Guiding Light - Season 55

CBS (ended 2009)




Episode Guide

  • Ep. #15203
    Ep. #15203
    Episode 253

    Reva tries to see Jonathan and Sarah but she is too late. Olivia spots a close moment between Reva and Jeffrey. Dinahs condition stabilizes.

  • Ep. #15202
    Ep. #15202
    Episode 252

    Reva admits to Jeffrey that Sarah and Jonathan are alive. Ashlee talks to Coop about the possibility that Alan may set her free. Vanessa calls it quits with Matt.

  • Ep. #15201
    Ep. #15201
    Episode 251

    Lizzie goes to Alan and tells him to have Reva released. Alan is adamant, Reva will not be released until they know what she did with Lizzie. While in jail, Reva recalls the two days that Lizzie was missing. Using a party as a ruse, Lizzie, now drunk and tattooed, undergoes a procedure to procure bone marrow so her daughters anemia can be helped. Jonathan calls Reva and tells her that she doesn't have to come be with him and Sarah. After interrogating Lizzie, Jeffrey confronts Reva and asks her point blank if Jonathan and Sarah are alive.

  • Ep. #15200
    Ep. #15200
    Episode 250

    Rafe and Daisy act like they never met at Juvie and later secretly kiss. Dylan thinks that Harley is bothered by Natalia, but he seems to want to be back with Harley. Megan taunts Ashlee in Juvie and later Coop asks Ashlee if she wants him to talk to Megan. Ashlee turns him down and throws him out of her room. Doris and Alan discuss keeping Reva in prison and Alan agrees to fund her mayoral campaign. Coop tells Alan that he overheard his discussion with Doris and plans to use it against him. Alan makes a call about Ashlee. Alan proposes to Beth and she accepts. Beth agrees to help Rick with the Bauer BBQ.
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  • Ep. #15199
    Ep. #15199
    Episode 249

    Cyrus tells Marina that he left Mallet alone with Griggs. Cyrus talks Mallet out of killing Griggs. Marina convinces Mallet to go be with Dinah. When she comes back, she is furious to learn that Cyrus has let Griggs go. Cyrus explains that he set up Griggs to be arrested in Amsterdam and Marina kisses him. Dylan and Harley learn that Daisy is to be released from Juvie and they make plans to bring her home. Gus and Natalia discuss what could have been. Natalia later goes on a motorcyle ride with Remy and impulsively gives him a kiss. Daisy arrives home and gets ready to meet Gus' son. She comes face to face with "Vent Boy."

  • Ep. #15198
    Ep. #15198
    Episode 248

    Lizzie goes to Reva and asks to go away with her. Reva tries to let her down carefully but Lizzie storms off. She later breaks down in Cassie's arms. Alan shows up on Reva's plane. When he doesn't buy that she is going to visit her father, he has her arrested for kidnapping Lizzie. Olivia tries to cover her feelings for Jeffrey, but kisses him. He is about to give into her but Reva calls and he rushes off to help her. Josh sits by Dinah's bedside praying. Mallet joins Cyrus who has Griggs bound and gagged.

  • Ep. #15197
    Ep. #15197
    Episode 247

    Dinah is injured trying to save Mallet. Beth and Cassie argue with each other. Jeffrey tries to figure out what Reva is up to.

  • Ep. #15196
    Ep. #15196
    Episode 246

    Dinah fears Mallet may have gone too far in his quest to protect her. Matt makes a startling appearance.

  • Ep. #15195
    Ep. #15195
    Episode 245

    Zach tells Harley that he got the syringe from Rafe's bag. Harley yells at Rafe and he takes off. When Gus finds him, he starts to explain to his son about his own addiction. Rafe explains that he is a diabetic. Rafe spies a picture of Daisy. Daisy tells Dylan that she wants to live with Harley now. Marina assures her Frank that she is not obsessing over Cyrus when he comes to check on her. Alex shows up for Cyrus just as he and Marina are about to kiss. Griggs threatens to kill Dinah if Mallet doesn't kill Matt. Mallet pulls Matt away from Vanessa and pulls a gun on him.

  • Ep. #15194
    Ep. #15194
    Episode 244

    Reva tells Jeffrey a story on why she kidnapped Lizzie. Natalia tells Rafe that he is going to live with Gus and Harley.

  • Ep. #15193
    Ep. #15193
    Episode 243

    Gus and Harley try to convince Natalia that it would be best if Rafe lived with them for the school year. Jeffrey accuses Reva of kidnapping Lizzie. Rafe says goodbye to Daisy.

  • Ep. #15192
    Ep. #15192
    Episode 241

    Reva makes it look like Lizzie has been on a drunken bender. Cassie's heart isn't in her church work. Marina finds Alex's missing necklace.

  • Ep. #15191
    Ep. #15191
    Episode 240

    Gus tries to use his connections to help Rafe, and lets Alan know that there's another Spaulding grandson out there. Gus finally manages to make it to Rafe's hearing where he speaks up on his newfound son's behalf, and the judge agrees to go easy on him.

  • Ep. #15190
    Ep. #15190
    Episode 239

    Marina can't take her eyes off of Cyrus, who shows up to the Spaulding benefit in a tux, and later ends up in a clinch with him. Jeffrey takes a drunken Olivia home. Griggs sets Mallet and Dinah up.

  • Ep. #15189
    Ep. #15189
    Episode 238

    Natalia blames Remy for Rafe learning the truth about Gus being his father, and Remy promises to get Mel to help the boy out.

  • Ep. #15188
    Ep. #15188
    Episode 237

    Reva drugs Lizzie at Jonathan's request. Gus confronts Natalia about Rafe being his son. Leah tries to convince Beth not to keep Rick and the baby apart.

  • Ep. #15187
    Ep. #15187
    Episode 236

    Harley blurts out the truth about Rafe's paternity as Gus and Rafe stare each other down, guns drawn.

  • Ep. #15186
    Ep. #15186
    Episode 235

    Josh spends the night with Reva at Cassie's insistence, but the next morning tells Cassie he wants to be with her. Reva is determined not to let Josh go, but is distracted by a call from Jonathan.

  • Ep. #15185
    Ep. #15185
    Episode 234

    Daisy tries to convince Ashlee that she should tell Coop she likes him, but Ashlee doesn't want to risk it.

  • Ep. #15184
    Ep. #15184
    Episode 233

    Mallet isn't pleased to see Griggs in town, but Griggs offers to leave him alone if he'll do one last job for him -- Matt!

  • Ep. #15183
    Ep. #15183
    Episode 232

    Josh and Cassie decide to go ahead with their wedding, and after speaking with the two, Reverend Ruthledge agrees to officiate.

  • Ep. #15182
    Ep. #15182
    Episode 231

    After finding Norm's lab identification in Cassie's purse, Reva realizes that Cassie switched the paternity results to make Alan believe that Rick fathered Beth's baby.

  • Ep. #15181
    Ep. #15181
    Episode 230

    Mallet is consumed by memories of his past and the silver suitcase, which contained a gun and the name of his mark.

  • Ep. #15180
    Ep. #15180
    Episode 229

    Harley tries to set up Natalia and Dylan. Mallet continues having nightmares and finds Griggs's number.

