Guiding Light - Season 54

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #14951
    Ep. #14951
    Episode 255

    Rick tells Harley about seeing Gus stoned, and warns her that if she decides to go back to him that he may have to fight for custody of Jude because he can't trust his son around an addict.

  • Ep. #14950
    Ep. #14950
    Episode 254

    While at the clinic in Minnesota, Reva meets another cancer patient named Tracy, and then fulfills her dream of driving a race car.

  • Ep. #14949
    Ep. #14949
    Episode 253

    Alan-Michael and Marina continue to manipulate each other, with her asking him to walk away from Spaulding, and him telling her he just can't do that.

  • Ep. #14948
    Ep. #14948
    Episode 252

    Cassie struggles to cover when Blake calls her on her feelings for Josh, while Josh learns that Reva isn't actually going to see Marah.

  • Ep. #14947
    Ep. #14947
    Episode 251

    After Lizzie begs him to help her, Alan arranges a meeting between Jonathan and Tammy, then tells Jonathan he wants to make a deal with him.

  • Ep. #14946
    Ep. #14946
    Episode 250

    Gus is determined to bring himself back up from his addiction, and confesses to Buzz that he has been clean for five days.

  • Ep. #14945
    Ep. #14945
    Episode 249

    Ava is convinced that Coop and Lizzie are husband and wife, but Coop is searching desperately for her. The two manage to finally reunite.

  • Ep. #14944
    Ep. #14944
    Episode 248

    Josh rearranges his schedule so that he can spend more time with Reva, who comes close to telling him the truth about her cancer.

  • Ep. #14943
    Ep. #14943
    Episode 247

    Billy calls the nurses after Reva collapses, then after being unable to find Jonathan for her agrees to take her home. The wedding is a disaster as both Lizzie and Beth end up slipping up and admitting that Coop is not the father. Lizzie tries to cover her own tracks by insisting that Jonathan raped her, then faints. Jonathan apologizes to Tammy but admits to a one-night stand with Lizzie, and says that he confessed for Reva's sake.

  • Ep. #14942
    Ep. #14942
    Episode 246

    With her immune system shot because of the chemotherapy, Reva is unable to fight off a flu bug. She refuses to let Colin call Josh, so he calls Jonathan and convinces him to come down to the hospital, even though Jonathan and Tammy had been on their way out of town. Reva begs Jonathan to tell the truth, and he decides to do what she asks after telling Billy to look after her. Marina and Alan-Michael dance around their feelings at the wedding, but Marina assures her father and half-uncle that she's using him for information. Frank is called away, and Olivia goes with him. Billy embraces Reva as he admits to her that he knows about her breast cancer, and the two commisserate. Jonathan stops the wedding in the nick of time and announces that he fathered Tammy's baby.

  • Ep. #14941
    Ep. #14941
    Episode 245

    Coop asks Tammy to keep Jonathan from the wedding while Lizzie begs Jonathan to stay away. Tammy suggests they leave town that day, both of them skipping Lizzie's wedding. Reva again cancels out on her plans with Josh and later, feeling ill, heads to the hospital where Colin worries that she's getting sicker. After Lizzie spies Ava and Coop in a passionate kiss she talks to Beth, who arranges to have Ava strong-armed into the freezer.

  • Ep. #14940
    Ep. #14940
    Episode 244

    Josh is upset when Reva cancels out on another planned event, and a ghostly visit from H.B. encourages him to take a second look in Cassie's direction after Josh helps R.J. deal with a problem at school.

  • Ep. #14939
    Ep. #14939
    Episode 243

    Alan and Buzz are in agreement about not wanting Lizzie and Coop to marry until Alan realises Buzz is against it, at which point he's all for it. Billy suggests to Josh that his marriage is falling apart after Reva cancels an appearance with Josh and convinces Cassie to go in her place. Alan is convinced that he can use Ava to come between Coop and Lizzie, but Ava tells Coop goodbye. Jonathan helps Reva shave her head.

  • Ep. #14938
    Ep. #14938
    Episode 242

    Jonathan takes Reva to the hospital after the near accident and realises that she has cancer, but she tells him that unless he comes clean about the baby, she's staying quiet. Coop proposes to Lizzie for the sake of their baby, and she is more than happy to accept and make sure Ava knows that she'll be wearing Coop's ring. Dinah gets Gus out of the car and slides herself into the driver's seat, claiming responsibility for the accident. Mallet learns from his former partner, Regina, that she has also been getting threatening notes.

  • Ep. #14937
    Ep. #14937
    Episode 241

    Gus shows up at Mallet's apartment looking for Harley, and Dinah tells him that they have no idea where she is. Unfortunately, Mallet is on the phone with Harley, which Gus overhears. Gus takes off after warning Dinah off Mallet, which leads to Mallet worrying that Gus is the one sending the threats. Jonathan blasts Reva for setting him up to see the sonogram, but he can't help but feel touched after seeing the baby, which they learn is a girl. He later pushes her away when she tries to talk to him and is horrified when she falls in front of an out of control car driven by Gus. Coop and Ava nearly make love until Jonathan bursts in, and Coop rushes to the hospital to learn that Lizzie is having a girl.

  • Ep. #14936
    Ep. #14936
    Episode 240

    Reva sets Jonathan up in the hopes of convincing him that there's nothing wrong with being a father by calling Coop to tell him that Lizzie's ultrasound has been cancelled, and arranging for Jonathan to be there. Frank and Olivia spend time together and he asks her and Emma to move in with him, but she's not quite ready to take that step yet. Josh asks Jonathan not to leave town with Tammy because it will break Cassie and Reva's hearts.

  • Ep. #14935
    Ep. #14935
    Episode 239

    A reality show comes to Springfield to shadow Mallet for the day and show him in all his cop glory. Dinah spills to the camera about Mallet sleeping with Harley, and later, as Mallet tries to diffuse a hostage situation at a wedding, Dinah tells the would-be killer her own tale of woe regarding Hart. The grateful bride and groom ask the two to stay, and Mallet proposes to Dinah.

  • Ep. #14934
    Ep. #14934
    Episode 237

    Dinah manages to cover up her jealousy of Mallet's new partner, Brooke, with Mallet around, but once alone, she makes it clear to Mallet she's neither happy nor comfortable with the situation. Cassie asks Colin out in an attempt to get her mind off of Josh, and Reva is horrified to think that her sister and her doctor will be going on a date. Reva sets up a face to face between Lizzie and Jonathan, and Lizzie's attempts to manipulate Coop fail.

  • Ep. #14933
    Ep. #14933
    Episode 236

    Leah is angry with her mother when she doesn't seem overly enthusiastic about the thought of sticking it out with Rick. Jonathan covers for Lizzie when she tells Tammy that he was blackmailing her because she was considering having an abortion to cover up Ashlee's presence and the file's existance. Reva seeks Colin's help while Cassie and Josh search for R.J., later finding him in Josh's car.

  • Ep. #14932
    Ep. #14932
    Episode 235

    Jonathan is determined to have nothing to do with Lizzie and the baby, and is furious when Ashlee shows up at the Beacon and threatens him while telling him how much she likes him. Lizzie overhears Coop and Buzz talking about her pregnancy and lies about dreaming about Coop's mother, Jenna -- then announces she wants to name the baby Jenna if it's a girl. Harley catches Gus with a pocketful of pills and tells him she's taking the boys and leaving Springfield. Reva loses R.J. while she's watching him and goes into town looking for him. Cassie fantasizes about Josh telling her he cares about her.

  • Ep. #14931
    Ep. #14931
    Episode 234

    Marina realizes that Alan-Michael is up to something where Dinah is concerned as the brakes fail on Dinah's car.

  • Ep. #14930
    Ep. #14930
    Episode 233

    After fantasizing about life down the road if he claims the baby, Jonathan tells Lizzie that he will keep quiet about the truth.

  • Ep. #14929
    Ep. #14929
    Episode 232

    Lizzie manipulates Coop into agreeing to move into the mansion with her and the baby, which Alan has no objection to.

  • Ep. #14928
    Ep. #14928
    Episode 231

    Reva is shocked to overhear Beth and Lizzie discussing the baby, and that Jonathan is the father.

  • Ep. #14927
    Ep. #14927
    Episode 230

    Reva goes to see Colin to talk about her symptoms from chemo just as Josh shows up wanting to see Colin about the veteran's project. Reva decides to thank Colin for his care by finding him a date. Jonathan tells Lizzie to lie and say that she gave Ashlee the illegal liquor or he will tell Coop about their one night stand. Lizzie complains to Beth that while Coop should be her baby's father, Jonathan really is. Unfortunately, Reva overhears her tirade. Dinah talks to Alan-Michael and says she's still loyal to Harley but he doesn't believe her. Gus is furious when he learns it was Harley's call to Frank that got him pulled from duty. He accuses her of being more concerned that Mallet will get hurt again than about her husband's welfare. He runs into Dinah who won't let him drive drunk. She takes him to his room to sober him up and is stunned when he kisses her. Harley tells Rick that she'll forgive him for hiding Phillip if he'll help Gus get sober for good.

  • Ep. #14926
    Ep. #14926
    Episode 229

    Tammy asks Cassie if she can Jonathan can move into the farmhouse and Cassie agrees as long as they sleep in separate rooms. Across town, Jonathan seeks advice from Reva who tells him to go after his happiness but always put the people he loves first. Reva hides her nausea from Josh as he's leaving town. Jonathan finds out that Doris is going after Lewis Construction and vows to stop her. Gus ends his partnership with Mallet but can't stop imagining him being with Harley so he takes more pills. Dinah tells Harley that she conspired with Alan-Michael to oust Harley from Spaulding. Harley fires Dinah but says she has bigger issues to deal with. Dinah asks if Harley intends to pursue Mallet now that Gus has left her but Harley says she wants Gus or no one. Gus goes home to pick up his things and Harley begs him to stay. She is dismayed to realize he is high as he kisses her goodbye. Harley calls Frank and tells him that Gus is using again and can't be trusted on the job.

  • Ep. #14925
    Ep. #14925
    Episode 228

    Alan grieves for his lost baby with Beth and puts away a scrapbook he'd been making for his son. He tries to talk to Beth about their future but she slaps him and tells him their relationship is over. Alan goes to Outskirts but leaves when he can't deal with Jonathan. He goes to Company to talk to Lizzie but she wants noting to do with him. Buzz throws Alan out and refuses to let him talk to Zach. Alan visits Father Ray believing that God has finally decided to punish him. He talks about his own father and then goes home to question Alex about his memorial service when everyone believed he was dead. When Alex leaves, Alan collapses and tries to call his family but no one will answer his calls. He gets to the hospital and learns that he had a simple panic attack. Beth visits him and says she's glad he isn't dead but says their marriage will return to the platonic union it once was. Alan-Michael tells Alan that even if the baby had lived, Alan wouldn't have been good for him. He says that Alan loved Phillip more than anyone else and look how he turned out. Alan asks Buzz how his family came to love him again after they considered him a deadbeat for running off. Buzz says Alan has to put his ego away and deal with the family on their terms, not his. Alan decides his new purpose will be to take care of Lizzie's baby.

  • Ep. #14924
    Ep. #14924
    Episode 227

    Both Mel and Beth refuse to forgive Rick for the part he played in helping Phillip. Rick gets more bad news when Charles tells him he's fired for deliberately misidentifying Phillip's body. An irritated Mel demands that Jonathan tell her what is going on with him and Ashlee or else she won't help him get out of jail. Rick and Mel pretend that things are fine between them in front of Leah but no one else buys it. Mel orders Rick to take some responsibility for his part in Ross' death. Ava pretends it doesn't bother her that Coop was out all night taking care of Lizzie. Buzz also pretends he doesn't care that Frank and Olivia are dating again. Ava tells Coop she's moving out but first shows him that she's turned her room into a nursery so Coop can prove to Alan's lawyers that he'll make a good father. Lizzie asks for a sign that she's doing the right thing by lying about Coop being her child's father. Her sign comes in the form of coming face to face with Tammy and Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14923
    Ep. #14923
    Episode 226

    Gus asks Harley if she could have slept with anyone while she was grieving over him or if she only wanted Mallet. Harley reluctantly admits that Mallet was the man she needed. Their argument wakes Zach and when Harley goes to put him back to bed, Gus leaves. Mallet steps out of the shower intent on asking Dinah to join him but is mortified to find Vanessa, Buzz and Frank there instead. Mallet goes to the station and is confronted by Gus, who promptly socks him in the face. Gus says that he's left Harley and Mallet says it's just as well since he doesn't deserve her. Mallet goes home and makes love to Dinah but Gus can't bring himself to go home at all. Reva barely listens to Colin's explanations about the side effects of chemo because she's in a hurry to meet Josh. Though Reva hears that Jonathan has been arrested, she still puts Josh first and they have a romantic night together, promising nothing will come between them again.

  • Ep. #14922
    Ep. #14922
    Episode 225

    Doris Wolfe has Jonathan arrested after Ashlee is picked up on a D.U.I. and reveals that Ashlee is her daughter. Reva lies to Josh about where she is going as she prepares for chemotherapy. Harley is upset when Gus gets high again and he finally reveals that he knows about her and Mallet. Coop mistakenly thinks that Lizzie has lost their baby, but later admits that now the baby means something to him. Alan tells Lizzie that Beth lost the baby in part because she learned that Philip was still alive.

  • Ep. #14921
    Ep. #14921
    Episode 224

    Mel learns about Rick's actions with Phillip and says she doesn't know if she can forgive him for putting Phillip ahead of everyone else. She says that if he can even forgive himself then he's not the man she married. Mel asks Rick to leave the house. Beth miscarries her and Alan's baby. Lizzie continues to pretend that she's engaged and throws the party but things come to a head when Coop arrives. When Coop sees what she's done, he says he can't stay. Lizzie later demands that Jonathan help her keep Coop or she will tell Tammy about their night together. Lizzie's tirade ends when she hears about Beth. She calls Coop crying about a miscarriage but doesn't articulate that it happened to Beth. Olivia tells Frank to make up with his father and he comments that she's a good person. Ava comments that Olivia really has Frank fooled and Olivia retorts that Ava needs to get off her good girl pedestal. Frank asks Buzz if he still has feelings for Olivia. Buzz says he cares about Olivia and would love to see her with Frank.

  • Ep. #14920
    Ep. #14920
    Episode 223

    Gus wants to find Phillip and keep him from hurting the family. Mallet tells Harley that he knew Phillip was alive but didn't want to ruin her happiness. But now he realizes that keeping quiet may have caused Ross' death. Gus hides Dinah when the police come to question her about Alan-Michael. Gus helps Dinah to rid herself of her anger over her father's death. Mallet and Dinah convince the police to drop the charges against her. Dinah tells Mallet she understands feeling the same kind of desperation that led Harley to sleep with him. Unfortunately, Gus overhears her statement and squeezes a glass he's holding so hard that it breaks. Harley tries to explain to him but they're interrupted by a caterer who is delivering things for Alan and Beth's vow renewal ceremony. Harley thinks she and Gus should renew their vows instead. Gus agrees but during the ceremony he can't go through with it. Harley makes a speech about moving past bad things and telling him how much she loves him. She takes off her ring and asks him to put it back on her finger and he finally does. He admits that he's partially to blame for causing her pain by going after Alan. Gus tries to erase his doubts by making love to Harley but he ends up taking two pills he finds in Rick's medical bag. Mallet confesses to Dinah that he knew Phillip was alive and Dinah screams that he practically killed her father. Mallet says she has to decide if she can forgive him. Dinah later finds a letter that Ross wrote to Mallet asking him to take care of Dinah because she's a treasure. Dinah tells Mallet that she has nothing to forgive him for.

  • Ep. #14919
    Ep. #14919
    Episode 222

    After finding an engagement ring in Coop's pocket, Lizzie is convinced he plans to marry her so she plans a party and invites Tammy and Jonathan. Lizzie finds Coop at the country club and demands that he give her the ring but he says he isn't ready yet. Coop is surprised when Lizzie seems to be understanding, but alone, she bursts into tears. Lizzie lies to Tammy that the engagement and party are still on. Gus, Harley, Beth and Alan expect Phillip to walk through the door but it's Rick instead. Dinah, Mallet, Blake and Jeffrey follow them. Harley says that Phillip is alive and they all come to the same conclusion that Ross knew this and was going to see Phillip when the plane crashed. Dinah wonders if Phillip killed Ross and Harley thinks Phillip may be dangerous. The shock of it all causes Beth to have abdominal pains. Rick takes her to lie down but she soon realizes that Rick knew Phillip was alive and she smacks him across the face. When Dinah accuses Rick of killing her father, he admits that he helped Phillip pay the mechanic to tamper with the plane, but it was never supposed to crash. Beth collapses in pain after his confession. Colin tells Reva she needs to skip radiation and go straight to chemotherapy. Jonathan arrives at the hospital after suffering mild injuries from a motorcycle accident. Colin patches him up and doesn't tell him the real reason Reva is there.

  • Ep. #14918
    Ep. #14918
    Episode 221

    Harley and Gus are shocked when they find a photo of Phillip in the files of Ross' P.I., Nikki. Harley thinks that Ross found Phillip alive and was probably convincing him to come home when someone stopped him. Gus and Harley find out that Alan and Beth have come to the island to renew their wedding vows and they race to confront them. Harley asks Alan if Phillip is alive and Beth goes crazy when she realizes that Alan lied to her. Dinah tells Mallet that she let Alan-Michael go and didn't kill him because of her love for Mallet. She also confesses that she and Alan-Michael were initially plotting together to get Harley out of Spaulding. When a cop shows up to arrest her for holding Alan-Michael at gunpoint, Mallet lies that she isn't there. He later tells Dinah that she needs to apologize to Harley. Back in Springfield, Lizzie tells Ava that she wants to make peace for the baby's sake. When Lizzie digs through Coop's pockets, she finds the engagement ring. Coop tells Ava that he needs a friend and she tells him to do what he needs to do to make his life work.

  • Ep. #14917
    Ep. #14917
    Episode 220

    Harley, Gus and Mallet search the island for Dinah, who has pulled a gun on Alan-Michael. She orders him out onto the balcony and intimates that he could have an accident like Ross did. Mallet later finds her shell-shocked and holding the gun, saying she had to do it. When Mallet questions what she did, she says she can't tell him because he would never want to see her again. Harley and Gus receive a fax that could explain everything. Josh searches for Reva at a fundraising party, unaware that she's with Colin. Reva later assures Josh that everything is fine but Billy confides to Cassie that he thinks this reunion is as doomed as their other ones. Colin takes Reva out of the party when she starts to feel ill. Mel gives Rick the bad news that she can't go away on their planned romantic vacation.

  • Ep. #14916
    Ep. #14916
    Episode 219

    Harley puts the Spaulding jet at Dinah's disposal so she can search for Ross' killer. Mallet is worried about Dinah's intentions but believes she is safe at a spa with Blake. But Blake worries him more by showing up and saying Dinah is missing. Jeffrey thinks Blake knows where Dinah is and is using her to vindicate Ross. Gus tells Mallet that Dinah suspected Alan-Michael of being on an island somewhere. As Harley tracks down Dinah's flight, Mallet realizes Dinah stole his gun. In the tropics, Alan-Michael comes face to face with Dinah. Beth tells Alan to either stay out of Coop and Lizzie's lives or she will take their baby away. She also intimates that she knows about his hand in Ross' death, something Rick overhears. Alan is turned on by Beth's force and kisses her hotly. He asks her to remarry him at his retreat in the islands. Rick calls Blake to tell her what he heard. Billy gives Josh news from the architect that they will have to pave over Cross Creek to build the veteran's hospital. Josh decides to have the cabin moved instead. Reva goes to Colin ready to fight her cancer but she still hasn't told Josh what she's facing.

  • Ep. #14915
    Ep. #14915
    Episode 218

    Company's Mothers Day party goes bad when Buzz's potato salad ends up poisoning half the town. While in the hospital, Coop gets a ghostly visit from his dead mother Jenna who tells him that marrying Lizzie is a bad idea. Coop ignores his mother and prepares to propose to Lizzie as Beth suggested. But when he thinks about Ava, he can't go through with it. He's upset to see Ava kissing her date, Jerry. Harley has a vision of Nadine, who appears to be encouraging Harley's business side but is in reality showing her the dangers of wheeling and dealing. Harley decides to help Dinah find out who killed Ross. Reva has a talk with her dead mother Sarah who forces Reva to face reality and stop running away from getting her cancer treated. Sarah then visits Cassie and tells her to let go of Jeffrey and Tammy and let them live their lives. Nadine and Jenna both focus their attention on Olivia since Nadine thinks Olivia is bad for Frank but good for Buzz. Jenna doesn't think Olivia is good enough for either man. Emma sees the ghosts hanging around her mother.

  • Ep. #14914
    Ep. #14914
    Episode 217

    Alan-Michael's goon shows Gus and Harley the pictures of Gus' detox session at the cabin and Harley strong-arms the guy into giving them over, not knowing it's all part of Alan-Michael's plan. Mallet sets up a vacation for him and Dinah but she can't stop thinking of her father's death and Alan-Michael's possible role. Dinah asks Harley if she can use Spaulding resources to find Ross' killer but Harley is worried about the company being involved in a personal vendetta so she refuses. Dinah takes it as another betrayal by Harley. Mallet warns Blake not to get involved in Dinah's investigation and Blake pretends to agree but later invites Dinah to a spa vacation as a cover for their snooping. Gus questions Billy about addiction and admits that he can't talk to Harley about it. Lizzie assures Jonathan that Coop is the father of her baby and he's happy to believe her. Tammy tells Ashlee that she is Jonathan's girlfriend and an upset Ashlee says that Jonathan is fixated on Lizzie. Jonathan lies to Tammy that he only pretended to be interested in Lizzie so that Ashlee wouldn't get attached to him. Beth has a proposal for Coop.

  • Ep. #14913
    Ep. #14913
    Episode 216

    Jonathan tries to get Ashlee drunk so she will tell him what she knows about Lizzie. Lizzie sees them together and gives Ashlee a warning about her date. Lizzie then has someone call Tammy to say that Jonathan is out with an underage teen. Tammy arrives and Jonathan convinces her he's only there because he saw Ashlee getting picked on and felt sorry for her. Tammy helps Ashlee sober up when Jonathan leaves. Coop is delivered legal papers from Alan outlining when he can see the baby. Lizzie tries to shred her files at the clinic just as Jonathan comes in. Mel is displeased that Rick rented their garage apartment to Colin. When Rick introduces Colin to Reva and Josh, Colin pretends that he doesn't know Reva. But he later tells her that she's in denial about her condition.

  • Ep. #14912
    Ep. #14912
    Episode 215

    Lizzie prevents Coop from finding out her true conception date. Jonathan breaks into the clinic but Ashlee catches him. She says she'll tell him the truth about Lizzie if he meets her later wearing a tux. Tammy finds Jonathan with a tuxedo and wonders why he needs it. He distracts her with sex but later dresses in the tux and ends up meeting Ashlee at her senior prom. Colin calls Reva to discuss treatment options for he cancer but she doesn't want to deal with it. She sees Colin later and he suggests radiation treatments. She wants a guarantee that the radiation will work and she won't need chemo but he can't make that promise. Reva decides to wait and he explodes in anger so Reva fires him as her doctor.

  • Ep. #14911
    Ep. #14911
    Episode 214

    Harley is upset when she sees Gus taking a pill but is chagrined to learn it's only an antacid. Gus tells her he wants to admit to Mallet that he was high when Mallet got shot. Mallet listens to Gus' confession and says Gus can make it up by watching out for Dinah, who is bent on investigating her father's death. Dinah searches Alan-Michael's suite for evidence when Gus comes in and says he knows how she feels because his dad - or the man he thought was his dad - was killed, too. He wants them to work together to nail Alan-Michael. Olivia asks Buzz to help with a hotel problem but he says she's ruining his relationship with his son. Harley advises Frank to make up with Buzz immediately but they only end up fighting more. Lizzie sees Jonathan with Ashlee but Beth calls her away before she can break them up. Lizzie hears Alan tell Coop to stay away from his unborn child for Lizzie's sake. Coop says he intends to take care of Lizzie and the baby. Coop and Lizzie run into Mel, who gives Lizzie her medical file, which includes the assumed conception date. Ashlee tells Jonathan that she knows he's with her to get info on Lizzie. She says she'll tell him what he wants to know but only after he takes her out on the town. As he kisses Ashlee, he steals her keys to the clinic.

  • Ep. #14910
    Ep. #14910
    Episode 213

    Reva has a mammogram and the results say she needs to have a biopsy. As she's waiting for those results, she gets a visit from Jonathan who apologizes for lying to her. She apologizes back and they have a touching moment. Reva meets Dr. Colin McCabe who says he's an oncologist and she needs to have surgery so he can examine the mass in her breast and make sure it's not cancerous. Reva yells at him but he points out that her health is her responsibility and it's her fault for not having regular mammograms. He tells her she's scheduled for surgery in the morning whether she likes it or not. Reva lies to Josh that she is well but doesn't tell him where she's going when she leaves for surgery the next day. After the surgery, she waits for the results and panics when she realizes her cell phone battery is dead and she may have missed the doctor's call. Reva calls the hospital and finds out that her tumor is malignant. She goes home in shock and doesn't tell Josh what's happening. He whisks her away to Cross Creek and says he got it back for them. When Josh tells her about his dreams for the veteran's hospital, she decides not to ruin his happiness and doesn't tell him about the cancer.

  • Ep. #14909
    Ep. #14909
    Episode 212

    Blake admits to Cassie that she had sex with Jeffrey and Cassie is more upset than she wants to admit. Frank tells Blake that he's doing everything he can to solve the case of Ross' murder but Blake wasn't aware that murder was an issue. She is horrified that Jeffrey knew and that he also knew that Ross hadn't had an affair. Lizzie is upset when she learns that Jonathan and Coop were fighting about her baby. Ashlee calls Lizzie to say she wants repayment for fixing Lizzie's records at the clinic. Jonathan sees them together and invites Ashlee out for coffee. Josh takes Reva home form the hospital and they have a romantic reunion. Reva returns to the hospital to complete her checkup and is questioned about having a mammogram.

  • Ep. #14908
    Ep. #14908
    Episode 211

    Alan doesn't want Coop to be a part of Lizzie's future but Beth thinks Lizzie and Coop should be married. Jonathan interrupts their conversation, making Alan suspicious. Jonathan insults Alan's parenting abilities and then insults Coop and the two get into a fight. Lizzie finds out her conception date but keeps the news quiet. She shows Ava the sonogram without letting her see the date. Lizzie breaks down with Tammy, however, and says that Coop will never adjust to being a father. Tammy promises that she and Jonathan will be on hand to help. Coop and Jonathan then come crashing through a window, landing at the girls' feet. Dinah blames Gus for Mallet being shot but Mallet says it was his own fault. Frank tells Dinah that Ross may have been murdered. He also says that Nikki was an investigator that Ross hired, not his mistress. They are looking at someone from Spaulding as a suspect, in particular, Alan-Michael. Dinah calls Alan-Michael to say he's now her enemy for life.

  • Ep. #14907
    Ep. #14907
    Episode 210

    Reva is taken to the hospital after fainting at the airport. Josh and Billy rush to see her and Billy is displeased to see Reva and Josh's happy reunion. Billy puts his bad feelings aside when Josh asks him to help develop the veteran's hospital that HB wanted. Jonathan hears Lizzie say that she's not going to drink caffeine or alcohol because she doesn't want to hurt the baby. He remembers that the night he and Lizzie had sex, she was drunk but supposedly knew she was pregnant then. Lizzie and Coop go the hospital for her first sonogram. When Coop is out of the room, Lizzie asks Mel if there's a way to narrow down her conception date. Tammy tells Jonathan that she did research on cousins having children and he's happy to hear that the chances of them having a baby with birth defects is small. But he tells Tammy that he's not ready to think of having kids yet.

