Guiding Light - Season 53

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #14698
    Ep. #14698
    Episode 253

    Jonathan heads to Dinah looking for comfort and answers and makes love to her, not realizing that she's left the phone off the hook so Edmund can listen. Michelle's phone call interrupts a romantic night between Danny and Marina, but Danny assures Marina that he wants to be with her, not his ex. Olivia is disappointed when Bill's injuries prevent them from both going to court so he can adopt Emma, but he surprises her by bringing the judge to them. Reva enlists Josh's help in finding Alfred Randall so that Jonathan can put the ghosts of his past to rest. Bill becomes Emma's legal father.

  • Ep. #14697
    Ep. #14697
    Episode 252

    Harley wants desperately to stay with Gus, who has been shot by Mallet, but Mallet pulls her away from the scene, promising that the police will help him. Jonathan keeps Dinah's secret when Cassie shows up and the heads toOutskirts, where Reva tells him that Alfred is alive and well. After hearing Alan's ravings about having lost both his sons, Sebastian offers to be his new son. Harley blames Mallet for what happened to Gus until he reveals that they had a plan.

  • Ep. #14696
    Ep. #14696
    Episode 251

    Mallet calls to warn Harley and she and Gus try to take off when they hear the cops. They separate, and Harley comes to find Gus in a pool of blood after a gunshot. Jonathan goes at Reva with a knife then turns it on himself before heading to Dinah's, where he finds out that Dinah has actually been faking her pregnancy. After she accidentally refers to him as Richard, Cassie tries to get Jeffrey's trust back by allowing him to blindfold her. Reva is shocked when Jeffrey tells her that Alfred Randall is alive and well.

  • Ep. #14695
    Ep. #14695
    Episode 250

    Alan springs Mallet from prison and tells him that he wants Mallet to get back in Harley's life so they can get Gus out of it. Mallet tells Alan he won't help him, but then heads for New York. Reva pushes Nate away after their kiss, and tells him that she can't do this to Josh. Jonathan comes in after Reva's left and warns Nate that he had better stay away from her. Cassie slaps Edmund after he tells her that Jeffrey isn't fit to shine Richard's shoes, and tells him to get his stuff out of the farm. Sebastian smothers a drugged Dr. Wallace, but doesn't realize Wallace left a note incriminating Alan and addressed to Gus.

  • Ep. #14694
    Ep. #14694
    Episode 249

    Bill is injured at Cross Creek, and Olivia admits to Josh she believes Alan is behind it, but actuality, Nate is the true culprit, though, because he wanted Josh and Bill out of the way so he could get to Reva. Sebastian attempts to blackmail Alan into telling him the connection between Harley and Wallace but Alan refuses and shows up at the hospital himself. Tammy is hurt to find the earrings, but Sandy is so sweet she is convinced he did nothing wrong until Jonathan again plants doubts in her mind. Gus and Harley sneak into the hospital to question a now-awake Dr. Wallace but don't get far before the cops show up.

  • Ep. #14693
    Ep. #14693
    Episode 248

    Dinah points out that the baby contract does not have Cassie's name on it, hoping it will tie Edmund to her, but it backfires. Jonathan plots to hurt Tammy by picking up a girl at a bar and giving her Sandy's name. He takes her back to Sandy's place, and while Zoe is getting dressed, he pockets her earrings and leaves them for Tammy to find. Cassie and Jeffrey enjoy the afterglow together until Edmund shows up and interrupts the two. Alex refuses to return the gloves to Alan, and videotapes him confessing to Phillip's murder as an insurance policy. Tammy goes looking for Cassie to talk after her confrontation with Jonathan but finds Dinah. When Dinah clues her in on Cassie and Edmund's break-up she heads to Sandy's and finds the earrings. Alan makes veiled threats against Coop, not wanting Lizzie involved with yet another Cooper.

  • Ep. #14692
    Ep. #14692
    Episode 247

    Sebastian pretends to be Wallace's brother and the hospital hands him all of Wallace's personal effects, including a $100,000 check from Alan. Jonathan tries to warn Tammy off of him when Nate threatens to do something to get her out of the way, and when she tells him she'll always choose Sandy over him he looks for a way to hurt her. Harley is unable to get any information from Wallace before going to get a nurse. Reva offers to throw a party for Nate and his family, but Nate insists he has no idea where his family is. Gus suggests that Harley grab her kids and run.

  • Ep. #14691
    Ep. #14691
    Episode 246

    Jonathan talks to Tammy about her relationship with Sandy, and insinuates that she doesn't know the truth about him, implying that 'Sandy Foster' isn't even a real name. Cassie begs Jeffrey not to leave, promising that she has left Edmund for good this time. Jeffrey finally believes her, and they make love. Harley and Gus are unable to get the information they need from Wallace before Sebastian runs him down in the street, but follow him to the hospital. Edmund is temporarily at a loss for words when Dina offers to be 'the one' for him. Jonathan saves Dinah from Edmund's anger and is disgusted when she defends him.

  • Ep. #14690
    Ep. #14690
    Episode 245

    Coop finds a poem Lizzie wrote years ago in the attic and is touched by the way she wrote about her feelings. Cassie finds Dinah in the barn, and Dinah tells Cassie that Edmund had kidnapped her. Alex is upset with her brother after she overhears Alan hiring Sebastian to take care of Wallace for him. Gus and Harley are shocked to see Wallace checking into the hotel and dress up disguise so they can get to him. Alex warns Lizzie that her grandfather is unstable and that Coop may be Alan's next target if they're not careful.

  • Ep. #14689
    Ep. #14689
    Episode 244

    Edmund foils Dinah's plans to tell everyone about his part in the Alonzo debacle by pulling out the power cord to the microphone. As things get crazy, Dinah goes missing. Cassie goes looking for her, however, Dinah staged the entire thing with Jonathan's help and then blames the entire thing on Edmund. Reva tells Jeffrey to back off his feelings for Cassie. Marina surprises Frank when she tells him that she wants to be a cop. Meanwhile, Buzz reminds Danny that Michelle will probably be coming home for the annual Bauer BBQ.

  • Ep. #14688
    Ep. #14688
    Episode 243

    Tammy sees Jonathan in the act of stealing from Lewis, however Jonathan tries to cover his tracks. Jonathan is hurt that he wasn't invited to Cassie's party and steals the codes to the bank for revenge. Dinah tries to get Jeffrey and Jonathan to join her at the party as she prepares to drop the bombshell that Edmund helped Alonzo regain custody of Will. Nate hands the bank codes over to Reva.

  • Ep. #14687
    Ep. #14687
    Episode 242

    Dinah gets Edmund jealous by making out with Jonathan. Dinah tries to hide a bug to record Edmund's confession for playing both sides of the Alonzo situation, however, Edmund finds it and tears it out. Meanwhile, Cassie is serenaded by Jeffrey. Tammy and Sandy make love, however, Sandy gets a mysterious phone call, disrupting the afterglow. Reva asks Josh to keep an eye on Jonathan as Nate continues to try to poison his mind against Reva. Nate tells Jonathan to steal some money from Lewis Construction. Later, Reva confesses her feelings to Nate, who is faking being passed out. Jonathan tries to steal the money from Lewis, however, Tammy catches him in the act!

  • Ep. #14686
    Ep. #14686
    Episode 241

    Gus and Harley duck into the soundstage of a soap opera to hide from the police. The two pose as dayplayers on the show and when night falls, they have fun among all the different sets. Alan is furious when he finds out that Bill is planning on adopting Emma. Alex tries to dissuade Olivia from going forward, but Olivia refuses to listen to her. When Olivia disses her, Alex joins forces with Alan. Frank, Josh, and Sandy bond over the troubles in their life.

  • Ep. #14685
    Ep. #14685
    Episode 240

    Dinah accidentally switches purses with Tammy when she bumps into her at the bar, and is furious when she later realises Sandy taped over Edmund's confession. When Reva sees Jonathan buying Tammy a drink she knocks it out of his hand, then rails at him when she finds a white powdery substance on him.
    Gus and Harley think they may have found their break until a hotel employee recognizes them, and they stumble onto a soap set while trying to escape. Danny and Marina have to share a room while they're continuing to pretend that they are Gus and Harley, not realizing that Sebastian is onto them. Nate taunts Jonathan that Reva's assumption that he is selling drugs proves that she doesn't care about him.

  • Ep. #14684
    Ep. #14684
    Episode 239

    Dinah reveals to Ross that she has a tape that will prove Edmund is up to no good, but runs off in tears when he doesn't support her. Marina initially pretends that Danny is a fellow bounty hunter, but together the two manage to send Zane off in the wrong direction. Gus and Harley search New York for the man they saw on the tape, not realizing that Alan is meeting with him at the hotel to pay him off. Cassie is willing to take Edmund back, but makes him promise that he won't play anymore games with her.

  • Ep. #14683
    Ep. #14683
    Episode 238

    Buzz writes a letter to Harley, even though he has nowhere to send it. After a disheartening talk with Zach, Buzz confides his fears in Alex, leaving her even more torn about keeping Alan's secret. Danny pretends to be Gus, not knowing that Marina has followed him. He saves her from a nasty encounter with Zane, an old 'friend' Marina realizes is hunting Harley. Harley is almost ready to give up but Gus bolsters her spirits by helping her to remember the good times. Lizzie and Coop enjoy their date and talk about running Company together.

  • Ep. #14682
    Ep. #14682
    Episode 237

    Nate spins a tale to Reva about having met Jonathan in the past when he kicked him out of Outskirts, and tells her he caught Jonathan trying to spike Tammy's drink. Although Alan initially denies having killed Phillip, eventually he cracks and admits the truth to Alex who agrees to help her brother cover his crime. Buzz brings in Danny to ask him to arrange a reverse bounty on Harley so that it will be more valuable to bring her in alive. Sebastian meets Alan in the attic and offers to act as the bounty hunter who will bring in Harley. Jonathan is unsettled when he runs into Tammy and she tells him Nate says hello.

  • Ep. #14681
    Ep. #14681
    Episode 236

    Harley defies Gus's wishes for her to stay in the ice cream truck and sneaks into Harley's Angels to watch the DVD surveillance tapes where she is caught by a security guard. Gus dumps open the contents of Alan's briefcase to find only family pictures. Alan goes to his office after Gus leaves where he finds his gloves as well as a very knowledgeable Alex. Lizzie tells Coop about seeing Harley, but says she won't turn her into the police. Coop asks her not to go to Switzerland, then gives her a smoldering kiss. Nate gives Reva some advice and a warning about Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14680
    Ep. #14680
    Episode 235

    Danny and Frank talk about Frank's concerns for Marina, and Frank tells Danny that he will no longer stand in their way if they want to be together. Preparing to leave for Switzerland, Coop and Lizzie continue to spar, neither willing to admit how much they care about each other. Harley and Gus are shocked to learn that someone put a bounty on her head and Gus confronts Alan, not realizing that Alan's briefcase doesn't contain the money for the bounty he has on Harley but rather the bloody gloves from that night.

  • Ep. #14679
    Ep. #14679
    Episode 234

    Harley and Gus head to New York to track down the person sending them the letters, but almost blow their own cover when they run into a cop. Dinah tells Edmund she doesn't understand why he still loves Cassie when she is more than willing be the woman he deserves. Olivia agrees to leave Spaulding Enterprises when Bill offers to leave Lewis Construction, and the two make love. Cassie and Edmund almost make love after she tells Will goodbye, but she pulls away.

  • Ep. #14678
    Ep. #14678
    Episode 233

    Cassie sits down with Alonzo about Will's future and although she desperately wants to keep him, talking to Alonzo helps her see that Will's place is on the island. Seeing how Nate attempts to push both Reva and Tammy away from him, Jonathan realizes that he must push them away to keep them safe. Josh agrees to let Reva have the space she needs to keep their marriage safe. Sebastian helps Blake realize that Will is okay.

  • Ep. #14677
    Ep. #14677
    Episode 232

    Tammy walks in on Jonathan and a girl whose name he can't even remember. She asks for his help for a presentation on Lewis Construction, but the conversation soon turns to more personal matters. Nate makes inroads with Reva when he helps her whisk Will away from Alonzo's goons after Blake drops him off with her. Dinah and Edmund rush to the jailhouse when Cassie calls, only to end up in a cell themselves. Josh shows Reva a glimpse of Nate's desire for her.

  • Ep. #14676
    Ep. #14676
    Episode 231

    Alan is revealed as having shot his son Phillip! The moment plays again and again in his mind. Gus almost catches him, but he is able to hide away the brief case with the bloody gloves. Alex tells Gus about the search for Harley and Alan tells him to keep watching Olivia. Meanwhile, both women are outside. Olivia surprisingly gives Harley the time she needs to escape. Danny warns Harley not to see Frank, because he will be forced to turn her in. Harley is able to have a moment with her children, then reunites with Gus, intent on figuring out who the real killer is. With a note on a hotel stationary and Alex's assistance, Harley and Gus leave town to track down the hotel.