  • Ep. #15179
    Ep. #15179
    Episode 228

    Natalia admits to Remy that Gus is Rafe's dad. Ava offers Coop a job to write an ad copy for Spaulding. Reva and Josh fight about Cassie finding out about their sleeping together.

  • Ep. #15178
    Ep. #15178
    Episode 227

    Remy kisses Natalia but she warns him that her problems to too big. Reva and Cassie fight about Reva sleeping with Josh. Reva slaps Cassie.

  • Ep. #15177
    Ep. #15177
    Episode 226

    Dinah's concern over Mallet prompts her to ask Cyrus for a favor. Olivia gives her engagement ring back to Buzz and later sees Jeffrey. Reva later sees Cassie upset and she assumes that Josh told her the truth. She blurts out that she is sorry for sleeping with Josh.

  • Ep. #15176
    Ep. #15176
    Episode 225

    Gus comes to Natalia's aid when Tommy tries to take advantage of her. Alan helps out Gus to get Daisy painkillers.

  • Ep. #15175
    Ep. #15175
    Episode 224

    Alex comes to Cyrus' aid in court. Remy tries to help Natalia. Dylan takes the blame for Daisy being in Juvie.

  • Ep. #15174
    Ep. #15174
    Episode 223

    Marina finds out about Cyrus's new job as Alex's chauffeur. Marina asks Alex if she knows about who Cyrus really is. Alex is not concerned about his past. The limo is pulled over and Marina arrests Cyrus. Cassie changes the paternity in the system to reflect Rick as the father. Alan is devastated but pulls Beth away saying that the baby will be raised a Spaulding. Josh considers becoming a minister.

  • Ep. #15173
    Ep. #15173
    Episode 222

    Cassie and Jeffrey investigate at the hospital to find out who was paid off. Norm admits that Alan was the one who paid him off. Cassie steals Norm's lab pass. Lizzie diverts Rick from going to the hospital while the amniocentesis is done. Jeffrey announces to Alan that Norm will not be doing the test and Rick comes in with a court order for a test. Cassie later sneaks into the lab and finds out that Alan is the father and she reaches for the delete key. Josh is mugged and the mugger is caught. Josh tells the kid, Raphael, that he will do whatever he can for him.

  • Ep. #15172
    Ep. #15172
    Episode 221

    Mel is shocked when Alan tells her that Beth is pregnant and that Rick thinks the baby is his. Mel tells Rick that she would represent if he needs it. Jeffrey gives his half of the law firm to Mel and says goodbye to Ava. Ava asks him to stay. Cassie wants Jeffrey to help her punish Alan. Reva defends Cassie when Frank questions possible motives for Cassie wanting to hurt Beth. Reva becomes the new face for the Springfield Cancer Society. She figures she will blackmail people into donating money and that is exactly what she does with Josh. She threatens to tell Cassie that they slept together.

  • Ep. #15171
    Ep. #15171
    Episode 220

    Cassie continues to talk to "Tammy". Marina kisses Cyrus in her fevered state. Gus tells Harley that Natalia was his first love. Josh works on the bells at the lighthouse, but it backfires when they go off every half hour. Josh tries to fix the bells but ends up collapsing in exhaustion. He realizes that he is as angy about the bells as he is with his situation with not telling Cassie the truth.

  • Ep. #15170
    Ep. #15170
    Episode 219

    Dinah is not happy about the Blake situation, but Mallet tells her to be nice so that they can find out how much Blake knows about his past. Ava tries to get Coop to relax and he lashes out at her. She asks for a second chance and tells him that she never slept with Alan-Michael. Daisy will only let Gus see her and he finds out that she was the one who tracked down Natalia. Natalia and Harley enjoy talking to each other. Harley uses an alias to get Daisy on the phone, but Daisy hangs up on her.

  • Ep. #15169
    Ep. #15169
    Episode 218

    Back at the warehouse, Beth has lost her footing and Cassie makes sure she gets to the hospital. The baby is fine, but Cassie thinks that Reva has accused her of purposefully doing harm to Beth. Josh and Reva are already concerned for Cassie as they have found the nightgown with a card attached stating "For Tammy". Cyrus leaves a voicemail for Marina telling her that he is in Australia. Marina tries to hide her sadness. Blake is making herself at home at Dinah and Mallet's and Dinah accuses Blake of threatening Mallet. Alex asks Cyrus to be her new driver and he accepts.

  • Ep. #15168
    Ep. #15168
    Episode 217

    Ava and Jeffrey both tell Olivia to work things out with Buzz. Olivia just states that this is who she is, she always messes up. Buzz figures Olivia and Jeffrey were going to happen sooner or later. Jeffrey is going to leave town but Olivia tells him to stay. Lizzie and Beth discuss Beth's baby and Beth has to remind Lizzie that the baby is Beth's, not Lizzie's. Lizzie takes off after feeling that her mother thinks shes crazy. Cassie stops and offers Beth a ride and takes her to the warehouse where she tells her that Alan has to pay for Tammy and the way he has to pay is to never see his baby.

  • Ep. #15167
    Ep. #15167
    Episode 216

    Buzz confronts Olivia with the photo of her kissing Jeffrey. Olivia realizes that Alan-Michael is behind the photo. Buzz orders her out and she sees Jeffrey and tells him it's over and he pulls her into a kiss, which Buzz walks in on. Olivia tells Buzz that she can't marry him. Alan-Michael is very smug about what he has accomplished. Alan tells him that he has made it look like Alan-Michael is stealing from Spaulding and tells him to get out of town or else. Coop comforts Ava about what happened with Olivia and Buzz. Cyrus sneaks in to see Marina and tells her he burned the money. He leaves the room before Mallet enters the room. Blake is ready to move in with Dinah and Mallet.

  • Ep. #15166
    Ep. #15166
    Episode 215

    Ava and Coop prepare for the wedding rehearsal and there is still sexual tension between the two. Ava asks him to start over, but Coop doesn't want to be hurt again. Olivia is a frantic mess about the wedding. She returns to her room to find a drunk Jeffrey there. He kisses her as Belinda watches and Alan-Michael snaps a pic of the liplock. Belinda confronts Alan-Michael about the photo but he convinces her to let him keep it. Olivia calms herself down by going to see Buzz and knowing that the kiss between her and Jeffrey ended things once and for all. Alan-Michael puts the photo in an envelope to be delivered by a waiter. Belinda tries, unsucessfully, to stop Buzz from getting the envelope.

  • Ep. #15165
    Ep. #15165
    Episode 214

    Ava and Jeffrey discuss Olivia and the issues between them. Jeffrey agrees to ask Olivia for forgiveness. Alan mistakenly assumes that Alan-Michael has something up his sleeve to stop the wedding. Mallet gives Dinah an alibi so she won't look like an accomplice to Cyrus. Cyrus gives himself up because he fears they will shoot Marina instead. Once Marina is rushed to safety, Cyrus blows up a car and makes another escape. He later can't get Marina out of his head.

  • Ep. #15164
    Ep. #15164
    Episode 213

    Gus tells Natalia that he will tell Harley about his and Natalia's past together. Reva can't believe that Harley put Daisy in the detention center and Harley starts to feel even worse. In Juvie, Ashlee helps Daisy acquaint herself to the regime of the system. They learn Coop will be their new Juvie teacher. Reva catches Cassie talking to Tammy and Cassie accuses Reva again of trying to get Josh back. Later, Cassie sees Tammy outside and vows to never let her go. Cyrus and Marina kiss and later he handcuffs her to the steering wheel as he heads into the warehouse. The cops move in, guns out, about to shoot at the car.