  • Ep. #14906
    Ep. #14906
    Episode 209

    Cassie and Josh get pulled into an impromptu debate between mayoral candidates Blake and Jeffrey. Cassie and Jeffrey later talk and agree that their time together wasn't a waste. Josh goes to Jonathan to ask if he's done making Reva's life miserable and Jonathan says he is. Jeffrey learns that Ross hired the P.I. who died with him on the plane. He also finds out that she was a lesbian in a long term relationship so wasn't cheating with Ross. Jeffrey gets a bigger surprise when Blake kisses him and says that she wants to even the score with Ross. Jeffrey doesn't tell her what he learned and kisses her back. Alan and Buzz discuss Coop and Lizzie just as Lizzie decides that Ava is the key to her getting back together with Coop. Buzz races to the airport, thinking that Coop is leaving the country but learns that Coop is trying to get his ticket to England refunded. Lizzie and Ava almost get into a physical fight. Tammy wants to stop them but Jonathan suggests she leave them alone. Coop comes back and offers to let Ava out of their relationship but she refuses to walk away from him. Reva comes back form France and passes out at the airport.

  • Ep. #14905
    Ep. #14905
    Episode 208

    Gus goes to rehab ad Harley tries to act normally without telling everyone where he is. Gus escapes rehab and tells Harley he wants to detox outside of the facility. He wants to go to the cabin where Beth held him hostage because he can face all his demons there. Harley helps Gus go through withdrawal. Alan-Michael tells Dinah that Gus was high when Mallet was shot and he wants to leak the story to the press. He thinks Harley would then have to step down as CEO because of the scandal. Alan-Michael also wants them to make sure that Gus never gets over his addiction. Alan-Michael goes to the cabin to take pictures of Gus while Dinah calls Harley with an imaginary emergency. Harley leaves Gus alone, thinking the kids are in trouble. Alan-Michael then shows up with a bottle of pills. Gus refuses to let Harley down and locks himself in the room where Beth trapped him. He hallucinates and sees images of Alan, Alex, and Mallet. He rips the room apart but comes out stronger and healthier.

  • Ep. #14904
    Ep. #14904
    Episode 207

    Harley and Dinah race to the hospital when they find out Mallet has been shot in the shoulder. He tells them he's okay but Harley is furious when she realizes Gus is high. Frank demands to know what happened and Gus is ready to confess when Harley stops him. Harley checks Gus into rehab instead of letting him go to jail. Lizzie asks a girl named Ashlee, whose uncle runs a medical clinic, to make up records that say Lizzie has been a patient for over a month so that she can hide her conception date. Ashlee plays along and shows Coop the records but tells Lizize she wants something in return. Lizzie tells her family and the Coopers that she's pregnant. Alan jumps all over Coop, who runs off. Cassie helps Josh fulfill HB's dream to build a veteran's hospital so Josh hires her to work with him.

  • Ep. #14903
    Ep. #14903
    Episode 206

    Gus steals a prescription pad so he can get more drugs and narrowly avoids being spotted by Harley. Dinah is desperate to avoid taking time off the way Harley wants her to but Harley is too worried about Gus to notice. Dinah gets furious and reminds Harley of everything she's done to help her and saying Harley owes her since she slept with Gus. Mallet calls Gus to join him on an interview with the mechanic who worked on Ross' plane. Harley is terrified when she gets a call that someone was shot. Tammy wants to take back the restraining order against Jonathan but Remy dares her to prove that Jonathan would never hurt her. When she can't convince him that Jonathan is safe, Remy tells her he will always be there if she needs him. Coop tells Ava about Lizzie's pregnancy and prepares for his Oxford interview but he can't answer questions about his future. Lizzie tells Jonathan that he's not her baby's father because she knew she was pregnant when she slept with him.

  • Ep. #14902
    Ep. #14902
    Episode 205

    Harley cleans out her desk at the station and says goodbye to Mallet. Gus takes the boys out while Harley is busy but trying to keep up with them causes him physical pain. He asks Marina to watch them then calls a doctor he knows and asks for a prescription for pain killers. When the doctor says he needs Rick's approval first, Gus steals a prescription pad instead but Harley sees him. Ava makes Lizzie leave before Lizzie can tell Coop that she's pregnant. Lizzie steals Ava's shoes and runs out, forcing Coop to chase after her. He ends up in Lizzie's room and finds a ton of baby stuff inside. He figures out that she's pregnant and when he doesn't appear to be pleased, Lizzie tells him to go back to Ava because she'll be fine on her own. Tammy tells Jonathan that she thinks Lizzie may be pregnant but wonders who the father could be since she doesn't think Lizzie and Coop have been together in a while. Off of that info, Jonathan leaves to confront Lizzie.

  • Ep. #14901
    Ep. #14901
    Episode 204

    Lizzie is pleased to think that she's having Coop's baby until she remembers that it could also be Jonathan's. She runs into Jonathan and they both agree to pretend their night together never happened. Beth tries to threaten Ava to stay away from Coop but Ava is not having it. Coop assures Ava that he only wants to be with her. When Lizzie questions Rick about pregnancy, he guesses her problem but thinks that she's worried that Alan isn't the father of Beth's baby. Lizzie plays along and Rick says that a baby is a blessing, no matter who the father is. Tammy hears their chat and wonders what Lizzie is up to. Cassie and RJ go to Cross Creek with Josh to try and make it look like it did in the old days. Josh says that Cassie should work with him at Lewis since she gave full ownership of the Beacon to Olivia. When Cassie falls and hurts her ankle and Josh rushes to help her. Cassie remembers Jonathan's insinuation that she has the hots for Josh.

  • Ep. #14900
    Ep. #14900
    Episode 203

    Lizzie throws a party for Coop but doesn't tell anyone she's the one who planned it. Though fighting nausea, Lizzie tells Ava that she and Coop recently slept together. Ava says she doesn't care because she and Coop weren't dating at the time. Lizzie locks Ava in the elevator to keep her away but Ava gets out just as Lizzie is making another play for Coop. The ladies get into a fight which ends with Lizzie falling into the cake. Beth takes Lizzie home and in the course of conversation, talks about morning sickness. Lizzie realizes that her own nausea may mean that she's pregnant. Lizzie takes a pregnancy test but before getting the results, Coop arrives and wants to take her to Phillip's grave. He tells her that she doesn't have to end up crazy like her family but she says she needs him to stay with her in order for her to change. He says they weren't meant to be together but he knows she can change on her own. Lizzie goes home to find that her pregnancy test is positive. She takes several more tests and is horrified to realize the truth. She goes to Phillip's grave and tells her father that she's going to be a mother. She then heads to Company where she sees Jonathan, Tammy, Ava, and Coop.

  • Ep. #14899
    Ep. #14899
    Episode 202

    Josh asks Olivia to sell Cross Creek back to him and Reva but she refuses. Cassie offers to trade Olivia her half of The Beacon for Cross Creek. Josh tells a furious Billy that he and Reva tore up their divorce papers and remarried instead. Billy yells that he's the one who had the papers sent. Josh is thrilled when Cassie tells him she got Cross Creek back for him and Reva. Josh plans to take RJ with him to get the place ready for Reva's return. Harley takes Gus to see Rick to check out his bad leg but Gus thinks it's all a set up to question him about the pain pills. Blake confronts Jeffrey about smearing Ross' name in his run for mayor. Frank finds out that Ross may have been murdered. Jeffrey learns that Ross' assistant was also a private investigator. Frank assigns Gus to the case.

  • Ep. #14898
    Ep. #14898
    Episode 201

    Dinah plants pain pills where Gus can find him, hoping he'll break his promise to Harley to stop taking them, which will give Harley a reason to take care of him and stay away from the office. But when Dinah sees Gus with Zach, she tries to stop him from taking the pills. Harley promises Mallet that she will give Dinah some time off so he can take her away on a romantic trip. However, Dinah is furious at being told to take a break. Alan-Michael adds fuel to the fire by saying that he will be her true friend. Harley is upset to realize that Gus took more pain pills. Lizzie tells Jonathan that she wants to be with him since Coop has decided to be with Ava. Jonathan warns Lizzie to leave him alone and back off the blackmail attempts because he won't be passive like Coop. Lizzie tells Coop that Jonathan frightened her so Ava suggests that she and Coop take Lizzie home. Lizzie is so sickened by them that she throws up. Marina is surprised when Alan-Michael turns down her offer of a one-night stand. He says he wants everything or nothing from her. Marina says then he'll have nothing and she leaves.

  • Ep. #14897
    Ep. #14897
    Episode 200

    Cassie is thrilled that Josh and Reva have reunited, but not so much when she learns Jonathan and Tammy have reunited.

  • Ep. #14896
    Ep. #14896
    Episode 199

    Dinah is preparing to make her own speech at the Policeman's Ball but Harley manages to upstage her again, then later Jeffrey pumps her for information on Blake to use in his campaign for mayor Tammy is surprised when Cassie tells her she isn't going to interfere in her relationship with Jonathan, and Jonathan tells Lizzie he won't help her with Coop before telling Tammy he'll take her back. Olivia wants a second chance with Frank, but he isn't happy when he later sees her giving Buzz an innocent kiss on the cheek.

  • Ep. #14895
    Ep. #14895
    Episode 198

    Reva and Josh tell each other they will remain friends after the divorce. Cassie tries to talk Reva out of divorcing Josh and says he wants to remain married but Reva doesn't believe it. Cassie manipulates the situation by having Josh go to Towers when Reva has her date with Ted. Reva pretends not to notice Josh who is having a business dinner with a woman named Jamie. As Reva and Josh separately call Cassie, she urges them both to ditch their dates and be together. Cassie accidentally turns their call into a three-way conversation but tells them to use the opportunity to talk things out. Josh and Reva hang up instead. Ted starts to get on Reva's nerves and she ends up dumping her lunch in his lap. Josh takes her outside and they end up in front of a fountain, which of course Reva ends up inside of but this time, Josh follows her in. They hear their song playing and the word "always" chalked onto the sidewalk. They call Cassie who admits that she set the whole thing up. They decide to get the divorce anyway but at the signing they start to remember all the ups and downs of their various marriages. They sign the papers but unexpectedly meet up at the lighthouse. They have a long overdue talk and end up spontaneously remarrying, realizing that they belong together and always will.

  • Ep. #14894
    Ep. #14894
    Episode 196

    As Reva and Josh prepare to sign divorce papers, Cassie scolds Josh for not telling Reva he wants to get back together. Billy thinks about admitting his part in Reva and Josh's estrangement, but ends up kissing her instead. Billy asks if Reva is using him to get back at Josh. When Josh arrives, Reva leaves to get food and while she's out, ends up making a date with a man named Ted. Billy asks Josh to let him have a fair chance at winning Reva's heart. When Reva returns, Josh says he'll be moving out tomorrow. Jonathan is shocked when Tammy says she wants to get back together. Cassie arrives but she's too busy looking for Reva to give Tammy and Jonathan another lecture. Tammy gets a shock of her own when Jonathan says he's tired of the way Tammy comes and goes and says he doesn't want her back. Tammy takes her stuff but sees a scarf that isn't hers, unaware that it's Lizzie's. Tammy says that she is going to get Jonathan to take her back because now she's going to chase him the way he chased her. Gus figures out that Dinah is angry at Harley for stepping back into the job at Spaulding but Dinah says she isn't. When Cassie asks how Dinah is handling knowing that Mallet and Harley slept together, Dinah insists she trusts Mallet.

  • Ep. #14893
    Ep. #14893
    Episode 195

    Lizzie and Jonathan have sex and she thinks it's a good experiment to see what sex is like without emotional attachments. She thinks they should use their experience to get Coop and Tammy back but Jonathan says he doesn't want Lizzie going anywhere near Tammy. Tammy shows up and stuns Jonathan by saying that she wants to be with him in spite of what everyone says and asks if he'll take her back. Coop accidentally punches a hole through the wall that connects his and Ava's rooms. They are having fun patching the hole when Lizzie comes in but they don't see her. Lizzie calls someone to have Ava's past investigated. Marina defends Alan-Michael when Alan disparages him but then tells Alan-Michael that he shouldn't take that as a sign of forgiveness. Alan-Michael says the only things he wants are Spaulding and Marina and he plans to get them both back. Dinah is upset over Harley's plan to make a speech at the policeman's ball. When she sees that Gus is still in pain over his leg, she warns Harley about the dangers of him self-medicating. Harley decides she should stay home with Gus and asks Dinah to make the speech. Alan-Michael compliments Dinah's devious nature.

  • Ep. #14892
    Ep. #14892
    Episode 194

    Lizzie gets drunk and goes to pay Jonathan's bail. She tells him she's ready to raise some hell and has brought along more booze. They run into Coop and Ava and Jonathan hits Coop in the face. The boys are fighting when Tammy and Marina come along and Marina has to stop Tammy from running to Jonathan. Coop walks off with Ava and Remy takes Tammy away and uses the opportunity to ask her out. Lizzie and Jonathan get even drunker at Outskirts and end up making out. Frank tells Buzz he wants to take Olivia back to the lodge but Buzz thinks of making love with Olivia there and suggests it's not the best idea. Buzz later tells Olivia that he hates lying to his son and needs to know if she is happy with Frank. Olivia says she is and wants to forget the intimacy with Buzz ever happened. But she's annoyed when Buzz readily agrees. Unfortunately, Frank overhears their conversation and yells at his father. He decides to move out. Olivia and Buzz ask each other if they have feelings for the other but neither of them wants to admit the truth so they're at a stalemate. Alan questions Alan-Michael, wondering how Marina would feel if she knew the part Alan-Michael played in Ross' death. Alan-Michael and Alan can't agree on who should be CEO and they end up fighting outside of Company. Alan says Marina left Alan-Michael because he is a weakling but Marina arrives and says Alan-Michael is ten times the man Alan will ever be.

  • Ep. #14891
    Ep. #14891
    Episode 193

    Tammy cries as she tells Jonathan that she had to get a court order to keep him away because it's the only way she can get over him. Frank holds Jonathan back as Tammy leaves. Lizzie is upset when she finds Coop having an intimate dinner with Ava. When Lizzie runs out, Coop stays with Ava. Lizzie sees Frank cuffing Jonathan and follows them. Mallet and Gus reconnect as police partners. Mallet asks Gus if he would have been okay with Harley moving on if he had really been dead. Gus says it would have been fine as long as the guy wasn't Mallet. Harley orders Dinah to take some time off to deal with her grief over losing Ross. Dinah is furious, especially when she learns that Harley already has a replacement. Dinah feels betrayed and tells Mallet she has nothing to hold on to. He reminds her that she has him and they make love. Gus, Harley, and the boys camp out at the half-finished house but it starts to rain, forcing them all to squish into the tent.

  • Ep. #14890
    Ep. #14890
    Episode 192

    Blake puts together a romantic homecoming for Ross but Jeffrey arrives instead to give her the bad news that Ross' plane crashed and there were no survivors. Blake is in denial but Holly and Dinah force her to see the truth. Blake's state of mind is further aggravated when Dinah suggests that Ross was sleeping with his assistant who was traveling with him. Blake slaps Dinah. Blake slips away to meet Alan-Michael and ask him why he was scheduled to meet with Ross several times over the past month. Alan-Michael says it was about business but Blake gets him to admit that he thought Ross was having an affair with his assistant, Nikki. Dinah apologizes to Blake and says she doesn't want to be cut off from the family, especially since the boys are her only tie to her father. Blake admits that Dinah may have been right about Ross and Nikki. Two days later, a memorial service is held for Ross and Reverend Rutledge delivers the eulogy, quoting his grandfather, the first Reverend Rutledge. Rick highlights his father Ed and Ross' longtime friendship. Vanessa lovingly talks about Ross being her first love. Alan remembers that he and Ross had a great love for Phillip. Holly says that Ross was always there for her no matter what she did. Dinah talks about the years they missed together. Blake can barely speak without collapsing. But when the press arrives at the wake at Company, Blake pulls herself together and praises her husband. She announces that she plans to honor him by running for mayor. Blake leaves the wake and starts investigating Ross' connection to Nikki. Jeffrey tells her he doesn't think the rumors are true. Jeffrey also mentions that he plans to run against her. Elsewhere, Alan-Michael pulls out a file folder labeled, "Nicole Landers."

  • Ep. #14889
    Ep. #14889
    Episode 191

    Harley is shocked when Mallet tells her that Dinah knows they had sex. Alan-Michael tries to get Dinah to join forces with him against Harley but she refuses even when he mentions that Harley slept with Mallet. Alan-Michael follows her to Gus' welcome home party and runs into Marina. He asks for forgiveness but she says it's too late. Harley talks to Dinah about dealing with her indiscretion with Mallet. Dinah says she can't forgive Harley but wants to just move forward. Josh is upset as he tells Cassie that Reva got the divorce papers he'd had drawn up a while ago. Billy suggests that Reva get a lawyer of her own but she wants to talk things out with Josh first. Reva hears Josh tell Cassie that he had gotten to the point where he never wanted to see Reva again. She runs out before hearing him say he doesn't feel that way anymore. When she sees Josh she tells him she has gotten a lawyer to deal with him. After a night of making love to Lizzie, Coop wants to get back together. Their reunion dissolves when Joey shows up and reveals that Lizzie lied about him stalking her. A disgusted Coop walks out as Lizzie cries. Because she misses Ross, Blake decides to move the kids to Washington, D.C. to be close to him again.

  • Ep. #14888
    Ep. #14888
    Episode 190

    Marina interrupts the board meeting at Spaulding and accuses Alan-Michael of sabotaging Harley and forging the note from Gus. Forced to admit to the truth, Alan-Michael says he did it all to protect the company. Marina slaps him but Alan-Michael calmly tells the board to vote in the new CEO. Harley decides not to step down, fires Alan-Michael and asks Dinah if she's still on her team. Alan-Michael tells Marina that he never wanted to hurt her and hadn't intended to fall for her but she walks out on him. Alan steps out of the shadows as Alan-Michael laments that he's lost everything. Coop tells Ava he's over Lizzie just as he gets a call from Lizzie who claims that Joey is stalking her. Coop runs to her rescue only to find that she's fine. Lizzie gets naked and asks Coop to stay. Jonathan hides in Tammy's car and she tells him she'll never stop loving him but she doesn't like who she's become with him. She later asks Jeffrey to file a restraining order against Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14887
    Ep. #14887
    Episode 189

    Harley thinks it's not a good idea for her to return to work and she calls Alan-Michael to say she wants to announce that she plans to step down. She tells him Dinah is perfect for the job. Dinah is upset about being Harley's girl Friday but her mood improves when Harley comes by to say she wants Dinah to replace her permanently at Spaulding. Alan-Michael thinks things are moving in his favor without him having to jeopardize his relationship with Marina. Unbeknownst to him, Marina tells Gus that Alan-Michael found the note he wrote to Harley. When Gus says he never wrote such a note, Marina breaks into Alan-Michael's room and finds upsetting evidence. She hurries to Spaulding and shows Gus some papers that Alan-Michael clearly forged. Marina interrupts the board meeting to confront Alan-Michael. Reva finds Billy at Outskirts and he is going to ask her to spend the day with him when Josh comes in and Reva gives him all her attention. Billy runs into Josh's lawyer who mentions that Josh never asked for the divorce papers he drew up. Billy suggests the lawyer finish them and allow Billy to deliver them personally. Josh and Reva have a drink together but Reva accidentally spills her drink on an angry customer whom Josh is forced to punch. They then see the guy's three angry friends and they hide behind a Lewis construction dumpster. They're having a close moment when Billy interrupts with the divorce papers that he "innocently" gives to Josh. Reva is incensed but Josh says he didn't ask the papers to be finished or sent.

  • Ep. #14886
    Ep. #14886
    Episode 188

    Dinah runs to confront Harley about having sex with Mallet and he takes off after her. They are both stunned when they see Gus alive, well and brushing his teeth. Mallet worries that Dinah will tell him the truth but Harley inadvertently stops her by gushing over what a wonderful friend Dinah has been to her. Dinah tells Mallet that she loves him. Gus wants to tell Harley about his plan to deal with Alan but Harley says Gus has no business making up another plan considering how his last one turned out. Alan calls to tell Gus he'll be hearing from the DA soon. Gus tells Alan he plans to go after Beth, saying he has evidence that proves she kidnapped him. But he will agree to leave Beth alone if Alan does the same with Harley. Alan warns Alan-Michael that Gus knows he came to town to take over Spaulding and once the truth comes out, Marina and the other Coopers will hate him. Alan-Michael asks his father to call together the board for an emergency meeting. Frank takes the day off to hang with Olivia and Emma and asks if Olivia knows any women for Buzz to date. Frank later calls Buzz for suggestions on charming Olivia. Buzz suggests he order her favorite meal of stuffed pizza. Frank is thrilled by her positive reaction but Olivia quickly figures out that Buzz gave him the tip.

  • Ep. #14885
    Ep. #14885
    Episode 187

    Dinah tells Mallet that she's tired of competing with Harley and wants to free Mallet so he can be with her. Mallet is reminded of when he was married to Harley and had an affair with his partner Regina. Harley later tells Mallet she's quitting the force. Dinah tells Alan-Michael that she refuses to be second fiddle to Harley anymore. Mallet talks to Cassie and learns that Harley had some reservations about pushing him to be with Dinah instead of her. Mallet realizes he should have fought for Harley when they were married but he now has to fight for Dinah. Mallet tells Dinah he refuses to move out. She asks how she can be sure that he won't cheat on her like he cheated on Harley. Mallet takes a big risk and tells Dinah that he slept with Harley but he came back to Dinah because she is who he wants. Mallet tells Dinah he loves her but she doesn't believe him. He asks her to take a chance on loving him but she walks out.

  • Ep. #14884
    Ep. #14884
    Episode 186

    Dinah wants Mallet to move out and trashes the place while she wants or him to come home. Jeffrey comes over to see what the noise is about and they end up having a drink. They are kissing just as Cassie walks in. Jeffrey tells Cassie he still loves her and challenges her to say she doesn't love him. Cassie says she has no intention of loving anyone again. Harley hides Gus when Mallet comes to the house to check on her. Harley pushes Mallet away when he hugs her, which Gus sees. When Mallet says he may have new evidence about Gus, Harley tells him to stay out of it. After Mallet leaves, Gus says he's glad that Mallet was there to look out for Harley while he was gone. Harley and Gus finally make love. Mallet goes home to apologize to Dinah and finds that she is furious with him. Tammy reels when Joey says he's still in love with her but she thinks she doesn't deserve such a nice guy. Tammy goes to see Jonathan and tells him she can't stay away from him. But just as they're going to reconcile, Tammy finds suitcases that he packed for her along with a vial of drugs. She thinks he was going to drug her and take her away so she suns out.

  • Ep. #14883
    Ep. #14883
    Episode 185

    Gus and Harley's reunion is cut shorts when a guard comes in with orders from Alan to shoot on sight. Gus and Harley jump they guy and lock him in a closet. Harley wants to let everyone know Gus is alive but he wants time alone with his wife first. They go to their half-constructed house where Harley rants at him for leaving her. Gus admits that trying to kidnap Alan wasn't his best idea. Dinah hurls plates all over the room when she expresses her anger over Mallet walking out on their dinner. She realizes she's reverting back to her old behavior. Alan-Michael tells Alan that he and Beth will soon be in jail, leaving Alan-Michael free to get Spaulding back. Alan asks his son if Marina knows that he was the one who brought Alan-Michael back to town. Dinah heads to Cedars and hears Mallet threaten about leaving Harley alone. Mallet calls Harley who tells him to focus on Dinah but Dinah hears him say that she can wait. Mallet heads to Gus and Harley's house. Beth isn't worried about getting in trouble over kidnapping Gus because she thinks no one will believe she did it since she's been a victim for so long. Alan is turned on by Beth's deviousness and kisses her.

  • Ep. #14882
    Ep. #14882
    Episode 184

    Tammy is stunned to see Joey Lupo, the first guy to break her heart. Joey finally is able to explain that he left town because Phillip threatened him. Though Tammy says she's heard it all before, she gives him a break because he wasn't a bad guy. She agrees to have dinner with him. Jonathan and Lizzie strike a deal that he will help her get Ava away from Coop if she helps him get Tammy back. Harley asks Beth to tell her what really happened to Gus but Beth will only say that Harley will never find his body. Alan comes in and Harley takes his cell phone and asks Marina to check out a strange number. Alan is on to her however and makes a call telling someone to be on the lookout for a strange woman. Vanessa and Blake go to Dinah and Mallet's new place as they host their first couple dinner. Vanessa is thrilled for Dinah but upset to see Frank come in with Olivia. The evening takes a bad turn when Mallet leaves to help Harley. Dinah plays nice for her guests but when they leave, she throws a picture of her and Mallet at the wall. Harley gets to an asylum where a guard tries to prevent her from entering. Suddenly, she's grabbed from behind…by Gus.

  • Ep. #14881
    Ep. #14881
    Episode 183

    Jeffrey and Harley ask Alan to explain the letter 'G' carved into the cabin floor. Alan says he carved it as a memorial to Gus. Alan later tells Beth to stop acting guilty or she will blow everything. Harley tells Beth that Alan will do to her baby what he did to Gus and Phillip. Mallet asks Dinah to move in with him but she wonders if he's asking her only to prove that he's not Harley's backup guy. Mallet starts to make a joke to ease the tension but tells the truth and tells Dinah how much she means to him. Dinah is touched and they make love. But she later sees Jeffrey who warns that they have the kind of pasts that ruin relationships. Reva and Jonathan go to see Tammy and she assumes Reva's come to speak on her son's behalf. Instead, Reva says she ran into Jonathan and told him to stay away from Tammy. Jonathan accuses Reva of having conditional love and says Tammy's the only person who ever loved him for who he really is. Tammy is stunned to run into her first love, Joey Lupo.

  • Ep. #14880
    Ep. #14880
    Episode 182

    Olivia impresses Josh with her business skills and also receives a beautiful bouquet from Frank. She gets a visit from Buzz who looks at Emma's ridiculous schedule of ballet, Spanish lessons, and playdates and says they're going to have some fun instead. He takes them to the carousel only to find it's dismantled. He tells Emma to get on anyway and he and Olivia will push her. At home, Emma falls asleep and Olivia admits to Buzz that she's nervous about going to the parent-teacher conference the next day. Buzz says he will go there. The next night, Buzz stops Olivia from freaking out when Emma gets a satisfactory instead of an excellent in art. Later on, Olivia dresses to seduce Josh and enchant their business clients but she gets a call saying the sitter can't keep Emma. She calls Buzz for help and he remarks that as far as Josh is concerned they didn't make it work the first time and probably can't do so now either. Olivia is unsettled by Buzz's affect on her and ends up zoning out during the business dinner. She startles everyone by saying that Company is a wonderful restaurant. Coop visits Buzz while he's babysitting Emma and tells his dad to make a real effort to win Olivia. Buzz is about to go see Olivia when he gets a message that Frank's been shot. At the hospital, Frank has just been nicked but it made him realize that he really does want to be with Olivia. Olivia returns from her meeting to find Frank waiting with Emma, who is putting makeup on him. He tells Olivia that Buzz wanted them to spend the evening together. Frank also says he wants Olivia and Emma to be a permanent part of his life. Olivia puts Emma to sleep and tells her daughter that she's tired of searching for something perfect and should settle for being with someone who wants her like Frank. She says Frank is great, just like his dad.