  • Ep. #14675
    Ep. #14675
    Episode 230

    Gus takes Harley to the construction site for her new house to hide out. Harley sees that she has been wounded, and Gus gets Rick to look after her while he goes to the Spaulding Mansion for answers. Buzz goes to identify Harley's body. When the sheet is pulled up, Buzz realizes that his daughter escaped and covers for her. Frank goes to Harley's house to find her, but he is too late. Alan's birthday party for Phillip gets underway and the family gathers. While Gus tries to find clues, a blackout hits and the suspects scatter. Olivia tries to dig a hole for an envelope, but Harley catches her. Olivia tells her that they are love letters she wrote to Phillip. Meanwhile, inside the house, a pair of bloody black gloves are picked up and tried Alan!

  • Ep. #14674
    Ep. #14674
    Episode 229

    Mallet and Gus compete for Harley's affections, but ultimately she chooses Gus and Mallet sacrifices himself so that they can escape. Buzz is devastated about the bus accident, but Mallet cannot reveal the truth without blowing Harley's cover. Lizzie tells Coop that she is leaving for six months, and at first he is reluctant to let her go. But when Alan arrives, he pushes her away so that she will be far away from Alan. Alan is delighted to hear of the bus accident. Cassie and Edmund learn that Alonzo will see them, but they learn it is a ruse when Cassie is kidnapped right before Dinah's eyes. Nate's attitude towards his relationship with Reva turns her off to him.

  • Ep. #14673
    Ep. #14673
    Episode 228

    Reva tells Josh that she wants to go back to WSPR, but Josh urges her to continue working at the bar. Reva tries to keep her feelings of Nate in check, but he pulls her into a steamy kiss. Alan decides to hold a party in Phillip's honor for closure. Meanwhile, Bill asks Olivia if she really did kill Phillip. Harley is able to get herself and Lena out of the wreckage of the bus, but Lena dies in her arms, as she says goodbye to her daughter. Gus and Harley get ready to escape, but Mallet stands in their way.

  • Ep. #14672
    Ep. #14672
    Episode 227

    When Mallet and Harley try to escape, they see that Lena is getting onto the bus to take Harley's place. Harley refuses to let Lena suffer like that and goes to the bus after knocking Mallet out. The bus door closes behind her and they are on their way. Gus taunts a gun-toting Olivia when Bill enters the study and gets Olivia to put down the gun. Bill takes Olivia and Emma away, as Gus goes to rescue Harley. However, the transfer bus gets into an accident, tumbling on its side. Things heat up between Nate and Reva, but she makes it clear that this is how far it goes. Sebastian tells Josh that he will call in his end of the bargain when he needs it. Later, Sebastian asks Blake if she really wants to be a part of his scheme. She agrees.

  • Ep. #14671
    Ep. #14671
    Episode 226

    Mallet kisses Harley, but she pulls back. As time runs out, Harley makes a phone call to her kids. When a tear gas bomb is thrown in, Mallet asks Harley to run away with him. Meanwhile, Gus has kidnapped Emma to lure Olivia to Springfield. Olivia panics when Gus delivers an ultimatum by phone. Gus is shocked when he sees the standoff on the TV, but he cannot leave to go help, for Olivia rushes in holding a gun. Reva tells Tammy about her new job when Reva finds her niece flirting with an older customer. Sandy asks Jonathan what he was doing for Billy. Sandy can't help but be curious when he finds out what he did for his new family.

  • Ep. #14670
    Ep. #14670
    Episode 225

    Harley tells Mallet that she is in love with Gus, but Mallet can't help but think a part of her heart remains with him. Harley overhears Lena talking with Alan and confronts her. However, things heat up as the SWAT team closes in on the prison. When Harley despairs that the only way out is to turn herself in, Mallet takes her and plants a passionate kiss. Alan, Alex, and Gus head to Cross Creek to find Olivia. Alex urges her brother to drop his vendetta against Harley. While Bill and Olivia are arguing, Emma slips out and Gus puts her in the car. Danny and Marina dream about reconciling.

  • Ep. #14669
    Ep. #14669
    Episode 224

    Josh reveals to Reva that he bought WSPR from under Alan's nose, however Reva comes clean with him about her new digs. Meanwhile, Billy is harassed by the hitman he paid off months earlier, when Jonathan catches him red handed. Jonathan offers to finish the job for Billy. Later, Jonathan receives yet another unsettling message. Sandy cannot seem to understand why Tammy keeps pulling away from him. Lizzie confronts Beth when Coop tells her that Beth wants him to stay away from her. Ross teams up with Beth to keep Lizzie and Coop apart. Cassie and the gang go to the island masquerade, however when Cassie is detained at customs, Dinah goes in her place. After getting lost in the moment, Edmund hurries back to get Cassie.

  • Ep. #14668
    Ep. #14668
    Episode 223

    Frank comes in to Mallet's office as a hostage negotiator, but he cannot convince them to reconsider their actions. Later, Mallet tells Harley that this is all to make up for all the pain he had caused her way back when. Gus and Bill find Olivia and Emma gone from the cabin and wonder where they are. Alan continues to manipulate behind the scenes. Gus then learns that there is a standoff at the prison and Gus joins forces with Alan. Meanwhile, Danny and Marina take the plane out for a spin. However, when they get back home, they find a message from Michelle. Edmund uses Dinah to show Cassie how he feels about her and Jeffrey. Dinah confronts Edmund of his feelings, and tells him that she loves him. After talking with Tammy, Cassie tells Edmund that he doesn't have to leave. Cassie finds an invitation to a ball at San Cristobel and instantly knows what she must do.

  • Ep. #14667
    Ep. #14667
    Episode 222

    Edmund uses Dinah's attachment to the baby to get her to leave town, when the two see Cassie and Jeffrey in a heated embrace. Cassie admits that there is something between them, but that she wants to be with Edmund, when Edmund grabs Dinah and gives her a heated kiss. Danny tries to win back Marina by providing her with a piece of himself. Danny tells her that he will wait for her to come around to forgiving him. Bill continues to search for Olivia, who is hiding out with Emma in a hidden cabin. Olivia tells Bill where she is, and Danny, Marina, and a stowaway Gus board the plane. Coop finds out that Lizzie lied to protect him and they share a sweet moment. Beth tries to keep the two apart and warns Coop to stay away from her daughter.

  • Ep. #14666
    Ep. #14666
    Episode 221

    Mallet is prevented from going to the prison by Gus, as Harley is being led to the bus. However, a surprising call from Lena leads Mallet to go to try to rescue Harley as Gus confronts Alan. Mallet is able to get Harley off, but when she questions his motives, he says that he did it for love. Lizzie is about to tell Coop about Alan's plan, but Alan warns her that doing so will make Coop a target of Alan's wrath. Alan denies his involvement, and tells Gus that while he's wasting his time with him, Mallet's playing the hero. Ross tells Cassie that Alonzo is sending over guys to take Will from her. Edmund offers to leave town in order to win back Will, and Cassie reluctantly accepts. Dinah is worried when Ross tells him he needs surgery for his back.

  • Ep. #14665
    Ep. #14665
    Episode 220

    Mallet and Harley remain in his office, while Alan continues to pull the strings to get her far away. Alan sends Gus on a phony tip about Olivia and arranges a meeting with Mallet. Mallet learns of the setup, but is unable to get to the prison, as Harley is led to the transfer bus. Lizzie confronts Alan about his plan. He tries to dissuade her from getting involved when Coop arrives. Josh is surprised to find Reva at the bar, but she neglects to tell him of her new job. Reva tells Josh that Nate is the man who she was with days ago. Reva sees Tammy again, but its just a double wearing a wedding ring. However, before she can find her, the mysterious woman disappears.

  • Ep. #14664
    Ep. #14664
    Episode 219

    Reva and Josh look at their relationship, but a gap remains between them. Josh goes to Blake and Sebastian, hoping to give Reva what she wants, WSPR! However, Reva has already found a new job at the bar working for Nate. Josh runs into a surprised Reva at the bar. Tammy surprises Sandy and Jonathan when she reveals that she has taken a summer job at Lewis Construction. Edmund, Dinah, Cassie, and Jeffrey arrive in Washington to meet with Alonzo, however, Edmund keeps Cassie away from the prince. Dinah takes matters into her own hands by making a scene and insuring that Will be in San Cristobel by the end of the week.

  • Ep. #14663
    Ep. #14663
    Episode 218

    While holed up in Mallet's office, Harley and Mallet reflect on their breakup. Mallet reveals to Harley that after she left, he wrote her countless letters. Harley doesn't believe him until she discovers that Frank hid the letters from her all those years ago. Gus tries to start an investigation of Olivia, but Frank thinks he's just out to get Harley out. Gus gives Alan an offer to work together to bring Olivia in if Alan accepts Harley in his life. However, later Alan reveals that he was the one who started Harley's prison transfer. Bill tries searching for Liv when he runs into his mom Vanessa, who calls him on his fears. Buzz plays matchmaker for Lizzie and Coop and Marina and Danny.

  • Ep. #14662
    Ep. #14662
    Episode 217

    Mallet tells Harley that he can save her only by locking her out from the outside world. Lena overhears the conversation and despite Harley's pleas, Lena sells Harley out to Alan. Meanwhile, Gus goes to free Alan, but runs into Olivia. Gus realizes that not only did Olivia lock him in the room, but she is wearing the jasmine perfume. Gus and Bill try to confront Olivia, but finds her missing. Reva decides to blow off some steam by having fun with Nate. Reva thinks she sees Tammy, but is not able to confront her. Jonathan tells Tammy he needs help, to which Tammy is touched. However, Sandy arrives and ruins the moment.

  • Ep. # 14661
    Ep. # 14661
    Episode 216

    Harley is able to spend some alone time with Gus. She is able to tell him about the jasmine-scented perfume she remembered. Meanwhile, Mallet gets orders to send Harley to a maximum security installation. Edmund and Dinah remain in the van, while Cassie and Jeffrey search for help. Cassie and Jeffrey are stranded inside a hut during a fire from a flash of lightning, and the sexual tension between them rises. Marina believes that Danny is going to be leaving with Michelle, when he is really going off on a trip. Danny confesses to Marina about his love-making with Michelle, and Marina walks out.

  • Ep. #14660
    Ep. #14660
    Episode 215

    Fearing for Harley's safety, Gus conspires with Buzz to find a way into the prison. He dons the disguise of a prison guard but once inside, Lena spots him and nearly exposes him. Lena ends up covering for him and sends him off to rescue Harley. Meanwhile, Harley lands herself with a concussion and winds up under Mallet's watch for the night. His attempts to keep her awake all night open up some old wounds and cause old feelings to resurface. Later, just as Harley finally begins to open up to Mallet, Gus walks in on the two of them in a compromising position. Alan battles his claustrophobia after being locked in the basement by Gus. Later, Lizzie is tipped off to his whereabouts when she overhears a conversation between Gus and Buzz and drags Coop along with her to seemingly rescue him. But, Lizzie startles both Coop and Alan when she doesn't let Alan out, fearful of what he is capable of. It's Coop who finally releases him but Alan is so angry, he makes a mysterious phone call, demanding that Harley be made to disappear. Cassie, Jeffrey, Edmund and Dinah find themselves unlikely travel companions as they race to Washington, D.C., to meet with Alonzo regarding Will's custody. But, the trip hits a snag when Jeffrey's van breaks down. The foursome split up into pairs to get help and Edmund is not happy when it's Cassie and Jeffrey that go together, leaving him in the van alone with Dinah.

  • Ep. #14659
    Ep. #14659
    Episode 214

    Harley is put in danger when Mallet fires a guard that was on Alan's payroll. The other guards seek payback and target Harley. She suffers a blow to the head and Mallet takes her back to his office to rest. Olivia stops Bill from discovering Gus in the locked room. She and Bill head back to his apartment and make love but a guilty Olivia remains near the breaking point. Gus sets a fire, hoping to attract someone's attention. Alan arrives and saves him and Gus accuses Alan of being the kidnapper and locks him in the room while he rushes off to get to Harley. Reva is charmed by Nate's interest in her but turns him down. She comes clean to Josh about everything, including her rendezvous with Nate. Josh offers her a job at Lewis, but Reva is insulted, leaving her and Josh at odds, once again.

  • Ep. #14658
    Ep. #14658
    Episode 213

    Reva's momentary rage at being fired caused her to break the mirror on her van. When Josh shows up, she lies to cover the incident and tells him she quit her job at the station. Josh senses there's more going on but Reva insists she's glad to be free. Reva goes back to the bar and receives a drink and a room key from a secret admirer. Believing it's Josh trying to romance her, she goes up to the room only to find herself with a very handsome and charming stranger. Josh finds Reva's severance check and realizes she lied about being fired. Olivia and Bill continue to work towards repairing their relationship but she feels guilty about holding Gus captive. The more wonderful Bill is the more Olivia knows she has something to lose, and can't risk Gus opening up Phillip's case again. Dinah realizes that Edmund is playing both sides by helping Cassie keep her son while encouraging Prince Alonzo to keep fighting for Will. Edmund won't apologize for his actions and tells Dinah he's not going to waste this opportunity he's been given. Jeffrey gives Cassie news from Washington about Alonzo's plan. Despite the awkwardness of the situation, both Edmund and Jeffrey work together to put Cassie and her son before everything else.