  • Ep. # 15163
    Ep. # 15163
    Episode 212

    Coop sets up Josh's party that Cassie throws and introduces Remy to Natalia. Rick and Remy get tense while talking about Rick cheating on Mel and Natalia intervenes. Alan and Reva exchange heated words about Reva not fighting for Josh. Josh is certain that he won't be going back to Lewis not that he has his freedom back. Gus and Harley confront Daisy about the family court notice and because Daisy has been skipping school, she is sentenced to two months in Juvenile Detention. Daisy accuses Harley of trying to get rid of her once again. Even though she is upset, Harley goes to Josh's party and comes face to face with Natalia.

  • Ep. #15162
    Ep. #15162
    Episode 211

    Cassie comes out and asks Reva is she wants Josh back. Reva admits that she told Josh that she loves him but he said he wanted to be with Cassie. Alan and Reva get into a sparring match over Reva not going after Josh. Ashlee is sentenced to three years in Juvenile detention and probation, mostly due to Josh speaking on her behalf at the hearing. Ashlee and Doris fight about Doris not being there for her daughter. Olivia agrees to help Ava get Coop back. Olivia stops Ashlee from interfering on Ava and Coop warming up to each other.

  • Ep. #15161
    Ep. #15161
    Episode 210

    Josh is released from prison and Reva remembers her night with Josh and fantasizes about him proclaiming his love for her. Reva loses hope when Cassie rushes into Josh's arms and RJ and Cassie welcome him home. Josh sets out to meet up with Billy and is surprised to find Reva. Reva confesses that she is still in love with him. Josh is sorry to say that he's still in love with Cassie. Cassie and Josh later make love and later Cassie is taken aback when she finds a drawing Shayne had done of Josh. Reva admits to Cassie that she still loves Josh and that maybe the last time Reva and Josh say each other, there was more to it.

  • Ep. #15160
    Ep. #15160
    Episode 209

    Cyrus continues holding a gun on Marina. When a cop threatens his plan, Cyrus pulls Marina into a kiss, which affects her. Marina's fever comes back and she collapses. Dinah learns Blake is awake and is shocked at Mallet for "confessing" his past to Blake. Blake tells him that she doesn't remember anything, but wants to stay with them while doing physical therapy. Matt asks Vanessa not to throw away what they have, even under the cloud of being in trouble with the loan sharks. Billy thinks that Cassie's frame of mind is fragile after she says that her and Josh will be fine. Billy tells Josh that he knows about what happened in the prison with Reva. Reva is there to greet Josh as he leaves the prison.

  • Ep. #15159
    Ep. #15159
    Episode 208

    As Dinah and Mallet continue to search for the money, a drunken Matt calls Dinah away begging her to help him find Cyrus so he can get Vanessa back. Cyrus holds Marina hostage. Marina tries to get Cyrus to trust her, but she bumps into a hotel guest trying to get help and Cyrus is furious. Daisy is trying to push Harley and Dylan together as Harley wonders where Gus is. Gus is surprised to see Natalia in the car wreck. Natalia tells Gus she was upset when he left her. Gus tells her leaving her was the hardest thing he's ever had to do. Natalia finds out that Company is hiring. Mallet goes to Blake's bedside and confesses his dark secrets to her comatose body. When he leaves, Blake opens her eyes.

  • Ep. #15158
    Ep. #15158
    Episode 207

    Harley and Gus discuss how they should deal with Daisy and she accuses him of letting Daisy fall in love with him. Daisy takes off and shows up at Natalia's door. Daisy tells Natalia to go to Gus and he will be happy about it. Later, Gus encounters an accident and is surprised to see that the driver is Natalia. Buzz proposes to Olivia and Olivia says yes. She receives a call from a detective, Alan-Michael disguising his voice, telling her that they have to meet. Olivia heads to Jeffrey's where she runs into Sherry. Jeffrey assures Olivia that he will not sell her out. Jeffrey confronts Alan-Michael about being the 'detective'.

  • Ep. #15157
    Ep. #15157
    Episode 206

    While trying to stop Ashlee from signing her confession, Doris is upset to learn that Jeffrey is her lawyer. She tries to put a spin on the situation by telling reporters that Ashlee is bipolar, only to meet resistance from Coop. Lizzie and Beth's bond grows stronger as they dream about the baby and the future, and Lizzie wonders if she and Beth will be able to stave off Rick's desire for an amniocentesis by claiming it will endanger the child. Reva confides in Billy that, if Josh were free, she would fight her half-sister for him, and the two are stunned to learn from Jeffrey that Josh could soon be released.

  • Ep. #15156
    Ep. #15156
    Episode 205

    Harley gets ready for the welcome home party for Gus. Gus tries to talk to Daisy about her supposed feelings for him, but she brushes him off telling him that she didn't mean what she said. Billy talks to Dylan and asks him if he wants to be a family with Harley and Daisy. Dylan insists that he wants Harley to be happy. Dylan accuses Gus of being high and Gus and Harley realize that Daisy drugged Gus and that the fire was her fault. Daisy takes off intent on investigating who Natalia is.

  • Ep. #15155
    Ep. #15155
    Episode 204

    Dinah confesses to Mallet that she helped Cyrus and they make love. Matt asks Vanessa for another chance but turns her away again fearing for her safety. Doris tries to keep Ashlee from spilling the truth about shooting Alan. Cyrus corners Marina with a gun and demand that she help him get into the warehouse to get the money.

  • Ep. #15154
    Ep. #15154
    Episode 203

    An unconscious Gus murmurs the name Natalia. Dylan is surprised to learn of Daisy's feelings for Gus. Reva tries to make Cassie see that she is what is keeping Josh sane in prison. Ashlee confesses her role in Alan's shooting to Coop, and decides to come clean with the police.

  • Ep. #15153
    Ep. #15153
    Episode 202

    Alan asks Lizzie to side with him in a custody battle with Rick, which she agrees to do. Cassie stops by to see Alan, and he is distubed to see that she's not quite in control. Coop questions Ashlee about Alan's shooting.

  • Ep. #15152
    Ep. #15152
    Episode 201

    Reva stops by the jail again to see Josh, and suggests that they treat the visit like a bachelor party. Cassie plots against Alan.

  • Ep. #15151
    Ep. #15151
    Episode 200

    Marina keeps an eye on Cyrus and, while at the warehouse, is shot by a stray bullet ... fired by Frank.

  • Ep. #15150
    Ep. #15150
    Episode 199

    Ava mentions to Coop that Alan-Michael hid the gun in a secret place, which he is reminded of later when Ashley makes a similar comment. Olivia and Jeffrey take Alan-Michael captive. Harley is horrified when Dylan lashes out at Gus.

  • Ep. #15149
    Ep. #15149
    Episode 198

    After Daisy tells Gus how she feels, he tries to let her down gently, advising her he does not feel the same. Beth accepts a proposal from Alan. Dylan tells Harley that he has decided to stay in Springfield.

  • Ep. #15148
    Ep. #15148
    Episode 197

    While driving Daisy to boot camp, she and Gus end up having to stay overnight at a hotel and she tells him that she loves him.