  • Ep. #14879
    Ep. #14879
    Episode 181

    Coop yells at Lizzie for hiring an escort to date Ava. Lizzie in turn calls Ava names and dares her rival to hit her so Lizzie can sue her. Instead, Ava dumps juice on Lizzie's head. Lizzie tells her dog Roxie that she'll get Coop back no matter what it takes. Jonathan tells Ava that Sandy died and admits that he's the one who stopped their divorce. Though Ava is angry, Jonathan reminds her that she still owes him and he needs her to help him get Tammy back. Ava learns from Cassie that Tammy went to school and Jonathan interrupts Clayton's class to tell Tammy they belong together. Tammy says she can never be with him again and security takes him away. Josh takes Reva a letter that Sandy left her that thanks her for making him feel like he belonged for a while. Josh thinks everything is Jonathan's fault but Billy defends him. Josh thinks Billy is just trying to score points with Reva. The brothers admit they're fighting over Reva and Billy seeks out Olivia to tell her she should pursue Josh after all.

  • Ep. #14878
    Ep. #14878
    Episode 180

    Tammy is devastated when Jonathan takes responsibility for Sandy unraveling and she realizes that Jonathan manipulated her. She feels betrayed and says he turned her into a killer. Tammy runs home to Cassie and Josh tells Jonathan to stay away. Alan-Michael is in bed with Marina when he gets a call from Alan who berates him for letting Dinah run Spaulding. Dinah, meanwhile tells Alan that she takes her orders from Harley, not him. Harley and Mallet are stranded together and soaked in the cabin. They take off their wet clothes and almost kiss but Harley stops it. She finds the 'G' that Gus carved into the floor and vows to find her husband.

  • Ep. #14877
    Ep. #14877
    Episode 179

    Josh stays with Jonathan at the cliffs while Cassie drives off with Tammy, determined to show her where they came from in the hopes that she can scare her straight. She reminds Tammy of the rats that used to live in their apartment, and of when social services took Tammy away. Jonathan tries desperately to get ahold of Tammy, and finally locates her in the morgue, where Cassie had locked her in with Sandy's dead body. Tammy convinces him to take her to the cliffs where she blames herself for Sandy's death and Jonathan admits to her that he was the one who stalled Sandy's divorce and tipped off the police.

  • Ep. #14876
    Ep. #14876
    Episode 178

    Reva manages to get to the cliffs in the nick of time and tries to remind Sandy of the time when she loved him just like a son, but Sandy isn't listening. Tammy throws herself at Sandy to save Jonathan, but Sandy ends up going over the cliff. Lizzie is shocked to see Alan alive and well. Coop learns that Lizzie hired Ava's boyfriend and that it is all a scam. Buzz takes Frank's place on his date with Olivia. Cassie shows her jealous streak when another woman hits on Jeffrey, and is horrified to learn of Sandy's death.

  • Ep. #14875
    Ep. #14875
    Episode 177

    Alan-Michael breaks things off with Marina only to return to his office and find her there. She tells him she's breaking up with him, but he ends up kissing her passionately and the two end up on his desk. Alan tries to convince Harley and Mallet that Gus didn't make it, and neither one sees the carved 'G'. Tammy finds Sandy at the cliffs and pretends she will go away with him to calm him down, but then Jonathan shows up. After Reva asks Billy to move in with her, Josh announces that he's moving back into the house.

  • Ep. #14874
    Ep. #14874
    Episode 176

    Alex wonders if Alan-Michael is as determined to take over Spaulding as he claims. Marina tries to cover after she makes a glib comment about loving Alan-Michael. Tammy and Jonathan cuddle after making love and when Jonathan leaves, Frank shows up looking for him and tells Tammy that Sandy called the police claiming Jonathan was threatening him. Dinah tells Harley and Mallet that she 'accidentally' dropped her cell phone in Beth's personal effects, which just happens to have GPS. Beth returns to the cabin and is relieved to find Gus and Alan alive. When Alan attempts to strangle her, she tells him she's pregnant.

  • Ep. #14873
    Ep. #14873
    Episode 175

    Jonathan and Tammy make love after he returns to the hotel, even though she can't help but wonder where he was. Harley questions Beth about the key she found and watches as Beth's heart rate goes up. Dinah tells Beth she and her children can stay in the Spaulding mansion as long as they want. Gus and Alan try to escape as the room gets colder and colder. Reva and Josh talk about destiny.

  • Ep. #14872
    Ep. #14872
    Episode 174

    Beth decides to leave Alan and Gus in the cabin to die once she's wiped the place clean of her presence. She calls Alan's lawyer and says she wants their divorce papers burned. Beth runs into a grieving Harley and is unnerved. Harley is twigged by Beth's exhaustion and bad cough. When she faints, the key to the cabin falls out of her purse but Harley puts it back in as she and Rick rush Beth to the hospital. Beth gets delirious and hallucinates seeing Alan and Gus and says she wishes she could change things. She's not remembering the kidnapping so much as the night before Alan was released from prison and she slept with him to prove her loyalty. Beth wakes up and feels better but she's stunned when Rick tells her she's pregnant. She realizes she's left the baby's father - Alan - to die. Mallet arrives to return her purse and says he wants to close the book on Alan and Gus' case. He asks her about the info he found that Alan was going to divorce her before his disappearance. Beth claims to know nothing about that. Beth determines she has to save Alan and Gus but Rick says she needs to stay at the hospital. She tries to tell the truth but she sees Harley with her police badge and loses her nerve.

  • Ep. #14871
    Ep. #14871
    Episode 173

    Jonathan realizes Tammy never got the note asking her to meet him at the Springfield Inn. Instead, Tammy is in the fishing shack with Sandy, who planned an impromptu wedding for her. Tammy tries to get away from him but he grabs her and the dress rips just as Jonathan comes in. Tammy worries that Jonathan will go ballistic but he refuses to let Sandy bait him. When Sandy is gone, Jonathan tells Tammy to lock herself in and not let in anyone but him while he takes off on a mysterious mission. However, Tammy can't stay behind and she takes off into the night. Harley reads a fake note from Gus that Alan-Michael wrote urging her to get on with her life and find love again. Harley tries to kiss Mallet but he stops her. Dinah comes in and is suspicious until she sees how upset Harley is. Harley leaves Mallet and Dinah to enjoy the hotel room. Alan is convinced he can manipulate Beth and get her to release him and Gus. Beth tells Alan he's been declared legally dead and Dinah is running Spaulding because Dinah is too busy making time with Mallet. Jeffrey asks Cassie how they can go on when she can't forgive him for impersonating Richard. He says he'll move out but she won't let him. He thinks that being apart may be the best thing for them getting back together. Sandy comes by to tell Cassie that since she won't stop Tammy from being with Jonathan, he will.

  • Ep. #14870
    Ep. #14870
    Episode 172

    Tammy gets a letter from Jonathan and arrives at the fishing shack, which has been beautifully decorated. She puts on a wedding dress and a diamond ring that were left out for her and waits for Jonathan. She is stunned when Sandy enters instead. Cassie and Jeffrey start to make love but she starts thinking of him being Richard and cries out that she can't go through with it. Dinah and Vanessa almost find Alan-Michael listening to the recording he made of Harley's confession of sleeping with Mallet. Alan-Michael tries to charm them but Vanessa isn't fooled. She recalls that when she was the CEO of Spaulding, Alan-Michael wanted the job and things didn't end nicely. Harley and Mallet discuss who's getting the most out of their partnership. Alan-Michael calls Harley with the lie that a letter from Gus has been found. Alan-Michael calls Dinah and asks if she's heard from Mallet. He then mentions that Mallet and Harley are probably at a lodge. Dinah calls and finds out that Mallet and Harley are behind closed doors.

  • Ep. #14869
    Ep. #14869
    Episode 171

    Billy is in prison, ready to take responsibility for drinking and driving and endangering Reva. Josh tells Reva that he hid the bottle of whiskey from the police but Billy confessed on his own. Reva begs Josh to help his brother get out of trouble and Josh finally agrees. Josh reminds Frank that the police have no physical evidence that Billy was drinking and says he plans to testify to the fact that his brother was sober. Ava prepares for her date with Brian, not knowing that Lizzie hired him to keep Ava away from Coop. Jonathan asks Ava to help him plan a surprise for Tammy. Lizzie misunderstands and thinks Jonathan is planning a surprise wedding and tells Tammy. Cassie and Jeffrey make Tammy more suspicious when they say that Jonathan invited them to a mystery event. Tammy says she thinks it's her wedding and wants to know if Cassie will attend. Tammy tells her mother that if it came down to a choice between Jonathan and Cassie, she would choose Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14868
    Ep. #14868
    Episode 170

    Jonathan warns Sandy that now that he has Tammy in his life, he has a lot to lose and isn't about to let Sandy take it away from him. Reva starts to realise just how deeply Billy has fallen for her.

  • Ep. #14867
    Ep. #14867
    Episode 169

    Alan-Michael eagerly awaits the reading of Alan's will, assuming that he will finally get what he feels to be his due. Beth is awarded a substantial trust, Hilda is awarded lifetime employment, and Alex is given three international Spaulding holdings. To Alan-Michael, Alan leaves only a dime. After swearing to make a fortune based on that dime, Harley adds insult to injury by installing Dinah as head of Spaulding and letting Alan-Michael go.

  • Ep. #14866
    Ep. #14866
    Episode 168

    Sandy tags along with Cassie once she learns about Reva only to run into Jonathan and Tammy. Jonathan reminds Sandy that Reva is his mother, then Sandy is escorted out after being served with a restraining order. When he gets back to his room, he sees that it has been trashed. Josh waits for Reva to wake up, and blames Billy for what has happened. Billy turns it all around and tells Josh that his blowing hot and cold is causing havoc in Reva's life, which leads to Josh realising that Billy is in love with her. Lizzie bumps into Beth then heads to CO2, where a customer is flirting with Ava. Coop is upset, but Lizzie, who hired Brian, is thrilled.

  • Ep. #14865
    Ep. #14865
    Episode 167

    Alan-Michael manipulates Dinah into writing a press release announcing that she is taking over Spaulding. Harley and Mallet are shocked to find Beth out in the snow and she covers for the candles in her purse by claiming she wanted to be there for Harley on Gus' birthday. Buzz lectures Olivia after hearing her say that one night stands are her new thing, but says nothing when she offers to steer clear of Frank if he wants her to. Harley sees the press release. Frank dreams of a future with Olivia. Gus is Beth's prisoner again.

  • Ep. #14864
    Ep. #14864
    Episode 166

    Jonathan seeks advice from Cassie and Jeffrey on how to handle Sandy. Harley and Mallet pretend to be a feuding husband and wife in order to catch the duo distributing the drugs, but once they're arrested Harley lets Mallet know the scenario made her uncomfortable. Harley takes off after seeing the paperwork, and when he looks at it himself, Mallet realises that it's Gus' birthday. Tammy insists to Sandy that it was her idea to move into The Outskirts. Later, Sandy pops up in the back of Jonathan's car and claims he sabotaged the breaks, which he didn't. Alan realises that the drugs he was stockpiling aren't all there, but before he passes out, he manages to free Gus.

  • Ep. #14863
    Ep. #14863
    Episode 165

    Alan tries to get on Beth's good side and seeks reassurance that they're still partners, which she agrees to, then turns the tables on him, tying Gus up to keep him from escaping and making it clear to both men that she's the one pulling the strings. Dinah is pleased to be celebrating her first day on the job with flowers from Alan-Michael, not realising that he's boasting to Alex that Dinah will soon turn on Harley. Josh is able to get Reva out of the car and manages to resuscitate her. When he helps to free Billy he finds the bottle of bourbon and hides the bottle while telling Billy to get help. Dinah catches Mallet and Harley in a compromising position, even though all that's happening is that he's fitting her for a wire.

  • Ep. #14862
    Ep. #14862
    Episode 164

    Reva heads to Tulsa to speak before her old high-school, and fantasizes about what her life would have been like had she stayed married to Billy, but even then she wasn't able to stay away from Josh. On the drive home she tells Billy she realises Josh is her destiny just as she realises Billy is driving drunk and the two crash.

  • Ep. #14861
    Ep. #14861
    Episode 163

    Jeffrey confesses to Cassie that he slept with her once while pretending to be Richard. She is horrified that not only did she cheat on her husband but that Jeffrey made her into a liar. Jeffrey tells her that after that night he became a better man. When he asks if she wants him to leave she collapses into tears and says she doesn't know what she wants. Sandy calls Jonathan to let him know that he's stalking Tammy as he speaks. Jonathan goes nuts but Tammy handles the situation by asking Sandy to leave town. Sandy tries to ruin Tammy's faith in Jonathan by playing her a tape of Jonathan threatening him. Tammy still tells Sandy to leave and never contact her again and demands that he give her the tape. Lizzie plays up the fact that she's "homeless" to Coop in the hopes that he'll make Ava leave and let her move in. Instead, Coop gets rid of Lizzie and tells Ava that he's developed feelings for he. Lizzie is determined to get him back and she gets help in that matter when Beth unexpectedly restores her access to the Spalding coffers. Beth says she has made changes in her own life and she wants Lizzie to be able to do the same.

  • Ep. #14860
    Ep. #14860
    Episode 162

    Dinah orders Frank to rehire Harley and to let her pair up with Mallet, even though she agrees with Mallet and Frank that it's a bad idea. Reva answers a call from help from a drunken Billy, who kisses her. Later, she runs into Josh, who jokes that he's a new man, and Reva tells him that she liked the old one. Jeffrey worries that Josh plans to tell Cassie the truth, but Josh assures him he won't. Jeffrey, after Cassie tells him how horrified yet proud she is of Tammy for moving into the backroom at The Outskirts with Jonathan, decides to tell her the truth. Jonathan confronts Sandy, who confirms that he's the reason Tammy couldn't find an apartment.

  • Ep. #14859
    Ep. #14859
    Episode 161

    Cassie finds Josh on a date with Tess and rescues him when she realizes the woman is nutty. Cassie asks what he's looking for in a woman and he says he doesn't want anyone at the moment. Meanwhile, Mel advises Jeffrey to tell Cassie the truth about sleeping with her while he impersonated Richard. Josh overhears this and says that unlike Mel, he has no compunctions about telling Cassie the truth. Dinah fights the urge to return to her old ways and cling to Mallet to keep him. When Mallet gives her a toothbrush to keep at his place, she convinces herself their relationship is fine. That may not be the case for long when Harley decides she wants to return to the police force and partner up with Mallet. Gus doesn't entirely buy Beth's story about them being stranded and her cell phone not working. Alan realizes something is up, too, when he finds a receipt that suggests Beth has been recently out shopping. Gus and Beth demand the truth from her and she locks them both back in their rooms and smashing the cell phone. She says she is in charge of whether they live or die from now on.

  • Ep. #14858
    Ep. #14858
    Episode 160

    Olivia and Buzz discuss their lovemaking the night before. Olivia says she doesn't want to ruin their friendship so Buzz says they never have to speak of it again. Frank later asks her out and though Olivia tries to hedge, she eventually says yes. Frank asks Buzz to be his coach on helping him win Olivia's heart. Buzz, loving his son more than he cares for Olivia, agrees to help. Olivia goes to see Josh but finds Reva there. The women start to argue as usual until Josh throws down a vase of flowers and tells them both to leave. After Reva's show, a former guess named Tess wants Reva's blessing to ask Josh out. Reva says it's not a problem, hiding the fact that it really is. Harley thinks about selling her and Gus' dream house but Dinah convinces her not to and helps Harley make it into a proper home for the boys. When Alan-Michael and Marina stop by to talk to Harley about her business mistakes, she stops them by saying she's taking a break and knows who she wants to fill her shoes. Alan-Michael is happy thinking she's going to name him but Harley stuns everyone by nominating Dinah. Alan-Michael doesn't let anyone see that he's disappointed. Marina saves the day by suggesting that he consult Dinah in her new position and he recognizes this as a prime opportunity to get back on top. Gus wakes up in the cabin and sees Beth. She tells him that she rescued him and Alan from certain death but they are now all stranded together because of the storm. Alan wants to lock up Gus and leave with Beth but she insists that they're all stranded together. She smiles and covers up the fact that she's gone a little crazy.

  • Ep. #14857
    Ep. #14857
    Episode 159

    Lizzie arrives at the inn where everyone is holed up and finds a discarded condom wrapper. With the amount of people who had the opportunity to hook up at the inn, the couple who actually got intimate is a mystery. Lizzie is convinced that Coop and Ava had sex and she bursts into what she thinks is Ava's room but it's really Marina's. Marina thinks back to when she and Alan-Michael were starting to make love but he was interrupted by a call from work so she fell asleep alone. Lizzie then finds two martini glasses and one has lipstick on it, leading her to believe another woman was drinking with Alan-Michael. Olivia and Ava both look sheepish but Ava is the one with a hickey on her neck. Alan-Michael remembers having a drink with Olivia and telling her that his father and brother were fools for letting her go. Olivia flirted with him but left him in the cold once Josh came in. Olivia was giving Josh her attention but Frank interrupted them with a problem in his room. Olivia joined him to investigate only to find that he had set up candles and a bucket of champagne. Frank told her he cares about her and wants to be with her. Olivia responded with a kiss but they were stopped when a smoke detector alarm went off. Coop and Ava accidentally started the fire that triggered the alarm. When the crisis has passed, Ava confesses to Coop that she cares about him but wouldn't do anything to break up him and Lizzie. When Lizzie confronts Ava about the hickey, she retorts that it is a burn from the fire. Ava took a shower to get rid of the smoke and ashes but was stunned when Alan-Michael joined her, thinking she was Lizzie. Olivia ended up back in Josh's room but when he told her that he didn't want her ruining his life again, she left in tears. She returned to her room to find Buzz waiting for her. They end up being the mysterious couple who had sex. Though Olivia wants to talk about what happened, Buzz prefers to keep quiet.

  • Ep. #14856
    Ep. #14856
    Episode 158

    Olivia plots to make Josh jealous when he sees her with Frank on Valentine's Day. Coop refuses to listen to Lizzie's explanation of how Quinn has been funding her lavish lifestyle. At a romantic inn, Alan-Michael and Marina are about to get intimate when Olivia arrives with the Cooper clan. Though the inn has been closed for a while, everyone decides to stay and make the best of it. Jeffrey sees to it that Tammy visits Cassie as his Valentine's Day gift to Cassie. Tammy and Cassie agree not to fight about Jonathan and when she leaves, Cassie tells Jeffrey it's the best gift he could have given her. Harley spends Valentine's Day alone, talking to what she believes is Gus' ghost. The real ghost tries to escape the cabin but Beth catches him.

  • Ep. #14855
    Ep. #14855
    Episode 157

    Though Gus is barely conscious when he escapes the room he gets hold of a cell phone and calls Harley. Zach answers but Beth hears him talking and hangs up the phone, convincing Harley it was a wrong number call. Alan-Michael and Alex worry when Harley decides to attend the Spaulding party since their plan was to have Alan-Michael installed as the CEO that evening. Alex goes forward and starts making the announcement but Alan-Michael stops her with a toast to Harley. Alan-Michael tells Marina that Harley has made a big business mistake but doesn't know if she should be told. Buzz asks Reva and Billy to leave Olivia alone and Reva realizes that he has feelings for Olivia. Josh crushes Olivia when he tells her he just wants to be friends so she calls Frank and asks to spend Valentine's Day with him. Frank is happy until she says he should bring along the entire Cooper clan. Quinn tells Coop that he and Lizzie have actually been sharing Quinn's apartment. Coop hits Quinn and Lizzie arrives to confess her misdeeds. Coop accuses her of sleeping with Quinn but she says she's only kissed him a couple of times. An angry Coop walks away from her.

  • Ep. #14854
    Ep. #14854
    Episode 156

    The day of Alan and Gus' memorial services has arrives. Harley insists on treating the memorial like it's just a family dinner, prompting the guests to bring guests with them, and prompting Dinah to crash the party with Mallet. Neither Lizzie nor Alan-Michael wants to go to Alan's service, and Lizzie is busy dropping her towel in front of Quinn while Alan-Michael watches quietly, not letting anyone know he is there. Quinn blows Lizzie out of the water to Coop, telling him the apartment is his, while Alex and Alan-Michael avoid the issues. Deep in the woods, Gus manages to get out of the cabin he and Alan are being held in to find a cell phone.

  • Ep. #14853
    Ep. #14853
    Episode 155

    Dinah and Mallet discuss their relationship and decide that they're now officially exclusive. Later, Mallet meets with Ed Crocker and Charlie Tubbs to interview them for the position of partner and turns both men down. Mel looks after Jeffrey after he is brought into the emergency room and, believing she's Cassie, Jeffrey confesses to having slept with her when she thought he was Richard. Cassie and Reva try to reconcile while watching R.J. play Cupid in the school play, but it doesn't work. Tammy and Jonathan make plans to live together, but not at Reva's house. Jonathan falls into Sandy's trap when he threatens to kill Sandy if he comes near Cassie, not realising Sandy is taping their conversation.

  • Ep. #14852
    Ep. #14852
    Episode 154

    Jonathan and Tammy have a special night planned, but things start to go wrong when Jonathan has a vision of Nate, who is trying to tell him how wrong he is for Tammy. He shows him a vision first of Jonathan and Tammy's future, where they are all alone, then shows Jonathan what Tammy's life would have been like without him in it, where she is marrying her soul mate. The next vision shows Jonathan a sibling-like relationship that could have developed if Jonathan had been honest with Tammy from the start. Once back in the real world, Jonathan takes off on Tammy, telling her to go and live her life, but she continues to insist that the only life she wants is one with him in it.

  • Ep. #14851
    Ep. #14851
    Episode 153

    Tammy and Jonathan go to the farm to pick up some of Tammy's things and RJ sees them. Jonathan takes RJ roller-blading but when RJ gets hurt, Cassie goes ballistic. Cassie berates Jonathan for being a danger to the family but Tammy replies that Cassie endangered them all by marrying Edmund. Cassie slaps Tammy but later calms down and tells Jonathan that if he really loves Tammy he will let her go. Billy tells Reva that she's good to be in some silly love triangle with Josh and Olivia. Buzz warns Olivia that Billy plans to expose her misdeeds. Olivia is surprised he wants to help her but he says someone needs to give her the benefit of doubt. Olivia kisses Buzz on the cheek for his kindness. Olivia tells Josh that she saw Billy drinking but didn't do anything to stop it. Josh believes her and warns Reva and Billy to stay out of his business. Coop gets a cold and Lizzie wants to be a real caretaker for him. She goes to buy nasal spray and vitamins but while she's gone, Ava comes over with lunch for Coop. When Coop slips on the way to the shower he and Ava end up on the bed together just as Lizzie returns. Lizzie pretends to be understanding but later warns Ava away from her boyfriend. Ava tells Lizzie that she and Coop will never last.

  • Ep. #14850
    Ep. #14850
    Episode 152

    Harley wants to pretend the night with Mallet never happened but he wants to talk about it. He asks her if she thinks there's a chance she would want to reunite with him because if there is then he needs to stop seeing Dinah immediately so she won't get hurt. Harley tells Mallet that she loves him but Gus was her soul mate and she can't just replace him. Mallet realizes she means what she says and he goes to find Dinah. Harley sits down with Zach and Jude to tell them that Gus is gone. Beth hears her talking to the boys and seems to feel bad for keeping Gus hostage. Jeffrey admits to Cassie that he did something terribly when he pretended to be Richard - fell in love with her. Cassie tries to be understanding but Jeffrey takes her to see Dinah for the whole truth. Dinah tells Cassie that when she and Jeffrey slept together he would call out Cassie's name. Cassie yells at Jeffrey but accidentally calls him Richard. Jonathan finds Sandy with Tammy and his apparently new girlfriend, Nicole. Jonathan takes Sandy aside to say he knows that Sandy caused Outskirts to get raided and he knows that Sandy has a strange shrine to Tammy. Sandy retorts that it's not a shrine, it's a placeholder until Tammy is back with him. Jonathan takes Tammy to see the shrine but Sandy is ahead of him and gives Tammy a bag of her things, claiming he was going to return them to her.

  • Ep. #14849
    Ep. #14849
    Episode 151

    Cassie tries to convince Harley that there is no wrong way to grieve for a loved one, but Harley, remembering making love to Mallet the night before, can't agree. Mallet and Dinah spend the day out shopping with each other. Marina tries to coax Alan-Michael into remembering happy times with Alan, but when he is alone with Alex, she tells him she's even worse that his father was. Tammy is surprised to learn she and Sandy have all of the same classes, and reluctantly accepts when he offers her a ride to class. Jeffrey asks Cassie if she's been spying on him after seeing her with Malone, which she admits to. After Billy lets him know the bar has been raided for the third time in a month, Jonathan confronts one of the kids who had used a fake I.D. and realizes he got it from Sandy.

  • Ep. #14848
    Ep. #14848
    Episode 150

    Mallet and Harley wake up together in his suite, trying to decide how to handle the fact that they made love the night before. They decide to pretend that it never happened. Dinah finds them having breakfast at Company and is sympathetic over their pain about Gus' supposed death. Mallet and Dinah both offer to help Harley with memorial plans but she says she will handle it. At the cabin, Gus and Alan try to develop escape plans while Beth goes shopping but doesn't reveal she's holding the men captive when she runs into Dinah and Harley. Reva goes back to work at Lewis because she wants to return to helping the family. Billy suggests that Reva get Josh back by telling him that Olivia switched Billy's drink but Reva refuses to stoop to Olivia's level. Billy goes in to see Josh but doesn't tell him about Olivia. Instead he suggests that it's time for Josh to step aside and let someone else woo Reva.

  • Ep. #14847
    Ep. #14847
    Episode 149

    A mystery person opens a locked cabin door and reveals a battered Gus. His leg is in a tourniquet and in his delirium he keeps remembering when he kidnapped Alan. His plan had been to force Alan to sign a confession that he'd killed Phillip. Unfortunately, Gus underestimated Alan who leapt into the front seat of the car and wrestled Gus for the gun, which led to Gus accidentally crashing the car. Alan woke up first and bandaged Gus but stole the gun. They were struggling for control of the gun when they saw a hooded figure in the distance. Gus wakes up in the cabin and attempts to escape but he finds Alan in the next room, also being held prisoner. Neither of them realizes their captor is Beth. Mallet helps sober Harley up and says he understands that she wants to deny that Gus is dead. Harley tells him she got drunk because she really believes Gus is dead. She gets more upset and yells that Gus broke his promise to always be there for her. As Mallet is comforting her, things get passionate and they end up making love.

  • Ep. #14846
    Ep. #14846
    Episode 148

    Olivia suggests to Josh that he needs to have some fun and stop thinking of other people for a change. Josh calls Cassie and says he needs to take a step back from their Jeffrey investigation. Billy warns Olivia that he still may tell Josh that she was the one who pushed him off the wagon. Harley gets drunk in a neighborhood bar and imagines that a sleazy guy at the bar is Gus. She's ready to go home with him when Mallet arrives and chases the guy away. Mallet takes her back to his suite to sleep but she ends up kissing Mallet, thinking he's Gus. Lizzie is surprised when her "boss" doesn't blow her cover in front of Coop and calls Lizzie her favorite employee. Lizzie later finds out that Quinn saved her again. Lizzie accuses Ava of trying to set her up which Ava denies. In a desolate place, a battered, nearly-dead Gus wakes up.

  • Ep. #14845
    Ep. #14845
    Episode 147

    Everyone tries to make Harley see that finding Gus' bloody jacket and wedding ring probably means he is dead but she refuses to believe it. She accidentally refers to Gus in the past tense and freaks out. She goes to a bar and gets drunk to comfort herself. Dinah tries to offer Mallet solace and they make love but he's restless and leaves. Alan-Michael feels guilty when Marina praises him for helping Harley, not knowing that he is planning to take away Harley's job. Marina decides they should have a Spaulding Valentine's Day party to cheer Harley and Alan-Michael agrees, keeping quiet over his plans for a corporate Valentine's Day massacre. Lizzie feels bad when Coop praises her for growing up and living an independent life. She has greater troubles when her supposed boss at the store comes to CO2 for coffee and Coop calls Lizzie over to say hello. Tammy and Jeffrey talk about a day when Richard wasn't acting like himself. Cassie and Josh hire hackers to break into the CIA database to access Jeffrey's sealed files.