  • Ep. #14657
    Ep. #14657
    Episode 212

    Cassie continues to lean on Edmund, fearing Will will be taken from her by Alonzo. Edmund secretly continues to make the situation worse by encouraging Alonzo to reclaim his son. Dinah catches him committing a suspicious act and wonders what Edmund has up his sleeve. Blake asks Josh if he'd be interested in working with her and Sebastian to bring Alan down. Josh tells her he's trying to slowly pull away from business. Reva gets fired from the station by a much younger, arrogant producer. She calls Jonathan immediately to help her drink away her frustrations but it does no good. She winds up taking her frustrations out by damaging her car window. Tammy and Sandy are all set for a romantic day. Tammy tries to question Sandy about his past but he shuts down. Lizzie throws a party at Company but nobody comes. Coop secretly recruits some guests and Lizzie is humiliated when she realizes what he did. They share a real emotional moment and Lizzie asks Coop not to leave Company after all.

  • Ep. #14656
    Ep. #14656
    Episode 211

    Harley, knowing Gus is in danger and desperate to save him, turns on the charm with Mallet, hoping that by seducing him she'll convince him to let her out of the prison for a day to find Gus. Mallet says he knows her way too well to fall for her trap. Harley asks Mallet to at least take a note to Alan asking him to find Gus. Mallet promises to deliver it but he throws the note in the garbage. Gus remains locked in a room in the Spaulding basement looking for a way out. A vision of Harley inspires him not to give up and he soon catches a break. When the mysterious voice asks him to give up his search for Phillip's real killer, Gus tricks his captor into opening a panel in the wall. He grabs hold of his captor's ankle, unaware that it's Olivia he's holding. She manages to break free of his old but is left shaken up. Michelle goes to Laurel Falls to say goodbye to Tony. Father Ray recites a blessing in his brother's honor. When Father Ray leaves to make burial arrangements, Michelle stuns Danny when she announces she will be leaving Springfield for a little while to visit her father and she plans to take Robbie with her. Marina surprises Danny when she suggests he go see Michelle off at the airport for a proper goodbye. He goes and shares an emotional goodbye with Michelle as she boards a plane and says farewell to both Danny and Springfield for a while.

  • Ep. #14655
    Ep. #14655
    Episode 210
  • Ep. #14654
    Ep. #14654
    Episode 209
  • Ep. #14653
    Ep. #14653
    Episode 208
  • Ep. #14652
    Ep. #14652
    Episode 207

    Edmund is saddened when Cassie tells him that she wants to tell RJ and Will about their separation. Ross and Vanessa are stunned to find that a Springfield tabloid has an incriminating story about Ross and go to confront Cassie and Edmund, not knowing that Dinah tipped off the press about Ross trying to deport her. Danny and Marina spend the day at Laurel Falls. Meanwhile, Michelle and Tony argue about her feelings and Michelle spills that she and Danny made love, just as Danny comes up the path. Holly and Alan make a deal to merge the Journal with Spaulding Enterprises. Holly demands a seat on the Spaulding board, as Sebastian and Blake discuss taking down the company. When Sebastian doubts Blake, she creates a scene and slaps him.

  • Ep. #14651
    Ep. #14651
    Episode 206

    Harley remembers the smell of perfume at Company the night of Phillip's murder. She goes to call Gus, but is stopped by Mallet. Lena calls Alan, who is paying her to spy on Harley in jail. Meanwhile, Gus is being held captive in a cell. When he tries to escape, a mysterious voice tells him that if he doesn't give up the investigation, Harley will die! Cassie and Dinah get into an argument which is interrupted by Vanessa! Dinah is outraged when Vanessa tells her that she wants her to come back to Switzerland with her and Matt. Cassie threatens to put a restraining order against Ross and Vanessa. Jonathan gets a shock when he sees Darla, a mysterious woman from his past. Darla asks for the information that JB was supposed to get or he will pay the consequences!

  • Ep. #14650
    Ep. #14650
    Episode 205
  • Ep. #14649
    Ep. #14649
    Episode 204
  • Ep. #14648
    Ep. #14648
    Episode 203
  • Ep. #14647
    Ep. #14647
    Episode 202

    Cassie and Jeffrey rush to the hospital because of Edmund's call. However, Dinah admits to Cassie that it was all a lie from Edmund. Cassie confronts him, stunned by his level of deception. Dinah is stunned when she is told by Dr. Sedwick that something is wrong with her. Harley is stunned when Mallet gives her a new work assignment, to be his personal assistant! Harley admits to Lena her connection with the warden. Gus tells Olivia that he now thinks that Harley committed murder and Frank punches him out. Gus gets a text message telling him to look inside the mansion for the answers. Michelle and Tony make plans to elope, so Danny and Michelle take a trip to Vegas for a divorce. Tony lets Marina know that he saw Danny and Michelle kissing, but Marina has faith in Danny.

  • Ep. #14646
    Ep. #14646
    Episode 201

    Cassie dances in the crowd with Jeffrey at one of his gigs. Edmund finds Dinah in his bed and demands to know what she is doing there. Tammy comes into the room and berates them when she seems them together. When Edmund finds out that Cassie is with Jeffrey, he lies and tells his estranged wife that something is wrong with the baby! Gus receives a mysterious note and tries to track down its origin. When Coop tells Gus about the flower on Phillip's grave, he investigates. He tries to investigate Olivia, not knowing someone is watching. Harley is threatened by some inmates, when her cellmate Lena steps in and helps her. Mallet checks up on her, but Harley tells him that she does not want any special treatment from him.

  • Ep. #14645
    Ep. #14645
    Episode 200
  • Ep. #14644
    Ep. #14644
    Episode 199
  • Ep. #14643
    Ep. #14643
    Episode 198
  • Ep. #14642
    Ep. #14642
    Episode 197

    Cassie kicks Edmund out of the farm house, but tells Dinah she can stay with her until the baby is born. Reva runs into Jonathan, who is struggling to deal with a very mysterious and very disturbing phone call. Bill returns back home even though he is still mad at Olivia for trying to blackmail his father. Later Gus arrives at Bill and Olivia's, and punches Bill for sleeping with Harley.

  • Ep. 14641
    Ep. 14641
    Episode 196

    Cassie is stunned to hear that Dinah is the woman carrying her baby. Both Edmund and Dinah try to convince Cassie that it will be all right, Cassie lashes out at Edmund and threatens to call the police on Dinah for stealing her baby. Cassie soon realizes even though the circumstances are bizarre, she then realizes that she is going to be a mother again. Josh enlisted the help of Tammy and Sandy to lift Reva's spirits, but Reva is to emotional to see Josh's kind attempt and takes off.

  • Ep. #14640
    Ep. #14640
    Episode 195

    Gus catches Bill and Harley in bed, and Harley lies that they made love. Harley gets sentenced to 25 years to life, despite a surprise testimony from Alan in support of Harley. Reva and Josh meet with Dr. Sedwick, who tells them that Reva is not pregnant, instead, she is going through menopause! Cassie enters the Jessup farm to see baby supplies and demands that Edmund tell her the truth. Edmund tells her that she has hired someone to carry their baby and a horrified Cassie leaves. After seeing Harley saying goodbye to Zach and Jude, she returns to the farm and tries to get Edmund to tell the name of the surrogate mother, when Dinah appears in the doorway.

  • Ep. #14639
    Ep. #14639
    Episode 194

    Harley and Bill spend the night together as friends, but their comforting touch leads to a surprise kiss. However, before they make love, Harley pushes him away. Gus points a toy gun at a petrified Alan and makes a deal with him to give a testimony in Harley's favor and Gus will return to Spaulding Enterprises. However, when Gus returns home, he sees Harley and Bill in a compromising situation! Sebastian tells Olivia that he has a plan. Dinah gets caught up in the moment and kisses a furious Edmund. Meanwhile, Cassie signs the separation papers, as Jeffrey and his band create a romantic atmosphere. After she leaves, Jeffrey decides to pursue his feelings, and Cassie gets a shock at the farm!

  • Ep. #14638
    Ep. #14638
    Episode 193

    Gus leaves the ER to find Harley, despite Buzz's advice. Harley takes the kids up to her old tree house and tries to tell them goodbye, when Zach runs away crying. Gus shows up and Harley yells at him for escaping from the ER. After, Harley and Bill comfort each other, and Gus pulls a gun on Alan! Olivia threatens Billy with the information about the thug he hired to "rough up" Phillip, not knowing that Bill is able to listen in via a radio. Billy and Olivia try to reason with Bill, to no avail. Michelle tells Tony that her memories are back, but that she still wants to marry him. However, when she is with Rick, she reveals her doubts about the man she wants.

  • Ep. #14637
    Ep. #14637
    Episode 192

    Harley recruits Bill to try to keep Gus away from her for his own health. She is proved right when he collapses and is taken back to the hospital. Alan tells Sebastian and Olivia that he wants Lewis Construction, and Olivia uses the information from Harris to try to blackmail Billy, not knowing that Bill has rejoined the company and is in an adjacent office. Holly, Sebastian, and Alan play a friendly game of pool, and Alan flirts with Holly. Danny and Michelle don't know what step to take next now that her memory has come back. Michelle decides to stay with Tony, who gives her a real engagement ring, but she doesn't tell him about her memories. Marina figures out Michelle's behavior and tells Danny she won't give him up without a fight!

  • Ep. #14636
    Ep. #14636
    Episode 191

    Danny tries to tend to Michelle, when she gives him a passionate kiss and announces that her memories have all returned! The two kiss and make love in the wrecked apartment. However, once they wake up, they realize that time has past and they are with other people. Father Ray is disappointed that Tony and Michelle are engaged. Dinah helps Cassie evade Edmund, and then tells her foe that she is pregnant-- and that Jeffrey may be the father! Cassie stays with Tammy and tells her daughter that she still loves Edmund. Meanwhile, Edmund attempts to assemble a crib for his new baby, when Dinah comes in and comforts him.

  • Ep. #14635
    Ep. #14635
    Episode 190

    Michelle tells Danny that she and Tony are engaged, when the roof of the apartment caves in on them and Michelle is hit on the head. Her memories begin to return, and Michelle kisses Danny! Cassie and Jeffrey begin to make love, when Cassie pulls back. Edmund tries to convince Dinah not to leave the farm, when a stunned Tammy enters. Harley realizes that Gus' new apartment is near her prison. Later, Harley tells Bill she needs his help to keep Gus away. Olivia recruits Jonathan to trail Harris, and Jonathan steals Bill's wallet. When the bill for the meal came and Bill was left with no money to pay it with, he enters a "Hot Bods" contest to win the money.

  • Ep. #14634
    Ep. #14634
    Episode 189

    At Company, a surprise party for Harley accidentally brings the Coopers and the Spauldings together. Harley takes the opportunity to speak to Danny about his and Marina's romance. Tensions between the Coopers and Spauldings remain, especially when Alan lets Harley know he has designs on Zach. To his surprise, she accepts the idea that Zach will need both sides of his family but Harley urges Gus to reconcile with his father so that he can keep an eye on Alan. Gus refuses once again, leaving Lizzie, Coop, Alan, Alex and the rest of the party to argue while Gus and Harley slip out. He takes her to his new apartment and there, they begin to make love. Tony brings Michelle to Laurel Falls where their romance began. He has chosen this place to ask her to marry him. She happily accepts but says they need Robbie's approval before making any plans. Cassie decides to go home and face Edmund. When she gets to the front door she hesitates once again and is shocked when Edmund calls her from Josh's cell phone. He pleads with her to come home but when she resists, she catches him in yet another lie about Tammy waiting at home to see her. Cassie returns to Jeffrey's apartment where she burns a photo of Edmund and finds comfort in Jeffrey's arms, as the two appear ready to make love. An uneasy Reva finally gets the courage to tell Josh they are expecting a baby. She is initially concerned at Josh's reaction but then he remembers that being a dad is something he is really good at.

  • Ep. #14633
    Ep. #14633
    Episode 188

    Although Dinah tries to convince him to wait and make sure there are no complications, Edmund leaves to find Cassie and tell her about the baby. Meanwhile, Reva is excited and anxious to tell Josh that she's expecting. However, Josh has a surprise of his own when he produces plans for a dream house he wants to build for just the two of them, now that they can finally enjoy their freedom. At Jeffrey's place, Cassie and Jeffrey share a tender kiss but then they both pull away. Meanwhile, Reva and Josh run into a frantic Edmund, desperate for information about Cassie's whereabouts. Reva gets a call from Jeffrey, asking her for help with Cassie and Reva leaves without alerting Edmund. After, Edmund pockets Josh's cell phone, determined to find Cassie. Reva arrives at Jeffrey's place and has a heart-to-heart with her sister. She apologizes for trying to tear apart Cassie's family and emotionally admits that she thinks she is pregnant. She leaves Cassie even more undecided. Meanwhile, Dinah is at the farmhouse when an angry Ross shows up and questions her relationship with Edmund. She doesn't reveal the truth but insists that she is not leaving Springfield. Edmund returns and Ross demands that Dinah leave with him now or he will wash his hands of her. Dinah chooses Edmund over her own father, and Ross is crushed. Since he saved her life, Tammy is feeling a strong connection to Jonathan and though he fights it, he can't deny that she understands him better than anyone else. Tammy challenges him to do something positive with his life, but when Sandy shows up, Jonathan shuts down again. Jonathan decides to reinsert himself into the family and when Josh arrives, he asks for a job in the family business, making Tammy very uncomfortable.