  • Ep. #15147
    Ep. #15147
    Episode 196

    Marina ends up taking Cyrus along to Company with her as she stops by to see her family. Olivia is ready to set a date for her wedding. Cassie is shocked when Josh refuses her visit. Reva is caught wearing her wedding ring.

  • Ep. #15146
    Ep. #15146
    Episode 195

    Cassie convinces Reva to visit Josh and pretend to be his wife to find out what's up with him.

  • Ep. #15145
    Ep. #15145
    Episode 194

    Ava is shocked when Jeffrey tells her that Alan-Michael was hiding the gun used to shoot Alan.

  • Ep. #15144
    Ep. #15144
    Episode 193

    Despite Alan having recently awakened from his coma, Rick still wants Beth to be with him. A kiss from Cyrus catches Dinah off guard. Cassie fears Josh may not make it out of prison alive.

  • Ep. #15143
    Ep. #15143
    Episode 192

    Josh hides his recent beating at the hands of Salerno's gang from Cassie when she visits him. Daisy's stunt puts Zach in danger. Alan may let Josh off the hook.

  • Ep. #15142
    Ep. #15142
    Episode 191

    Daisy convinces Gus to give her a driving lesson while Harley shares her fears with Buzz that Daisy is using drugs. Lizzie is thrilled when her grandfather opens his eyes. Beth struggles to juggle her many secrets.

  • Ep. #15141
    Ep. #15141
    Episode 190

    While still in his coma, Alan dreams that Buzz comes to show him the way to the shooter's identity.

  • Ep. #15140
    Ep. #15140
    Episode 189

    Alan-Michael meets with Dr. Rick Belford, Alan's new physician of record since Doris had Rick bounced from his case. Olivia and Jeffrey both try to offer Ava advice on how to deal with Doris. Alan-Michael tells Lizzie that he thought she had shot Alan. Buzz invites Cyrus to join in on a family game, much to Marina's displeasure.

  • Ep. #15139
    Ep. #15139
    Episode 188

    Marina warns Remy to stay away from Cyrus. Cyrus shows up to see Dinah and threatens her again after she and Mallet make love. Alan-Michael convinces Ava to stay with Spaulding, and she later goes to Doris and offers to help bring Alan-Michael down as part of a plan she has formulated with Alan-Michael. Reva blows up at Cassie and tells her she's selfish to let Josh go to jail for her. Alan wakes up and tries to write a name, but Rick puts him back under.

  • Ep. #15138
    Ep. #15138
    Episode 187

    Coop offers Ashlee a chance at job advancement at CO2. Harley regrets slapping Daisy. Reva does what is needed to save Josh.

  • Ep. #15137
    Ep. #15137
    Episode 186

    Josh tries to call off the engagement, shocking Cassie. Beth gets unwelcome news from the doctor. Daisy puts her feelings for Gus out in the open. After a chat with Harley, Cassie goes to Rick to ask if he can use a new drug to bring Alan out of his coma.

  • Ep. #15136
    Ep. #15136
    Episode 185

    Dinah and Mallet finally say their 'I do's, even though Cyrus threatens to ruin Mallet with dirt from his past hang over her head.

  • Ep. #15135
    Ep. #15135
    Episode 184

    Dinah takes action to get rid of Cyrus for good. Marina continues to run into Cyrus in town, and he tries to charm her each time. Olivia tries to mend Ava's broken heart.

  • Ep. #15134
    Ep. #15134
    Episode 183

    Coop tells Lizzie she did the right thing by telling Reva about the gun after he overhears her talking to a comatose Alan. Beth drops a bombshell when she takes the stand. Ava and Alan-Michael get cozy.

  • Ep. #15133
    Ep. #15133
    Episode 182

    Alan-Michael has a harsh threat for Lizzie. Doris threatens Cassie, leaving Josh with few options. Josh begs Reva to incriminate him on the stand to save Cassie from any prosecution.

  • Ep. #15132
    Ep. #15132
    Episode 181

    Lizzie sees Alan-Michael with the gun that shot Alan, and tells Reva that she knows where the gun is. Reva takes drastic action to get Josh off the hook. Beth kisses Alan-Michael. Daisy receives too much attention from her grandfathers.

  • Ep. #15131
    Ep. #15131
    Episode 180

    Josh is prepared to take the two-year deal when Doris announces the rules have changed and she's now offering ten years. Josh refuses to accept the increased sentence.

  • Ep. #15130
    Ep. #15130
    Episode 179

    Frank tries to tell Remy that he can get his job back but Remy refuses, saying he can't accept the lack of justice involved in Tammy's death. Dinah struggles to keep Mallet in the dark. Marina makes an enemy of Cyrus.

  • Ep. #15129
    Ep. #15129
    Episode 178

    Vanessa isn't pleased to see Cyrus in town. Cassie is shocked to learn of Josh's decision.

  • Ep. #15128
    Ep. #15128
    Episode 177

    Ashlee is devastated when no one shows up to her birthday party. Alan-Michael tries to redeem himself with Ava after she sees him standing.

  • Ep. #15127
    Ep. #15127
    Episode 176

    Cassie prays that Josh will come home soon as Jeffrey offers him two years.

  • Ep. #15126
    Ep. #15126
    Episode 175

    Dinah is forced to deal with a face from her past when Cyrus shows up in town. Beth and Alan-Michael make a startling discovery. Olivia gets caught in a lie. Reva sees a ring on Cassie's finger.

  • Ep. #15125
    Ep. #15125
    Episode 174

    Beth tries to discourage Ava from moving into the mansion with Alan-Michael. Reva owns up to Alan's shooting in an attempt to save both Cassie and Josh. Dinah's past catches up to her.

  • Ep. #15124
    Ep. #15124
    Episode 173

    As Rick fights to save Alan, Beth again tries to convince Alan-Michael to join forces with her to get Doris out of the Spaulding home. Gus and Billy try to convince Cassie that the safest thing to do for the time being is to steer clear of Josh. Daisy begs Reva to let her live with her.

  • Ep. #15123
    Ep. #15123
    Episode 172

    Daisy agrees to go out with Bobby again after a visit from Leah. On their date, Bobby gets forceful with Daisy and she is forced to push him away. She contacts Harley when it seems like Bobby isn't waking up, and when Bobby spins a better story than she does, Harley locks Daisy up in jail for the night.

  • Ep. #15122
    Ep. #15122
    Episode 171

    Jeffrey calls Olivia looking for help in handling the situation with Ava. Olivia upsets Buzz when she wants to postpone their elopement, but won't tell him why. Cassie tries to convince Frank that Josh didn't shoot Alan, but his story is convincing. Ashlee quites her job, and admits to Coop that she is quitting because Doris is making her.

  • Ep. #15121
    Ep. #15121
    Episode 170

    Josh is determined to do whatever he can to protect Cassie and so he confesses to having shot Alan. Alan-Michael doesn't want to see anyone but Ava. Buzz books a trip to Las Vegas for himself and Olivia so that they can elope. Jeffrey catches Ava spying for Alan-Michael. Dinah makes a deal with Remy to find out who has been stalking her.

  • Ep. #15120
    Ep. #15120
    Episode 169

    Daisy's date bails on her at the dance. Reva gives Josh and Cassie her blessing. Frank has information for Marina on the gun used to shoot Frank. Daisy fantasizes about getting romantic with Gus. Frank, Cassie, Josh and Marina watch video of Cassie holding a gun the night of the shooting. Dylan shows up in Springfield to help Harley keep an eye on Daisy.