  • Ep. #14844
    Ep. #14844
    Episode 146

    As the Coopers are on the Spaulding jet heading to Hawaii for their vacation, Frank gets a call about Gus. Frank and Buzz try to keep the news from Harley who quietly believes that Gus will meet them in Hawaii. Frank calls Mallet, who is on a date with Dinah, and asks him to deal with the situation at the crash site. Sensing something is up, Harley calls Mallet but gets Dinah instead. Assuming Harley knows what happened, Dinah offers her condolences. Harley has the jet turned around and hurries back to the crash site. The police show her Gus' bloody jacket that they pulled from the river. The jacket has Gus' wedding ring in the pocket. Josh and Cassie meet with Josh's friend from the CIA who tries to get them access to Jeffrey's file but learns it has been sealed. Cassie thinks Jeffrey had it sealed and confesses to Josh that she feels like her life with Richard isn't real anymore and she needs to know the truth. Jeffrey runs into Reva certain that she is going to yell at him for his lies but soon realizes that Cassie hasn't told Reva what's going on. Jeffrey later has a memory of a time when he was impersonating Richard and slept with Cassie. Jonathan sees Sandy spying on him and Tammy and calls him out. Sandy pretends he was just hiding out of the way so that they wouldn't start a scene with him. Tammy counsels Jonathan to stay calm around Sandy. When Jonathan leaves, Sandy tells Tammy that he's sticking around Springfield and he arranged for her to be readmitted to the university - where he will be working. He also bought her dream house just in case things changed.

  • Ep. #14843
    Ep. #14843
    Episode 145

    Harley is saddened when she realizes it is the day Gus promised they would all go to Hawaii and she says Gus would never have willingly broken a promise to the boys. Harley thinks if she goes to the island, Gus will be there and her faith is renewed when she receives a gift-basket for him. Unfortunately, she learns the basket was ordered a month in advance so it isn't proof that Gus is alive. Harley prepares to tell Zach and Jude that the trip is cancelled but at the last minute, the rest of the Coopers decide they should go and make it a huge family holiday. At Gus and Alan's crash site, the police make a shocking discovery. After finding takeover papers, Marina breaks into Alan-Michael's room looking for evidence that he is trying to oust Harley as CEO of Spaulding. When Alan-Michael catches her, he explains that some of Alan's friends are plotting the takeover and chides that Marina should have trusted him. Marina apologizes and Alan-Michael later makes a secretive call ensuring that his takeover plans are in place. Jonathan talks to Clayton Boudreau about getting Tammy readmitted to college but his words come out as threatening. Sandy, however, succeeds where Jonathan has failed. Tammy later tells Jonathan she doesn't like him bullying people on her behalf and tells him she'll handle her life herself. Tammy reminds him that she's not the docile girl she used to be partly because he gave her the strength to be who she wanted to be. Sandy watches with anger as Tammy and Jonathan make up with a romantic kiss.

  • Ep. #14842
    Ep. #14842
    Episode 144

    Cassie goes to Richard's grave looking for advice on what to do about Jeffrey. Her vision of Richard reminds her that he isn't real, he's only a memory and she has to look into her own heart for answers. Cassie runs into Dinah and questions her about her impersonations with Jeffrey. She's more confused when Dinah says that Jeffrey is a great guy and Cassie would be a fool if she didn't get over the fact that he isn't perfect the way she thought Richard was. Cassie takes Dinah's advice and goes home to embrace Jeffrey. While they are giving RJ a rollerblade lesson, Cassie has a flashback of Richard using the exact same words about having trust as Jeffrey is currently using. She asks Jeffrey if he played Richard in private as well as in public. Jeffrey denies her accusation but she says she isn't sure she can believe him. Doris Wolfe interrupts their talk to remind Jeffrey that he works for her now. Cassie is blown away to realize Jeffrey gave up his position in order to help Tammy. Cassie goes to see Tammy and they fly together to San Cristobel. Cassie questions Tammy about Richard and finally gets Tammy to remember a time when Richard didn't seem like himself. Upon returning to Springfield, Cassie goes back to Richard's grave for more reassurance and gets it this time from Josh. Jeffrey calls the CIA and demands that they destroy his records immediately.

  • Ep. #14841
    Ep. #14841
    Episode 143

    Cassie bursts Tammy's happiness bubble by telling her that Jonathan tried to blackmail her with information about Jeffrey. Tammy confronts Jonathan and he says he would do it again because he won't let anyone hurt her or stand in their way. Jeffrey goes back to the farm and Cassie lets him in but can't forget his lies. Reva and Olivia trade barbs about Josh until he arrives and asks what they're up to. Reva warns Josh about getting involved with Olivia again and he surprised her by asking what she thinks is the worst that could happen. He questions what he would do if he married Olivia and he loved her with all of his heart and then one day she announced he wasn't enough for her. Reva is hurt when he says that already happened to him with her. She watches with sadness as Josh walks off with Olivia hand in hand. Ava changes her mind about telling Coop that she saw Lizzie and Quinn kissing after Coop tells her some of the traumas Lizzie has been through. Lizzie gives Ava the bag Quinn bought from the store she supposedly works in but Ava thinks the present is too expensive. When Ava says she plans to return it, Coop wants to tag along so he can see Lizzie in action at the store.

  • Ep. #14840
    Ep. #14840
    Episode 142

    Cassie demands answers from Jeffrey about his impersonation of Richard. Jeffrey surprisingly confirms everything and begs for her forgiveness. Cassie says she still loves him but she needs time. Jeffrey offers to spend the night at the Beacon but asks her to consider giving him another chance. Mallet starts his day with Harley and Dinah sitting on top of him after they simultaneously jump him, thinking he's an intruder. Mallet tells Harley that he quit the force so he could help her search for Gus. Harley is touched by his efforts and is further warmed when both Mallet and Dinah try to lift her spirits. In a cold and snowy place, Alan wakes up and calls out for Gus. Alan-Michael and Marina have a hot date and end up getting passionate in his hotel room. When Alan-Michael leaves to get a bottle of wine, Marina finds paperwork for his planned takeover of Spaulding. Jonathan stops Tammy from talking to a reporter about their relationship but he later spells out: Jon Loves Tammy on a theatre marquee.

  • Ep. #14839
    Ep. #14839
    Episode 141

    Tammy is ordered to take the stand to testify against Jonathan and the couple is worried until Sandy steps up and says he set the fire accidentally. Jeffrey remembers telling Sandy that he would win Tammy's love back by being a hero rather than a villain. Cassie is stunned to hear from Edmund that Jeffrey used to impersonate Richard often but Cassie slaps him and won't believe him. Harley and Dinah are approached in Florida by a man claiming to be able to lead them to Alan. They realize he is a con and rough him up. Though pleased at their handling of the situation, they're dismayed to realize they're no closer to finding Gus. Mallet tries thinking like Gus to find him at the same time that somewhere in the wilds, a barely alive Alan wakes up.

  • Ep. #14838
    Ep. #14838
    Episode 140

    Tammy and Jonathan face a judge for their arson crime. They are stunned when the assistant D.A. talks about the fact that they're dating cousins as well as arsonists. Jeffrey makes a deal that Doris will drop the charges against Tammy in exchange for his job. But Jonathan is still in trouble. Josh and Cassie go to see Edmund for information on Jeffrey's connection to Richard. Edmund tells Cassie that Jeffrey impersonated Richard and set up Dinah to impersonate Cassie. Edmund divulges that Jeffrey is responsible for bringing Dinah back into their lives. Alan-Michael is upset when Harley returns to work but pretends to be happy. He has a friend tell Marina that Alan was spotted in Florida, knowing Marina will tell Harley. As predicted, Harley decides to go to Florida and Alan-Michael promises to take care of work. Dinah offers to go with Harley and Harley agrees.

  • Ep. #14837
    Ep. #14837
    Episode 139

    Dinah talks about being happy to be single as it means no one ever bugs you about spending money on shoes, you can see the movies you want to see, and you have time to focus on your career. Dinah assures herself that she has wasted no time thinking about Mallet. But then she inadvertently accepts a dinner date with him and frantically tries to get ready with Blake's help. Dinah thinks she should establish ground rules to keep from bungling things with Mallet but Blake thinks she just needs a drink. At the hotel bar, Olivia gives them alcohol and advice. Blake and Olivia have Frank and Rick preview dresses for Dinah to wear to dinner and both like the more provocative one. At dinner, Dinah resolves not to fall for Mallet's smooth talk but does so anyway. Dinah and Mallet are kissing when they are interrupted by a call from Harley. She asks Mallet to come help her at the courthouse and he asks Dinah to go with him. As she listens to Harley and Mallet reminisce however, Dinah leaves and ends up in Alan-Michael's office. She goes to kiss him but he runs away from her and Dinah realizes she's had an allergic reaction to something and her face is covered in hives. Dinah is determined not to let Mallet see her and she hides from him in her suite. Mallet busts down the door and carries her off to the doctor.

  • Ep. #14836
    Ep. #14836
    Episode 138

    Josh goes back to his room to see it has been ransacked but the only thing missing is Jeffrey's file. He and Olivia try to figure out who took it. Frank hears about the break-in and wants to impress Olivia by solving the case personally. Olivia tells him, however, that Reva was the one who broke in and Josh wants to keep it quiet. Jonathan goes to Cassie and tells her that either she approve of his relationship with Tammy or he will tell the world about what's in Jeffrey's file. Cassie dares him to do just that and Tammy wonders what's going on when she sees them together. Jonathan says he's just asking her mother to give them another chance and Cassie backs him up. Cassie later tells Josh that Jonathan has the file but she still doesn't know what's in it. Josh admits that he never read it either. Josh and Cassie decide they will investigate Jeffrey themselves to stymie Jonathan's efforts. Cassie assures Josh she can handle whatever they find. Lizzie tries telling Ava that her kiss with Quinn didn't mean anything since they dated a long time ago. She turns the tables by accusing Ava of wanting Coop. The women lie when Coop arrives wanting to know what they're arguing about. Lizzie feels guilty for kissing Quinn and tries to shore up her relationship with Quinn. Ava finds out from Quinn that he and Lizzie never dated.

  • Ep. #14835
    Ep. #14835
    Episode 137

    Harley is surprised when Mallet reveals that he still loves her but she tells him to keep his feelings to himself because she can't handle it now. An FBI agent interrupts them, intent on taking over the case. Harley resists but ultimately leaves with Frank and Mallet even though she's worried that Alan and Gus killed each other. Mallet wants to take a leave of absence to investigate on his own as the FBI has no clue where Gus could be. Jonathan finds the photo of Jeffrey with Richard and asks Olivia for details on their connection. He finds out Josh has a file on Jeffrey that Cassie hasn't seen so Jonathan steals the file. Tammy, Lizzie, and Marina talk about their complicated love lives, realizing if Marina married Alan-Michael she'd be Lizzie's aunt and if Lizzie married Coop she'd be Marina's aunt and poor Tammy is in love with her own cousin. Lizzie goes to meet with Quinn who's unsure about letting her continue to use his penthouse. Lizzie proves she appreciates him by kissing him, unaware that Ava sees her.

  • Ep. #14834
    Ep. #14834
    Episode 136

    Harley is devastated when the drifter says that Gus was dead when he took his cell phone and wallet. Mallet convinces her to lie down and rest but when he leaves, she climbs out of the window to continue searching. Harley hurts her leg but hallucinates that she sees Gus who tells her not to give up. Mallet finds her bare conscious and tries to take her home but Harley yells that he has no idea what it's like to love someone as much as she loves Gus. Mallet blurts out that he understands because that's how much he loves Harley. Cassie and Jonathan dance at Towers but while they appear civilized, they actually argue about who's hurting Tammy the most. Jonathan later sneaks into Tammy's room at the farm to get some of her things and finds the picture of Jeffrey and Richard. Reva shows Olivia the footage of her primping for Josh and threatens to show it to him. Olivia says if that happens, Josh will only resent Reva. When Josh arrives, Olivia shows him the tape herself then offers to quit her job. She leaves and runs into Billy, who has nothing nice to say to her. Olivia bursts into tears and seeks comfort from Josh. Josh tells Olivia to stop pretending to be hurt and she admits she was faking but isn't faking her feelings for Josh. He takes her out for a drink. Billy tells Reva that he wants to tell Josh that Olivia spiked his water but Reva says he shouldn't bother. She plans to get Josh back for herself whether Olivia likes it or not.

  • Ep. #14833
    Ep. #14833
    Episode 135

    Frank and Marina discus their love lives and decide that people who date people that have been previously married to two members of the same family have no right to throw stones of disapproval at anyone else. Marina tests Frank's resolve by bringing Alan-Michael to C02. Frank is polite but privately warns his former brother-in-law that he'll pay if Marina gets hurt. Harley and Mallet find a drifter who stole Gus' wallet and cell phone. The man says the man he took it from was lifeless. Dinah tells Blake about her new romance with Mallet but Blake thinks he will always be in love with Harley. Though insisting that things are fine, Dinah leaves a message for Mallet suggesting that they call the whole thing off. Tammy and Jonathan have an honest discussion about being cousins involved in a romance. They decide that having a grandmother in common doesn't matter and they head out on their first date as a couple. They go to Towers and run into Cassie and Jeffrey. Jonathan tells Tammy not to let her mother get her down but he ends up going to Cassie and asking her to dance in an effort to mend fences.

  • Ep. #14832
    Ep. #14832
    Episode 134

    Reva and Josh remember that they were supposed to make a holiday video for Marah and Shayne but they worry about telling the kids they've split up. They run into Marina who gives a video hello to Shayne. Josh and Reva decide to make separate videos so others can speak to the kids. They end up getting a lot of unhappy stories from people. Cassie, who's missing Tammy, praises Josh and reluctantly says nice things about her sister. Jonathan doesn't know what to say to his siblings but admits to being glad to have Reva in his life. Given their flirtation at a romance, Jeffrey says hello to Marah which only serves to remind Josh how shady he thinks the DA is. Olivia doesn't realize she's being taped and primps for Josh. Reva is sad that Billy can't hide the fact that he's been drinking. Reva and Josh reconnect at the end of the day to edit the tapes and are dismayed by their footage. They're soon able to find humor in it all and catch some warm moments from people that they missed on the first viewing. Reva and Josh admit to Marah and Shayne that they've split up but remind their kids that they'll always be a family.

  • Ep. #14831
    Ep. #14831
    Episode 133

    Dinah walks into the hotel room as Mallet is holding Harley in comfort. She acts cool about it but lets it be known that she and Mallet are dating. Harley goes nuts when the local police decide to call off the search and Mallet reminds her that she needs to act like a professional. Dinah offers to leave and Mallet, thinking of his promise to look the other way if Gus has done something illegal, thinks it's a good idea for her to go. Lizzie finds a naked Quinn at the condo just as Coop arrives. Lizzie gets Coop out of there fast and takes him to C02 but she's displeased to see him thanking Ava for calming down Zach. Josh arrives as Buzz suggests Olivia should go for a walk with Frank. Olivia plays up her relationship with Frank to make Josh jealous. Josh recognizes her tactics but is intrigued all the same.

  • Ep. #14830
    Ep. #14830
    Episode 132

    Harley and Mallet find Gus and Alan's limo and find it empty. The search is called off due to bad weather and Harley and Mallet return to their hotel room. Harley breaks down in tears over Gus's possible death and Mallet comforts her. Alex accuses Alan-Michael of scheming to take over Spaulding but he pleads his innocence. He also pretends that he isn't affected when Marina stops by to thank him for being on their side. She asks him if he's willing to take a chance on their relationship. Cassie and Reva agree that their mutual goal is to protect Tammy no matter what. Jeffrey explains to Cassie that he got Jonathan out of jail because he used to be just as troubled but he changed. Cassie is still unaware that RJ has a photo of Jeffrey and Richard together. Sandy goes to see Jonathan and provokes his rival into attacking him but Tammy gets Jonathan to pull back. They throw Sandy out and then learn that Jonathan has been evicted from his apartment. Reva offers to let him stay with her and Tammy but says they have to sleep in separate rooms and can't have sex.

  • Ep. #14829
    Ep. #14829
    Episode 131

    Mallet tells Harley that the car Gus was driving has turned on its GPS system and they are tracking it down. Harley gets a harsh blow when the medical examiner calls to say they need her to identify a body that may be Gus. Mallet goes with Harley who faints at the door of the morgue. Harley almost passes out again in relief when the dead man isn't Gus. Meanwhile, the car that Gus was driving is off the road with two still bodies inside of it. Alan-Michael revels in his position at Spaulding as he covers for Harley. He still feels bad for brushing off Marina, however, and tries to make it up to her with flowers. Marina is charmed against her will. Jonathan has to take an anger-management class as a bail condition. Jonathan can't stop thinking of Sandy's certainty that Jonathan will hurt Tammy the way he's hurt everyone in his life. Sandy finds Tammy and says that if she would let him hold her, she'd remember all the great times they had together. When Tammy resists, Sandy gets pushy just as Jonathan comes in and threatens to kill Sandy if he doesn't let Tammy go.

  • Ep. #14828
    Ep. #14828
    Episode 130

    Tammy is certain that the only reason Jonathan is still in jail is because Cassie is forcing Jeffrey to keep him there. Cassie proves her right by asking Jeffrey to continue to deny Jonathan bail. She thinks the longer Jonathan and Tammy are apart, the faster Tammy will come to her senses. Jeffrey decides on his own plan to reunite mother and daughter and he tells Tammy that Cassie asked him to help Jonathan get a bail hearing. Tammy rushes to thank her mother but Cassie bursts her bubble by saying she would never have done that. She says she hopes Jonathan stays in jail forever. Sandy visits Jonathan in jail and smugly says that everything is going just as he'd expected. Josh and Reva have a moment of connection when he realizes that her fight for Tammy and Jonathan comes from her thinking of them as a young Josh and Reva. Josh points out that sometimes love isn't enough to keep two people together.

  • Ep. #14827
    Ep. #14827
    Episode 129

    Harley wakes up worrying about Gus and wondering if she'll ever see him again. She has a fantasy of him and is sad when she realizes he is gone. Harley tells Mallet she intends to find her husband alone but Mallet says she'll need his help as a cop. Buzz tells Harley he's afraid that Gus will do something criminal in order to protect her. Harley asks Mallet if he would look the other way if Gus has broken the law. Mallet agrees but says he'd be doing it for Harley's sake, not for Gus. Dinah assures Harley that she will keep things at Spaulding under control so Harley can search for Gus. Mallet leaves with Dinah and Harley is reminded of better days. Another day goes by that Harley can't find Gus and she freaks out, tearing up their bedroom and his goodbye letter. Buzz and Frank counsel her not to give up hope. When Mallet comes over to tell her they have a lead, she admits that she may have residual feelings for him. Harley admits that if Gus wasn't in her life, she might consider being with Mallet. Mallet swallows his own feelings to tell her that he's found out that Gus borrowed a car from a friend on the day of Alan's release.

  • Ep. #14826
    Ep. #14826
    Episode 128

    Gus takes off in the car with Alan trapped in the back seat. Harley waits for him to join her for a New Year's Eve celebration, unaware of what he's doing. Dinah and Mallet are about to have sex when he gets a call that Alan has been released and Gus is no longer locked up. Mallet apologizes to Dinah then runs to tell Harley what's happened. Harley finds a note that Gus left her that promises he will stop Alan at all costs. Alex and Beth worry that testifying against Alan has put them on his revenge list. They go to see Alan-Michael and grow suspicious when they see Alan's favorite cigars lying around. Cassie and Reva argue over the Jonathan and Tammy situation but their concerns are pushed aside when they learn that Alan has been released. They are thinking of ways to help Harley when Tammy arrives and says she wants to move in with Reva.

  • Ep. #14825
    Ep. #14825
    Episode 127

    Mallet locks Gus in jail when he fears Gus will do something stupid to keep Alan in the hospital. Gus's next door cellmate is Jonathan, who's getting visits from Reva and Tammy. Gus makes a deal that if Reva gets the keys to his cell, he'll keep the guards away long enough so that Tammy and Jonathan can have time together. Reva agrees and Gus leaves to go to Alan's competency hearing. Beth, Alex, and Lizzie both make reasonable arguments for Alan to remain in custody but Gus ruins everything by coming in and hurtling crazed accusations against Alan. When Alan is set free, he confidently gets into his limo, only to come face to face with Gus. Reva finds out that Cassie called the police on the kids and goes off to confront her sister. Lizzie is upset about having to cancel her New Year's Eve plans with Coop, but he ends up kissing Ava at midnight. Dinah is hurt to find out that Ross is leaving town without saying goodbye. She leaves a rambling message on Mallet's machine then tries to break into his room to erase it. Mallet catches her and says he heard the message, which she tries to downplay. Mallet refuses to let her leave and they end up making love.

  • Ep. #14824
    Ep. #14824
    Episode 126

    Tammy is furious with her mother for turning her in and reminds her of all the things she was supportive of - including Cassie's stripping and being with Edmund. Tammy suggests her mother act more like Reva who helped them see each other the night before the wedding. Tammy says she will turn to Reva to get Jonathan out of jail. Cassie goes home and destroys a picture of Tammy, herself, and Reva. Gus and Harley have a fun day playing in the snow with the boys and then have a night of passion. Gus then writes a goodbye letter to Harley as he prepares to execute his plan to keep Alan away. Buzz lifts Frank's spirits before he goes out with Olivia and hides his own feelings. Unfortunately, Olivia dashes Frank's hopes that they're dating but does ask him to accompany her to a concert. When Frank is called away, Olivia calls Josh but Buzz stops her by listing all of Frank's attributes. Olivia tells Buzz he's a great friend.

  • Ep. #14823
    Ep. #14823
    Episode 125

    Thinking he is protecting her, Gus tackles an intern who was following Harley as part of his training. Harley promises him they don't have to worry about Alan. Gus runs into Beth who tells him that she's worries Alan plans to hurt Harley. Alan confirms Gus's fears and he comes up with a plan to keep Alan away from his wife. Cassie is surprised when Josh backs her decision to have Jonathan and Tammy arrested. Jeffrey makes it clear to Josh that he is Cassie's family now. Jonathan wants to take the blame for Tammy but she insists the fire was an accident. Jonathan attacks a cop for treating Tammy roughly and gets into more trouble. Cassie arrives and Tammy is relieved, thinking her mother will help her, but Cassie admits that she turned her daughter in.

  • Ep. #14822
    Ep. #14822
    Episode 124

    Reva and Hawk try to talk Cassie down but she wants Tammy and Jonathan broken up no matter what. Cassie wants Jeffrey to arrest Jonathan for arson but Reva warns that Tammy will be arrested, too. Cassie decides to do what is best for Tammy anyway and calls the police. Jonathan tells Tammy that he fears one day he will accidentally hurt her. Tammy takes Jonathan to C02 and she tells anyone who will listen that she and Jonathan are together. Jonathan gives Tammy a bikini and two tickets to the tropics. Their celebration is interrupted when Frank comes in and says they're under arrest. Mallet and Dinah wake up after a night of sex and both hide their happiness from the other. They don't part on a happy note since neither wants to admit their time together meant anything. Harley later runs into Dinah, who tries to make light of her night with Mallet. Harley encourages Dinah to pursue Mallet. Gus has another nightmare of Alan killing Harley and he decides to go to any lengths to protect her. Dinah is eager to pick things up again with Mallet and stops by his place. When he assumes she's just there to pick up her bra, they're again at cross-purposes.

  • Ep. #14821
    Ep. #14821
    Episode 123

    Lizzie takes a present to Alan on Christmas Eve as do Lillian, Beth, James, and Alex. Gus and Harley spend time with Jude and Zach as well as Rick and Mel. Buzz cheers up a depressed Olivia but steps back when he learns Frank made a date with her. Marina celebrates the holiday with her family but can't stop thinking of Alan-Michael. Meanwhile, Alan-Michael tries to concentrate on work but ends up joining the Cooper's celebration and giving Marina a beautiful necklace. Tammy and Jonathan arrive at Reva's party and are caught in a kiss. Hawk and Rusty meet Jonathan for the first time and don't know what to make of him. When Billy comes in drunk, he remarks that Tammy chose a lousy boyfriend. Jonathan takes a swing at Billy and the Shayne men jump into the fray. Jonathan and Josh end up knocking the tree over and Jonathan runs out. Tammy follows him to the boathouse where they find their little tree has been trashed, probably by Sandy. They decide not to care and spend the holiday together. Mallet and Dinah see each other in the hotel and he accidentally sprays her with beer. Dinah agrees to share the hotel's last turkey dinner with Mallet and they end up having a good time together. Their evening is interrupted when Gus calls Mallet about Alan's plans to be released. Dinah assumes Mallet wants to go be with Harley rather than have dinner with her and she throws him out. He later returns and kisses her and they end up making love for the first time.

  • Ep. #14820
    Ep. #14820
    Episode 122

    Vanessa sets up Dinah and Mallet to run into each other. As she steps aside to give them privacy, she runs into Olivia who assumes Vanessa will be angry about her relationship with Bill. Vanessa is more furious about what Olivia did to Billy. Dinah and Mallet, meanwhile, banter about a lot of nonsense but when the conversation gets deeper, they both pull away. Dinah settles in her room to catch up on paperwork while Mallet unknowingly has a bachelor's Christmas Eve right across the hall. Tammy and Jonathan get stuck in the middle of nowhere when a cop finds them with a message from home. They are both stunned when it's a message from Jeffrey saying that they should come home if what they have together is real. Tammy and Jonathan decide to head home to the Christmas party. Reva is surprised when Rusty and Hawk come to the party. When apprised of the Tammy/Jonathan situation, they suggest stringing him up along with Olivia, who is kissing up to Josh.

  • Ep. #14819
    Ep. #14819
    Episode 121

    Harley re-hires Alan-Michael at Spaulding, which means he's staying in town. Alan-Michael goes to see Marina and reminds her of her promise to spend New Year's Eve with him. Alan-Michael ignores a call from Alan to spend time with Marina. Harley later tells Alan-Michael about the dreams she's had about Mallet. She decides to return an old Christmas ornament Mallet once made her. Mallet is especially hurt since he spent the day helping Gus ensure Alan stayed locked up and unable to hurt Harley. Buzz swallows his feelings for Olivia when Frank appears to have a crush on her as well.

  • Ep. #14818
    Ep. #14818
    Episode 120

    Josh helps Sandy look for Tammy but warns him that his tactics won't get him back into the family. Josh says no one will ever trust Sandy again and a crushed Sandy goes off in search of Ava. Sandy is further hurt when Ava rejects him and says she knows he never loved her. Coop takes Ava to CO2 and she says she's tired of living her life for Sandy but doesn't know what to do next. Coop offers his help which angers Lizzie. Alex warns Lizzie about playing a dangerous game with Quinn but Lizzie insists she's doing everything for Coop. Lizzie tells Ava that Coop is too busy to have another person leaning on him. When Coop invites Ava to his family's holiday party, she begs off. Tammy and Jonathan go to a cheap motel but she can't stop thinking of her mother. Jonathan makes the sacrifice of saying Tammy should call her mother and ask to go home but Tammy refuses to leave him. Reva and Josh give Cassie a talk about letting kids make their own mistakes. Cassie calls Tammy and says she's welcome at the Lewis Christmas party and can always come home.