  • Ep. #14632
    Ep. #14632
    Episode 187

    Distraught over the state of her marriage, Cassie drags Jeffrey onto the dance floor. The sexual tension becomes quickly obvious and Jeffrey has to take a step back. Cassie won't go back to the Beacon so they head back to his place. Meanwhile, Edmund is furious that Ross is sending Dinah away. He uses his Ambassador status to board the plane. There, Edmund and Dinah convince the passengers that they belong together as Edmund confirms for Dinah that she is carrying his baby. Edmund carries Dinah off the plane and Dinah is overwhelmed, having believed in the fairy tale they concocted. Later, Edmund brings Dinah back home to the farm. He tries to call Cassie, but she doesn't answer her phone. Harley asks Buzz to take care of her kids while she's gone. Buzz panics and asks Rick to take the job, citing that he's failed his own kids too many times. Rick suggests a compromise and invites the Coopers to move into his house. Meanwhile, a hopeless Frank ends up at a bar trying to drown his sorrows. Danny forces Frank to take out his aggression on him instead of Jeffrey or Gus. Marina is grateful for Danny's help and they move a step closer to each other. Later, Harley begins to make a series of videotapes for her children, preparing them for her time away. Frank discovers her and the two share an emotional moment. Michelle tells Rick that her memories are returning slowly, and insists that she is not afraid of her memories any longer. She asks Rick to accept the new choices she has made, and he does. Later, Michelle and Tony renew their love and look forward to a lifetime of making new memories.

  • Ep. #14631
    Ep. #14631
    Episode 186

    The jury finds Harley guilty of murder in the second degree. As the Coopers reel from the devastating blow, Alan feels justified in his revenge. Harley is lead out to the hallway where another felon recognizes her as being a former cop and threatens her. Later, Gus convinces Jeffrey and the judge to let Harley remain free until her sentencing. Gus gets to work on her appeal and Harley learns from Jeffrey that Gus is suffering from exhaustion. She orders Gus to get some rest then leaves to spend time with her family. Later, an emotionally exhausted Gus comes close to accepting Alan's offer of forgiveness but ultimately pushes it away. Cassie returns and sees Dinah and Ross arguing at the airport as he tries to force her out of town. Cassie leaves unseen but when she gets to the farmhouse, she can't bring herself to face Edmund. Later, Cassie finds herself having a drink with Jeffrey who is distraught over prosecuting Harley. Cassie is heartbroken over the news of Harley's trial and confides in Jeffrey that she's separating from Edmund. Meanwhile, Edmund gets a visit from Blake, who tells him that Dinah is being sent away by her father for her own good. Horrified, Edmund heads to the airport to rescue Dinah. There, Edmund makes a plea to Ross but Ross doesn't change his mind and Dinah is put on the plane. Jonathan surprises Reva when he reacts with enthusiasm to finding out she may be pregnant. He calls her on her negativity and Reva realizes a new baby would give her the chance to make up for all the time she lost out on with her other children. A happy Reva prepares to tell Josh the good news.

  • Ep. #14630
    Ep. #14630
    Episode 185

    Gus tries to get Harley's mind off the trial by playing basketball. She is able to take some of her frustration out but then they get the call that the jury has returned from deliberation. At the courthouse, Gus pulls her into a closet and tells her he'll wait for her no matter what the outcome of the trial. Later, Harley's family supports her as she prepares to hear the verdict. Jeffrey nearly catches Edmund with Dinah at the farmhouse. The two men argue over Cassie and when Jeffrey spots a syringe, Edmund has to cover. Jeffrey doesn't entirely buy it but has to head back to court to hear the verdict. Meanwhile, Ross catches Dinah snooping around outside the farmhouse and she claims that Edmund has given her a job. Ross doesn't believe her but has his own plan in motion to handle Dinah. Later, Dinah gets a case of cold feet and wonders if she and Edmund have made a terrible mistake. Edmund soothes her and she falls even harder for him. Later on, as Edmund receives a phone call, confirming that Dinah is in fact pregnant, Ross lures Dinah to the airport with the false notion that Vanessa is flying in. But, at the airport, Ross reveals that he plans to send Dinah to stay with Vanessa and leave Springfield for good. Meanwhile, Cassie is arriving back in town. Reva and Sandy reconnect in front of Company. Tammy comes to visit Jonathan in the hospital and is surprised at the extent of his burns. She thanks him for saving her life and the two share a moment that Reva arrives to see. Later, Jonathan notices that Reva looks ill but when he questions her, she blurts out that she thinks she might be pregnant!

  • Ep. #14629
    Ep. #14629
    Episode 184

    Gus tries to make up for his own mistakes in the trial by preparing himself for a possible appeal. However, he collapses and must be taken to the ER by Jeffrey. Alan grudgingly follows at a distance and without letting Gus know, he pays his son's hospital bill. Harley waits anxiously for the jury to return with its verdict. Bill offers to rig the jury in order to keep Harley out of prison. She is touched by his offer but presses to know why he's willing to risk so much for her. He then tells her of Olivia's betrayal just as Olivia walks in. Harley admits she understands Olivia's motivation as a mother, there isn't anything Harley wouldn't do for her kids. But, Harley is still depressed about what lies ahead for her and returns to the courthouse, where Gus comforts her. Meanwhile, Billy confronts Olivia about her part in Harley's ongoing nightmare and her dealings with Lewis Construction. He vows to do his part to open Bill's eyes to the truth about his wife. Not about to let Billy get the upper hand, Olivia asks her assistant to gather up information about him. Later, as she and Bill are making love, Olivia learns that Billy put a thug on his payroll and is determined to find out why. In a bar, Sebastian finds Beth who is distraught over the events at Harley's trial. He does his best to lighten her mood and Beth responds, only to find Holly intruding on the moment. She insists that she's merely doing a story on Sebastian, but Beth wonders if Holly has fallen for the man who kept her prisoner on the island. After, Holly calls Billy over to the bar, insisting that she wasn't tempted to drink but just needed a friend.

  • Ep. #14628
    Ep. #14628
    Episode 183

    Dinah tries to get closer to Edmund as she offers him tips on how to win back Cassie. But, all her efforts only remind her of the sacrifice she is making. Jonathan busts into Tammy's room and rescues her from a fire. As Tammy thanks him and tends to his wound, he gets defensive and pushes her away. Hurt, Tammy heads home and after realizing that her mother is gone, she finally learns the truth when Edmund confesses to his role in the barn fire. Upset, she leaves and runs into Sandy's arms. Meanwhile, Reva's trying to patch things up between Billy and Bill, but her focus is lost when Sandy calls, alerting her to Jonathan's latest adventure. Reva goes to see him at the hospital where he is receiving treatment for his burns and though he tries once again to draw her in, Reva forces herself to walk away from him. Meanwhile, Olivia fears she's losing Bill but he surprises her by coming to her defense during the family talk with Billy and Reva. Later, Bill admits for the first time that he loves her but Billy still doesn't trust her. Lizzie surprises the Coopers when she evicts them from the boarding house over Company. Coop pressures Lizzie until she admits that he's the reason his family is being told to leave. Later, as Coop struggles with how he is going to break the news to his family, Lizzie wonders if she's done the right thing.

  • Ep. #14627
    Ep. #14627
    Episode 182

    On the stand, an emotional Harley comes to the conclusion that she could not have killed Phillip. She pleads to the jury to grant her her freedom. After, Harley tells Gus that she is not angry with him for setting up the witness on her behalf and thanks him for having faith in her. Bill confronts Olivia who admits she's the one who exposed Gus' connection to the witness. Olivia insists that she was fighting for her life and for Emma's but Bill declares that he cannot accept what she did. After, Alan warns Olivia she's in trouble if Harley is acquitted. Tammy and Sandy discover that Jonathan has checked into the room next door from Tammy at the Springfield Inn. Jonathan makes a nuisance of himself by blasting loud music and Sandy lets him have it. Later, Sandy tells Tammy that he wants her to leave the but she refuses. Meanwhile, Jonathan heads to a bar to take his mind off Reva kicking him out of her house but can't seem to shake the pain. Later, while Tammy is having a steamy dream about Sandy, Jonathan kicks her door in. Tony offers Danny a business proposition. He accepts and the cousins take a step closer together. A just arriving Michelle also shares in the warm moment but when Marina arrives, she isn't pleased to see Michelle and Danny in a close embrace. Later, Michelle and Danny are both served with their divorce papers and look forward to their new lives with Tony and Marina.

  • Ep. #14626
    Ep. #14626
    Episode 181

    Jeffrey produces the photo that shows Gus and Webster in a conversation in the alley before his testimony. He then presents evidence that Gus knew Webster back in Chicago and was aware that he could beat a lie detector test. A recess is called and Gus confesses to Harley that he recruited Webster on purpose. Refusing to give up, Gus believes that the jury may still be on Harley's side and wants to ride it out. But an unconvinced Harley knows that's not enough to set her free and demands that Gus put her on the stand. Meanwhile, Olivia watches as the evidence she supplied about Gus's late-night meeting with Webster plays out in the courtroom. When Bill questions how Jeffrey got this evidence, Olivia keeps quiet as Alan watches closely nearby. But Alan arranges for Bill to see the picture on Olivia's cell phone, confirming for Bill that it was Olivia who betrayed Harley. Edmund's ready to give Dinah a shot but unexpectedly finds her barely dressed. She offers to have a nurse do the procedure but Edmund puts aside his feelings and does it. After, Dinah tells Edmund that she needs to shop for maternity clothes. She's surprised when he summons a woman from the consulate to accompany Dinah to the mall. Later, Edmund's missing Cassie and when there is a knock on the door, he's hopeful but finds Dinah instead, who claims she's not well. Rick blasts Beth for her betrayal. After, Holly spots Sebastian comforting Beth and finds herself a little jealous. He insists that he's a changed man so she proposes a deal: she'll chronicle his return to Springfield and write about what it's like to turn your life around. Holly maintains that her curiosity is purely journalistic but Sebastian wonders if there isn't more to it.

  • Ep. #14625
    Ep. #14625
    Episode 180

    Gus is confident about putting Webster on the stand, unaware that Alan has given Jeffrey the damaging photo that Olivia took of him. Gus calls Rick and Beth to the stand, and portrays them both as people who might have wanted Phillip dead. Called to testify, Olivia angers Alan and surprises Bill when she carries on about how awful it was to have known Phillip. Gus calls Webster to the stand and, satisfied with his testimony, is ready to rest his case. Suddenly, Jeffrey shocks all by calling Gus to the stand. Edmund seeks out Reva and tries to recruit her to his side by saying Cassie's left town. Reva's alarmed, but still wary of Edmund and promises only to think about assisting him. Later, Edmund goes to Dinah with a legal document requiring her to turn over the baby once she delivers. Surprisingly, Dinah is gracious, insisting that she's going through with the procedure to help both Edmund and Cassie. Later, Edmund gets a jolt when he finds himself face-to-face with a stripped-down Dinah. Meanwhile, Reva takes Jonathan shopping, buys him all sorts of homemaking supplies and then tells him he has to move out of the house. He's thrown and tries to manipulate her to change her mind but for the first time, he's unsuccessful at getting under her skin. Lizzie is angry at Coop for chasing away her date, but is surprised to learn that the guy was hitting on a Company waitress. She tries to show her appreciation by talking Coop up to a famous restaurant consultant but to Coop, it seems like Lizzie's trying to mold him into a Spaulding. Hurt, Lizzie makes plans to expand Company by taking over the boarding house where Coop and his family lives.

  • Ep. #14624
    Ep. #14624
    Episode 179

    After the procedure to impregnate Dinah, Edmund begins to realize the seriousness of his actions. Dinah offers to leave town, but with his head spinning, Edmund takes her back to her suite to rest. There, Dinah is visited by Ross, who tells her about his chance meeting with Corey's mom. Ross once again accuses Dinah of wanting what belongs to Cassie but Dinah insists that she has her own life to look forward to now. Ross is unconvinced. Meanwhile, Edmund struggles with his demons. Later, he returns to Dinah's suite and tucks her in, determined to keep her safe. Reva is at the bar, drinking and enjoying the company of her dance partner, Paul. She makes it clear that dancing is all she is interested in but that doesn't stop Jonathan from trying to cause trouble by letting Josh know that his wife is out having a great time. Later, Reva shows up at Josh's office, and he tells her that he doesn't recognize the woman she's become. Reva realizes that Jonathan has changed her. With Josh's help, Reva makes the decision that Jonathan must move out. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Tammy come face to face in the parking garage as Jonathan is leaving Josh's office. Tammy declares that she is no longer afraid of him, but she is determined to keep him from coming between her Aunt Reva and Uncle Josh. As they argue, Jonathan spots a father angrily berating his little boy. Reminded of his own childhood, he angrily confronts the violent dad. When a security guard intervenes, Tammy comes to Jonathan's defense. Jonathan is moved, and unsettled by Tammy's sensitivity to his emotions. But, their moment of closeness is interrupted when Sandy arrives and takes Tammy away.