  • Ep. #15119
    Ep. #15119
    Episode 168

    Daisy thanks Gus for being so cool by giving him a watch, which he realises was stolen, and he tells her they'll keep it between them if she returns it. Lillian finally admits that she was the one who brought the gun to the wedding, thereby clearing Beth and Lizzie. Harley warns Reva not to fill the hole in her heart left by Jonathan with Daisy. With R.J.'s blessing, Josh asks Cassie to marry him, and she accepts.

  • Ep. #15118
    Ep. #15118
    Episode 167

    Buzz suggests to Coop that if he wants to make Ava jealous, he should try dating Alan-Michael's nurse, Jessica. Jeffrey catches Ava and Alan-Michael having recently skipped out of the hospital and reprimands the two of them. Frank warns Coop that he's becoming someone else in order to win Ava, and Coop decides to let her go. Beth realize Alan-Michael is not paralyzed and orders him to help her get rid of Doris.

  • Ep. #15117
    Ep. #15117
    Episode 166

    Marina and Mallet discuss the investigation into Alan's near-murder and decide that Alan-Michael, Beth and Lizzie are the best suspects. After two girls make fun of Lizzie and Caitlin, Lizzie gives Ashley the official 'Welcome to the Spaulding Family'. Vanessa swears to her daughter that she does not believe she's behind the e-mails. After Ava leaves Alan-Michael alone, he gets up to stretch his legs.

  • Ep. #15116
    Ep. #15116
    Episode 165

    Ava admits that she cares for Alan-Michael after he kisses her. Mallet has questions for Josh and Cassie about the night that Alan was shot. Cassie turns herself in for Alan's shooting. Remy and Dinah make a deal -- she'll feed him information on Alan's case if he finds out who has been sending rude e-mails under her name.

  • Ep. #15115
    Ep. #15115
    Episode 164

    Lizzie apologizes to Cassie for Tammy's death, and the two share a momentary bond. Alan-Michael overhears Josh talking to Ava about Alan and wonders why he's so interested. Marina finds a gun in the elevator. Alan-Michael can walk.

  • Ep. #15114
    Ep. #15114
    Episode 163

    Harley calls Frank to ask him how to best treat Daisy to a dose of tough love while Gus takes Daisy to a movie and tries to convince her to give Harley a second chance. Beth comes to give Alan her shocking news. Dinah makes a mysterious phone call.

  • Ep. #15113
    Ep. #15113
    Episode 162

    Cassie and Reva both take the opportunity to slap Alan, then later with Josh, Cassie and he vow to stand by each other no matter what.

  • Ep. #15112
    Ep. #15112
    Episode 161

    Ava wants to help Alan-Michael find out who was behind Alan's shooting, but he doesn't want her putting herself in harm's way. Harley invades her daughter's privacy. Reva becomes the next suspect. Alex, Beth and Doris have it out over the future of Spaulding's money.

  • Ep. #15111
    Ep. #15111
    Episode 160

    Lillian tries to protect Lizzie after Alan's shooting, Doris demands to know if their marriage is legal, and Beth wonders what, as the ex-wife, she's entitled to if Alan dies. Cassie tells Tammy that their job is done. Marina must question Remy about Alan's shooting.

  • Ep. #15110
    Ep. #15110
    Episode 159

    Despite Cassie's appearance and accusation that Alan killed her daughter, Alan and Doris wed in front of their families.

  • Ep. #15109
    Ep. #15109
    Episode 158

    Cassie shows up at Outskirts, where she is rambling on about making Alan pay for taking her daughter's life. Ava realizes the severity of Coop's actions. Olivia and Jeffrey admit to their growing bond. Lizzie and Remy form an alliance. Dinah and Mallet have an intimate Valentine's Day celebration.

  • Ep. #15108
    Ep. #15108
    Episode 157

    A special live-action episode showing the cast and crew of The Guiding Light helping rebuild the homes of Hurricane Katrina victims on the Gulf Coast.

  • Ep. #15107
    Ep. #15107
    Episode 156

    Ava walks out on both Coop and Alan-Michael when the two fight about her, but returns just in time to see Alan-Michael go over the balcony. Lizzie aims her anger in a new direction. Daisy prepares to make a dangerous sacrifice for Harley.

  • Ep. #15106
    Ep. #15106
    Episode 155

    Gus and Harley are devastated to realize that they have lost their chance to gain custody of Sydney. Doris quiets Beth with a harsh treat. Cassie's hallucinations take over her life.

  • Ep. #15105
    Ep. #15105
    Episode 154

    Cassie is again visited by Tammy's spirit, but where she was earlier encouraging Cassie to forget her anger, now she is begging her mother to seek vengeance against Alan Spaulding.

  • Ep. #15104
    Ep. #15104
    Episode 153

    Daisy takes the stand at Sydney's custody hearing, but her presence hurts more than helps as she is put on the hot seat about her relationship with Gillespie.

  • Ep. #15103
    Ep. #15103
    Episode 152

    Alan offers a sincere apology to his family at a memorial service for Sarah, but after Doris demands he marry her in order to stay out of jail, Alan pretends his earlier apology was a lie.

  • Ep. #15102
    Ep. #15102
    Episode 151

    Cassie and Lizzie both come to Reva, but she keeps her son's secret and doesn't let on that he and little Sarah are still alive.

  • Ep. #15101
    Ep. #15101
    Episode 150

    Lizzie finds the bonnet that Sarah was wearing in the crash and wonders what really did happen to her daughter.

  • Ep. #15100
    Ep. #15100
    Episode 149

    Alan realizes that he hasn't lost everything quite yet. Cassie learns that Josh and Reva shared a kiss, but Josh assures her that she is the one he really wants. Daisy is nearly caught. Cassie goes after Alan after she learns about his role in Tammy's death.

  • Ep. #15099
    Ep. #15099
    Episode 148

    Reva and Alan both watch in horror as Jonathan's car explodes. Frank tells them that there is no way that Jonathan and Sarah survived. Alan tries to have Outskirts demolished, but Buzz helps him get through to his pain. Alan later returns to the house, where he comforts Lizzie. Reva grieves for her lost son back at home, and is overjoyed to see him alive and well in the doorway. He helps her understand that he has to leave to protect Sarah from the Spauldings, and Reva reluctantly lets Jonathan go.

  • Ep. #15098
    Ep. #15098
    Episode 147

    A Death in the Family

    Tammy's funeral almost turns into a war when the Spauldings show up, but Cassie agrees to let them stay. When Alan points out that little Sarah is a Spaulding, Jonathan realises he will never be able to get away from him and, after chasing Alan in his car, goes off the cliff.

  • Ep. #15097
    Ep. #15097
    Episode 146

    Harley is unsuccessful in questioning Gillespie about the drugs she found, but Gus warns the other man they he had better keep quiet about Daisy being in the car with him.

  • Ep. #15096
    Ep. #15096
    Episode 145

    Cassie breaks down in Josh's arms, devastated over her daughter's death, then confronts Lizzie when Lizzie appears to be incriminating herself.