  • Ep. #14817
    Ep. #14817
    Episode 119

    Sandy manipulates Cassie, Reva, Josh, and Jeffrey into finding Tammy and Jonathan getting passionate in the barn. Cassie assumes Jonathan is attacking Cassie and freaks out. When she learns the truth, she says Tammy can choose her family or Jonathan. Tammy shocks everyone by saying she wants Jonathan. Cassie cries but Tammy and Jonathan go back to the boathouse and celebrate their own Christmas together. Josh tries probing Jeffrey about his secrets but Jeffrey rebuffs him. He asserts his position as the man in Cassie's life and warns Josh to stop riding to her rescue. Harley and Gus are preparing for their first Christmas as man and wife when Mallet calls reminding her about the stakeout on Marina. Harley lies to Gus that she has Spaulding business and goes to meet Mallet. Harley tells Mallet that things with her and Gus are back to normal and the dreams she had of Mallet don't mean anything. Mallet wants to hear about the dreams but she's eager to return to Gus.

  • Ep. #14816
    Ep. #14816
    Episode 118

    Tammy prepares to tell Cassie that she was with Jonathan when the cottage burned but Sandy's arrival stops her. He shows Tammy his divorce papers from Ava and wants her to take back her wedding ring and give him another chance. Cassie hopes they will reunite but Tammy tells Sandy she doesn't love him anymore. Sandy reminds her that Jonathan will never fit in with her family but she rebuffs him. She goes outside and sees Jonathan waiting around. She kisses him as Sandy watches through the window. Tammy meets Jonathan in the barn and they start to make love. Sandy realizes they've gone to the barn and suggests that everyone should go sledding - knowing the sleds are in the barn. Cassie, Josh, Reva, Jeffrey and Sandy walk in as the cousins are passionately kissing. Dinah gets a surprise when Vanessa arrives to spend the holiday with her. Vanessa says Mallet called and asked her to come. Dinah says she's just pretending to date Mallet to keep him away from Harley but Vanessa doesn't think that's all it is. Lizzie and Coop make love for the first time in Quinn's condo. The moment is ruined when Quinn calls and invites her to go skiing without Coop. Lizzie turns him down but then pushes her luck by asking if they can use the condo on a regular basis. Quinn agrees and says they'll work out a repayment later.

  • Ep. #14815
    Ep. #14815
    Episode 117

    Cassie tells Josh she doesn't need to know about Jeffrey's past and she tosses the file into the fire. RJ later finds a charred photo of Jeffrey and Richard together, wearing identical clothes but none of the adults in his life will take the time to listen to him about it. Jonathan and Tammy decide to be together no matter what happens. Jonathan refuses to go to the holiday party as anything but Tammy's date. Jonathan later chats with Josh who says that if Tammy can forgive him, so can Josh. Jonathan lurks outside of the party, looking for Tammy. Buzz and Coop talk about Jenna's death and how much they miss Rocky. Olivia hears their conversation and decorates Company for the holidays to cheer Buzz. Lizzie promises Coop a happy surprise and takes him to the penthouse, wanting to make love to him at last. Buzz invites Emma and Olivia to his place for Christmas. He's about to give Olivia a gift when Josh stops by to pick up baklava for Cassie's party. An unaware Josh suggests Olivia come to the party with him and she agrees, leaving Buzz alone.

  • Ep. #14814
    Ep. #14814
    Episode 116

    Jeffrey wants to plan Cassie's tree-trimming party by himself and swears he can handle it. He and Cassie make love. Josh and Olivia talk about what to do with the picture Josh has of Jeffrey and Richard together. Josh's P.I. demands more money or else he'll go to Cassie with the info. Josh decides Cassie should hear the truth from him and gives her Jeffrey's dossier. Mallet tells Harley he thinks Marina is in over her head at the department and wants to go on a stakeout to confront her. Harley, who feels she has properly dealt with her feelings for Mallet, agrees. As soon as he leaves however, she has a sexy fantasy about him. Mallet sees Dinah, who's hiding her tears after learning that her father and Blake are leaving town for Christmas. Mallet says nothing is wrong with spending the holiday alone but neither of them believes it. Lizzie and Coop dream of having a wonderful holiday but neither of them has the money for it. Lizzie gets the key's to Quinn's condo, which is complete with river views and Jacuzzis. Lizzie wonders what Quinn wants in return and he pretends to be hurt and leaves without taking his key back. Lizzie goes to C02 to find Coop playing around with Ava. She decides to take Quinn up on his offer.

  • Ep. #14813
    Ep. #14813
    Episode 115

    Tammy and Marina shop together and cryptically discuss the men in their lives and decide there isn't much to do when you're attracted to a man your family hates. Frank accuses Jonathan of starting the house fire. To protect Tammy, Jonathan confesses but says he was alone. Reva refuses to let him sacrifice himself and says Jonathan was with her. Frank leaves to investigate Jonathan's alibi. Jonathan reluctantly accepts his mother's help. Tammy is moved by what Jonathan has done but is upset when Cassie later says she doesn't think Jonathan can ever change. Cassie says she doesn't want Jonathan at their holiday party and expresses her happiness that Tammy doesn't speak to him anymore. Marina finds out that Alan-Michael is leaving town since Harley thinks she doesn't need him anymore. Alan-Michael arranges for an emergency at the London office and regrets having to treat Marina casually to ensure his plans work. Gus goes to see Alan who insists he'll be let out soon. Gus realizes that can't happen because Alan is a danger to Harley.

  • Ep. #14812
    Ep. #14812
    Episode 114

    Jonathan and Tammy start to make love in the boathouse but Sandy sees them and calls Jonathan, pretending to be the police. Jonathan goes to the station and denies setting the fire but he later tells Reva he will tell the truth if it means protecting Tammy. Sandy asks Tammy why she hasn't told anyone about her romance with Jonathan if she loves him so much. Tammy defends their relationship but can't help but think about Sandy's claim that she will push away those who love her if she's with Jonathan. Alan-Michael tells Alan he's not helping get back Spaulding because he has anything against Harley. He simply wants to claim what is rightfully his. Alan-Michael says he'll be calling the shots from now on which angers Alan. Marina buries herself in work and when Frank confronts her she accuses him of doing the same thing. Marina accepts Alan-Michael's invitation for a day doing "something" and they end up buying almost every Christmas tree in the lot and taking them to the Beacon for a decorating party. Jeffrey tells Reva he's nervous about moving in with Cassie but she reassures him. Jeffrey finds Josh with Cassie and tells her he's ready to move in. They make plans to host a Christmas party together. Josh sees Olivia and expresses his confusion over what to do about Jeffrey. Olivia says she really wants to talk about their kiss but Josh won't discuss it.

  • Ep. #14811
    Ep. #14811
    Episode 113

    Gus goes to the Spaulding Christmas party and manipulates Beth into confessing her and Alan's plan to oust Harley as CEO. He then tells all the staff about Beth's confession which vindicates Harley. When a devastated Beth leaves Alan's room, he reveals that he's secretly been working with Alan-Michael to get the company back from Harley. Jonathan tells Reva he's angry that Tammy is denying their relationship to her friends. Reva urges him to consider Tammy's feelings in all this. Tammy later tells Jonathan she's afraid about going public with their relationship. Jonathan says she has to face her fears head-on and he demonstrates by jumping from the pier into the cold water. As Tammy pulls him out, she agrees to try and have more courage. The emotional moment between them turns intimate as Sandy watches them from the shadows. Josh talks to Jeffrey about Sandy's lies and Josh knows that Jeffrey is hiding things from Cassie. Josh sneaks into Jeffrey's room and finds a picture of Jeffrey with Richard just as Cassie arrives.

  • Ep. #14810
    Ep. #14810
    Episode 112

    Harley and Gus are attempting to have phone sex when Mallet arrives saying he and Gus need to check out a suspicious fire. At the house, the men trade verbal jabs until Gus is almost hit by a beam and Mallet pushes him out of the way. The close call with death makes Gus rush home and tell Harley the charade has to end. Harley agrees and they decide to find another way to fight Beth and Alan. They take a shower together and prepare for an evening of romance. Jonathan and Tammy sneak into a darkened building and realize they're in a Christmas Wonderland showroom. They snuggle up in a sleigh and declare their love for each other. Jonathan spies a security camera and makes Tammy leave so she won't get caught. Tammy runs into Lizzie who asks what Tammy's plans are now that she's done with Sandy. Tammy is tempted to tell her about Jonathan but changes her mind, saying she isn't ready to start dating. Jonathan overhears and is unhappy. Lizzie repays Quinn's loan by having dinner with him and ends up having a great time. They share a dance and a kiss and Quinn gives her more money, saying he's just helping a friend. Coop hires Ava to work at Company and CO2. When he sees her putting a candle in a slice of cake he realizes it's her birthday. He gives her his scarf and she tells him how lucky Lizzie is to have him.

  • Ep. #14809
    Ep. #14809
    Episode 111

    Josh stops kissing Olivia and says it's not a good idea for them to be together. Reva unexpectedly comes by and echoes his sentiment. The women trade barbs about dating the Lewis men but both walk away hurt. Olivia ends up alone in her room while Olivia walks through a Christmas tree lot full of happy families. Cassie, Jeffrey, and RJ have their first holiday as a family and RJ accidentally calls Jeffrey dad. Josh watches them through a window and remembers the call he got promising him info on Jeffrey. Tammy searches for Jonathan so she can tell him she wants him and not Sandy. Ava tries to take care of Sandy, who is drowning his sorrows in drink. Jonathan breaks into Tammy's dream house and plans to set it ablaze. Tammy arrives and tells him that she can't imagine spending her life without him. But Jonathan accidentally drops the torch and the house burns.

  • Ep. #14808
    Ep. #14808
    Episode 110

    Gus and Harley are separated by the wall of their rooms and they're anxious to get together but don't want to ruin the charade of discord between them. When Gus hears a knock on the door, he thinks it's Harley but it's Beth with a brilliant plan to get Harley out of Spaulding. She and Alan want Gus to give Harley the ultimatum of him or the company. Harley sneaks outside and ends up in a kiss with Mallet. He thought he was kissing Dinah and she thought she was sneaking up on Frank. Harley goes home and has another sexy dream about Mallet. Dinah and Mallet commiserate about loving someone who doesn't love you back. Marina and Alan-Michael return from France and he covers for her when Buzz and Frank want to know who she went away with. Alan-Michael tells Marina he wants her to be his back-up date for New Year's Eve. Olivia and Buzz are drinking in her room and she gets drunk enough to go across the room to throw herself at Josh. Billy and Josh are in the midst of an emotional talk with Josh admitting his life is falling apart and says he doesn't blame Billy for drinking. Billy tells Josh that his little brother's addiction is wild women. Olivia knocks on the door and Billy leaves. Olivia starts to seduce Josh and they end up kissing.

  • Ep. #14807
    Ep. #14807
    Episode 109

    Jonathan hides the news from Cassie that Tammy is running away with him but he's surprised when Tammy isn't there. Cassie tells him that Tammy went to see Sandy. An upset Jonathan goes to Outskirts and refuses to take Tammy's call. He destroys the answering machine before hearing that Tammy only went to Sandy to give him some of his things back. Sandy begs for Tammy's forgiveness but she says it isn't that simple. Tammy admits that she loves both him and Jonathan and doesn't know what to do. Josh walks into a seduction trap that Olivia set. When he learns that she received divorce papers from Bill, Josh offers her a shoulder to cry on but nothing more. Reva and Josh end up spending the evening together, watching the sunset. Olivia ends her day having wine and baklava with Buzz and describing her ideal man. Buzz privately thinks he would fit the bill. Alan-Michael takes Marina to Paris but abandons her when a supermodel flirts with him. When Marina can't get into a museum, Alan-Michael returns and gets her a behind-the-scenes tour. Marina opens up to Alan-Michael on the plane, only to see that he's fallen asleep.

  • Ep. #14806
    Ep. #14806
    Episode 108

    Tammy realizes she isn't ready to tell Cassie the truth about Jonathan yet and turns her energies to returning her and Sandy's wedding gifts. She and Cassie visit the cottage Sandy was going to buy for them and Blake comes by. She says Jonathan was the one who found the cottage and said Tammy would love it. Tammy runs back to the farm and sees Jonathan, who urges her to run away with him. He is shocked when she agrees and goes off to pack. Cassie comes home and sees Jonathan, then rushes upstairs to talk to Tammy. Olivia is crushed to receive divorce papers from Bill. She calls Josh ostensibly to talk business but really to cure her loneliness. Ava tires of listening to Sandy talk about reuniting with Tammy as soon as they figure out the divorce issue. She goes to CO2 and she and Coop end up having a mechanical malfunction with the soda machine and they end up covered in soda and laughing as Lizzie walks in. Lizzie makes it clear to Ava that she isn't welcome to Coop. Lizzie goes to Quinn for another loan because she wants to buy Coop an expensive gift for Christmas. Quinn tells her he'll give her the money and she won't have to pay it back if she has dinner with him. She agrees, but insists he realize it's not a date. Marina and Buzz talk about having broken hearts and she's so desperate to get away that she agrees to go with Alan-Michael to Paris - as long as he realizes it isn't a date.

  • Ep. #14805
    Ep. #14805
    Episode 107

    Jonathan gives Tammy space when they return home. Cassie is similarly understanding but doesn't realize how deep Tammy's turmoil goes. Tammy wants to tell her mother about Jonathan but can't. Tammy visits Ava who admits that Sandy walked away from their marriage without warning but she still loves him. Sandy comes face to face with Jonathan and Jonathan says he's sure Tammy will ultimately choose to be with him. Jeffrey wants to move in with Cassie who is thrilled at the suggestion. When Josh hears the news, he decides to back off revealing Jeffrey's connection to Richard in order to keep Cassie happy. Harley has a sexy dream about Mallet and makes love to Gus instead. Gus and Harley are later uncomfortable when they have to stage a fight in front of Beth and Mallet. Gus later assures Mallet that his marriage is fine. To convince everyone that he doesn't have feelings for Harley, Mallet kisses Dinah and says they're dating. Dinah plays along but privately yells at Mallet. Harley tells Dinah to give Mallet a chance, saying he's a wonderful man. Dinah asks Harley if she'd marry Mallet again if Gus wasn't in the picture. Mallet and Gus hear Harley answer in the affirmative.

  • Ep. #14804
    Ep. #14804
    Episode 106

    Tammy and Jonathan sit in front of a fire at the cabin. Things heat up between them as they kiss but Tammy's cell phone rings, interrupting them. Tammy tells Jonathan she can't bounce from man to man and says she needs to return home and deal with Sandy before she can move on. Sandy asks Reva to help him win Tammy back but Reva says Tammy has feelings for Jonathan. Gus and Harley try to have "make-up sex" after their fake fight but their lives keep getting in the way. Gus later asks Beth exactly what she's offering to do if he helps her get Harley out of Spaulding. Marina gets another speeding ticket and Mallet worries that her misbehavior will get her kicked off the force. Harley asks Mallet to lay off of her niece but Mallet insists that a bad relationship is no excuse to become a bad cop. This leads to another fight between Harley and Mallet about their past. Harley stops the argument and calls Gus, setting up a romantic encounter with him at the Beacon.

  • Ep. #14803
    Ep. #14803
    Episode 105

    Tammy and Jonathan escape to Towers and she wants to have a reception just for the two of them. They apologize to each other for all the hurt they've caused each other in the past. After eating and drinking to contentment, they take off for the honeymoon cabin at Cross Creek where Jonathan carries her over the threshold. Sandy, meanwhile, is at the police station explaining the facts of his marriage to Ava. She tells Jeffrey to call their divorce attorney, Vince Russo, but he's out of town. Jeffrey arranges Sandy's bail and listens as Sandy explains how he wanted to reinvent himself for the woman he loves. Josh is comforting a heartbroken Cassie when he receives a file about Jeffrey but he decides not to read it. Unbeknownst to him, Olivia arranged for him to get the file. At Company, Olivia tries to get info from Reva about where Tammy is and she fires Ava for lying about her connection to Sandy. Feeling sorry for his ex, Sandy invites her to stay with him.

  • Ep. #14802
    Ep. #14802
    Episode 104

    Everyone gathered for Tammy and Sandy's wedding waits when the minister asks for a reason they shouldn't be married. Knowing eyes turn to Jonathan but he holds his peace. Tammy and Sandy are pronounced man and wife even as Jonathan cries a little. They turn to march up the aisle together only to be greeted by a police officer with an arrest warrant who says Sandy is a bigamist who's still married to Ava. Sandy admits that he and Ava were married but says he signed divorce papers weeks ago. Tammy runs away from him and runs right into Jonathan. She takes off into the night with him in his car. Harley and Gus continue their break-up scam and fake a fight in front of Beth. She ends up offering Gus a deal to help her get Harley out of Spaulding, thus saving his marriage. Harley goes to Company and finds Mallet on top of Dinah. Mallet says Dinah broke into Company and he was just subduing her. Dinah tells them they should admit to still having feelings for each other. Mallet and Harley's argument is thwarted by Gus's arrival.

  • Ep. #14801
    Ep. #14801
    Episode 103

    Tammy is determined to marry Sandy in spite of her fears and assures Reva, Josh, and Jeffrey that she's committed to her wedding plans. Cassie tells Tammy how proud she will be to watch her daughter get married. Reva worries that Jonathan is planning to stop the wedding somehow but he assures her that he has nothing planned because he thinks Tammy won't go through with it. Tammy walks down the aisle to Sandy and starts to recite her vows, willing herself not to look at Jonathan. The minister asks if anyone has a reason Sandy and Tammy shouldn't marry and though Jonathan keeps quiet, he does move in his seat, causing Tammy to look at him. Gus and Harley keep up their ruse of estrangement even though they can't wait to get their hands on each other. They stage another argument for Blake's benefit thinking she will take the news back to Alan and Beth. They sneak out of the wedding early in order to make out in the car. Marina tries to get through the wedding without breaking down. Lizzie works to keep Coop from figuring out the arrangement she made with Quinn. Coop catches Lizzie giving Quinn a kiss for paying off her debts.

  • Ep. #14800
    Ep. #14800
    Episode 102

    Tammy has a wedding day nightmare starring Jonathan. She goes to the church, trying to suppress the memory of her last kiss with Jonathan. She wants to confess everything to Cassie but realizes that her mother can't take anything more. Sandy and Tammy have a picnic on the beach before the wedding and he gives her a beautiful pearl necklace, reinforcing her commitment to him. She's shaken, however, when she receives a provocative gift from Jonathan. Reva tells Jonathan to leave Tammy alone to have her wedding and is surprised when he insists that Tammy will never marry Sandy. Danny and Michelle decide they need to leave town to make a fresh start and be closer to Ed. Michelle takes Hope to see Cassie and assures her that she will always be welcome in their lives. Danny tells Marina that he plans to leave town and gives her a letter thanking her for loving him and allowing him to reunite he and Michelle with Hope. Marina promises Danny that she's fine but later tries to take Alan-Michael's sports car for a kamikaze-style drive. Unfortunately, she can't drive a stick-shift so Alan-Michael takes her for a drive himself. Michelle, Danny, Rick, Mel, and Ray gather for a goodbye dinner.

  • Ep. #14799
    Ep. #14799
    Episode 101

    On the night before Tammy's wedding, she ends up in the bakery on one of her bridal shower dates. Having been giving the address from Reva, Jonathan comes into the bakery and dares Tammy to admit that she loves him. Tammy throws herself at Jonathan and tells him she wants to make love to him and get him out of her system. Jonathan realizes she's using him to deny her feelings and asks her to make a definitive choice between him and Sandy. Tammy chooses to be with Sandy and Jonathan leaves. He goes to the church where Sandy and Tammy will be married and sees a plaque with Richard's name on it. He asks his late father for a sign that things will work out to his benefit. Reva feels guilty about engineering Tammy and Jonathan's run-in. Cassie expresses her excitement over Tammy's wedding and Reva cautions her against living through her child for happiness. Reva asks Tammy if she really wants to go through with the wedding and Tammy insists that she does. Tammy asks Reva to be her matron of honor and Reva accepts. Sandy urges Ava to try and find a man who will love her the way that Tammy loves him. Danny and Michelle renew their wedding vows in front of Rick and Mel and then head home for a romantic honeymoon. Robbie interrupts them, wanting to eat wedding cake with his parents. Then Hope starts to cry so they bring her into the room. With their kids close by, Danny and Michelle agree it's the best honeymoon they could have. Beth and Alan anticipate Harley's downfall as she makes out with Gus in an elevator at Spaulding. The doors open to reveal Alan-Michael and they launch into another pretend fight. Harley turns down Alan-Michael's offer to give them a romantic getaway and asks him instead to take a job at Spaulding in order to watch her back.

  • Ep. #14798
    Ep. #14798
    Episode 100

    Tammy has a bachelorette party on the night before her wedding, complete with a scavenger hunt list of crazy things she has to do. Reva is stunned when Jonathan tells her he doesn't think Tammy will go through with the wedding because she knows she belongs with him. Jonathan ends up at Sandy's bachelor party. Tammy gets wild at her party and even kisses a strange guy. The girls all talk about true love and Tammy is affected by their sentiments. Her last task of the night is to steal a groom figurine from the bakery. She remembers kissing Jonathan and is surprised to run into him. Danny takes Michelle to the Bauer house so they can renew their vows. Father Ray presides over the ceremony and Michelle is thrilled by it all. Beth invites Gus and Harley to dinner in hopes of making trouble between them. She's pleased when they start to fight but they later reveal that their fight was a ruse to throw Beth off their trail.

  • Ep. #14797
    Ep. #14797
    Episode 99

    Jonathan goes to the house he picked for Tammy only to find Sandy and Tammy already there. He waits until they leave then goes inside to destroy the house. Ava tells Jonathan she wants to be his date to the wedding. Gus insists on double dating with Dinah and Mallet and admits to Harley that he wants Mallet to focus on a new woman. Gus later hears Harley tells Mallet she doesn't like the idea of him being with someone else. Gus yells at Harley for her words as Dinah and Beth witness their fight. Danny and Michelle try to have a "first date" but they run into Marina and Frank. Marina pretends to be okay but Frank asks Danny to stay away from her. Danny gives Michelle a secret address to meet him at later. Marina stuns Alan-Michael when she finds him and tells him to buy her a drink.

  • Ep. #14796
    Ep. #14796
    Episode 98

    Reva finds out Jonathan wants to buy a house for Tammy. Jonathan accidentally leaves behind a page from the brochure and Tammy finds it. She asks Sandy if he's been looking at houses and he lies that he is. Tammy thinks buying a house will cement her life with Sandy and they go to see the house. Jonathan tells Ava he's going to buy the house in order to be with Tammy. Cassie asks Reva for help in giving Tammy a dream wedding. Olivia gives Josh the name of someone who might be able to find out about Jeffrey's past. When Josh hears how committed Jeffrey is to Cassie he has second thoughts about investigating him. Coop teases Buzz about dating, unaware that Buzz has started falling for Olivia. Buzz is upset when Olivia tells him she wants Josh to be her date to Tammy's wedding.

  • Ep. #14795
    Ep. #14795
    Episode 97

    Reva knows that helping Jonathan be with Tammy will destroy her family so she tells him she will help him with self-improvement instead. Jonathan thinks she's rejecting him and she tells him she just needs more time to make up her mind. Jonathan runs into Blake as she's showing a house for sale and he shows interest in buying it. Blake's negative reaction convinces him he will never be good enough for Tammy. He goes to find Tammy with house brochures in hand but instead finds Reva giving Sandy her blessing to marry Tammy. Tammy asks Ava for help in getting a wedding gift for Sandy. When Ava finds the perfect, obscure present, Tammy wonders how Ava could know him so well. Lizzie is upset when Coop turns down her offer to make love. She doesn't know that he had to say no because he has to wash dishes to pay for their night out. Buzz finds out about Coop's problem and helps him wash up so he can be with Lizzie. While Lizzie is moved by Coop's efforts, she has more worries when her loan shark calls. Quinn sees how worried Lizzie is and gives her a wad of cash.

  • Ep. #14794
    Ep. #14794
    Episode 96

    Reva is stunned when Tammy tells her she's in love with Jonathan. Reva thinks Tammy is just confused but Tammy says her feelings are real. Jonathan hears Reva tell Tammy to marry Sandy and let time ease away her feelings for Jonathan. Reva later tells Jonathan to walk away from Tammy but he refuses. He reminds Reva that he's never asked her for anything but he now wants her help to win Tammy. Danny and Michelle have a hard time being happy when they know Marina is hurting. Rick and Mel show up with a videotape of Danny and Michelle's wedding to remind them of their past love. Danny and Michelle later make love, truly back together at last. Marina takes a job working security at a charity dance but seeing all the couples having fun makes her miss Danny. She digs through her purse for something and finds Alan-Michael's business card. Coop takes Lizzie to the dance but they have to go through the back way because he couldn't afford tickets. Lizzie is annoyed until she sees how determined he is to give her a romantic night. Lizzie tells Coop she wants to make love to him.

  • Ep. #14793
    Ep. #14793
    Episode 95

    Michelle is surprised to hear of Danny and Marina's breakup. She tells Danny that she loves him but he rejects her, citing their torturous relationship. He later goes back to her and admits that he loves her and has never stopped. Once she's home, Cassie throws a family dinner to celebrate Edmund's departure from their lives. Reva tells Cassie that she and Josh are finished. Tammy is stunned when Cassie invites Jonathan to the family dinner. Reva tries to discourage Jonathan's interest in Tammy. Though Tammy tries to throw herself into planning the wedding, she later admits to Reva that she's in love with Jonathan. Alan-Michael and Gus meet and bond over their hatred of Alan, who begs Alan-Michael to save Spaulding. Gus is pleased when Alan-Michael says he's backing Harley as CEO. Alan-Michael gives Gus the idea to find a new woman for Mallet. Dinah's efforts to decrease the connection between Gus and Mallet end up increasing the sexual tension between herself and Mallet. They decide to keep their relationship strictly professional. Gus suggests to Harley that they double date with Mallet and Dinah. Beth visits Alan and is surprised to hear that Alan-Michael is now a family enemy. Alan tells Beth to try and win Alan-Michael over but he brushes her off.

  • Ep. #14792
    Ep. #14792
    Episode 94

    Edmund summons the San Cristobel guards to dispose of Josh and Jeffrey but they turn their weapons on him instead and he realizes the men tricked him. Edmund begs Cassie to save him and she asks for a moment alone with him. She triumphantly tells him that she will survive everything he did to her and she will have a happy life. Cassie and Jeffrey reunite but Edmund takes the opportunity to plant doubts in Josh's head about Jeffrey. Josh can't help but wonder if Jeffrey has a secret connection to Richard. Marina is depressed after breaking up with Danny but she is strong when she tells Frank the news. Frank and Buzz rally the troops to support her but it's Alan-Michael who provides the carefree attitude she needs. Harley is happy when Alan-Michael visits her. He notes the sexual tension between Dinah and Mallet. Alan is surprised when Alan-Michael visits him at the asylum.

  • Ep. #14791
    Ep. #14791
    Episode 93

    Marina plans a Thanksgiving dinner that will include Danny but Michelle makes plans for a Bauer holiday. Marina realizes the situation could be representative of how things will always be, with Danny unable to fully commit to either family. Marina finds the courage to end things with Danny. Though he tries to convince her to stay with him, he realizes she's right. Meanwhile, Buzz tells Michelle that if she really loves Danny, she should walk away and give his relationship with Marina a chance. Jonathan tries to comfort Tammy about Cassie's disappearance. They go through Cassie's keepsake trunk and they find a wedding photo of Cassie and Richard. Jonathan is unexpectedly moved by the picture of his real father. Tammy is surprised by this softer side of him but the moment is ruined when Sandy arrives with their wedding invitations. Jonathan starts to wonder if he can transform himself into the kind of man Tammy wants to be with. Edmund has taken Cassie to San Cristobel to keep her prisoner until she agrees to be with him again. Cassie tries to get through to his sane side but he says he would rather lock her away than see her be with another man. Jeffrey and Josh arrive and Josh is surprised by Jeffrey's knowledge of the island. They find a secret way to get to the tower in order to confront Edmund.

