra asks Edmund to stop Jeffrey, but Edmund refuses to help her scheme. Cassie finds out that Tammy made a date with a baseball player named Joey. Cassie discovers that Joey is something of a troublemaker and confronts Tammy about it. Tammy tells her that Joey has changed and Cassie tells Edmund she's not sure bad guys ever really change. Jeffrey suggests that Frank is going easy on Darci in regards to the murder investigation. Darci senses that Frank is still harboring doubts about her. Frank soothes Darci's fears by kissing her under the bleachers.

  • Ep. #14202
    Ep. #14202
    Episode 11

    Harley finds Mitch Hendon to see if the bruises on Ben and Mrs. Hendon could have come from Mitch's ring. When Harley looks at his hand, however, the ring is missing. Harley leaves and asks Gus to meet her. Mitch interrupts her call and Harley worries that he's overheard her, but she gets away after learning from Mitch that he lost his ring. Harley and Gus meet at the Bauer's where Harley is sure that the ring fell off after Mitch attacked Ben. Harley gets into the hot tub and finds the ring in the drain. Alan asks Phillip how he can possibly give up on Olivia without a fight. Springing into action, Phillip finds Olivia at Lamaze class and joins in, to Olivia's dismay. Olivia tells Phillip she will allow him to be a part of their child's life, but that's as far as she's willing to go. Phillip believes it's a good first step towards an eventual reconciliation. Eden and Tony decorate Michelle and Danny's house to welcome them home, but it doesn't ease Danny's suspicions about Eden. Eden tells Danny that Tony should be allowed to decide who his friends are.

  • Ep. #14201
    Ep. #14201
    Episode 10

    Blake tells Harley she should visit Ben to try and learn more about his attack. Frank tells Marina that there's a chance Ben could have stabbed himself to avert suspicion about the murder. Shayne hears Marina defend Ben and he's thrown when she says she wants to visit him. Marina's sympathy is tugged by Ben's condition and Shayne worries that her old feelings for him are returning. Harley becomes curious when she finds a bruise on Ben's arm that is similar to the one on Mrs. Hendon. Harley wants Mitch to become the prime suspect and also wants to investigate the case. Olivia opens up to Cassie and Edmund about her fear of reuniting with Phillip. She worries that if she and Phillip don't get back together, it will somehow damage their child.

  • Ep. #14200
    Ep. #14200
    Episode 9

    Reva is ready to leave for the conference in Italy because she tells Josh she's still disappointed in him. Things are tense between Marah and Tony since she revealed she isn't eager to get married. Marah decides to go to Italy with Tony to follow up on her designs and keep an eye on her mother. Eden feels betrayed by Gus when he makes her give him the information he needs. Tony comforts Eden who is pleased to hear that Marah is leaving town. Ross and Holly work to prove Ben's innocence while Frank waits for the opportunity to question Ben. After talking to Lizzie, Marina decides to visit Ben in the hospital.

  • Ep. #14199
    Ep. #14199
    Episode 8

    Reva can't forgive Josh for meddling in Shayne's future. As they argue, Christopher Langham shows up to ask Reva to join him in Milan for a psychic conference. Reva thinks she and Josh could use some time apart and she considers going to the conference. Marah dismisses the notion of marrying Tony, which annoys him. Gus tells Harley that he knows Eden isn't gong to tell him everything and he's trying to accept that. Harley lets Gus know that she thinks Mitch killed his wife. On that note, Gus calls Eden to demand that she come in for questioning and bring the records she said she didn't have. Holly confides to Ed that she feels guilty about Ben. Singer Daniel Bedingfield serenades Danny and Michelle and afterwards, they go to the Beacon for a one-night honeymoon. Ben is found stabbed in the Bauer hot tub. Gus and Frank investigate the crime scene while Ben is rushed to the hospital.

  • Ep. #14198
    Ep. #14198
    Episode 7

    Danny and Michelle make a surprise trip out of town to get married, but she can't go through with it in the end. They go to the barbecue but it seems as though everyone has left. To their surprise, everyone comes out from their hiding spots and the impromptu wedding plans are revealed. Danny and Michelle are joyously remarried. Gus asks Eden to see her records for the Garden of Eden. Harley and Blake look at Mrs. Hendon's autopsy photos and Harley discovers that a bruise on Mrs. Hendon may be from her husband's ring. That evidence may be enough to help clear Ben. Darci admits to Frank that Eden asked her to hit on him, but she tells him that her feelings quickly became genuine. Though angered by her ruse, Frank agrees to give Darci another chance.