  • Ep. #15095
    Ep. #15095
    Episode 144

    Josh convinces Jonathan to let Tammy go so that Cassie can say goodbye. Jonathan finally does, and heads to confront Alan. Dinah sees Gillespie's number on a piece of paper under Alan's shoe, and later tells the number to Remy. Gus finds Daisy just before she can leave town with Gillespie and tells her that Tammy is dead. Cassie decides to bury Tammy in her wedding dress.

  • Ep. #15094
    Ep. #15094
    Episode 143

    The show marks the passage of The Guiding Light through the years, starting with the days of radio in the 1930s, moving up to the 1940s, and finally to present day, where Josh tries to comfort Cassie while Jonathan still cannot let go of Tammy.

  • Ep. #15093
    Ep. #15093
    Episode 142

    Jonathan and Cassie try to hold each other together as Tammy says her goodbyes, knowing she doesn't have long. Jonathan brings Sarah to see Tammy, hoping it will help her fight for life, but seeing Sarah gives Tammy the strength she needed to let go.

  • Ep. #15092
    Ep. #15092
    Episode 141

    Remy feels responsible for Tammy's accident because she asked for help and he didn't listen. Daisy is horrified to realise that Tammy was the one that Gillespie hit. Jonathan begs Tammy not to give up.

  • Ep. #15091
    Ep. #15091
    Episode 140

    Tammy pushes Jonathan out of the way as the car comes barreling at him, and is hit instead. Reva and Josh have a close moment, which is interrupted by learning the news about Tammy. Lizzie rushes to the hospital as Gillespie admits to Alan that there was a mistake.

  • Ep. #15090
    Ep. #15090
    Episode 139

    Josh waits with Reva while she anxiously anticipates her test results, and both are thrilled to learn that she is cancer-free. Tammy calls Remy after overhearing Gillespie's plans to get Jonathan, but he blows her off. Alan tells Lizzie he wants to put their family back together.

  • Ep. #15089
    Ep. #15089
    Episode 138

    Lizzie leaves the church before Tammy and Jonathan say their vows. Reva is devastated when Cal suddenly passes away. Lizzie begs Alan to help her keep Sarah.

  • Ep. #15088
    Ep. #15088
    Episode 137

    Jonathan and Tammy spend time with Sarah, but Tammy realises that neither the man nor the baby belong to her. Jonathan seeks an annulment from Lizzie, and manages to win temporary custody in the process. Tammy and Jonathan prepare to get married.

  • Ep. #15087
    Ep. #15087
    Episode 136

    Cassie worries that if she and Josh celebrate their anniversary that something will go wrong. Reva doesn't want to accept that Cal is dying. Lizzie continues to fake post-partum depression while speaking with Father Ray, not realising someone is stealing her car, with baby Sarah inside.

  • Ep. #15086
    Ep. #15086
    Episode 135

    Jonathan finally breaks things off with Lizzie once and for all, and Lizzie warns him that something could happen to her and the baby. Cal encourages Reva to live her life. Remy's coldness bothers Tammy.

  • Ep. #15085
    Ep. #15085
    Episode 134

    After Josh catches Sheila on video writing a check out of his checkbook, Billy breaks up with her once and for all. Reva reaches an important milestone. Olivia's motherly instincts kick in. Tammy decides to fight Lizzie for Jonathan.

  • Ep. #15084
    Ep. #15084
    Episode 133

    As a nervous Ava prepares to head to Europe with Alan-Michael, Coop goes to Jeffrey looking for help before boarding a following plane. Marina calls Dinah out on being insecure. Susan reveals more of her bad side.

  • Ep. #15083
    Ep. #15083
    Episode 132

    Gus and Harley attempt to find Susan to testify at the hearing only to learn that she is now going by Daisy and has been spending a lot of time in Springfield.

  • Ep. #15082
    Ep. #15082
    Episode 131

    Alan-Michael puts a damper on the buzz that Ava's goodbye gives Coop by reminding him that he's the one squiring her around Paris. Harley and Gus visit Susan. Olivia plans her wedding.Olivia and Buzz make plans for their wedding. Olivia doesn't think there will too many people happy to celebrate a marriage between her and Buzz. Alex blasts Alan-Michael for giving Ava special treatment because he's interested in her personally. Alan-Michael interrupts as Ava goes to say goodbye to Coop before she leaves. Alan-Michael reminds Coop he'll be the one showing Ava around a romantic city. Marina tells Coop to trust that Ava will see through Alan-Michael. Ava tells Alan-Michael that she's using him to get experience and knowledge of the business. Harley and Gus prepare for their custody battle by having Jeffrey mock-question them. Jeffrey says he'll need to get a statement from Susan, Harley's first-born. Harley tells Gus that she's been out of touch with Susan, and he suggests they pay a surprise visit to Susan at school. Jeffrey learns Alan-Michael is taking Ava to Paris, and voices his concerns to Olivia about Ava. Jeffrey calls Olivia out on trying to keep him from getting close to Ava.

  • Ep. #15081
    Ep. #15081
    Episode 130

    After Josh finds them together, Reva admits that she kidnapped Alan to keep Jonathan and Tammy safe from him. Dinah wants answers about Mallet and Marina's close moments

  • Ep. #15080
    Ep. #15080
    Episode 129

    Marina bluffs to Dinah when she tells her that Mallet is quitting The Law, but later blows up at Mallet for not running his decision by her first. Josh searches for missing Reva and is shocked by what he finds. Beth tries to keep Lizzie's secret under wraps.

  • Ep. #15079
    Ep. #15079
    Episode 128

    Lizzie is acting out the symptoms of post-partum depression in public, but Tammy is suspicious after seeing a private moment between Sarah and a very loving Lizzie.Jeffrey's parental instincts kick in. Alan faces a new threat from Jonathan.

  • Ep. #15078
    Ep. #15078
    Episode 127

    Dinah investigates after Zach finds a bag full of money in the street and learns that it is the end result of a school project Zach had started long ago by doing something good for someone else who then helped someone else, and so on.

  • Ep. #15077
    Ep. #15077
    Episode 126

    Harley tries to do damage control after Gus makes things worse with Judge Green, but ends up making what sounds like a threat.

  • Ep. #15076
    Ep. #15076
    Episode 125

    Lizzie manipulates Jonathan into going on a honeymoon while Tammy is waiting at the Beacon for him to arrive.

  • Ep. #15075
    Ep. #15075
    Episode 124

    After Alan-Michael asks her why she never accepted his job offer, Ava is tormented by memories of Christmas past.

  • Ep. #15074
    Ep. #15074
    Episode 123

    Olivia is thrilled when Buzz proposes marriage to her. Beth tries to decide what to do with her newfound knowledge of Jonathan and Tammy's affair. Gus and Harley spend Christmas with their family. Beth found Johathan's ring at Cassie's.

  • Ep. #15073
    Ep. #15073
    Episode 122

    Ava has second thoughts as she prepares to board the plane; Tammy and Jonathan's affair is discovered.