  • Ep. #14790
    Ep. #14790
    Episode 92

    Reva finds Jonathan outside of Tammy's door and asks him why he's messing up her life. Reva is stunned when Jonathan confesses his love for Tammy. Jeffrey shows up to tell Reva that Edmund took Cassie away. Josh, Jeffrey, and Sandy team up to search for Cassie. Reva is concerned when Tammy turns to Jonathan for comfort. Dinah goes to her first day at Spaulding and proves her worth by finding out Harley's assistant is the mole who leaked info to the press. Gus comes home from his assignment and is tense with Mallet. Harley tells Mallet that Gus knows about their prison kiss. Gus goes to see Harley at work and she emotionally tells him that he's the only man she wants. Lizzie's loan shark pressures her to pay the money back and she's confident she will be able to. Lizzie is pleased when her old boarding school friend Quinn arrives with a lot of money and she's tempted to ask for help.

  • Ep. #14789
    Ep. #14789
    Episode 91

    When Reva finds Olivia in Josh's room she can't resist telling her that she and Josh have already reconnected. Reva says she will do anything to keep Josh from getting together with Olivia. Josh walks in as she's talking and hears the real reason she made love to him. Josh and Reva discuss the fact that while they still love each other, their trust is gone and they realize it's time to end their marriage. Jonathan carries Tammy in her wedding dress to the Outskirts bar to keep her safe while they wait for the lights to come on. Jonathan helps Tammy take off the dress and things between them heat up again. Tammy pulls away from him and runs out. Michelle goes to Danny to tell him she still wants him but he's torn between her and Marina. Michelle says that if he chooses to come home, she and Hope will be waiting for him. Marina confronts the driver who nearly ran her down and she recognizes him as Alan-Michael. He's impressed by her fire and gives her a spontaneous kiss. Cassie goes to the bridal shop searching for Tammy and she's cornered by Edmund who threatens to hurt the kids if she doesn't run away with him. She manages to get a message to Jeffrey before she takes off with Edmund.

  • Ep. #14788
    Ep. #14788
    Episode 90

    Alan is able to escape jail during the blackout he and Edmund engineered. Edmund's plans to talk to Cassie are thwarted when Josh gets to her first. Cassie confides to Josh how much she misses Hope. Josh tells her that he is optimistic about reuniting with Reva. Meanwhile, Reva tells Buzz she and Josh made love but she only did it to make sure he wouldn't go to Olivia. Michelle and Marina discuss the situation with Danny and both announce their intention to fight for Danny. When the power is restored, Michelle goes to be with Hope and Danny while Marina is called in to search for Alan. Marina ends up stepping in front of a car driven by Alan-Michael. Dinah and Harley make a truce and Harley remembers how they initially became friends. Harley offers Dinah a job. Tammy and Jonathan are alone in the bridal shop and he tells her to practice her vows on him. Their connection intensifies and Jonathan picks her up to carry her out.

  • Ep. #14787
    Ep. #14787
    Episode 89

    Alan and Edmund plot to arrange a blackout all over town. Tammy literally runs into Jonathan in the courtyard and her engagement rings falls off. As he helps her look for it, he encourages her to marry Sandy and agrees that they can never be together. Tammy is hurt by his words and inadvertently says their relationship could work. Tammy later asks Josh to walk her down the aisle at her wedding. She later gets trapped in the bridal salon and only Jonathan is around to marry her. Reva and Josh make love and he is hopeful that they can get back on track. Cassie sees Michelle with Hope and wants to hold the baby but walks away instead. She breaks down later as she imagines Hope grown up and getting married. The lights go out in the garage and Cassie is left in the dark with Edmund. Marina and Danny plan a night with Hope without Michelle. But Marina gets called into duty. Marina and Michelle end up stuck in an elevator together during the blackout. Harley interviews Dinah for a job at Spaulding at Mallet's request. Harley and Dinah are stuck in a stairwell together during the blackout.

  • Ep. #14786
    Ep. #14786
    Episode 88

    Reva warns Olivia away from Josh and Olivia tries to make her believe something's already happened between them. Reva talks with Josh about their marital problems and the two end up making love. Cassie is surprised by a good deed from Jonathan who says he hopes Sandy and Tammy will be happy together. Dinah accuses Jonathan of being in love with Tammy and tells him to be careful. Jonathan says he's already in too deep. Tammy throws herself into wedding plans but can't stop thinking of Jonathan. Cassie tells Tammy she's the one who will bring joy back to their family, causing Tammy to nearly confess her feelings for Jonathan. Tammy and Sandy meet with a minister who questions their marriage motives. Jeffrey tries to comfort Cassie, who's missing Hope. Finding a wedding photo of Richard makes Cassie even sadder. Jeffrey supports Cassie but thoughts of Richard clearly make him uncomfortable.

  • Ep. #14785
    Ep. #14785
    Episode 87

    Alan torments Gus about the tape of Harley and Mallet kissing. Gus says it doesn't bother him but he later confronts Harley. She tells him that she only loves him but he's still unsettled. Jonathan toasts Sandy and Tammy at their party but doesn't reveal Sandy's secret. Tammy knows that he is still longing for her, however, and she runs out to get away from him. Edmund sneaks into the party and appeals to Tammy for help in connecting with Cassie. Edmund later goes to the docks to meet with Alan as they discuss the big event they have planned. Reva is upset to see Olivia moving in on Josh. Billy takes Olivia aside to warn her that she will pay for what she did to him. Lizzie runs into Dean, the loan shark who gave her money to buy a new dress. She doesn't tell Coop the truth about the money, certain she will be able to repay the loan when it's time.

  • Ep. #14784
    Ep. #14784
    Episode 86

    Cassie asks Dinah to help her get back at Edmund for all his misdeeds. Dinah shockingly convinces Cassie that Edmund isn't worth going to jail over. Edmund, however, continues to stalk Cassie. Danny and Michelle bond with baby Hope and Michelle decides to stay in town. Marina comes over to stake her claim on Danny. But when Michelle gets ready to leave with Hope, Danny doesn't want her to go. Jonathan has an engagement party for Sandy and Tammy though the connection between Jonathan and Tammy is apparent. Ava is stunned to learn that Jonathan and Tammy are first cousins. Sandy gives a toast that agitates Jonathan who plans to stand up and say that Sandy is married to Ava. Olivia deliberately tracks down Josh but pretends it was an accident. Reva is unhappy to see Josh at the party with Olivia.

  • Ep. #14783
    Ep. #14783
    Episode 85

    In celebration of Halloween, Dinah wants to get wild and have fun. Mallet won't let her out of his sight until her probation hearing. She is angry at another man controlling her and doesn't see that he has her best interests in mind. Edmund uses a Halloween mask to disguise himself so that he can get to see Alan. Edmund hides when Dinah and Mallet arrive at the jail, but later Alan and Edmund cement their alliance. Cassie tries to get in the holiday spirit for RJ's sake and to keep her mind off of losing Hope. Reva wants Cassie to deal with her feelings but Cassie says she needs help that no one can give her. Tammy is eager to marry Sandy and give herself a stable life. Sandy worries that Ava won't agree to the divorce even though Jonathan urges her to do so. Jonathan tells Ava that she'll stand a better chance of winning Sandy's heart eventually if she lets him go now. He doesn't tell her that he's actually setting Sandy up for a fall. Ava signs the divorce papers and Jonathan tells Sandy and Tammy he wants to throw them an engagement party.

  • Ep. #14782
    Ep. #14782
    Episode 84

    Cassie and Jeffrey are unsure of how to deal with giving up Hope. Cassie dresses Hope up for Halloween and they end up unknowingly at Danny's house. Cassie doesn't want to leave Hope with them but Michelle makes an appeal that makes Cassie decide to do the right thing. Cassie and Jeffrey leave Hope with her real parents, who are thrilled to be reunited with their child. Marina and Mallet sympathize with each other over their feelings for Danny and Harley respectively. Marina expresses confidence that things will work out with her and Danny. But she's crushed when Danny doesn't pick up the phone because he's celebrating with Michelle. Beth has second thoughts of playing the video when she finds out Harley's sons will be in attendance at the meeting. Gus sees the video before everyone else can and stops it from playing for the shareholders. Olivia takes off her wedding ring out of defiance to her crumbling marriage to Bill. She accidentally drops it down the drain at Company and Buzz finds it. He offers Olivia a shoulder to lean on and she is inspired to accelerate her career and reject her family. Alexandra warns Buzz about getting involved with Olivia.

  • Ep. #14781
    Ep. #14781
    Episode 83

    Dinah picks up Edmund on the side of the road and makes him believe she is still allied with him. But then she pulls a gun on him and tells him it's time for him to pay. Mallet shows up before she can shoot Edmund and gets her to lower the gun. Edmund says he wants to press charges against Dinah but Mallet reveals she only had a fake gun. Edmund escapes both of them and Dinah realizes Mallet lied on her behalf so she wouldn't go to jail. Michelle and Danny are overwhelmed by the news about Hope and Danny comforts Michelle as Marina arrives at the cabin. Danny is able to repair his car and the trio heads back to town to see Hope and decide upon their futures. Alan tells Beth to switch the video of Mallet and Harley kissing with the promotional video for the shareholder's meeting. Though Beth is reluctant, Gus' patronizing attitude towards her marriage to Alan changes her mind. Harley prepares to take the stage at the meeting, not knowing that Beth has switched the videos.

  • Ep. #14780
    Ep. #14780
    Episode 82

    Tammy tells Jonathan there's nothing he can say to change her mind about marrying Sandy and he agrees, keeping Sandy's marriage to Ava a secret. Tammy privately wonders why Jonathan didn't fight for her. Ava tells Sandy she doesn't want to get a divorce even when he tells her he's in love with Tammy. Jonathan later tells Ava that she should walk away from Sandy. He says he is tired of chasing Tammy and is going to wait for her to realize she wants to be with him. Josh yells at Billy for not being strong enough to stop drinking. He runs into Reva, who blames Olivia for helping Billy drink again. Reva and Josh have a moment of connection until Reva gets a call from Billy and has to run out. Olivia sees Josh alone and reminds him of a time when they could always count on each other. Josh pulls away from Olivia, who seems to be trying to take Reva's place in his life. Reva helps Billy get through the night without drinking but reflects on the missed opportunity to be with Josh.

  • Ep. #14779
    Ep. #14779
    Episode 81

    Jonathan is stunned to learn that Ava and Sandy are married. Thinking Fallon has gotten Ava to agree to a divorce, Sandy asks Tammy to marry him and she says yes. They run into Cassie at Company who hides her distress over Hope to celebrate with her daughter. Ava tells Jonathan she still cares for Sandy and wants to remain married to him. At Ava's request, Jonathan agrees to keep her secret quiet. But when he learns that Tammy accepted Sandy's proposal, he seems ready to tell her the truth. Harley disguises herself at Spaulding to try and find financial info for a shareholder's meeting. Gus works with her to get what she needs but they're unaware that Beth saw them. Beth calls Alan who says they have to put plan b into action. Beth takes Alan a video he hid at the house and she's stunned to realize it's a tape of Harley and Mallet kissing passionately in the prison office.

  • Ep. #14778
    Ep. #14778
    Episode 80

    Edmund foils Danny's rescue of Michelle by knocking him out. But when he wakes up, Michelle and Danny overpower him until he runs out. When Michelle and Danny are alone, he tells her that their baby is alive. Edmund is on the road when Dinah picks him up, intending to make him pay for all that he's done. Sandy and Fallon try to convince Ava to settle things with Sandy so he can marry Tammy. Jonathan and Tammy come face to face again and she reiterates her plan to stay with Sandy. Jonathan finds Fallon and Ava together and she blurts out that Sandy is her husband.

  • Ep. #14777
    Ep. #14777
    Episode 79

    Edmund sets Danny up to get arrested but Marina risks her badge to free him. Frank agrees to let them go search for Michelle. Edmund goes to the cabin and pretends to commiserate with Michelle over their losses. Edmund suggests they take a drive but when he leaves the room, she finds his release papers from jail and realizes she's in great danger. Edmund flips out and tells Michelle she's the only thing standing in the way of his reunion with Cassie. Danny makes it to the cabin and worries that he's too late but Michelle appears and runs into his arms. Beth tells Alan that Harley is running the company into the ground and Alan says he plans to set Harley up for corporate fraud. On Alan's orders, Beth takes Harley some doctored files but Harley figures out the scam in time. Mallet finds Dinah trying to steal his gun and she tells him she wants to kill Edmund for what he's done. Mallet covers for her when her probation officer almost sees her with a gun. He tells her that he will handle Edmund and warns her to stay out of it.

  • Ep. #14776
    Ep. #14776
    Episode 78

    Cassie and Jeffrey reel from the news that Hope is Michelle and Danny's child. Danny hires a guard to make sure Cassie doesn't run away with the baby. Marina and Danny search for Michelle though Marina knows she could potentially lose Danny forever. Michelle is alone at the Bauer cabin trying to deal with her baby's death and unaware of what's going on. Edmund is desperate to get out of jail and get to Michelle, not knowing that the truth is out there. Edmund makes a pact with Alan and learns that Michelle is staying at the cabin. Alan and Edmund work together to get Edmund out of prison and lead Danny in the wrong direction. Ava and Sandy share a secret that could impact his future with Tammy. Jonathan is upset when Tammy says she's staying with Sandy and helping him recover. Ava tells Jonathan to work harder to find out Sandy's secrets.

  • Ep. #14775
    Ep. #14775
    Episode 77

    Bill tells Olivia he's leaving her and taking the job in Venezuela. He says painful goodbyes to her and Emma. Josh visits looking for Bill and a lonely Olivia asks him to stay. Sandy tells Fallon to find the source behind the mysterious note he was sent. Tammy takes Sandy to the roof where she's set up a night of romance. She tells him all the reasons she wants to marry him but he says there's something he has to take care of first. Jonathan follows Fallon and accidentally walks in on Tammy's speech to Sandy. Jonathan tries to get Fallon to give him information on Sandy's past. Ava goes to see Sandy and asks if he thought he could hide from her forever.

  • Ep. #14774
    Ep. #14774
    Episode 76

    Danny prepares to have a DNA test taken on baby Hope. Marina says that with the information the hospital already has they should get the results back quickly. Cassie takes Hope home and Jeffrey helps her make the night special. Danny and Marina make love knowing that the results could complicate their lives. As they lie together, the phone rings saying the results are in. Danny and Marina take the envelope of the results to Cassie, wanting everyone to be together when they learned the truth. Cassie opens the results and is horrified to see that Danny is Hope's father. Cassie makes Danny leave, saying she's temporarily keeping Hope. Danny races off to find Michelle so they can get their baby back. Bill is unsure if he should go to Venezuela because he doesn't want to leave Olivia or Billy. Billy promises Bill he will stop drinking and attend AA meetings. Billy later tells Reva he won't go to meetings, especially if Bill is leaving town.

  • Ep. #14773
    Ep. #14773
    Episode 75

    Michelle and Robbie return to Springfield because Michelle wants Danny to take care of their son so she can properly grieve for her other child. Danny and Marina confront Jeffrey about the DNA test results. Jeffrey admits he initially lied about the first test results but then he had Hope tested again and discovered that neither woman was Hope's mother. Danny tries to get in touch with Michelle but Rick says she took off without saying where she was going. Cassie says that in Michelle's absence, she's Hope's only mother but Danny forbids anyone to take the baby until another DNA test is run. Tammy struggles to forget her feelings for Jonathan and honor her promise to God to be with Sandy. The struggle gets harder when Ava advises her to go after Jonathan. Sandy tells Jonathan he will never have Tammy but Jonathan decides to uncover Sandy's secrets. Tammy is hurt when a note Sandy receives makes him push her further away.

  • Ep. #14772
    Ep. #14772
    Episode 74

    Cassie and Jeffrey panic after realizing that Dinah has stolen baby Hope. Jeffrey calls the police in hopes they can find Dinah before she leaves town. Edmund shows Mallet doctored videos of Dinah dressing up like Cassie but Mallet is unconvinced that Dinah was behind the scheme. Mallet gets the call that Dinah has stolen Hope. Dinah takes the baby to Danny's house to give him his daughter. She interrupts a romantic evening between Danny and Marina who are shocked by her claims. Danny starts to believe Hope really is his child and he wants to take her toe the ER to get tested. Marina admits to her investigation and thinks Jeffrey may have lied about the other DNA test to protect Cassie. Frank shows up to arrest Dinah but Marina convinces him that they all need to go to the hospital to get to the truth once and for all. Jeffrey gets into a fight with Edmund at the hospital and punches him. Frank calls Cassie to the emergency room and she enters to find Dinah with Danny, who is holding Hope. Bill confronts Olivia about switching Billy's drink and causing him to fall off the wagon. Olivia tries to deny it but eventually admits the truth. Bill walks out on her.

  • Ep. #14771
    Ep. #14771
    Episode 73

    Cassie hides Dinah from Mallet when he arrives to make sure Cassie is safe. Dinah tries to apologize to Cassie but she won't listen. A desperate Dinah pretends to have a medical crisis and uses Cassie's distraction as a chance to take Hope and run. Jeffrey and Edmund face off at the hospital as Edmund tries to convince him that Dinah was behind the baby switch. Jeffrey tells Edmund to leave town but Edmund swears he can prove his innocence. Olivia plans a celebration for Bill being in charge of the Venezuelan project. Ava calls Bill to let him know that Billy is drunk. He goes to his father but is unable to get him to stop drinking. Reva convinces Bill to let her take Billy home. Bill is unsettled by Olivia's lack of concern for his father and he returns to the bar to question Ava. She reveals that it was Olivia's fault that Billy took a drink.

  • Ep. #14770
    Ep. #14770
    Episode 72

    Cassie goes to see Dinah and find out the truth about the baby and Edmund goes with her, determined to keep Dinah quiet. Mallet takes Edmund aside to say he suspects Edmund of starting the fire. Cassie goes in to see Dinah only to find the hospital room empty. Cassie goes home and is shocked when Dinah arrives and collapses in her arms. Mallet arrests Edmund. Harley invites Coop and Lizzie to the Spaulding mansion for dinner. Beth hears Coop talking to Lizzie about money and thinks of a way to drive them apart. Lizzie goes to the Outskirts and meets Ava. She finds out that Ava borrowed money from a loan shark and considers doing the same.

  • Ep. #14769
    Ep. #14769
    Episode 71

    Edmund sets the faux farmhouse on fire, thinking Dinah has escaped and wanting to erase the evidence. Dinah is hiding in a space in the wall and is using his cell phone to try and call Cassie. The signal is lost when she realizes the house is on fire. She tries to get out but the smoke makes her pass out. Mallet arrives, having followed Edmund, and rescues Dinah. She keeps trying to press redial on the cell phone and Mallet does it for her, surprised to reach Cassie. Edmund realizes what has happened to Dinah. Mallet tells Cassie that Dinah was caught in the fire and Cassie races to the hospital. Tammy vows to stay away from Jonathan for good if Sandy recovers. Sandy wakes up but tells her to go away. She is confused until she realizes that he saw her with Jonathan before his accident. Though he wants nothing to do with her, she intends to win back his trust. She runs into Jonathan in the hallway who warns her not to confuse guilt with love. Tammy crushes Jonathan by telling him she can't see him again. Olivia gives Josh the news that Billy is drinking again but doesn't tell him she's the cause. Josh takes Billy off the Venezuelan project. Billy contemplates calling his sponsor but feeling like he's already lost the battle, he keeps drinking. Olivia is pleased when Josh asks Bill to take over the project.

  • Ep. #14768
    Ep. #14768
    Episode 70

    Edmund thinks that Dinah escaped the faux farmhouse but she is actually hiding in the wall. Edmund has to leave when he gets a call from Cassie and he thinks she's found Dinah. Instead, Cassie tells him she wants him to stay out of her and Hope's life. Edmund agrees but tells Cassie he loves her. Edmund decides to get rid of the farmhouse, not knowing that Dinah is in the wall. She scurries out and steals his cell phone then hides in the wall again. Edmund pours gasoline all over the house, intending to burn it down. Danny puts together a romantic night for Marina but they're interrupted by Mallet who questions them about Edmund and Michelle. Danny finds out what Marina suspected about Michelle and Hope. He's stunned at the level of sacrifice Marina was willing to make for him. Mallet is unable to shake the feeling that something is still wrong. Jonathan goes to see Tammy and tells her they shouldn't deny their feelings for each other anymore. As guilty as Tammy feels, she admits she can no longer fight her feelings for him. Jonathan almost confesses to Cassie but stops himself in time. Tammy makes a bargain with God that if Sandy is healed, she won't see or be with Jonathan again.

  • Ep. #14767
    Ep. #14767
    Episode 69

    Cassie wants proof from Jeffrey that Hope is not Michelle's child. Edmund hears them plotting to get a DNA sample from Michelle. Edmund goes to Michelle's hospital locker and switches the name on it so that Jeffrey collects the wrong sample. Jeffrey promises Cassie she's not alone as they wait for the test results. Because Edmund switched the lockers, the results come back that Michelle is not Hope's mother. Edmund meets with Russo and asks him to create fake adoption papers. Mallet sees their heated conversation. Dinah finds a loose board at the farmhouse and is able to make a hole big enough to crawl through. Edmund panics when he gets there and Dinah is gone. Tammy sits by Sandy's side in the hospital and finds the engagement ring he bought for her. Tammy frets over being with Jonathan when Sandy needed her most. Cassie comforts her as Sandy goes into cardiac arrest. Olivia is unhappy when Billy charms the Venezuelan associates. Bill admits to Olivia that he's not happy doing all the big business. Olivia sets Billy up to drink vodka, though he thinks it's water. He takes drink after drink unknowingly. Gus goes on a solo chase for a drug dealer and gets into trouble. Mallet rushes to his rescue but Gus is less than grateful. They are pinned down by the drug dealer and argue with each other as shots are fired at them. Gus subdues the dealer and he and Mallet continue their argument. Gus asks Mallet if Blake's book is more truthful than Harley will admit but Mallet suggests he talk to Harley again. When Gus and Harley are together again, he asks if she slept with Mallet. Harley is surprised but says no. She does tell him that she and Mallet made peace with each other while they were in the prison.

  • Ep. #14766
    Ep. #14766
    Episode 68

    Sandy fights for his life as Josh reaches out to comfort Tammy. Reva inadvertently advises Jonathan to pursue Tammy. Reva and Josh band together for Sandy's sake. Sandy's condition worsens and Jonathan witnesses Tammy's meltdown. Harley and Gus move into the Spaulding mansion. Beth stirs up tension between Harley, Gus and Mallet, but Gus and Harley remain calm. Mallet tries to reassure Gus about Blake's book. Gus starts reading the book but his agitation over the story leads him to not take Mallet with him on a police call. Blake's readers recognize Harley and Mallet as the characters Marley and Hammer. Olivia wants Bill to head up the Lewis Oil efforts in Venezuela and sends him to meet with the associates there. She is steamed to learn that Reva talked to Billy about him taking the same position. Olivia sets Billy up to fail while Ava helps Bill make a good impression with the associates.

  • Ep. #14765
    Ep. #14765
    Episode 67

    In the barn, Jonathan and Tammy start to make love just as Sandy arrives with roses and an engagement ring. Reeling, an unseen Sandy runs out and goes to work. He gets accidentally electrocuted and is rushed to the hospital. Josh calls Tammy who guiltily leaves Jonathan to be by Sandy's side. Cassie struggles with how to tell Michelle the truth about the baby. Jeffrey confronts Edmund and vows to make him pay for what he's done to everyone. Edmund interrupts Michelle and Cassie before Cassie can spill the secret. When Michelle leaves, Cassie says she wants to hear Edmund's story. Jeffrey goes to find Michelle to try and get a DNA sample but she's already left for the airport. Michelle and Robbie say goodbye to Danny as they board the plane. Jeffrey arrives too late but Marina wonders why he needed to talk to Michelle. Edmund tells Cassie that the baby isn't hers or Michelle's. He says that Dinah deceived him and he only recently learned of their baby's death. Cassie hopes that whoever gave birth to the baby will stay away.

  • Ep. #14764
    Ep. #14764
    Episode 66

    Jeffrey gives Cassie the devastating news that Hope may be Michelle's baby. Cassie refuses to believe it but Jeffrey forces her to see the truth. Jeffrey is surprised when Cassie returns to the christening party as though their conversation never happened. Edmund finds Michelle praying in the chapel and she says she wants to hold Hope one more time before she leaves town. Edmund takes her to the party and takes hold of Hope before Cassie can stop her. Cassie is heartbroken as she watches Michelle hold her child without knowing the truth. Marina is angry with herself for almost ruining her chances with Danny over the baby. Sandy and Tammy are awkward with each other at the party as he wants to propose to her and she knows he intends to. Tammy sneaks to the barn to be alone but Jonathan finds her. She tells him that Sandy is going to propose and she plans to say yes. Things heat up between Tammy and Jonathan, however, and they start to kiss at the same time that Sandy is creating a romantic proposal setting. Gus finds out about Blake's romance novel featuring "Marley and Hammer" but says he won't read it. Harley insists to Mallet that she doesn't share Marley's feelings about Hammer.

  • Ep. #14763
    Ep. #14763
    Episode 65

    Edmund takes Dinah more supplies and is stunned to see her passed out and having lost a lot of blood from the head wound. He bandages her but knows he can't take her to the hospital. Dinah wakes up and tells him all his secrets will come out. When he leaves, Dinah collapses again. Jeffrey doesn't tell Cassie about the DNA tests before the christening. He is surprised when she asks him to stand in as godfather as Josh is unable to attend the christening. Just before the christening, Jeffrey gets the test results and learns that Cassie is not Hope's mother. Seeing how happy Cassie is, Jeffrey lies to Marina about the results. Marina is able to relax and enjoy the ceremony.

  • Ep. #14762
    Ep. #14762
    Episode 64

    Unable to stay away from Hope, Michelle asks Cassie for advice in getting over her loss. Michelle oversteps when she disagrees with how Cassie is caring for Hope. Marina runs into Jeffrey and contemplates voicing her suspicions. Frank tells Jeffrey that Edmund was sending him the death threats. Marina puts the pieces together and realizes Hope may be Danny and Michelle's child. She confesses her theory to Jeffrey who agrees to run a secret DNA test on Hope. Jeffrey manages to get a DNA sample from Hope but prays that Marina is wrong. Tammy goes to Outskirts and isn't happy to see Jonathan and Ava together. Jonathan provokes her jealousy but Ava isn't happy to be used. Jonathan tries to get details about Ava's love life but she shuts down. Sandy buys Lizzie's unused engagement ring so he can propose to Tammy. Before he can ask, Lizzie accidentally tells Tammy about Sandy's intentions. Sandy meets with Fallon to make sure he won't face criminal charges from his past. Coop realizes that Lizzie is jealous that Tammy has a man who's ready to commit to her.

  • Ep. #14761
    Ep. #14761
    Episode 63

    Marina walks in on a conversation between Michelle and Danny and finds out that they kissed. Danny tries to convince her it was a goodbye kiss but she says he'll have to work hard to prove he cares for her. Marina gets the stunning news that the drug in the needle was labor-inducing. She doesn't want to lose Danny but she can't help but run through scenarios where the drug could have been used on Michelle. Edmund panics to hear that Michelle plans to attend Hope's christening. He tells Michelle she should leave town but is unsuccessful in his attempts. He later finds Marina alone on a rooftop. Blake's new romance novel based on Harley's life hits the stands on the day Harley starts as CEO of Spaulding. Blake says it was only loosely based on Harley's time in prison but Ross recognizes all the characters.