  • Ep. #14623
    Ep. #14623
    Episode 178

    Cassie is shocked to find Jeffrey singing with his band at the bar. She confides all her troubles to him and he almost admits his true feelings for her. Meanwhile, Dinah proposes to Edmund that she carry his and Cassie's baby to term. She explains that having this child would not only save Cassie and Edmund's marriage but it would also redeem Dinah in the eyes of Springfield. Edmund is convinced that Dinah has really lost her mind but then Cassie calls to say she's leaving him. When Edmund hears Jeffrey's concerned voice on the other end, he realizes that he has to do something. His desperation drives him to do the unthinkable as he and Dinah prepare to make a baby. Harley is holding onto hope that she will be exonerated but aware of the consequences if she isn't. When Alan arrives and ruins a happy family moment, Harley's fears are renewed but Gus quickly reminds her that she has a future worth fighting for. Meanwhile, Olivia has snapped a questionable photo of Webster, the man who could possibly clear Harley, in the hopes of protecting herself from Alan. When Bill catches her, she covers. Later, Olivia discusses with Harley the lengths a mother must go to for her children, and comes to the realization that she must do this in order to escape the threat Alan poses. Meanwhile, Alan has a tense encounter with Buzz and later, ends up with a flat tire. Surprisingly, Bill comes to his rescue but he warns Alan about the pressure he's put on Olivia. However, Alan regains the upper hand when he drops the bomb on Bill that Olivia has sold him part ownership of the Lewis building. Later, a fuming Bill lets the air out of Alan's tire but Alan is pleased when he receives the damaging photo Olivia took.

  • Ep. #14622
    Ep. #14622
    Episode 177

    A desperate Edmund confronts Reva. She admits she feels that Edmund deserves some of what he's getting and Josh overhears. Josh points out to Reva that she's acting out of control. She has taken her sister's life and flipped it upside down. Reva confesses that she isn't sure what her motives are anymore. Distraught, Reva leaves to clear her head but when she runs into Jonathan, he helps her to forget her troubles and enjoy the moment by setting her up to dance with a handsome stranger. Meanwhile, Cassie faces one of the biggest decisions of her life, whether or not to go through with the IVF procedure. Josh advises her to wait, but when Jonathan reveals that it was he who told everyone Edmund's secret, she becomes determined not to let Jonathan break up her marriage. She heads off to Farley's bar where she catches a surprising live act: Jeffrey! Edmund runs into Dinah, who tries to comfort him but he's completely focused on making things up to Cassie. Later, Edmund gets a phone call from the fertility clinic, informing him that his wife is waiting for him to begin the transfer. Thrilled, he rushes to the clinic but is stunned to find Dinah there instead of Cassie! Gus surprises Harley by taking her to a parking garage, where long ago, they had one of their "stakeout dates." Things get romantic and they laugh together. Meanwhile, Olivia, determined not to have Alan come after her, follows the witness, Webster, who could clear Harley. Jonathan nails her spying, and she admits that if Harley goes free, Alan will be after her. Jonathan encourages her to do what she has to do. Later, Olivia feels guilty when she encounters Harley and Gus in the parking garage. But, she overcomes it and gets a photo that paints the witness in a very negative light.

  • Ep. #14621
    Ep. #14621
    Episode 176

    Harley watches intensely as Frank's new witness takes a lie detector test. Unsatisfied with the results, she demands specific details from the night of the murder. Finally, she believes him – then Alan shows up and reissues his threat against Zach if she doesn't take the plea. When Gus implores her to give him the opportunity to clear her, Harley decides to put her fate and the fate of her child in Gus's hands. Spooked by Alan's threats, Olivia meets with Alexandra and tries to find out Alan's plan. Later, she is summoned to the courthouse by the DA's office, but she is shocked to find Alan waiting for her instead. Alan lets Olivia know that he will be turning his attention in her direction if Harley is let go. He produces proof of Olivia's intention to flee the country in the hours after the murder. Olivia's shaken and Alan reveals he'd be happy not to pursue it if somehow, Harley's prosecution would not be derailed by this surprise witness. Michelle finds out about Danny's new apartment and drags Tony with her to bring a housewarming present. They walk in just as things are heating up between Danny and Marina. Tony is curious about Michelle's adamant approval of Danny and Marina's new relationship. Michelle hedges at first but then confesses she fears that her memories will get in the way of her relationship with Tony. Tony assures her that nothing can come between them, unaware that Michelle's memories of Danny are becoming more romantic. To slight Coop, Lizzie shows up at Company with a preppy guy. Later, Coop witnesses the guy two-timing Lizzie the minute she turns her back and sends him packing. Lizzie accuses Coop of undermining her and her new boyfriend. Coop proves to Lizzie that he's more her type by kissing her.

  • Ep. #14620
    Ep. #14620
    Episode 175

    Cassie confronts Reva about drawing up the papers against Edmund. She accuses her sister of wanting revenge for Jonathan, but Reva denies this. Reva pushes Cassie to realize she can't reconcile with Edmund but Cassie is torn and unable to forgive her. Meanwhile, an angry Edmund takes on Jeffrey, convinced that he revealed the truth to Cassie. Jeffrey insists that he is not to blame and thinks Edmund should get out of Cassie's life if he cares about her at all. Later, Edmund finds Cassie at the suite, gathering her things. He begs her once again to forgive him but she can't and leaves him devastated. Meanwhile, Jeffrey runs into Jonathan who baits Jeffrey until he finally admits to his feelings for Cassie. Jeffrey warns him that there are ways of getting around the system and if he knows what's good for him, he will stay away from Cassie. Later, after getting all the details from Jonathan, Josh finds Reva and expresses his disappointment at what she and Jonathan have done. Bill takes a swing at Sebastian but ends up hitting the wall. Olivia panics when she learns Bill has been taken to the emergency room. When she arrives and finds Sebastian at the hospital, she assumes he's responsible and lets him have it. She then learns about Bill punching the wall. She's stunned and less than pleased to see that Sebastian and Bill have bonded. Later, Sebastian reveals the truth about Olivia's real estate sale to Bill but drugged up Bill doesn't catch on. Olivia rips into Sebastian for being Alan's new lackey but is surprised when Sebastian offers her some advice on how to handle Alan.

  • Ep. #14619
    Ep. #14619
    Episode 174

    Cassie gives Edmund every opportunity to confess to his role in the barn fire, but he doesn't. Finally, Cassie confronts him with what she knows. Despite Edmund's moving plea, Cassie runs out on him. She begins to have doubts until she hears Edmund throwing a violent tantrum inside, confirming her fears that he has gone back to the way he once was. Dinah corners Blake for a lesson in how to be lovable. But Blake blows her off, and a desperate Dinah calls Corey. In the heat of the moment, she calls out Edmund's name and a disgusted Corey leaves. Later, Dinah is left alone to wallow in her misery and fantasize about the family she desires with Edmund. A suspicious Bill is concerned that Olivia is spending too much time at Spaulding recently, but Olivia claims it's all so that she can get the one up on her new co-CEO Sebastian. Later, an old friendship is renewed when Michelle and Bill run into one another at Towers. Bill discovers that Michelle is not entirely pleased that her memories are returning for fear that her feelings for Danny might also return. Meanwhile, Olivia is prepared to go behind Bill's back and go through with the deal to sell Alan half of the Lewis Construction building. But, she is taken aback when Alan implies that he intends to avenge Phillip's death and if Harley goes free, Alan will keep a close eye on Olivia. Meanwhile, Holly has invited Sebastian to dinner to get some answers. But, convinced that Sebastian is out to get her, Holly can't accept his new normal attitude. After, Bill approaches Sebastian, who immediately rubs him the wrong way.

  • Ep. #14618
    Ep. #14618
    Episode 173

    When Reva realizes that someone has taken the legal papers she had Jeffrey draw up against Edmund, she goes to confront Jonathan who is fooling around with Dinah. Jonathan refuses to apologize to Reva, insisting that he's only doing what Reva didn't have the guts to do. Meanwhile, Cassie is devastated to learn that Edmund started the fire in the barn that almost killed RJ. She tracks down Jeffrey and demands to know if the charges against Edmund are true. Jeffrey admits the truth to Cassie but also explains that is was Reva, not him, that drew up the papers. He urges her to talk things out with her husband but a confused and angry Cassie isn't sure that she can. Meanwhile, Edmund has discovered that Cassie left her hotel suite but on his way to find her, Dinah stalls him. Later, Edmund and Cassie finally come face to face. Meanwhile, a hopeful Dinah is shut down by Jeffrey who tells her that she is un-lovable. Things look up for Harley when Frank reveals a surprise witness, Webster, who says he saw Phillip alive after Harley as Ruth left Company the night of the murder. The court adjourns to consider this and Harley reels over the possibility that she may not have killed Phillip after all. Alone with Gus, she admits that she lied about remembering the shooting to protect Zach. But, Gus is shocked when she says she still won't change her plea and risk Zach's future until she's certain the new witness is viable. Meanwhile, Coop believes that with the appearance of this new witness, Harley's future is looking brighter and so is his future with Lizzie. But, Alan's ongoing feud with the Coopers and his need to protect his family threatens to get in the way.

  • EP. #14617
    EP. #14617
    Episode 172

    Knowing this could be her final day of freedom, Harley seeks out those she holds dear. Watching them from a distance, she observes the precious moments, knowing they are going to have to last her a long time. But when she sits down to write a "Dear John" note to Gus, he catches her and confronts her about her desire for him to move on. She insists it's what's right but neither of them really believe it, and when he shows up at court she doesn't send him away. Later, when she stands before the judge ready to take her deal, she's stunned when everyone else shows up and she realizes she has to say out loud that she killed Phillip. Harley's ready to change her plea when Frank arrives. He reveals that a new witness has turned up, one who will swear that Phillip was alive when Harley left Company that fateful night. Edmund continues to hide Cassie from everyone else, determined to protect her, until her IVF procedure is concluded. But his attempts to keep her isolated bother Cassie, especially when she realizes he is treating her more like a prisoner than a patient. Meanwhile, Reva is preparing to have the charges filed against Edmund for what he did to Jeffrey in the barn. Jonathan gets a look at the legal papers and urges Reva not to wait, but Reva insists she needs more time to consider it. Jonathan takes matters into his own hands and steals the papers from Reva. Later, as Reva realizes that Jonathan pulled a switch with the papers, Cassie comes to Beacon looking for Reva and finds the surprising fax instead.

  • Ep. #14616
    Ep. #14616
    Episode 171

    Harley meets with Jeffrey and tells him she wants to take his deal. He's suspicious at first, but Harley's is adament, insisting that she has remembered the crime. Meanwhile, Alan is about to tell Gus the truth when Gus lashes out and a wounded Alan decides to keep quiet. Gus finds Harley, just as Jeffrey is telling her she'll have to appear in court to swear to the plea she just signed. When Jeffrey leaves, Gus appeals to her to change her mind and presents her with a set of plane tickets. She's deeply tempted and even gives in to a kiss but eventually tells Gus it's over. Gus declares that he loves her but won't be in court to watch her take the deal that puts her away. Reva is determined to find Cassie and warn her about her husband. But, Edmund is hiding Cassie out in a suite at Towers, letting her recuperate. When Tammy and Reva find Edmund, they confront him about Cassie's whereabouts, but Tammy is convinced by Edmund's arguments and takes his side. Desperate, Reva seeks out Jeffrey and tells him she wants to file charges against Edmund. Jeffrey agrees to draw up the papers but asks Reva to sleep on it, warning her that if she drops this bomb, Cassie may never forgive her. Olivia learns that Bill has made plans to rebuild Harley's house and argues with him about how that will look to Alan. Later, she flirts with Matt, unaware of his relationship to Bill. When Bill makes introductions, Olivia is embarrassed but covers. She excuses herself to speak with Alan. She wants to show a sign of loyalty and offers Alan part ownership of Lewis Construction. Alan is tempted and Olivia keeps her new business dealings a secret from Bill.