  • Ep. #15072
    Ep. #15072
    Episode 121

    Reva sees Billy fawning over Sheila, and tells Josh and Cassie she's concerned Sheila is a gold-digger. Reva and Josh are ready to confront Billy. Reva spends time with Sheila and realizes she seems to have real feelings for Billy. Josh finds out how much money Billy wants to invest in Sheila's company, and admits that he's worried about Billy. Cassie gets Shelia's sealed records to Josh and Reva, and they agree to all work together. Buzz worries about Coop leaving for England, but Olivia thinks it's a way for them to get closer. Ava attempts to connect with Jeffrey, and gives him a Swiss Army knife. Olivia goes to say goodbye to Ava, but when she sees Ava embrace a photo of her biological mom, she leaves. Olivia comes to blows with Jeffrey when she realizes he met with Ava, but Jeffrey throws away the knife to prove that he doesn't care about Ava. Alan-Michael's has his new assistant Mandy give Coop a letter for Ava. Coop reads the letter, an offer from Alan-Michael to stay in Springfield and take a big promotion. Coop throws the letter away.

  • Ep. #15071
    Ep. #15071
    Episode 120

    Jonathan feels guilty when he sees Sarah and Lizzie asleep next to him, and slips out. Tammy wonders how she became "the other woman." Tammy feels left out when she runs into Jonathan and Lizzie in line to see Santa. Tammy gets a text from Jonathan to meet him right away. Lizzie becomes determined to have it all, including Jonathan. Reva tells Lizzie she can't try to be Tammy, but Lizzie resolves to be the good girl. Lizzie gets a text from Jonathan saying to meet her at the barn. Josh tells Jonathan how responsible he's become, and he feels guilty. Jonathan gets a text from Tammy saying to meet her at their place. Lizzie walks in to find Jonathan and runs into his arms. Tammy enters, and they realize Alan set them up. Jonathan is tempted to stay with Tammy, but he leaves. Lizzie feigns tears when she tells Alan she saw Jonathan and Tammy together, and slaps him hard. Jonathan shows up and kisses Tammy passionately. Alan warns Lizzie that Jonathan showed up at the barn today because the text message was from Tammy. Lizzie wonders where Jonathan is when she sees that he's left again. Tammy and Jonathan gaze at the Christmas tree together, both in denial about the hardships to come.

  • Ep. #15070
    Ep. #15070
    Episode 119

    Harley is concerned that Gus is getting too attached to Sydney. Harley tells Gus that mean Judge Green is handling the adoption hearing. Harley turns to Alan-Michael to assure her things will be okay after watching Gus with Sydney. Dinah follows Mallet with her camera crew, accusing him of using the robbery of an orphanage's Christmas presents to get big ratings. Mallet demands that Dinah's crew turn the camera off. Dinah and Mallet kiss passionately during an argument, and Marina catches them in the act. Alan looks on as Tammy begins to question where she stands in Jonathan's life. Tammy confesses to Marina what happened in the barn. Jonathan rebuffs Lizzie when she wants to sleep with him, and she attempts to seduce him. Jonathan and Lizzie go for a ride on the back of his motorcycle, and find Tammy there when they return. Tammy sits alone in the barn while Lizzie leans in and kisses Jonathan as they lie in bed together. Alan-Michael offers to help Ava get a job in London, but Coop says they can handle it on their own. Coop promises to give Ava a tree like the ones her mother decorated when she was growing up. Beth disagrees with Alan pushing Jonathan towards Tammy, but Alan says she doesn't get to disagree with him, since she had an affair.

  • Ep. #15069
    Ep. #15069
    Episode 118

    Jonathan begs Tammy to leave, but their passions take hold and the two begin to make love. Jonathan starts to feel remorse, but Tammy assures him how proud she is of him and things heat up again. Reva and Cal begin to kiss but Reva says she's not ready yet. Cal tells Reva that Sheila only likes guys with money. Reva runs into Sheila and Billy, and gets concerned. Alan shows up at Cross Creek, and tries to convince Lillian to let him stay with the baby. Lillian tells Alan that he won't be part of the baby's life until he accepts Jonathan. Lizzie goes looking for Jonathan, but runs into Alan right as she's about to open the door to the barn. Tammy and Jonathan hear the commotion and Jonathan slips out. Jonathan enters, acting extra protective of Lizzie to compensate for sleeping with Tammy. Jonathan turns and locks eyes with Tammy as they head out.

  • Ep. #15068
    Ep. #15068
    Episode 117

    The evening of Cassie's party, and Tammy struggles with thoughts of Jonathan, drinking to soothe her frustration and ailing heart. Lizzie and Jonathan are planning on attending the party but Sarah seems to have come down with a cold, but Lillian is set to babysit for the evening and Lizzie assures Jonathan everything will be alright. Gus and Harley are full of cheer as they enjoy Cassie's party with baby Syndey with them. Cal and Reva are enjoying the party as well. Alan is devising a plan involving Lillian and she will not be a part of it.

  • Ep. #15067
    Ep. #15067
    Episode 116

    Reva invites Cal, whom she met at a cancer survivor's mixer, to Cassie's party. Cassie cancels the party after seeing Reva and Josh together, but Josh explains the situation to her. Lizzie is determined to get Jonathan, and enlists Ashlee's help. Buzz warns Alan-Michael not to interfere in Coop's relationship with Ava.

  • Ep. #15066
    Ep. #15066
    Episode 115

    Harley and Gus prepare for the hearing that will determine whether or not they get custody of baby Sydney. After learning that the social worker will be coming to the house to examine it, Harley and Gus rush around frantically and are relieved when all their family and friends show up. What seems to be going badly takes a turn for the better when Frank knows the social worker. Gus and Harley are thrilled when, despite the questionable condition of their unfinished home, the social worker gives them an okay. Gus and Harley win the right to become Sydney's temporary guardians.

  • Ep. #15065
    Ep. #15065
    Episode 114

    Harley worries that Gus is having an affair, but really he's looking after baby Sydney. Alan-Michael offers to do whatever he can to help Gus keep the baby. Dinah's jealousy of Mallet and Marina grows when she sees The Law, thanks to Ashlee. Jeffrey worries about what will happen with Ava in England but honors his deal with Olivia and keeps quiet.

  • Ep. #15064
    Ep. #15064
    Episode 113

    Tammy warns Lizzie that she is not going to let her ruin Jonathan's life, and confronts her with the knowledge that Lizzie is using the baby to keep her husband. Cassie is upset when Josh is late for their appointment to get the tree together. Rick tries to create a romantic dinner from himself and Mel, but she is determined to get a divorce. Later, Rick and Beth find Alan trying to convince Doris to rescind the restraining order.

  • Ep. #15063
    Ep. #15063
    Episode 112

    Jonathan and Lizzie announce that the baby has been named Sarah, after Reva's mother. Reva was thrilled that her mother had a namesake, but Alan wasn't as pleased. Hoping to hold his granddaughter, Alan was upset when Jonathan had Remy serve him with a restraining order. Tammy overheard Lizzie admit to her mother that it was all about Jonathan. Harley looked forward to starting a family with Gus, not realising that Gus may not be able to give her a biological child. Reva, Josh and Jonathan returned to Cross Creek with Sarah. Gus grabbed the baby from the police station.

  • Ep. #15062
    Ep. #15062
    Episode 111

    Dinah is upset when an intimate moment between Mallet and Marina is broadcast for all to see.

  • Ep. #15061
    Ep. #15061
    Episode 110

    Josh initially refuses to let Billy back into Lewis Construction, but after a roadtrip including a drunken pilot, a beautiful but deadly hitchhiker and a stay in jail, Billy is ready to back away, but Josh surprises him by wanting him back as part of the company.