  • Ep. #14197
    Ep. #14197
    Episode 6

    Marah and Tony plan Danny and Michelle's surprise wedding, but they can't find the soon to be happy couple. Josh and Reva examine the various clues and wonder if Marah and Tony are planning to get married. They confront Marah who confesses everything. The plans are destroyed when a note is delivered saying Michelle and Danny aren't coming to the barbecue at all. Alan and Phillip nearly come to blows but Gus breaks it up. Gus gives Alan a warning about his behavior. Shayne and Marina grow closer, which makes his desire to play baseball lessen. Lizzie manipulates Marina into feeling guilty for spending so much time with Shayne so she later turns him down when he asks her on a date. Frank feels closer to Darci but he's surprised to see her talking to Eden whom she claimed not to know. Cassie talks to Tammy about opening up and accepting her relationship with Edmund. Cassie and Edmund make a promise to be more spontaneous and fun with each other. Mel lands a job in Jeffrey's office despite his bizarre interview tactics.

  • Ep. #14196
    Ep. #14196
    Episode 5

    Reva is determined to have a good Fourth of July celebration even though she is angry with Josh. Shayne isn't angry with his father for making his decision easier. Reva is suspicious when she sees Marah and Tony in a huddled confab. When she finds information on weddings, she mistakenly assumes they are planning to get married. Blake asks for Harley's help in proving that Ben isn't the serial killer. Harley agrees to start investigating, but warns her friend that she intends to uncover the truth no matter what it is. Gus asks Alan to come to the Bauer barbecue where he comes face to face with Phillip. Alan is shocked to learn that Olivia rejected Phillip. Lizzie is annoyed to see Marina and Shayne together at the barbecue. Determined to get her way, Lizzie goes to Olivia and offers her an apology.

  • Ep. #14195
    Ep. #14195
    Episode 4

    On graduation day, Shayne frets over his options of going pro in baseball or going to college with Marina. Marina has troubles of her own as she realizes that she doesn't have the money to go to her first choice college. Shayne tells Josh that he's decided to go pro. Reva is hurt when Josh admits that he already signed and mailed the contract. Reva takes Josh's actions as a sign that she needs to take her life into her own hands. Tony wants Ben to move out of the museum, but Bill defends him. They all talk and decide to let Ben stay. Phillip begs Olivia for another chance but she refuses to take him back. She declares that she will raise the baby on her own as Phillip privately vows not to give up on Olivia or the baby.

  • Ep. #14194
    Ep. #14194
    Episode 3

    Alan brings Phillip and Alexandra to the mansion to announce that Olivia's baby really is Phillip's. Alex worries that Alan is going to tell Phillip that she rigged the test he had ordered, but Alan keeps mum. When Phillip leaves, Alan warns Alex that her suffering is only beginning. Phillip goes to see Olivia's doctor and gets confirmation that the baby is indeed his. Acting on Rick's advice, Phillip begs Olivia for forgiveness. Josh keeps the secret from Reva and Shayne that he signed and mailed the agent's contract. Everyone at the party searches for Marina when Ben's car is found in the parking lot. Marina is stunned to see Ben waiting for her outside and when she doesn't want to talk to him, he becomes angry. Reva finds them and pulls Ben away. Lizzie tells Ben he shouldn't give up on Marina, advice that only makes his feelings stronger. Rick tells Gus and Jeffrey that the missing girl who was linked to Ben was the last open case in the dead coroner's book.

  • Ep. #14193
    Ep. #14193
    Episode 2

    At the after-prom party, Lizzie seethes as she sees how close Shayne and Marina are. Shayne has a carefree night because he doesn't have to think about baseball or college for a change. Josh gets updates from the agent about Shayne. Frank is happily surprised by a visit from Darci. Jeffrey and Gus find information that implicates Ben in the disappearance of a high school girl years before. They decide to question Ben and head to the Country Club. Lizzie realizes Ben is at the after-party and sends Marina on a false rendezvous with Shayne. Marina is stunned to see Ben instead of Shayne. Marah comes up with a plan to have Danny and Michelle's wedding during the Bauer barbecue. Though Ed had planned to cancel the annual event, Rick and Marah talk him out of it. Danny tells Tony he should stay away from Eden and Tony gets very defensive. Danny and Michelle dance around admitting to each other that they actually would like to have a real wedding again.

  • Ep. #14192
    Ep. #14192
    Episode 1

    Marina and Shayne respectively set ground rules with their parents for prom night conduct. Lizzie evades answering Alan and Beth's questions about boys. The teens all gather for prom while Josh watches the baseball draft. Lizzie asks Ben to go to prom with her so he can be with Marina and she can be with Shayne. Cassie and Edmund finally make love and Cassie realizes she's happy again. Tammy gets upset when she finds a stain on her prom dress. Tammy calls Cassie who races off to help her daughter. Cassie and Tammy are stunned when Edmund shows up and saves the day by buying a new dress. Ben lets Eden think that he's the serial killer and she realizes that he really is dangerous. Ben decides to take Lizzie up on her prom invitation.