  • Ep. #14615
    Ep. #14615
    Episode 170

    Harley confirms with Alan that he'll leave Zach alone to be raised by the Coopers if she takes the plea and admits to killing Phillip. When Alan is noncommittal, a furious Harley explodes and reveals that she doesn't really remember shooting Phillip and is only confessing to protect her son. Alan leaves, appearing to agree to Harley's request when Gus arrives and tries to convince Harley not to take the deal. Harley won't change her mind and tries to assure him she'll be okay. She leaves Gus devastated. Meanwhile, Olivia is still mad at Bill for lying to protect Harley. They eventually make up but Olivia is less than pleased when she learns Sebastian is her new co-president at Spaulding. Bill leaves and finds Harley in the park. There, a crumbling Harley breaks down in Bill's arms which Olivia arrives to see. Meanwhile, Alan realizes how distraught Gus is and considers telling him that Harley is in fact lying about remembering the murder. Worried that he hasn't seen Lizzie in a few days, Coop sets off to look for her and finds her on the Beacon rooftop. Thinking she is about to jump, he rushes to save her and ends up apologizing for trying to pin Phillip's murder on her. She remains cold but when she gets up to leave, she does in fact slip and Coop reaches down to grab her! He pulls her to safety and lost in the moment, the two end up in a serious kiss. They pull away from each other but are somewhat drawn to each other.

  • Ep. #14614
    Ep. #14614
    Episode 169

    Reva questions Jonathan's motives for wanting her to warn Cassie about Edmund. But just as Jonathan is making progress with her, Josh intervenes and increases Reva's doubt in her son. Later, after some soul-searching with Josh, Reva decides she must tell her sister about Edmund. But when they arrive at the clinic, they discover that Cassie has vanished. Tammy confronts Jonathan after Josh inadvertently alerts her to what happened between Jonathan and Cassie on the eve of Cassie's wedding. But Jonathan is upset and leaves Tammy hanging about what really happened. Later, a confused Tammy rushes to the clinic but like Reva and Josh, she discovers that Cassie has vanished. Matt Reardon, Dinah's stepfather, has joined Bill, Blake and Ross in an attempt to confront Dinah on her recent actions. The intervention is off to a good start until a slip by Blake makes Dinah realize that it's fear for Cassie rather than love for Dinah that's motivating her family. Later, when Dinah questions her mother's whereabouts, she is even further distressed to realize that Vanessa stayed behind to take care of her other daughter, Maureen. Furious, Dinah leaves and Ross is left to wonder if he's done the right thing. Chaos ensues at the Santos house when Danny, Marina, Tony and Michelle find themselves having a slumber party at Robbie's request. But, the night takes an unexpected turn when a mix up in the sleeping arrangements leads Michelle to find Danny in the shower and she is hit with a steamy memory of him. Later, there's a major misunderstanding in the works regarding Robbie's future when Marina thinks she hears Michelle and Tony plotting to take full custody of Robbie.

  • Ep. #14613
    Ep. #14613
    Episode 168

    Reva goes to Cassie's room, prepared to spill the beans about Edmund causing the fire. But Cassie suffers a reaction to the anesthesia and needs immediate medical attention. Edmund races in and blames Reva for Cassie's condition. Reva can't bring herself to break Cassie's heart and keeps the secret from her sister. Meanwhile, Dinah is waiting to hear the good news from Jonathan that Reva wrecked Cassie and Edmund's marriage. But, Ross finds her and tries one last time to get his daughter to be honest with him about Jonathan and her own obsession with Cassie. Dinah lies to Ross, even when Jonathan shows up. Ross goes off on a mission, and Jonathan reports to an anxious Dinah that Reva is with Cassie, on the verge of telling her everything. Dinah's pleased and she's ready to take Jonathan to bed when she gets a call to meet Blake for a family meeting. Dinah sets off only to discover a surprise visitor. Meanwhile, Jonathan and Reva come face-to-face and Jonathan is not happy that Reva kept quiet. Harley tells Gus that she remembers shooting Phillip and must change her plea to guilty. He refuses to believe her and Harley must do everything in her power to convince him, including revisiting the scene of the crime. The vivid details of the murder are resurrected and though Harley makes a very convincing case, Gus still can't bring himself to see Harley as the killer. Later, as Harley clings to Zach and Buzz, knowing it may be one of the last times, Gus vows to keep fighting for her, even if she won't.

  • Ep. #14612
    Ep. #14612
    Episode 167

    Gus calls Alan to the stand. While Jeffrey objects, Alan vows to take Zach when Harley's convicted. Gus remains unfazed and grills him about Phillip. Gus goes after Alan and his responsibility in making Phillip the monster he was. Alan stands his ground but Gus makes good points in his examination. Later, Gus finds Harley in tears. When he asks what's wrong, Harley blurts out that she has remembered something and she knows she killed Phillip. Edmund has smuggled Cassie to the outskirts of town to an exclusive fertility clinic as a way of protecting her from unwanted distractions. Meanwhile, Jonathan learns Reva hasn't told Cassie about Edmund starting the fire in the barn. He offers to help Reva find Cassie so that she can be with her sister as she goes through her procedure. But when they arrive at the clinic, Edmund demands that Reva leave, pointing out that neither she nor her son are welcome. Just as Edmund has a guard escort a livid Reva out, Jonathan clubs the guard and Reva rushes to Cassie, ready to tell her the awful truth. Danny, Michelle, Tony and Marina realize that Robbie is missing. Michelle concludes that he must have felt angry and disappointed about Michelle and Danny not getting back together. Meanwhile, overwhelmed Robbie comes across a friendly stranger in the park - Sebastian. Back at the house, as the foursome prepares to search for a missing Robbie, Sebastian safely returns him. Danny and Tony are ready to hurt Sebastian but it becomes evident that he's the hero. Robbie's parents are overjoyed to have him back and reassure him he did nothing wrong. Robbie then requests that everyone stay the night together and the adults prepare for the most awkward of slumber parties.

  • Ep. #14611
    Ep. #14611
    Episode 166

    Harley knows Alan is trying to disbar Gus and she wants him to drop her case, but he won't hear of it. In court, Bill goes against Olivia's wishes when he testifies that he was the mastermind behind the plot to get Phillip and names Olivia as a witness to that. After, Alan gives Gus a warning not to come after him on the stand and Jeffrey overhears. Jeffrey decides not to call Alan to the stand, seemingly letting Gus off the hook. But, Gus ignores Alan's threat and calls him to the stand himself. Michelle moves back into her old house, determined to provide a stable home for Robbie. Later, when Rick arrives to apologize for their earlier fight, she admits she is troubled by the looming memories of Danny. Rick offers to show her some techniques for gaining memory, but she turns him down. Meanwhile, Marina tries to help Danny find a new apartment but every place they look at falls short to the home Danny once had. Later, Danny is not pleased to find Tony with Robbie in the park but the two cousins reach something of an understanding. They go back to the house and with everyone there, Robbie mistakenly assumes that his parents are getting back together. When Michelle and Danny try to explain things to him, Robbie runs away. Lizzie cracks under the pressure and throws everyone out of Company. Surprisingly, it's Tammy who is able to get through to her. They have a laugh over some old memories but once Tammy leaves, it's obvious that Lizzie is bothered.

  • Ep. #14610
    Ep. #14610
    Episode 165

    Tammy arrives at Olivia's bar and Jonathan grabs her from behind. She sees a table set for two and Jonathan explains that he has rented out the place and needs Tammy to get their mothers to come. Tammy makes the phone calls and the stage is set. When the sisters arrive, the tension is thick as they exchange insults against Edmund and Jonathan. Just as Reva is about to reveal the truth, Cassie makes an emotional plea about her hopes for the future and Reva chooses to keep quiet rather than risk losing her sister. Meanwhile, Dinah and Jonathan are happily anticipating the inevitable divide between Cassie, Reva and Edmund once the truth of the barn fire is revealed. But, Ross walks in on their celebration and confronts them, forcing Dinah to come up with a lame cover story. Tammy attends a party at Sandy's apartment - but she's the only guest. The two share a playful evening as they explore their new non-roommate relationship and later, Tammy credits Sandy with helping her rediscover the goodness in herself. Olivia discovers that Sebastian and Alan not only know each other, but that Sebastian is the one who bailed Alan out of jail. Later, Olivia and Sebastian reach a tentative professional partnership - but it's clear that each is working his or her own agenda. Still reeling off her bad day in court, Lizzie is tough on Coop when he shows up to check on her. Coop says that he believes in her but Lizzie has lost faith in him and they have a painful parting.

  • Ep. #14609
    Ep. #14609
    Episode 164

    Lizzie makes a confession - but to everyone's shock, it isn't Phillip's murder she recalls, it's Carl's, the man she was forced to kill years ago to protect her mother. To further cripple the defense, Jeffrey breaks his silence and reveals the contents of the lab report, that the blood on the shard of glass found in Lizzie's room belonged to Carl, not Phillip. Instead of clearing Harley, Gus has only served to make things worse and not just for Harley but also for himself, since now, a furious Alan is even more determined to have Gus disbarred. Harley realizes just how much Gus' defending her is costing him but he insists that it's all worth it. She forces an exhausted Gus to go to bed, and lies down next to him, putting her arms around him. Jonathan and Dinah are on the verge of making love when Josh shows up unexpectedly. Josh wonders about Edmund's recent behavior. Meanwhile, Reva ponders whether or not to tell Edmund about Jonathan's accusations. When Edmund's violent anger flashes, Reva is about to spill but Josh shows up and lets Edmund off the hook. Reva reveals to Josh that she intends to tell Cassie the truth. Later, determined to keep Cassie stress free, Edmund takes steps to take Cassie away from it all - including those she loves. Meanwhile, when Dinah informs Jonathan that Reva has yet to spill the beans with Cassie, he puts another plan into action. He goes to Tammy to suggest they help their mothers and though she knows he's up to something, she can't help but be touched by his concern. They make a plan to meet at Olivia's bar but when Tammy arrives, she is grabbed from behind.

  • Ep. #14608
    Ep. #14608
    Episode 163

    Cassie and Edmund are hopeful, putting the Jonathan mess behind them and preparing to begin IVF treatment. But, Edmund gets angry when he realizes that Jonathan has no intention of burying the hatchet. When Cassie reaches out to Reva in an effort to speak with her about Jonathan's behavior, tensions remain high between the sisters. Seeing Cassie's stress, Edmund quickly ends the call. Reva assumes Edmund is trying to keep Cassie and Reva apart. With the knowledge that Edmund started the fire, Reva is torn about what to do. She escapes to Olivia's bar to think but runs right into Edmund. Meanwhile, Dinah is furious when she learns that Jonathan told Reva it was Dinah who supplied the information about the barn fire. Jonathan points out Reva will never let Cassie remain with someone as dangerous as Edmund. Turned on by the thought, Dinah gives into his advances, just as Ross stands looking in from the outside, more and more concerned about his daughter's behavior. On the stand, Gus digs into Lizzie in a final push to get her to confess to killing Phillip. He is relentless and Lizzie is close to cracking until finally, overwhelmed, she faints in to Gus' arms. Coop comes to her aid but when he tells her he knows about the shard of glass and it's time to confess to what she's done, she slaps him across the face. Meanwhile, Beth and Alan are horrified by Gus' actions and can't understand why Jeffrey doesn't put a stop to it. But, a piece of information sitting on Jeffrey's desk is what seems to be holding him back as Lizzie's questioning continues. Later, after a relentless and determined examination, Gus seems to get what he was after, as Lizzie begins to confess, but to what.

  • Ep. #14607
    Ep. #14607
    Episode 162

    Frank and Harley commiserate at their childhood tree house. When Jeffrey brings Frank to the stand, Frank cracks under Jeffrey's pressure and admits that he believes that Harley really killed Phillip. Coop realizes that Lizzie posed as him and canceled the test on the shard of glass. Olivia tries to keep Alan locked up, not knowing that Sebastian has already released him for a price of course...a job at Spaulding. Reva is afraid that Edmund is just as dangerous as he once was, but Edmund tries to make amends.

  • Ep. #14606
    Ep. #14606
    Episode 161

    Holly faints when she sees Sebastian in the flesh, and is convinced he will come after her once again. When Blake comes by, Sebastian keeps mum about his fall from the plane. Meanwhile, Bill offers to perjure himself to help Harley's case, but Harley will hear none of it. Bill asks Billy to help rebuild Harley's home. Reva and Cassie clash at the farm, as Edmund runs into Jonathan. Dinah has her hands full at a date with her beau Corey, who has brought along his mother.

  • Ep. #14605
    Ep. #14605
    Episode 160

    Josh and Reva catch Jonathan in their bed, but don't realize he was with Dinah. Later, Reva goes after Edmund convinced that he is once again making threats against her family. Dinah tries to convince Ross that she is over her obsession with Cassie once and for all, but the Mayor remains unconvinced. Coop takes Lizzie to Harley's demolished house where she gets stuck in a trough of cement. Lizzie finds Coop's phone and learns of his betrayal with the glass shard.

  • Ep. #14604
    Ep. #14604
    Episode 159

    Josh takes Reva to a Valentine's Day getaway at Cross Creek where they hope to forget their troubles. Jonathan and Dinah share a romp in Josh and Reva's bed. Edmund demands to know what happened the night before the wedding, but before Edmund has the chance to revert back to his old habits, Cassie barges in. A man dressed as Cupid interrupts Harley's trial and the pair patch up a fight between a newlywed couple, wondering what this means for them as well.