  • Ep. #14760
    Ep. #14760
    Episode 62

    Marina walks in on a conversation between Michelle and Danny and finds out that they kissed. Danny tries to convince her it was a goodbye kiss but she says he'll have to work hard to prove he cares for her. Marina gets the stunning news that the drug in the needle was labor-inducing. She doesn't want to lose Danny but she can't help but run through scenarios where the drug could have been used on Michelle. Edmund panics to hear that Michelle plans to attend Hope's christening. He tells Michelle she should leave town but is unsuccessful in his attempts. He later finds Marina alone on a rooftop. Blake's new romance novel based on Harley's life hits the stands on the day Harley starts as CEO of Spaulding. Blake says it was only loosely based on Harley's time in prison but Ross recognizes all the characters.

  • Ep. #14759
    Ep. #14759
    Episode 61

    Jonathan follows Edmund to the farmhouse but Tammy calls and asks to see him, interrupting his attempt to rescue Dinah. Edmund threatens to stop bringing Dinah food if she doesn't behave. She gives him a note that will throw Jonathan off the trail but Edmund still doesn't promise to come back. Dinah tries to escape when Edmund leaves but ends up falling and knocking herself out. Tammy yells at Jonathan for trying to find Dinah and bring her back to Springfield to ruin Cassie's life. Their argument leads Jonathan to pull her into a kiss. Marina searches for the truth about Michelle's baby even though it may cause her to lose Danny. She goes to the suite where she thinks Michelle stayed and learned it was Edmund's. She's poised to find a discarded needle but Edmund returns and Marina is trapped. Michelle and Danny pull away from their kiss and have to deal with the reality of Robbie's upset over their split. They assure Robbie they love him and Michelle remains intent on leaving Springfield but she considers postponing when she receives an invitation to Hope's christening. Lizzie quits her job when she has trouble with her boss and she promises Coop she'll find a way to help their cash-flow problem. Rick confronts Beth over her treatment of Lizzie but she manages to soothe him while keeping her ulterior motive a secret.

  • Ep. #14758
    Ep. #14758
    Episode 60

    Edmund enjoys family moments with Cassie and Hope while Jeffrey remains distant to protect them. Jonathan searches for Dinah and ends up questioning Marina about missing person cases. Jonathan follows Edmund and ends up at the recreated farmhouse. Marina tells Danny that Michelle plans to leave for Africa. Danny goes to Michelle to ask her to stay and ends up pulling her into a kiss. Cassie finds Jeffrey and takes him to the farmhouse for a romantic interlude. But when he receives another threat, he freaks out and leaves, making Cassie think he's unnerved by the baby situation. Harley gears up for her first day at Spaulding. As she faces her first challenge, Beth secretly hopes she'll fail. Harley is triumphant when she solves the problem but she's unaware of Beth's plans to have her unseated.

  • Ep. #14757
    Ep. #14757
    Episode 59

    Michelle tells Rick she's decided to go back to Africa. Marina can't stop thinking about Michelle's accident and can't figure out what's wrong. She goes to see Bill and learns that Michelle hid from everyone when she first returned to town. Michelle hears Marina asking questions and Marina confesses that she doesn't think the accident went down as stated. Marina pushes Michelle to talk and Michelle admits that she came home because she wants Danny back. As Gus urges Harley to take the Spaulding job, she tells him to go back to the police force. Harley meets with Alan who predicts she will fail at running Spaulding. Harley decides not to take the job but then Zach comes in upset that people called him a crazy Spaulding. Harley realizes she has to take the job to try and restore the Spaulding name and reputation. Gus asks Frank for his job back and Frank agrees but only if Gus will work with Mallet. Both men are opposed to being partners but eventually agree. Olivia is shocked to return and find out that Harley is the CEO of Spaulding. She tells Bill she needs a bigger challenge than running the hotel and says she wants to work at Lewis.

  • Ep. #14756
    Ep. #14756
    Episode 58

    Josh gets back into the dating pool and goes out with Stephanie, who takes him to the Outskirts where Billy is working. Billy tries to convince Josh that dating is not a good idea but Josh ignores him and takes Stephanie elsewhere. Jonathan vows to Edmund that he will find Dinah. Edmund warns that no one will appreciate him ruining the familial happiness. Reva visits Cassie and Hope but their happy moment is interrupted by Jonathan and Edmund's argument. Jonathan tells Tammy he intends to find Dinah and Tammy gets a little jealous. Jeffrey thinks the threat he received is from criminals he's trying to prosecute. Thinking to keep Cassie and Hope safe, he keeps his distance from them but doesn't say why. Jeffrey approached Ross for help with the criminals and promises to help Ross find Dinah. Tammy questions Sandy about the gravestone she found with his name on it. Sandy offers an explanation that Tammy believes. Sandy later convinces himself he should ask Tammy to marry him.

  • Ep. #14755
    Ep. #14755
    Episode 57

    Danny focuses on a future with Marina and asks her to move in with him. Marina thinks Danny is trying too hard to show he's over Michelle and says she wants to slow things down. Edmund advises Michelle to start over someplace else. Dinah is still trapped in the pretend farmhouse and begins to imagine that all the men in her life rescue her in various ways. Dinah realizes that she needs to save herself. Tammy tells Jonathan that Cassie's baby was born but he knows that Dinah's baby never made it to term. He and Tammy go to the farm to find out the truth. But when Jonathan sees how happy Hope has made everyone, he keeps quiet. He later confronts Edmund though and demands to know what happened. Jeffrey receives a threatening note at work.

  • Ep. #14754
    Ep. #14754
    Episode 56

    Dinah convinces Edmund to refill her sleeping pill prescription as she's too upset about being locked in to sleep. Jeffrey goes to the hospital for a prescription for his cold and he runs into Edmund. Jeffrey demands to know why Edmund has Dinah's pills. Danny and Robbie create a pretend 4th of July party to cheer up Michelle since she missed the real one. Michelle is too depressed by thoughts of her baby to fully enjoy it. Danny gives her a rose bush to plant in memory of the baby and it leads to a close moment. As they are about to kiss, Michelle feels a pain and Danny takes her to the hospital. At that same time, Cassie takes Hope to the hospital for a check up and the two women come face to face. Gus prepares to be voted in as Spaulding CEO as India pays Alan a visit before the meeting. She tells him she won't support him and leaves as Gus arrives. Alan makes a dig about Harley that infuriates Gus but also makes him worried. During the meeting, Gus makes a speech but he can't finish as he thinks about Alan's warnings and he runs out. Harley finishes Gus's speech for him and is stunned when the impressed board votes her in as the new CEO of Spaulding.

  • Ep. #14753
    Ep. #14753
    Episode 55

    Edmund lies to Jeffrey about why he has Dinah's pills. Danny and Robbie try to cheer up Michelle. The Spaulding board votes on the new CEO.

  • Ep. #14752
    Ep. #14752
    Episode 54

    Edmund tries to find out what Michelle remembers. Reva goes to Billy for advice. Lizzie confronts Alan.

  • Ep. #14751
    Ep. #14751
    Episode 53

    Edmund and Cassie ask Reva and Josh for a favor. Michelle learns what Cassie and Edmund have named their daughter. Tammy investigates Sandy.

  • Ep. #14750
    Ep. #14750
    Episode 52

    The Coopers have a welcome home party planned for Gus and Harley. Michelle dreams of her late mother, Maureen. Marina begins to have thoughts that Michelle's accident wasn't an accident at all.

  • Ep. #14749
    Ep. #14749
    Episode 51

    Harley and Gus find Coop in the garage just before the gas leak almost caused him to pass out. Coop refuses to go to the hospital and instead rushes to get to Lizzie before he misses their trip to Cancun. Lizzie worries that Coop bailed on her but he arrives in time. When she and Alexandra learn of his near accident, Lizzie is sure Beth and Alan are to blame. Coop and Gus aren't sure of that but Harley agrees to investigate. Coop and Lizzie decide to separate for a while to keep each other safe. Coop gets a major surprise, however, when he learns of the wedding Lizzie had planned. Michelle tells Danny she still loves him when Marina comes in. Michelle tries to cover the moment and tells Marina that her hallucinations made her feel close to Danny again. Marina thinks about Michelle's tale of the night she lost her baby and questions her for details. Ray and Danny discuss the possibility that Michelle's baby could have been his. Danny wonders what he would have done had the baby lived. Marina calls Mallet for a favor about Michelle's case. Dinah uses Edmund's cell phone to call Cassie but Edmund is with her when the phone rings and he answers. Edmund leaves Cassie to enjoy a day with Jeffrey and he heads off to subdue Dinah. When he arrives, however, Dinah decides to try to seduce him into being with her. Dinah tells him Cassie loves Jeffrey not him and Edmund leaves her by herself.

  • Ep. #14748
    Ep. #14748
    Episode 50

    Lizzie tells Coop she's planned a trip for them to Cancun and he's happy though unaware that Lizzie plans to marry him instead. Alex discovers Lizzie's plot but gives her blessing when Lizzie says she really loves Coop. Alan tells Beth he'll take care of things where Lizzie is concerned. Coop is alone in the garage working on a car when a stack of tires mysteriously falls on him. As Coop tries to recover he accidentally knocks into a gas pope that ruptures. The gas starts leaking into the closed garage. Gus and Harley come home from their honeymoon and contemplate going into the garage to look for Buzz but decide to continue their celebration in private. Michelle is devastated when Danny tells her the baby died. Marina is worried over their closeness but the strangeness of Michelle's accident piques her curiosity. Michelle confesses to Danny that she still loves him and returned to Springfield with hopes of reconciling. Edmund has Dinah still imprisoned in the farmhouse replica and she realizes he has prepared for everything concerning her disappearance. Dinah manages to get hold of Edmund's cell phone and makes a call for help.

  • Ep. #14747
    Ep. #14747
    Episode 49

    Danny spends the night in Michelle's room and she starts to hemorrhage. Mel and Rick rush to stabilize her and Michelle has a vision of Maureen. Michelle tells Maureen she still loves Danny and Maureen says she and Danny will always love each other. Michelle is stabilized by a pint of blood that Marina donated. Michelle wakes up wanting to see her baby and Danny has to tell her that the child died. Beth confronts Coop and Lizzie about their engagement as does Buzz. Coop is unaware that Lizzie is trying to get back at her grandfather and mother but backs her up in front of Beth. Buzz wants to know why Coop would give up on his future. Lizzie learns about Coop's acceptance to the writing program at Oxford and is devastated. Coop promises to include Lizzie in on his decisions. Beth hears Lizzie making a call about the wedding and calls Alan for his help. Ava is surprised by Bill's offer to make her Olivia's assistant. She worries when she realizes her debt to Jonathan may not allow her to take the new job. But when Olivia shows up, Ava goes out of her way to impress her. Olivia offers Ava the job herself but Jonathan reminds Ava that she works for him at the bar.

  • Ep. #14746
    Ep. #14746
    Episode 48

    Edmund gives Cassie the baby she thinks is the one Dinah carried for her, unaware that it is really Michelle's baby. Edmund tells Cassie that Dinah ran off after the birth and though she worries for Dinah's health, Edmund assures her all is well. Edmund and Cassie share a close moment until Jeffrey arrives. Edmund leaves Jeffrey to bond with Cassie and the baby and goes to Dinah, who he's locked into a replica of the farmhouse. He tells her that his plan worked and he and Cassie will soon be back together. He leaves Dinah alone and trapped and goes to get his family in order. Emergency workers find Michelle near her burning car and take her to the hospital. Danny and Marina come in and Michelle asks Danny where their baby is. Rick tells Danny that Michelle was pregnant and presumed the child died in the burning car. Danny is devastated when he realizes the baby could have been his. Marina worries when she hears Danny tell a sleeping Michelle that he will help her get through it all. Reva lets Josh see her kissing another man to push him away from her. She tells him he bores her and that she needs a break. Josh leaves, thinking his marriage is over. Billy realizes Reva is trying to protect Josh from having to take care of her while she's sick. Reva tells him she doesn't want to be with Josh until she can give him everything he deserves.

  • Ep. #14745
    Ep. #14745
    Episode 47

    Dinah has many chances to tell Cassie the truth but she doesn't. Edmund helps Michelle deliver her baby then sets her car on fire and takes off with her baby. He goes to the farmhouse and tells Dinah that they have to leave town after telling Cassie there is no baby. He tells Dinah to record a goodbye message for Ross but when she hears a baby crying, he chloroforms her and she falls to the floor. Jonathan tells Josh that Reva's injuries are graver than they are. Reva is tempted to let the lie stand but once they're alone, she tells Josh she won't hold onto him with more lies. Josh says he thinks she still needs him and she realizes she needs to make him reject her if they can ever start again on even footing. She leaves the hospital and heads to the Outskirts. As soon as Josh comes in, she flirts with another man. Tammy finds Sandy trying to hire a P.I. to find his friends and family. She asks Jonathan for help in remembering anyone from Sandy's past and he gives her the name Fallon. The P.I. gives Sandy information on Fallon and Sandy and Tammy have a romantic day, unaware of their similar investigations.

  • Ep. #14744
    Ep. #14744
    Episode 46

    Marina and Danny's romantic night is ruined by visits from Rick and Edmund, both looking for Michelle. Rick confronts Edmund about his drug abuse after finding Edmund stealing drugs from the hospital. Danny and Marina are curious about Edmund's strange behavior. Rick tells Jeffrey he thinks Edmund has a drug problem. Michelle goes into labor in her car and can't contact anyone. She crashes her car and imagines that Danny rescues her but it is actually Edmund. He pretends to be Danny and Michelle starts to give birth. Dinah prepares to break Cassie's heart with news that there is no baby but when Cassie and Jeffrey are kind to her it stymies her plans.

  • Ep. #14743
    Ep. #14743
    Episode 45

    Painful spasms keep Reva in the hospital after her fall. Jonathan comes to see Reva but downplays his concern. Reva tells him about the fight she had with Josh and says she thinks Josh is only around because of her injury. Jonathan hears Rick tell Reva she appears to be fine. Jonathan suggests that Reva should pretend her condition is worse than it is so Josh will stay. Billy tells Jonathan he'd like to partner with him in owning the Outskirts bar. While he's a little drunk, Sandy apologizes to Tammy about their fight but Tammy demands to know what secrets he's keeping. Sandy says his past makes him seem pathetic but he tells her that he had a deadbeat dad and dead mother and that's why he took on Jonathan's identity. Tammy apologizes for pushing him to tell her but later Sandy looks up private investigators. Ava runs Outskirts alone when Jonathan takes off for a while. Bill and Olivia come in and she is impressed by them both. Bill offers to help her get a job with Olivia.

  • Ep. #14742
    Ep. #14742
    Episode 44

    Edmund's plans threaten to go up in smoke when Dinah says she's going to tell Cassie there is no baby. Edmund is forced to send Cassie away with Jeffrey to keep the secret safe. Cassie and Jeffrey go to a bar and she tells him she's in love with him. Edmund searches for Michelle who has taken off from the suite. Michelle decides she has to find Danny and tell him the truth about the baby. Danny goes to confront the man who threatened Marina but she shows up to stop him. Michelle gets to Danny's house in time to hear him declare his affections to Marina. Michelle takes off again and starts having contractions in the car. Sandy gives Tammy a promise ring as they discuss their future. Tammy wants to know more about Sandy's past but he yells at her for asking. He goes to the bar to drink and ignores Tammy's calls.

  • Ep. #14741
    Ep. #14741
    Episode 43

    Marina is in danger when she tries to take down a fake ID maker without backup. She gets him subdued by the time Mallet arrives and she puts up a brave façade. When she's alone, however, she breaks down in tears. Olivia sees Marina and the women bond over their past mistakes. Danny's search for Michelle takes him to Edmund's suite. Edmund prevents him from going inside but he is stunned when he discovers Michelle has fled via the fire escape. Marina decides to keep quiet about her dangerous sting but Danny suspects something is up and tricks Mallet into telling him the truth. Lizzie asks Coop to marry her and he says she's nuts. He accuses her of wanting to get back at her family. When Beth sees Lizzie's ring, the tension rises between mother and daughter. Alex tries to talk sense into Alan about his marriage to Beth.

  • Ep. #14740
    Ep. #14740
    Episode 42

    Edmund is desperate to steal Michelle's baby before she can tell Danny she's pregnant. When Rick catches him with the labor inducing drug, Edmund lies that he's addicted to painkillers. Rick gives him a number for drug rehab and Edmund pockets the other medicine. He returns to the suite and Michelle is unhappy that he locked her in. Edmund pretends not to have known about it and convinces her to stay, all while holding a syringe of the drug behind his back. Danny gets a call from Robbie and finds out that Michelle called from Towers. Danny feels like something must be wrong so he goes to Towers and is right outside of Edmund's room just as Edmund injects Michelle with the dug. Marina is given her first assignment - to bust someone giving out fake IDs. But Marina's eagerness to do the job lands her in danger. In a ploy to get back at Beth for marrying Alan, Lizzie pretends to cry in her mother's arms and says she's ready to come home. Lizzie gets Beth to hand over the blank check and she uses it to buy a ring. Coop gets a letter in the mail and learns he's been accepted to a creative writing program at Oxford that he never even applied to. Buzz confesses that he sent in one of Coop's writing samples. Coop is excited by the opportunity but doesn't want to leave Lizzie. He's stunned when Lizzie proposes marriage to him.

  • Ep. #14739
    Ep. #14739
    Episode 41

    Reva is taken to the hospital after her fall and Josh stays by her side. The fight they had before the accident is still on their minds, however. Edmund makes Michelle comfortable in his suite and locks her in as he leaves. He goes to the hospital and finds the labor-inducing drug she told him about. Rick catches him with the bottle before he can escape undetected. Michelle calls Robbie to say she has a surprise for him. She decides to make an appointment to find out who the father of her child is. Cassie gives Dinah a beeper for emergencies and then goes off to be alone with Jeffrey. Cassie and Jeffrey's romantic date is interrupted by a series of false alarm beeps from Dinah. Dinah realizes the deadline is up and Cassie will soon discover there is no baby. Jonathan feels inconvenienced when the battered Ava Peralta passes out in his bar. He's ready to put her out when a loan shark comes in searching for her. Jonathan pays her debt but lets Ava know she'll be working for him to pay off the debt.

  • Ep. #14738
    Ep. #14738
    Episode 40

    Reva slips into Josh's hotel room, hoping to reconnect with him. But when she tries to seduce him he is unable to forget her flirtation with Nate. Josh says he thinks it's a good idea for him to remain at the hotel. Reva leaves and rings for the elevator but when the doors open, she falls down the elevator shaft. Tammy finds Jonathan about to set fire to the Outskirts bar and tries to get through to him by kissing him but he pushes her away. He says he has to destroy anything connected to Nate. Tammy understands that and decides to help him. Just before they can drop the match, Tammy sees a piece of paper saying that the bar belongs to Jonathan. He decides to take some time to figure things out. Tammy asks Jonathan for her locket back. Alone at the bar, Jonathan's attention is turned by the arrival of a beautiful, battered girl. Olivia sees Bill with a woman and assumes it is Michelle. She gets jealous and Bill reminds her she has no reason for the sentiment. Dinah offers Olivia advice and Olivia is forced to admit that Dinah is right about having faith in her love. Bill and Olivia later make up. Edmund works to convince Michelle that he wants to help her but he manipulates her into staying with him. He asks her questions about inducing labor.

  • Ep. #14737
    Ep. #14737
    Episode 39

    Edmund helps Michelle hide her pregnancy from Marina and Danny. Michelle is grateful but suspicious until Edmund reminds her that they're both alone and waiting for a baby to arrive. He offers to let her hide in his suite and keep her baby a secret. Michelle is unaware of his ulterior motives and accepts his offer. Marina and Danny make love for the first time and embrace their future. Lizzie is horrified to learn that Alan and Beth are married. Beth uses her new position to try and bribe Lizzie with a blank check. Coop offers Lizzie reassurance but she plots revenge against her family. Alan summons Rick to his asylum room and yells at him for making it seem like Phillip is dead. Rick refuses to confirm that Phillip is really alive and is surprised to hear of Alan's marriage. Rick figures out that Alan is using the marriage to draw Phillip out. Rick tries to warn Beth of what she's getting into but she sides with Alan. Dinah and Mallet run into each other's cars in the parking lot but neither of them wants to take the blame. They flirt a little but ultimately start arguing and Dinah walks away from him.

  • Ep. #14736
    Ep. #14736
    Episode 38

    Jeffrey insists that Cassie sing with his band during Gus and Harley's wedding reception. When Cassie gets on stage and is awful, Reva jumps in to her rescue. Reva and Josh attempt to bridge the distance between them but it remains. Dinah is suspicious of Edmund's motives towards Cassie so he gives her a drink mixed with sleeping pills. He goes to meet his lawyer to demand a newborn be procured right away. Danny and Marina wait for Michelle to arrive at the reception. Danny is somewhat apprehensive about seeing her so he and Marina leave for a while to have private time in the tree house. Michelle comes to the party but is reluctant to show herself and her pregnant belly. Upon seeing her, Edmund hatches a new plan involving her child. Beth and Alan are married in the asylum in front of Lillian. Beth tells him that Rick opened Phillip's tomb and pronounced Phillip dead. Alan calls Rick to get answers. Lizzie tries to steal money from the bridal cash box in order to buy Harley and Gus a proper wedding gift. Coop catches her but realizes she's trying to prove herself. He gets her a job at WSPR and she is excited until Beth arrives wearing a new wedding ring.

  • Ep. #14735
    Ep. #14735
    Episode 37

    Rick comes in just as the wedding is about to start to tell Harley that he opened Phillip's casket and knows for sure that Phillip is dead. Unbeknownst to Harley, Rick is lying in order to protect her. Mallet sees Phillip in a parking lot and chases after him. When Phillip gets away, Mallet goes to the wedding to warn Harley and arrives just as the objections question is raised. Not wanting to ruin her happiness, Mallet stays quiet. Gus and Harley say lovely vows to each other and Ross declares them husband and wife. Harley tells Mallet about Rick's findings and he realizes Rick must be keeping Phillip's secret. Mallet confronts Rick who says that Phillip really isn't a threat. Phillip later calls Rick and says he needs to get well and intends to stay away from Springfield until that day comes. Harley and Gus's wedding reception is a good time with music provided by Jeffrey's band. Gus and Harley leave for their honeymoon without a care. Not knowing about Phillip's call to Rick, Alan still thinks that if he marries Beth his son will come home. After the wedding, Beth goes to see Alan and brings a minister with her, ready to proceed with their own wedding. Lizzie feels badly about not having enough money to buy Harley and Gus a wedding present. She sees the money that the couple has received and Coop catches her in the act of stealing some.

  • Ep. #14734
    Ep. #14734
    Episode 36

    Harley is surprised when Gus gifts her with an exhumation order for Phillip. He is convinced that when Rick opens it and presents Phillip's remains, Harley can get on with her life. Preparations are underway for a Cooper-style wedding at Company but Frank worries when the rings he's holding for Gus go missing. Buzz then goes to pick up Harley but can't find her, making Gus worry. Frank finds Harley in the tree house and they talk about her feelings about Phillip and the wedding. Frank then finds the missing rings and they are ready to begin the wedding. Rick comes in saying he has exhumed Phillip's grave. The hospital calls Danny with a question about his baby buy Michelle is able to cover it with talk of Robby. But when she runs into Marina, she struggles to hide her belly. Michelle admits to Marina that she still has feelings for Danny but is glad that he's found happiness with Marina. Knowing it wasn't easy for Michelle to admit that, Marina invites Michelle to Harley and Gus's wedding. At first, Michelle is reluctant but then decides it's time people knew the truth about her baby.

  • Ep. #14733
    Ep. #14733
    Episode 35

    On Gus and Harley's wedding day, Gus breaks with tradition and goes to see her to make sure she's not still worrying about Phillip. He can sense that she's still concerned and he goes to see Alan, certain that his father sent the videotape. Alan denies it and warns Gus that Phillip is out there somewhere and probably dangerous. Gus tricks Alan into signing and order to have Phillip's remains exhumed. He gives Harley the order as a wedding gift so that she can put her fears behind her. Alan gives Beth an engagement ring to show he is serious about the proposal. Alone, Alan cements his plan to lure Phillip back to Springfield by marrying Beth. Edmund gets paperwork about the illegal adoption he's filing for but Dinah finds the envelope and thinks it contains his divorce documents. Edmund gets them back from her and manipulates her even more. He worries about coming up with a baby by Dinah's deadline but gets an idea when he sees a pregnant Michelle. Marina sees Michelle and makes it clear that she and Danny are doing fine without her. Michelle almost tells Marina she's pregnant but keeps quiet. At the hospital, Michelle lists Danny as her emergency contact but Danny is confused when the hospital calls Danny for insurance clarification.

  • Ep. #14732
    Ep. #14732
    Episode 34

    Harley tells Mallet she's afraid she won't be a good wife to Gus. The emotional conversation leads to a kiss between Mallet and Harley. Gus walks into a surprise bachelor party and hides his worry about Harley returning in time for their wedding. He gets a strange gift that turns out to be the video from last year's wedding disaster. Gus is convinced that Alan sent the tape. Harley shows up dressed as Gus's party stripper and the two reconcile. They kiss, unaware that they're being watched. Mallet gets a call from someone saying Phillip is alive and in Springfield. Reva and Josh wait for an explosive reaction from Jonathan when they tell him how Nate died. Jonathan insists he's fine with everything. Reva convinces Josh to come home for a couple of days but tensions are still high between them. Tammy goes to see Jonathan but he pushes her away. Lizzie goes to the hospital thinking she's having an attack but Rick says she has a case of "no-money-it is" because she's been financially cut off. Rick calls in Coop for a second opinion and the teens share a sweet kiss.

  • Ep. #14731
    Ep. #14731
    Episode 33

    Reva pleads with Jonathan to leave Nate and come home with her but he runs towards her and knocks her down. Reva hits her head and blacks out, not knowing that Jonathan was getting her out of the way of Nate's spear gun. Nate turns on Jonathan for saving Reva and just as he is about to shoot Jonathan, Reva wakes up and knocks him in the head with an oar. Nate manages to come after Jonathan again but Jonathan hits him with the oar and Nate appears to be lifeless in the water. Reva and Jonathan can hardly believe he's gone and Jonathan is about to jump in and look for him when Josh and Frank arrive. They all stop him from jumping in and Reva comforts her son who has become little boy-like in his confusion. Frank takes Jonathan to be medically checked out while Reva takes comfort in Josh's arms on the boat. Nate rises out of the water and grabs Reva by the throat. Josh throws Nate into the water and Nate is churned to death by the boat's propeller. Tammy tries to stifle her worry over Jonathan, who she thinks has left town with Nate. Sandy tells her he transferred the money back to Lewis before Jonathan could give it to Nate. Tammy freaks out saying that puts Jonathan in danger. She then apologizes for blaming Sandy and learns about the accident off a call from Josh. She rushes to the hospital to see Jonathan and she thanks him again for saving her life. As Tammy turns to leave, Sandy arrives and sees Tammy's locket in Jonathan's hand. Olivia and Bill lie to Danny about Michelle being back in town. Bill arrives to give Michelle support for her sonogram which makes Olivia jealous and she calls Danny to come to the hospital. Michelle is able to hide from Danny and Bill berates Olivia for her actions. Michelle and Danny finally come face to face at Company but Michelle doesn't tell him about the baby. Danny keeps quiet to Marina about seeing Michelle.