  • Ep. #14603
    Ep. #14603
    Episode 158

    Cassie, Reva and Jonathan share a moment trying to help Harley escape from the press. On the way to the trial, Gus makes an impulsive move and he proposes to Harley. Jeffrey tries to offer the plea bargain, but she refuses. Lizzie begins to come unglued and begins to remember a night she has tried to forget for some time. Edmund learns that Jonathan was inside Cassie's hotel room the night before the wedding.

  • Ep. #14602
    Ep. #14602
    Episode 157

    Coop locks Lizzie in the Spaulding potting shed to keep her away from a Cooper family gathering. However, when Lizzie goes nuts inside, Coop is forced to let her out. Harley prepares to say goodbye to her children. Harley finds out that Gus is having a contractor rebuild a house for her. Josh tries a tough love session on Jonathan, but Reva interrupts fearing that Josh is going too far. Alan threatens Jeffrey not to blow it, and the DA responds with a pair of handcuffs.

  • Ep. #14601
    Ep. #14601
    Episode 156

    Edmund tries to get the truth out of Reva about the incident at the Chloette party. Jonathan tries to set Edmund off, but Josh comes before he can do any harm. Cassie tells Edmund about her knock-down drag-out fight with Dinah and they make love. Michelle tries to be the perfect mom, afraid that she is losing her son, but things go awry. Danny gives Marina a shoulder to cry on about Harley. Holly is freaked out by a bottle of wine, the same as the one inside Sebastian's cell. Blake tries to comfort her and Holly reveals how she really felt about Sebastian.

  • Ep. #14600
    Ep. #14600
    Episode 155

    A hypnotist tries to get Harley to open up about the night of Phillip's murder to no avail as Gus barges in on the proceedings. Coop grabs a bloody shard of glass out of Lizzie's room and Buzz sends it to an old friend in Chicago. Cassie and Dinah fight on the barn floor, and Ross and his daughter Clarissa see. Cassie gives Ross an ultimatum about Dinah's scheming. Bill and Olivia stage a fight for Alan to see.

  • Ep. #14599
    Ep. #14599
    Episode 154

    Harley would like to forget her troubles and lose herself and be in Gus's arms. But when Gus senses that her feelings are really a way of saying goodbye, he tries to convince her that this night could be a beginning rather than an ending. Harley almost falls for it until she learns that the judge has ordered the trial to begin as soon as possible.

  • Ep. #14598
    Ep. #14598
    Episode 153

    Cassie ditches Edmund so she can meet with Jonathan and learn what happened the night before the wedding. She phones Jonathan, who has just told Reva that he had nothing to do with vandalizing her new car. Jonathan agrees to tell Cassie the truth if she'll just leave Reva alone.

  • Ep. #14597
    Ep. #14597
    Episode 152

    At Harley's house, Gus reminds her that she has a future, but Harley is discouraged and decides it's time to take the plea. Gus let's her have it and points out it will break her sons' hearts if she says she admits to this murder. Later, Harley asks Danny to help her fix the jury.

  • Ep. #14596
    Ep. #14596
    Episode 151

    Olivia pitches herself as the new head of Spaulding to Alan. Olivia argues that Spaulding needs someone as ruthless and ambitious as Alan himself and that she fits the bill. He laughs at the idea but she's persuasive and he starts to think it might work, as long as Bill plays no part.

  • Ep. #14595
    Ep. #14595
    Episode 150

    At a meeting of the Spaulding board, Alan pressures Gus into making a choice between his family and Harley. When Lizzie gets into it with Gus and shows her bruises to Alan and Alex, Alan surprises everyone by staying calm and insisting that Lizzie is overreacting.

  • Ep. #14594
    Ep. #14594
    Episode 149

    Cassie waits anxiously for her pregnancy test results, which are delayed. She leaves after a call from Harley and makes plans to meet up with Edmund later to get the results. She runs into Reva and Jonathan, who are working together to hotwire Reva's car. Cassie interrupts and Reva surprisingly takes her side against Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14593
    Ep. #14593
    Episode 148

    Reva and Jonathan are caught by the music store security but Reva manages to talk their way out of trouble. Jonathan's impressed and points out that she got a buzz from the illegal encounter. Reva later decides not to tell Josh about it. Meanwhile, Edmund confronts Cassie on the pregnancy test that she neglected to tell him about.

  • Ep. #14592
    Ep. #14592
    Episode 147

    Tammy arouses Edmund's suspicions by mentioning the flowers Cassie received. Edmund tries to get some answers from Jeffrey, who tells him he should concentrate on loving Cassie, not suspecting her. Edmund believes Jeffrey when he tells him he's not after Cassie and returns home.

  • Ep. #14591
    Ep. #14591
    Episode 146

    Michelle shows up unexpected at Company in the hopes of spending the day with Robbie. But she discovers her little boy has his own busy schedule that's not so easy to change it at the last second. Marina's looking forward to a date with Danny so she's nice about it. But when Michelle insists she knows what's best for her son, Danny appears and is clearly upset.

  • Ep. #14590
    Ep. #14590
    Episode 145

    Harley is certain she's doomed after her pre-trial hearing has gone poorly. She talks Gus into taking a day off from her case. Harley then proceeds to use the down time to prepare her family for life once she's sent to jail. Gus knows what she's doing and refuses to give up on her.

  • Ep. #14589
    Ep. #14589
    Episode 144

    Harley finds Beth at the Spa and prods her for the truth regarding what happened the night Phillip died. Beth tells Harley that she didn't kill Phillip but that she was prepared to run away with him. She also says she would've kidnapped Harley's children if it meant not losing James and Lizzie.

  • Ep. #14588
    Ep. #14588
    Episode 143

    Gus takes Harley to the Springfield Inn to prevent her from leaving the county. He's afraid she'll leave in an attempt to track down Beth. He warns her that jumping bail would make her look guilty in the eyes of any jury. But Harley's convinced that if she's able to grill Beth she can finally know for sure whether she's guilty or innocent.

  • Ep. #14587
    Ep. #14587
    Episode 142

    Harley and Gus can't agree on how best to find Beth. They join the Cooper football game then decide to do whatever the winner wants. After Harley finds out that Beth is spooked and has skipped town, she's more convinced than ever that they should go after her just as Gus wants.

  • Ep. #14586
    Ep. #14586
    Episode 141

    Cassie attempts to get Jonathan off her mind, but a special delivery of flowers from an unknown sender brings back her worst fears. Meanwhile, Dinah deviously reveals to Edmund that she knows why Cassie nearly didn't reach the altar. Edmund can't help but be intrigued.

  • Ep. #14585
    Ep. #14585
    Episode 140

    Gus determinedly keeps the pressure on Beth, hoping to make her crack and reveal what she knows about Phillip's murder. Harley and Beth meet on neutral ground - their children's school play rehearsal. Harley tries to push Beth's buttons while the moms are busy helping with sets and costumes.

  • Ep. #14584
    Ep. #14584
    Episode 139

    Gus makes his case with Beth, as he's sure she knows something about the night Phillip was shot. Alan shows up just as she begins to waver. After getting rid of Beth he tears into Gus for going after members of his own family, which shifts blame away from Harley. Gus refuses to back down, which makes Alan warn him not to make an enemy out of him.

  • Ep. #14583
    Ep. #14583
    Episode 138

    After Jonathan returns to his hospital room he finds Cassie and Reva with the videotape. He panics and begs them not to watch it, prompting Cassie to think that the tape might prove her innocence. In an attempt to keep Reva from viewing the tape Jonathan asks her to trust him, but Cassie insists on seeing it.

  • Ep. #14582
    Ep. #14582
    Episode 137

    Jonathan tells Reva his version of what happened in Cassie's room. He then asks her who she's going to believe. Later, Reva realizes Josh wasn't honest about how he really felt about Jonathan. Josh reveals he's been waiting for Jonathan to mess up so Reva will kick him out of her life.

  • Ep. #14581
    Ep. #14581
    Episode 136

    Reva and Josh are at odds over Jonathan's accident. Sandy surprises Jonathan in his room and gives him a taste of his own medicine, taunting and threatening him like he did to Sandy when she was hospitalized. Meanwhile, Cassie's keeps thinking of what happened with Jonathan. She tracks down Reva in an attempt to find out what went down the night Jonathan came to her hotel room.

  • Ep. #14580
    Ep. #14580
    Episode 135

    Michelle ends her relationship with Danny so that she can move on with Tony. But Tony warns her about that it will be challenging if they return to Springfield as a couple. Despite this Michelle wants to start a new chapter of her life with him. Meanwhile, Marina must somehow tell the Bauers that Danny is presumed dead.

  • Ep. #14579
    Ep. #14579
    Episode 134

    Jonathan lies crumpled at the foot of the stairs, stunning Tammy. Josh thinks that Jonathan staged his own fall but since he's really hurt Josh and Tammy take him to the emergency room. Meanwhile, Reva finds Jeffrey trying to drown his sorrows in a glass of brandy.

  • Ep. #14578
    Ep. #14578
    Episode 133

    Cassie tells Edmund she wants to get married immediately. Edmund observes that everyone's gone but Cassie insists that they only need one another. Jeffrey shows up and volunteers to perform the ceremony. Unknown to the happy couple Reva arranges for the guests to return to the barn. At the moment Jeffrey pronounces them husband and wife, their friends arrive and burst into applause.

  • Ep. #14577
    Ep. #14577
    Episode 132

    Edmund finds out that Cassie has run off but he holds out hope that she will return. Meanwhile, Cassie wanders into a park where Jeffrey finds her. As he tries to help her she admits she's made a terrible mistake and can't marry Edmund. Jeffrey says that Edmund will love her no matter what but Cassie doesn't think so.

  • Ep. 14576
    Ep. 14576
    Episode 131

    Cassie wakes up to find herself in bed with Jonathan on the day of her wedding. The lingering effects of the drug only add to her shock and dismay. Jonathan enjoys her confused state. Cassie believes she slept with Jonathan and is completely mortified.

  • Ep. #14575
    Ep. #14575
    Episode 130

    Reva tells Ross that she fears Jonathan will ruin Cassie's wedding. Meanwhile, Cassie takes Jonathan to her room so that she can prove to Reva what a monster her son is. Dinah notices Jonathan going into a drunk Cassie's room, and mischievously hangs up the Do Not Disturb sign.

  • Ep. #14574
    Ep. #14574
    Episode 129

    Tammy requests that Reva keep Jonathan away from her mother's wedding. Meanwhile, Cassie is furious when Jonathan puts the moves on her outside her bachelorette party. Afterwards, he crashes the party and uses the opportunity to get closer to Reva. Cassie comes hatches a plan to make Reva see for herself how truly evil Jonathan is.

  • Ep. #14573
    Ep. #14573
    Episode 128
  • Ep. #14572
    Ep. #14572
    Episode 127
  • Ep. #14571
    Ep. #14571
    Episode 126
  • Ep. #14570
    Ep. #14570
    Episode 125
  • Ep. #14569
    Ep. #14569
    Episode 124
  • Ep. #14568
    Ep. #14568
    Episode 123
  • Ep. 14567
    Ep. 14567
    Episode 122
  • Ep. #14566
    Ep. #14566
    Episode 121
  • Ep. #14565
    Ep. #14565
    Episode 120
  • Ep. #14564
    Ep. #14564
    Episode 119
  • Ep. #14563
    Ep. #14563
    Episode 118
  • Ep. #14562
    Ep. #14562
    Episode 117
  • Ep. #14561
    Ep. #14561
    Episode 116
  • Ep. #14560
    Ep. #14560
    Episode 115
  • Ep. #14559
    Ep. #14559
    Episode 114
  • Ep. #14558
    Ep. #14558
    Episode 113
  • Ep. #14557
    Ep. #14557
    Episode 112
  • Ep. #14556
    Ep. #14556
    Episode 111
  • Ep. #14555
    Ep. #14555
    Episode 110
  • Ep. #14554
    Ep. #14554
    Episode 109
  • Ep. #14553
    Ep. #14553
    Episode 108
  • Ep. #14552
    Ep. #14552
    Episode 107
  • Ep. #14551
    Ep. #14551
    Episode 106
  • Ep. #14550
    Ep. #14550
    Episode 105
  • Ep. #14549
    Ep. #14549
    Episode 104
  • Ep. #14548
    Ep. #14548
    Episode 103
  • Ep. #14547
    Ep. #14547
    Episode 102
  • Ep. #14546
    Ep. #14546
    Episode 101
  • Ep. #14545
    Ep. #14545
    Episode 100
  • Ep. #14544
    Ep. #14544
    Episode 99
  • Ep. #14543
    Ep. #14543
    Episode 98
  • Ep. #14542
    Ep. #14542
    Episode 97
  • Ep. #14541
    Ep. #14541
    Episode 96
  • Ep. #14540
    Ep. #14540
    Episode 95
  • Ep. #14539
    Ep. #14539
    Episode 94
  • Ep. #14538
    Ep. #14538
    Episode 93
  • Ep. #14537
    Ep. #14537
    Episode 92
  • Ep. #14536
    Ep. #14536
    Episode 91
  • Ep. #14535
    Ep. #14535
    Episode 90
  • Ep. #14534
    Ep. #14534
    Episode 89
  • Ep. #14533
    Ep. #14533
    Episode 88
  • Ep. #14532
    Ep. #14532
    Episode 87
  • Ep. #14531
    Ep. #14531
    Episode 86
  • Ep. #14530
    Ep. #14530
    Episode 85
  • Ep. #14529
    Ep. #14529
    Episode 84
  • Ep. #14528
    Ep. #14528
    Episode 83
  • Ep. #14527
    Ep. #14527
    Episode 82
  • Ep. #14526
    Ep. #14526
    Episode 81
  • Ep. #14525
    Ep. #14525
    Episode 80
  • Ep. #14524
    Ep. #14524
    Episode 79
  • Ep. #14523
    Ep. #14523
    Episode 78
  • Ep. #14522
    Ep. #14522
    Episode 77
  • Ep. #14521
    Ep. #14521
    Episode 76
  • Ep. #14520
    Ep. #14520
    Episode 75
  • Ep. #14519
    Ep. #14519
    Episode 74
  • Ep. #14518
    Ep. #14518
    Episode 73
  • Ep. #14517
    Ep. #14517
    Episode 72
  • Ep. #14516
    Ep. #14516
    Episode 71
  • Ep. #14515
    Ep. #14515
    Episode 70
  • Ep. #14514
    Ep. #14514
    Episode 69
  • Ep. #14513
    Ep. #14513
    Episode 68
  • Ep. #14512
    Ep. #14512
    Episode 67
  • Ep. #14511
    Ep. #14511
    Episode 66
  • Ep. #14510
    Ep. #14510
    Episode 65
  • Ep. #14509
    Ep. #14509
    Episode 64
  • Ep. #14508
    Ep. #14508
    Episode 63
  • Ep. #14507
    Ep. #14507
    Episode 62
  • Ep. #14506
    Ep. #14506
    Episode 61
  • Ep. #14505
    Ep. #14505
    Episode 60
  • Ep. #14504
    Ep. #14504
    Episode 59
  • Ep. #14503
    Ep. #14503
    Episode 58
  • Ep. #14502
    Ep. #14502
    Episode 57
  • Ep. #14501
    Ep. #14501
    Episode 56
  • Ep. #14500
    Ep. #14500
    Episode 55
  • Ep. #14499
    Ep. #14499
    Episode 54
  • Ep. #14498
    Ep. #14498
    Episode 53
  • Ep. #14497
    Ep. #14497
    Episode 52
  • Ep. #14496
    Ep. #14496
    Episode 51
  • Ep. #14495
    Ep. #14495
    Episode 50
  • Ep. #14494
    Ep. #14494
    Episode 49
  • Ep. #14493
    Ep. #14493
    Episode 48
  • Ep. #14492
    Ep. #14492
    Episode 47
  • Ep. #14491
    Ep. #14491
    Episode 46
  • Ep. #14490
    Ep. #14490
    Episode 45
  • Ep. #14489
    Ep. #14489
    Episode 44
  • Ep. #14488
    Ep. #14488
    Episode 43
  • Ep. #14487
    Ep. #14487
    Episode 42
  • Ep. #14486
    Ep. #14486
    Episode 41
  • Ep. #14485
    Ep. #14485
    Episode 40
  • Ep. #14484
    Ep. #14484
    Episode 39
  • Ep. #14483
    Ep. #14483
    Episode 38
  • Ep. #14482
    Ep. #14482
    Episode 37
  • Ep. #14481
    Ep. #14481
    Episode 36
  • Ep. #14480
    Ep. #14480
    Episode 35

    Cassie breaks up a fight between Tammy and Lizzie. The Spauldings rent out Company and throw the eminent domain issue in the Cooper's face. Dinah continues to threaten an unknowing Cassie.

  • Ep. #14479
    Ep. #14479
    Episode 34

    Marina decides to go to Bosnia with Shayne but he convinces her to stay behind to help keep Company with her family. Dinah puts thoughts into Edmund's mind about Cassie and Jeffrey. Danny is not happy about Michelle's plan for the Lighthouse since they include Tony.

  • Ep. #14478
    Ep. #14478
    Episode 33

    Michelle gets angry at Danny for not accepting Tony's job offer. Later, Michelle and Tony kiss passionately. Harley wants to find Gus to stop Phillip from taking Company. Jeffrey confronts Dinah as Cassie and Edmund are at the door.

  • Ep. #14477
    Ep. #14477
    Episode 32

    Buzz is in danger of losing Company, thanks to Phillip. Tammy tries to expose Lizzie's lie, but Joey doesn't believe her. Danny and Michelle argue about the "old Michelle". Ross tells Dinah to leave town and then Jeffrey shows up at Dinah's door.

  • Ep. #14476
    Ep. #14476
    Episode 31

    Cassie barely misses being hit by the flower pot and assures Edmund that nothing will come between them. Shayne decides to leave for Bosnia for the peace corps. Phillip unveils his new image of Springfield. Jeffrey overhears Dinah on the phone with Ross.

  • Ep. #14475
    Ep. #14475
    Episode 30

    Dinah continues to play games with RJ and Cassie and hurls a pot at Cassie's head. Shayne wants to play ball again. Josh has to pull out of his deal with Danny.

  • Ep. #14474
    Ep. #14474
    Episode 29

    Most of the town is mad at Danny for causing Michelle's accident. Beth rescues Gus from the barfight and later, he goes to see Harley, but when she is not at home, he leaves town. Bill wants Jeffrey to help Dinah for her case so she can really come home.

  • Ep. #14473
    Ep. #14473
    Episode 28

    During the prison interview with Salerno, Michelle finds out that it was Danny who set the bomb that injured her. Gus gets into a barfight. Dinah and Edmund agree to work with each other.

  • Ep. #14472
    Ep. #14472
    Episode 27

    Cassie almost discovers Dinah with RJ. Dinah confronts Edmund. Tammy catches on to Lizzie's scheme. Reva and Michelle are trapped in a prison while trying to do an interview when a riot breaks out.

  • Ep. #14471
    Ep. #14471
    Episode 26

    Dinah introduces herself to RJ as his imaginary friend and relives Hart's shooting. Gus moves into the Spaudling mansion. Cassie gets angry at Tammy.

  • Ep. #14470
    Ep. #14470
    Episode 25

    Gus tries to get Harley to reconsider. Phillip and Alan discuss their plans for Olivia. Frank wants to find Darci.

  • Ep. #14469
    Ep. #14469
    Episode 24

    When Gus tries to explain the situation, Harley calls off the wedding. Edmund and Dinah cross paths at the Beacon, while Jeffrey wonders where she is. Olivia is finally handed divorce papers from Phillip.

  • Ep. #14468
    Ep. #14468
    Episode 23

    Harley sees the surveillance tape just as Gus is going to confess all. Tony spies Michelle and Danny kissing. Bill sees Dinah and wants to know why she is in town.

  • Ep. #14467
    Ep. #14467
    Episode 22

    The wedding day has arrived. Harley prepares with her friends. Gus tries to get Vinnie Salerno to admit to framing Frank. Dinah introduces herself to Olivia as Dee. Frank ends up seeing the surveillance tape of Gus and Alex.

  • Ep. #14466
    Ep. #14466
    Episode 21

    Harley tries to get Alex to break up with Buzz, but Buzz won't give in to Alex. Michelle tells Danny that she wants to leave and find out who she is becoming and ends up at Tony's. Dinah returns to Springfield and Ross tells her to stay undercover since she is still wanted for murder.

  • Ep. #14465
    Ep. #14465
    Episode 20

    Harley and Alex continue to spar and Harley says that the wedding will go off but that she may tell everyone about Alex. Danny invited Michelle to join a dinner with Felicia and Michelle feels that she was set up. Lizzie and Tammy continue to fight over Joey.

  • Ep. #14464
    Ep. #14464
    Episode 19

    Harley confronts Alex and asks if she planted the evidence against Frank. Alex continues to lie and finally Gus tries to interrupt them with the truth. Dinah almost runs into Cassie and Edmund trying to catch her in the act and decides to return to Springfield. Reva and Josh discuss their family.

  • Ep. #14463
    Ep. #14463
    Episode 18

    Danny and Michelle go see Tony and Michelle admits that Tony is one of the few who gets her. Cassie and Edmund arrive in Venice and head to the auction. Cassie is surprised to hear that "Princess Cassie" has just won a bid. Gus and Harley's engagement party begins and Alex may just have been exposed by Darci.

  • Ep. #14462
    Ep. #14462
    Episode 17

    Danny confronts Tony about Tony's intentions toward Michelle. Bill gets into a fight with Josh and resigns from Lewis. Lizzie tells Tammy that she and Joey kissed and Joey admits the same thing.

  • Ep. #14461
    Ep. #14461
    Episode 16

    Michelle has a dream about Tony and later decides to redecorate but takes a new chair to the lighthouse. Gus tries to get Harley to postpone their wedding.

  • Ep. #14460
    Ep. #14460
    Episode 15

    Alex runs off on Gus and asks her accountant to transfer one million dollars to Brad and Frank. Alex tells Gus that he has to tell Harley the truth. Jeffrey recalls how he made Dinah into Princess Cassie as Cassie tries to figure out the identity of the imposter.

  • Ep. #14459
    Ep. #14459
    Episode 14

    Lizzie schemes to make Joey hers and shows him the video of Tammy bashing him. Michelle helps Tony avoid the cops and later asks Danny about mob life. Harley believes that Frank is being framed.

  • Ep. #14458
    Ep. #14458
    Episode 13

    Lizzie interrupts Joey and Tammy's conversation at the party. Jeffrey tells Dinah that her days as "Princess Cassie" are over. Michelle goes in search of Tony after having an awkward moment with Danny and finds Tony with kickback money.

  • Ep. #14457
    Ep. #14457
    Episode 12

    Phillip tells Olivia that she has no choice but to work with him. Alex worries to Gus about their secret getting out. Cassie spots a pic of the imposter along side an imposter of Richard.

  • Ep. #14456
    Ep. #14456
    Episode 11

    Bill tells Olivia that they are over and Phillip overhears. Olivia finds out that a Spaulding account she had closed and then she is abducted and thrown into a limo to a waiting Phillip. Lizzie, Marina, et al. have a beach party.

  • Ep. #14455
    Ep. #14455
    Episode 10

    Lizzie spars with both Marina and Tammy about issues with boys. Buzz advises Alex to tell the truth. Danny plans a picnic for Michelle, but Tony takes her to the lighthouse instead. Harley is under the impression that the Spauldings have accepted her.

  • Ep. #14454
    Ep. #14454
    Episode 9

    Dinah continues her masquerade as Princess Cassie. After being rejected by Danny, Michelle finds Tony in bed with Cheryl. Tammy watches as Joey asks Lizzie to the Spring Fling.

  • Ep. #14453
    Ep. #14453
    Episode 8

    Cassie worries about the person using her identity. Jeffrey confronts Dinah about her games. Danny takes Michelle on a date.

  • Ep. #14452
    Ep. #14452
    Episode 7

    Phillip confronts Bill about Olivia. Shayne lashes out at Sandy for getting Marina in trouble. Cassie realizes that her credit fraud has been going on for years. Gus is worried when Harley keeps digging at the case.

  • Ep. #14451
    Ep. #14451
    Episode 6

    Danny and Michelle grow closer. Phillip tells Olivia that he knows about her and Bill. Olivia plans to take his seat at Spaulding and continue things with Bill. Sandy reaches out to Reva when he is arrested.

  • Ep. #14450
    Ep. #14450
    Episode 5

    Tony fills Michelle in on her life with Danny. Ross receives a phonecall from Dinah and unknown to everyone, Dinah is masquerading as Princess Cassie. Alan has Sandy and Marina arrested.

  • Ep. #14449
    Ep. #14449
    Episode 4

    Michelle is devastated when she doesn't remember Robbie. Jeffrey decides to stay in Springfield and work on Cassie's credit situation. Darci fills Frank in on her past. Remy offers to take Tammy to the Spring Fling.

  • Ep. #14448
    Ep. #14448
    Episode 3

    Bill and Olivia put on a show for the spy that Phillip sent to follow Olivia. Ross tries to get Danny to bring Robbie to Michelle. Frank asks Darci to marry him.

  • Ep. #14447
    Ep. #14447
    Episode 2

    Gus urges Darci to keep quiet about the time she spent in Europe with Vinnie and Brad Green so that she can protect her relationship with Frank. Olivia has a proposition for Bill -- if they combine her Spaulding shares and his portfolio, they could be a force to be reckoned with. Michelle finds a picture of her old boyfriend, Jesse, and wonders what she may have been like in high school.

  • Ep. #14446
    Ep. #14446
    Episode 1

    Danny continues to feel guilty about Michelle's amnesia, especially after he finds her watching their wedding tape and she can't remember anything. He asks Tony to move in temporarily to help with Michelle. Olivia agrees to deliver her resignation to the board at Phillip's insistence, but also provides the board with a detailed history of Phillip's mental health issues. Cassie is proud of Tammy for having messed with Edmund's battery.