  • Ep. #14730
    Ep. #14730
    Episode 32

    Reva fiddles with Nate's boat so that he can't leave with Jonathan. Nate thinks Jonathan did it and goes to hit him. Jonathan sees Reva's foot sticking out from her hiding place and stands up to Nate to protect her. Reva reveals herself and begs Jonathan to come home with her. She is shocked when Jonathan says he will stay with Nate. Tammy defends Jonathan to Cassie but hates herself for it. Tammy takes comfort from Sandy but doesn't tell him she gave Jonathan her locket. Edmund is trying to buy a baby but covers his actions with Dinah, telling her he's signing contracts to give her the farmhouse. Dinah wants to give Cassie full custody of the baby in exchange for the farm so that Dinah and Edmund can start their lives together. Edmund drugs Dinah so that she will keep his secrets. Michelle and Danny talk on the phone but she doesn't tell him she's in town and pregnant and he doesn't tell her he's moving in with Marina. Danny later thinks he sees Michelle near Company.

  • Ep. #14729
    Ep. #14729
    Episode 31

    Lillian finds Beth at Phillip's tomb thinking about Alan's proposal. Lillian thinks it's crazy to even consider such a thing but Beth surprises her by saying how much the Spaulding name and power means. Beth is unaware that she's being watched as she talks to her mother. Gus is upset to realize that Harley put their wedding plans on hold to investigate Phillip. Things become awkward when he learns he's in the apartment Mallet and Harley used to share. Mallet gets another tip and Harley is unable to walk away. Gus gives her the ultimatum of staying or leaving with him and she begs him to understand that she can't give up the investigation. Alan tells his lawyer he plans to lure Phillip back to Springfield by marrying Beth. Cut off from the family money, Lizzie and her dog move in to a room at Company. She tries not to be spoiled and Coop is very understanding and patient with her. Buzz is fine with Lizzie being there but doesn't want her to get in the way of Coop's dream of becoming a writer.

  • Ep. #14728
    Ep. #14728
    Episode 30

    Mallet tells Harley that he's tacked down a rental car to a Florida town where he believes the gravesite attacker is. Harley makes up an excuse to Gus so she can go with Mallet. In the Florida apartment she and Mallet once lived in she's surprised to see nothing has changed. She puts aside her memories to go investigate and is floored when Gus comes in. Beth learns that Alan is going to a mental institution and he tells her that he isn't crazy; he made up the story about Phillip being alive to stay out of jail. He says he needs her help to protect the Spaulding legacy for the children and suggests they get married. Alan is led away before she can respond. Marina looks at a room to rent that is next door to where Michelle is staying with Bill and Danny wants to live there with her. Neither of them knows Michelle is there. Michelle fantasizes about raising her new child with Danny.

  • Ep. #14727
    Ep. #14727
    Episode 29

    Nate tells Jonathan that he will spare Tammy more pain by leaving town. Jonathan surprises Tammy by deciding to go with Nate and telling Tammy to leave. He is cruel to Tammy to get her away but she gives him her locket before going. Tammy finds Reva and tells them that Jonathan is leaving. Reva races off to stop Jonathan without telling Josh what's happened. As Dinah fakes having contractions, Edmund talks her out of being jealous and tells Cassie it was a false alarm. Edmund lies that he plans to give the farm to Dinah and leave Cassie with nothing. Dinah gives Edmund a deadline of two weeks to get everything in order or she will fake a miscarriage. Bill is anxious to tell Olivia that Michelle is their new roommate before she finds out for herself. Olivia distracts him with talk of Nate and her obsession with revenge. She later finds a bra behind the couch.

  • Ep. #14726
    Ep. #14726
    Episode 28

    Nate uses Tammy's phone to lure Jonathan to the boat. Worried about Tammy, Jonathan gets over his fear to save her. Jonathan gives Nate access to the Lewis money but Nate says he also wants Jonathan to come away with him. Tammy pleads with Jonathan to stay but he can't leave his father. Cassie is going out of her mind waiting for news that Tammy is safe. Edmund uses her fear to get closer to her. Dinah tells Ross how much she wants Edmund and gets to the house to see Edmund comforting Cassie. He is able to convince her that he's just playing Cassie. Sandy shares an emotional moment with Cassie about Tammy. When Dinah hears how afraid Cassie is she decides to end the charade and starts pretending she's having contractions. Harley and Mallet try to break into Phillip's crypt to see if his body is inside. An unseen person pushes a stone statue on Mallet's head. Gus arrives and Mallet wonders if Gus did it. Harley and Gus argue about grave robbing as Mallet falls to the ground. They call for help and Rick arrives, upset about Harley's plans. Mallet finds out from the groundskeeper that someone was recently at the mausoleum.

  • Ep. #14725
    Ep. #14725
    Episode 27

    Gus tells Harley they should postpone the wedding and she realizes he thinks her interest in Phillip's case is a way to avoid marriage. She assures him that's not the case but when Mallet gives her another piece of the puzzle, she is drawn back in. Harley asks Lizzie for permission to open Phillip's tomb but she refuses. Harley and Mallet head to the tomb anyway prepared to open it and get answers. Reva, Josh, and Sandy search for Tammy and Nate. Reva and Josh set aside their personal tension in order to find Tammy. Reva tells Cassie what's happened but tells her that Jonathan is Nate's real target. Sandy finds Jonathan in a motel and swallows his pride to ask for help in finding Tammy. Tammy uses everything she has to stop him from using her as bait, but Nate picks up her cell phone to call Jonathan.

  • Ep. #14724
    Ep. #14724
    Episode 26

    Jonathan and Sandy survive the car crash but nearly kill each other. Jonathan says he will take the Lewis money and leave town and Sandy agrees to the deal. Nate tricks Tammy into helping him escape only to end up his hostage. Reva calls Josh when Nate escapes and he races to her rescue. Sandy shows up and tells them Jonathan's plan. Reva is upset when Josh thinks it's the best idea. Reva realizes that Tammy untied Nate and that her niece is in danger. Bill is surprised when Michelle asks to stay with him and reveals that she's very pregnant. She admits she doesn't know if Tony or Danny is the baby's father. Bill agrees to help her but says that Danny should know if he is the father. Marina decides to move from home and tells Frank. He worries that she wants to move in with Danny but she assures him she just wants her independence. Danny thinks he's found the perfect place for Marina to live not knowing that it's next door to where Michelle is staying.

  • Ep. #14723
    Ep. #14723
    Episode 25

    Reva ties up Nate in her house so he can know what it feels like to be powerless. She tells him she's going to make it look like he attacked her and she moves off to call the cops. Sandy and Tammy are enjoying a romantic morning when a drunken Jonathan bursts in. Sandy and Jonathan argue and Jonathan almost confesses to kissing Tammy. Sandy leaves to handle business and Tammy tries to get through to Jonathan. When he is deliberately cruel to her she slaps him hard. Sandy comes back and sees that Jonathan intends to drive off but Sandy takes the keys from him. Sandy drives him home but Jonathan grabs at the wheel, spinning the car out of control. Tammy finds Nate tied up in Reva's house and he lies that Jonathan restrained him. After her violent encounter with Jonathan, she starts to believe Nate. Danny plans a romantic date for Marina but she can't go because of an undercover assignment. They decide to take their relationship to the next level just as Michelle returns to Springfield. She doesn't know where to turn and goes to see Bill who's waiting naked for Olivia.

  • Ep. #14722
    Ep. #14722
    Episode 24

    Reva's plan to trap Nate is headed for success when he comes to see her. She tells him that Jonathan will give him the money if he leaves town permanently. Nate catches her in a lie, however, and turns violent. Olivia offers Josh the marital advice to put space between himself and Reva. Olivia and Bill team up to try and help Josh but he ends up heading home anyway. Nate collapses in the house due to a drugged cocktail that Reva gave him. Josh decides not to go inside the house and walks away. Alone with Cassie at the farm during the engineered blackout, Edmund offers to give her the farm in the divorce settlement. He later reassures Dinah that he still plans to hurt Cassie but she feels betrayed when she hears Cassie thank Edmund for the farm.

  • Ep. #14721
    Ep. #14721
    Episode 23

    Gus gets worried when Harley misses an appointment with their wedding planner. Unbeknownst to him, Harley has gone back to the abandoned warehouse to find out if Phillip is really alive. She is grabbed from behind but the culprit turns out to be Mallet. They argue about each of them backing off the case. Harley races back to Company but Mallet follows her and Gus is displeased to see them together. Blake makes notes for another book that was inspired by this triangle. Edmund sneaks into Jeffrey's suite to plant a listening bug but is surprised by a female friend of Jeffrey's. Edmund realizes the woman doesn't know Jeffrey is involved with Cassie and arranges for the two to meet. Cassie holds her own with the woman but is privately disturbed by her presence. Edmund cuts the power at the farm when Cassie returns home.

  • Ep. #14720
    Ep. #14720
    Episode 22

    Jonathan, fighting his feelings for Tammy, leaves her with Sandy and heads to Company for a drink. He sees Nate, who demands the Lewis money that Jonathan promised him. When Jonathan says he's giving the money back, Nate gets ugly and realizes Tammy is the one thing he could use to get to Jonathan. Sandy admits to Tammy that he was the one who turned Jonathan in to the cops. Tammy tells Sandy he did the right thing but she later runs into Jonathan and pleads with him to return the money. Jonathan yells at Tammy and tells her to stay away from him, unaware that Nate is watching them. Josh discovers from Frank's police report that Nate and Reva were much closer than she let on. He asks her if she and Nate slept together but Reva assures him she didn't. She confesses that she might have if she hadn't learned who he really was. Josh moves out for the night. Reva gets the police report and discovers that Nate has rented a speed boat and figures that he plans to kill Jonathan. Reva lures Nate to her house and sets a trap. The Coopers celebrate Harley and Gus's engagement. Harley can't shake her curiosity about the private room, and the piece of Phillip's model she found there. She visits the private room again and someone grabs her. Alan wants to use Beth as bait for locating Phillip, but she clearly doesn't believe that Phillip's alive. Beth and Alan discuss Lizzie and decide the best way to regain control of her is to cut her off financially. Lizzie is thrilled to have been included in the Cooper festivities and to show it she returns Company to its rightful owners.

  • Ep. #14719
    Ep. #14719
    Episode 21

    Reva wonders if Jonathan will keep his pomise. Frank tells Josh that Nate has left Springfield. Jonathan sees Tammy and Sandy in bed.

  • Ep. #14718
    Ep. #14718
    Episode 20

    Marina gets a special assignment. Tammy and Jonathan kiss. Reva gets the info she needs to take down Nate.

  • Ep. #14717
    Ep. #14717
    Episode 19

    Alex goes to Buzz in another attempt to explain her actions and save their relationship. Buzz will hear none of her excuses and rebuffs her again. Alan takes Harley, Frank and Mallet to the secret room where he's been housing Phillip, only to discover the place is deserted. Alan panics, worried for Phillip, but no one knows if Alan is acting, truly concerned or just plain crazy. Back at jail, Alex asks to speak with him and he tells her that he's kept Phillip secluded for his own good. Alex tells Frank she thinks her poor brother has gone crazy. Harley admits to Buzz that she thinks Alan is telling the truth. Buzz warns Mallet not to encourage Harley to pursue this. Harley returns to the private room and finds a clue that Alan might be telling the truth. Reva wants to find a way to help Jonathan evade the police. Jonathan shows up on Tammy's doorstep looking for a place to hide. She offers to let him shower, but calls Reva to alert her to Jonathan's location. Reva, Josh, Bill and Olivia set off to find him, unaware that Nate is on their trail. Jonathan is hurt by Tammy's betrayal and shocked when Nate makes his presence known. Jonathan attempts to tell everyone that Nate is Marissa's murderer but Olivia is troubled by the death of her sister and partially holds Jonathan responsible. Jonathan runs out but later goes back to Tammy to confront her. The moment becomes passionate as both of them give into the pent up feelings they harbor for each other and kiss. Reva, Josh, Olivia and Bill are left alone with Nate but are thrown for a loop when he reveals he hired a bodyguard to protect him.

  • Ep. #14716
    Ep. #14716
    Episode 18

    Gus doesn't buy Alan's story that Phillip is alive but Harley thinks he's telling the truth. Gus burns Alan's picture and vows to keep him from wreaking any more havoc. Harley returns to Alan's jail cell and he tells her he will prove Phillip's existence in exchange for his release. Harley agrees to the deal, needing to know the truth before she can move on with Gus. Dinah is relieved when she realizes no one overheard her complaining about her fake belly. Cassie invites Dinah to stay at the baby shower and thanks her for all she's done. She makes a toast to Dinah and Dinah is touched by Cassie's openheartedness. Dinah goes to Edmund to say she can't keep up the charade any longer but Edmund convinces her to stay true to the plan to hurt Cassie. Beth ruins Cassie's mood when she warns her against getting too involved with Jeffrey. Lizzie and Coop decide to make love but Lizzie is jumpy and Coop realizes she's a virgin. Lizzie is humiliated and hides in the closet until Coop makes her melt with his loving words. Gus interrupts them to say he's arranged for Lizzie to move into the Bauer house and that he will be taking over the Spaulding family from now on.

  • Ep. #14715
    Ep. #14715
    Episode 17

    Harley and Gus decide to move in together before they get married. Harley is unnerved when Blake asks about her time with Mallet in prison. While in jail, Alan panics when he learns that the private staff caring for Phillip will abandon him if Alan can't continue paying them. Gus tells Alan he's taking over Spaulding Enterprises. Harley arrives to hear this and they are about to leave when Alan's claustrophobia and panic pushes him to the brink and he confesses that Phillip is alive. Dinah and Edmund keep Cassie from finding out there's no baby by fiddling with the sonogram machine. Dinah worries they can't pull it off and wants to tell Cassie the truth. Edmund convinces Dinah to trust in him. Cassie is delighted when Jeffrey surprises her with a special night out. His plans are foiled when Tammy asks him to bring Cassie to her surprise baby shower. With everyone hiding for the surprise, Dinah thinks she and Edmund are alone at Company and she begins taking off her prosthetic belly, as Jeffrey and Cassie arrive.

  • Ep. #14714
    Ep. #14714
    Episode 16

    Reva is alone on the docks with Nate but she refuses to be intimidated. She makes it clear that she knows who he is and tells him that she will fight for the heart and soul of her son. Nate taunts her with his certainty that Jonathan will always choose him. Josh reaches out to Jonathan and tells him to face his demons and be the man Josh knows he can be. Jonathan takes off and finds Reva and Nate in a heated discussion. Jonathan sends Reva away and stands up to Nate. Josh runs into Sandy who has discovered that Jonathan was responsible for the missing Lewis millions. Sandy is surprised that Josh doesn't want to involve the police. Sandy decides to call the police himself. Edmund tells Dinah to keep her appointment with her OBGYN. Cassie finds out that Dinah is awaiting a sonogram and shows up at the hospital.

  • Ep. #14713
    Ep. #14713
    Episode 15

    Jonathan tells Tammy she should have let him drown when she rescues him from the river. Tammy later promises Sandy that Jonathan won't interfere with their relationship any more. Reva confronts Jonathan about the money and his relationship with Nate but he pushes her away. Olivia, Bill and Josh confront Nate about Marissa's death. Nate says Jonathan killed her and though Josh and Bill don't buy it, Olivia begins to doubt Jonathan's innocence. Reva is walking alone when she comes face-to-face with a dangerous looking Nate. Danny and Marina are celebrating her acceptance into the police academy when Danny senses someone is watching them. Danny corners the guy who turns out to be an old illegal associate who congratulates Danny on getting a cop in his pocket.

  • Ep. #14712
    Ep. #14712
    Episode 14

    Gus takes Harley to the house site where he has set up a romantic night for the two of them. Their night of romance is interrupted when Rick, Blake and Ross, stop by to express their joy in Harley's release. When everyone is gone they finally make love and Harley says yes when Gus proposes marriage. Reva catches Nate sneaking back into the house and accuses him of stealing the money from Lewis but soon realizes that it was Jonathan who took it. Josh returns and Reva tells him all about Alfred and the money trap. Josh is upset that Reva went behind his back but when she insists she needs one more chance to try and save Jonathan before calling the cops, Josh hesitantly agrees. Jonathan prepares to leave Springfield and the people who have hurt him but Nate tracks him down and pushes Jonathan to give him the money. Knowing Jonathan is water-phobic, Nate pushes him in the river. Tammy arranges for her and Sandy to be alone together to try and get Sandy to relent towards her. He seems ready to give their relationship another shot and they make plans to meet up later. When Tammy passes by the docks, she sees Jonathan struggling in the water and rescues him.

  • Ep. #14711
    Ep. #14711
    Episode 13

    Gus and Harley find out that Alan was last seen down by the docks. Frank and Mallet accompany them to search for Alan and come across a seemingly abandoned office complex. Alan is inside the complex in a room he has set up to look like the Spaulding boardroom. Stunningly, he there with a very much alive Phillip who Alan has kept confined. Harley and Gus are distracted from going inside when Alan comes out, and turns himself in without a fight in order to keep Phillip's presence a secret. Frank tries to talk Mallet into staying in town but Mallet is upset after seeing Gus and Harley leave together. Edmund tells Dinah they will make Cassie suffer, all the while planning to use Dinah to break up Jeffrey and Cassie. Dinah and Edmund finally make love. Cassie throws a party for RJ, and she and Edmund soften a little with each other. Cassie tells Jeffrey she hopes Edmund will let her move on unaware that Edmund is far from letting that happen.

  • Ep. #14710
    Ep. #14710
    Episode 12

    Lizzie is horrified once she realizes Sebastian has kidnapped her, but she manages to stall him long enough for Coop to get there by acting sick. Danny is thrilled to hear that Marina has passed her police academy exam, but worries that his past as a mobster could affect her future. Alan pays off the homeless men he spent the night with to keep them quiet, but one of the men is very curious as to why. Although the judge isn't happy with the fact that Alan isn't in custody, he agrees to release Harley back to her family.

  • Ep. #14709
    Ep. #14709
    Episode 11

    Olivia is locked in a closet with Sebastian and realizes it was Sebastian who helped Alan escape. However, she makes a run for it to help Reva, who is unaware that Nate knows she is setting him up. Nate escapes and the Lewis money is gone. However, Jonathan was the one who stole it! Lizzie and Cassie have a heart-to-heart, but as Lizzie is contacted by Coop, she is taken by Sebastian. However, Coop finds her in time. Edmund convinces Dinah to continue to fake being pregnant so that they can hurt Cassie. Edmund gets Cassie to sign a paper naming her the baby's custodial parent.

  • Ep. #14708
    Ep. #14708
    Episode 10

    Sebastian offers to spring Alan from prison, for a price -- Spaulding Enterprises! However, Alan knocks him out and escapes. Reva tells her plan for Nate to Olivia. She wants to catch him in the act of stealing from Lewis Construction. Olivia finds Jonathan and asks him to search his heart and do what is right. Reva has Nate where she wants him, however, Alan has locked Olivia in a closet. Before the plan can finish, Jonathan calls Nate, informing him that Reva knows everything. Coop tries to comfort Lizzie after Alan's confession. She is hurt when Coop calls Beth to tell her where she is, but leaves before he can finish the conversation.

  • Ep. #14707
    Ep. #14707
    Episode 9

    Mallet pulls a gun on Alan and fires a warning shot, telling him to put down the gun. Alan tries to take back his confession but Beth, Lizzie, Bill, Olivia, Alex, and Rick enter, having heard everything. Alex tells everyone that she has evidence that he did kill Phillip. However, Alan is sprung from jail by Sebastian. Edmund is furious that Dinah miscarried, however, he can't bring himself to tell Cassie the truth about the baby. Tammy sees Sandy with another girl and goes to him for the truth. Even though she tries to apologize, Sandy still blows her off.

  • Ep. #14706
    Ep. #14706
    Episode 8

    Gus is confused when Alan pulls a gun on him, believing he knows he killed Phillip. Harley (having been helped to escape by Mallet) shows up and accuses him of killing Phillip, saying she has proof. Alan initially denies it, but eventually confirms it. Dinah interrupts a passionate moment between Jeffrey and Cassie to tell them that Edmund never kidnapped her, then goes home to find that Edmund had snooped through her apartment, and he rips off her pregnancy pillow. Danny tries to support Marina as she prepares to take the police examination, but a couple of the other officers are unhappy to see her with the former mobster.

  • Ep. #14705
    Ep. #14705
    Episode 7

    Alan is hurt and angry to overhear Gus thanking Buzz for everything he has done to help him. After an interruption from Ross, Coop and Lizzie decide not to go any further with their relationship until after Lizzie can talk to Beth about things. Gus agrees to Buzz' offer of the money from Harley's trust fund to use as bail. Alan heads over to the Bauers to see Zach but Rick tells him Zach has gone to bed and then calls Ross to come and see what's up with Alan. Harley sets a plan in motion to get everyone to Company to recreate the night Phillip died.

  • Ep. #14704
    Ep. #14704
    Episode 6

    Gus grabs the briefcase from Alan, unaware that his father is prepared to shoot to keep Gus from seeing the bloody gloves linking Alan to Phillip's murder. When Gus does get the briefcase open, a dozen framed pictures of Phillip fall out in place of the gloves. Alan is relieved until he realizes that someone must know his secret. Gus leaves to secretly retrieve a Spaulding security tape. Alan searches the attic where he finds nothing except a Spaulding business card. At the office, he finds the missing gloves in a drawer. When Alex enters, Alan realizes she knows the truth about Phillip's murder. Lizzie runs into Harley but surprises her by declining to turn her in. Harley finds out about the bounty on her head. Harley and Gus resolve to find the person who's been sending Gus notes. They begin reviewing the security tapes from Spaulding and spot a man leaving a note on the table. Convinced they've spotted their man, Harley and Gus hit the road for New York. Nate and Jonathan stand outside Company, discussing the next phase of their plan when Reva approaches. Jonathan heads inside before she can see them together. Nate realizes how committed Reva is to helping Jonathan change for the better. Nate is privately bothered by this and suggests to her that some people are beyond change. Josh tells Jonathan how valuable he's become at Lewis, and Jonathan, feeling conflicted, heads for the beach to clear his head. He gets an unexpected shock when he runs into Reva who happily introduces her son to her new boss. Bill presses Olivia to quit Spaulding but she resists, determined to use Emma to get what she wants.

  • Ep. #14703
    Ep. #14703
    Episode 5

    Reva sees Jonathan has been beaten up but he covers for Nate and lets her believe he got into a drunken brawl. Reva runs into Nate Unbeknownst to Nate, Reva asks Olivia to confirm that Nate is really Alfred. Cassie tells Jeffrey about Edmund's ultimatum to stop seeing Jeffrey or be removed from her child's life. They decide not to let Edmund push them around and realize that with Dinah's help, they can press charges against Edmund for kidnapping. Dinah tells Edmund that she will continue her affair with Jonathan until Edmund offers her the affection she needs. They kiss and things begin to heat up quickly and Dinah fears Edmund will discover her fake pregnancy pad. Cassie later asks Dinah to help press charges against Edmund for the good of the baby. As Cassie gives Jeffrey the good news that Dinah will help them, Dinah tells Edmund that if he makes a life with her, she'll help him keep the baby from Cassie. Sandy returns home from his business trip and gets a chilly reception from Tammy. He gives Tammy a promise ring and though she is happy, she is still convinced that he has cheated on her. Tammy finally confronts Sandy about the affair she thinks he's having. Sandy accuses Tammy of being unfaithful, due to her obvious feelings for Jonathan. Jonathan breaks into the Lewis house and smashes a picture of Reva.

  • Ep. #14702
    Ep. #14702
    Episode 4

    At the barbeque, Alan is furious when Olivia says she wants to change Emma's last name to Lewis. He screams about protecting Phillip's legacy but Buzz puts an end to the tirade by punching Alan. Alex tries to calm Alan down by reminding him of the incriminating tape she has about him. Buzz hears their argument and wonders what's going on with the siblings. Jonathan is torn between helping Nate with his plans and protecting Reva from Nate. Nate tells Reva that she can't trust Jonathan. He steals a key to the Lewis home when she isn't looking. Reva sees Olivia at the Bauer barbeque and asks her for everything she knows about Alfred. Jonathan goes to Dinah who is feeling lonely over the realization that come next year, she won't have a baby. When she wants to have sex, Jonathan puts her of and goes to Reva's house where he comes face-to-face with Nate. Nate tells Jonathan they have some issues to straighten out and raises his hand to strike him. Danny is reunited with Robbie but learns that Michelle is still in Africa. Danny tells Marina he's sad Michelle won't be returning because now he won't get the chance to prove to Marina that he chooses her.

  • Ep. #14701
    Ep. #14701
    Episode 3

    At the annual Bauer barbecue, Marina and Danny tiptoe around each other as they wonder if Michelle will return home. Marina thinks Danny will choose Michelle over her when she comes back. When Robbie suddenly appears, Marina wonders how far behind Michelle is. Buzz and Rick unite to co-host the barbecue but when Alan arrives to take Phillip's place at the grill, things get ugly. Frank comes in with news of Gus' arrest and Alan is upset when he hears that Gus asked to see Buzz instead of him. Harley is ready to turn herself in so she can be with Gus but Mallet keeps her handcuffed to him. Wallace's sister arrives to give Mallet a note she found among her brother's belongings. Harley and Mallet finally read the note, naming Alan as the shooter and they realize Alan was the murderer all along. They decide to go to Springfield to confront him. Reva comes home to find Jonathan making a mess of her living room. Jonathan tells her that his adoptive mother is dead and Reva tries to comfort him. When Nate shows up, Jonathan tells Reva that his father was responsible for Marissa's death. Nate gets angry which makes Jonathan fear he'll hurt Reva so he asks his mother not to look into Marissa's death. Jonathan later tries to convince Nate to leave town but Nate says he isn't going anywhere.

  • Ep. #14700
    Ep. #14700
    Episode 2

    Mallet discovers that Harley followed him and demands that she go back to the hotel with Gus. She refuses to leave and the late Dr. Wallace's sister shows up to claim his body and tells them that her brother received a lot of money from a patient. Harley and Mallet get the impression that the patient was a Spaulding. Gus wakes up in the hotel room and is shocked when Frank, having been tipped of by Sebastian, shows up to arrest him. When Mallet and Harley return to the hotel room, Harley realizes that Gus is missing. Before she leave to find him, Mallet handcuffs them together. Cassie and Jeffrey venture out in public together for the first time since they became lovers. They they run in to Tammy who accepts them as a couple. Jeffrey gets a call confirming that Jonathan's adoptive mother, Marissa, is dead. Dinah and Jonathan are making love just as Edmund arrives, having gotten Dinah's phone call. Dinah enjoys using Jonathan to make Edmund jealous and reminds him that she has needs. Dinah reminds Edmund that because only his name is on the baby contract, he still has a hold over Cassie. Edmund later gives Cassie an ultimatum - either drop Jeffrey or give up the baby. Tammy goes to Jonathan to comfort him about his mother, thinking he has already heard the news about her passing. But, having not gotten the message from Jeffrey, Jonathan pushes Tammy away.

  • Ep. #14699
    Ep. #14699
    Episode 1

    Mallet keeps Harley holed up in a New York hotel room while Gus searches for clues at the hospital. Harley refuses to thank Mallet for saving her life and instead accuses him of trying to replace Gus. Mallet tries to convince Harley that he no longer carries a torch for her even though it's a lie. Sebastian finds the note that the late Dr. Wallace left for Gus, implicating Alan as Phillip's killer. When Alan calls, Sebastian delivers the good news that Gus is alive but later, Gus knocks Sebastian out, not wanting him to discover Harley's location. Gus and Harley have a passionate reunion at the hotel, leaving Mallet feeling like the odd man out. Harley sneaks away when Gus is sleeping to go after Mallet to search the hospital for clues. Sebastian wakes up and accidentally drops the note for a nurse to find. Coop tells Lizzie he is tired of sneaking around and wants her to go away with him. As they begin to make plans, Alan moves up and hears their plan. Alan is ready to stop them until Alex threatens to go public with the video she made naming Alan the killer.

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