  • Ep. #15060
    Ep. #15060
    Episode 109

    Alan and Beth both lie in court, insisting Jonathan knew the hearing was today, but the judge throws the cast out after a passionate speech from Josh.

  • Ep. #15059
    Ep. #15059
    Episode 108

    Jeffrey locates Lizzie, Jonathan and the baby and is about to contact Alan to advise him of their whereabouts but softens when he sees the baby and tells Alan he hasn't found them yet.

  • Ep. #15058
    Ep. #15058
    Episode 107

    Alan seeks answers from Reva on where Lizzie and the baby have gone, and when he goes too far with the name-calling Josh defends Reva.

  • Ep. #15057
    Ep. #15057
    Episode 106

    Harley and Gus find a disk with his initials on it and are surprised to find a picture of a beautiful woman, whom Gus swears he doesn't know.

  • Ep. #15056
    Ep. #15056
    Episode 105

    Olivia heads to San Cristobel to confront the ghosts of her past and after finding her childhood diary remembers that she wasn't the innocent she thought she was.

  • Ep. #15054
    Ep. #15054
    Episode 104

    Lizzie regains consciousness in the hospital and the first thing she sees is Jonathan standing their holding their baby daughter in his arms.

  • Ep. #15054
    Ep. #15054
    Episode 103

    The tension at Cassie's reaches a boiling point when Marah insists that Reva won't show up because her husband is with another woman, and she and Billy leave.

  • Ep. #15053
    Ep. #15053
    Episode 102

    Alan is upset when, one by one, his family deserts him on Thanksgiving and is pleased when Reva brings Jonathan and Tammy by.

  • Ep. #15052
    Ep. #15052
    Episode 101

    Beth tries to drive a wedge between Rick and Mel by asking Mel if she's ever been tempted to have an affair, and Mel takes the bait by calling Jeffrey.

  • Ep. #15051
    Ep. #15051
    Episode 100

    Jonathan saves Tammy from intrusive paparazzi and takes her back to Outskirts where the two former lovers reminisce before he plants an impulsive kiss on her.

  • Ep. #15050
    Ep. #15050
    Episode 99

    Olivia worries that Ava will believe Jeffrey's version of events, but Ava assures her that she doesn't have a lot of respect for either biological parent.

  • Ep. #15049
    Ep. #15049
    Episode 98

    A cancer-free Reva returns home to Springfield with Billy, but she can't keep thoughts of Josh from intruding.

  • Ep. #15048
    Ep. #15048
    Episode 97

    Blake is revealed to be the mastermind behind after she is poisoned at the mayoral acceptance rally.

  • Ep. #15047
    Ep. #15047
    Episode 96

    Alan-Michael tries to help Ava find out who her biological father is by giving her the list of everyone who attended the Embassy party.

  • Ep. #15046
    Ep. #15046
    Episode 95

    After seeing Reva and Josh together, Cassie believes that Reva will get Josh back because her half-sister always gets what she wants.

  • Ep. #15045
    Ep. #15045
    Episode 94

    Jonathan is surprised to learn that Reva's been given a clean bill of health and heads to the hospital, where he finds Josh talking to Colin McCabe. Jonathan needles Josh about letting Colin believe that he and Reva are still married. Olivia confronts Jeffrey at the Beacon, making a number of comments about how he always comes out on top. Jeffrey doesn't get what she is saying until she tries to attack him with a letter opener, and she finally tells him that he raped her years ago and got her pregnant. Mallet demands answers from Dinah and tells her he believes her, but after he drags her to the station she takes off, convinced that Mallet doesn't believe her. Mallet pleads her case to Marina while Dinah sobs.

  • Ep. #15044
    Ep. #15044
    Episode 93

    After Rick gives Reva the green light to go home, Josh and Billy argue about where she will stay but Reva ultimately decides to go to Cross Creek with Billy. Mallet believes Jeffrey poisoned Blake, but Marina believes it was Dinah. Dinah goes to the hospital where she tells an unconscious Blake that she wants her to die. Olivia finally gets the chance to confront Jeffrey.

  • Ep. #15043
    Ep. #15043
    Episode 92

    While Ditkins explains to Olivia that the Jeffrey she sees now had a different face all those years ago in San Cristobel, Jeffrey remembers learning that the girl he had slept with was only 16. Blake wins the mayoral race, but collapses during her acceptance speech. As Marina and Remy search her room to see if they can find out who poisoned her, they find proof that she is the Springfield blogger.

  • Ep. #15042
    Ep. #15042
    Episode 91

    Alan-Michael tries to help Ava finding her father by giving her the guest list from the party on the night that she was conceived. Ditkins shocks Olivia with the news that a pre-surgery Jeffrey was the one who raped her. Ditkins later warns Jeffrey to drop out of the mayoral race. After seeing Mallet hit it off with a security specialist hired by Blake, Marina makes certain that Dinah sees the two of them together. Dinah demands that Jeffrey make sure she has a place to live since she gave up everything for him.

  • Ep. #15041
    Ep. #15041
    Episode 90

    Olivia tries to face up to the truth about how her daughter was conceived. As Josh prepared to leave Reva's room he thought he heard her breathe, so he went back to check. She began breathing on her own again and her heart began beating. Her friends and family returned to the room and Reva finally woke up, asking Josh if she was in Heaven.

  • Ep. #15040
    Ep. #15040
    Episode 89

    Jonathan and Lizzie see their baby through a sonogram while Reva says a final goodbye to her family before the monitor begins to flat line.

  • Ep. #15039
    Ep. #15039
    Episode 88

    Beth tries to convince Rick that they are the only two people who are right for each other, but Rick tells her that it's over between them.

  • Ep. #15038
    Ep. #15038
    Episode 87

    Harley receives super powers after being electrocuted, and saves Springfield from the Bash twins before uncovering Ashlee as the blogger's accomplice.

  • Ep. #15037
    Ep. #15037
    Episode 86

    Harley saves Dinah from a mysterious attacker, and later she and Mallet come close to sharing a kiss but Harley and Gus interrupt the moment.

  • Ep. #15036
    Ep. #15036
    Episode 85

    Josh finally learns the truth about Reva's cancer, and promises her that he'll stay by her side no matter what as Cassie overhears.

  • Ep. #15035
    Ep. #15035
    Episode 84

    Reva goes to help Billy, but collapses and is rushed to the ER. Lillian recognizes the cancer medication when she finds it in Reva's purse. Billy finally admits that Reva has breast cancer. Rick, Mel and Lillian swing into action, realizing how serious this is. Cassie and Josh plan to head to Paris to see Marah and tell them about their relationship. Josh gets a nagging feeling that something's not right, and flashes back to his dream about Reva needing help. Josh dismisses his dream, opting to focus on his future with Cassie. Reva comes to and begs Billy to get her out of the hospital. Billy tells Reva that he's going to call Josh. Cassie and Josh's trip is put on hold when there's trouble with the Lewis jet, and Billy calls Josh, telling him to get down to Cedar. Josh bursts into the hospital and is devastated to find Reva lying there, lifeless. Buzz sets up a dinner for him, Coop, Ava, and Olivia, but it's a total bust. Ava tries to get her mind off of Olivia by asking Alan Michael to do some late night work with her. Alan Michael tells Ava not to run from the truth, and to find out about her father. Olivia lashes out at Buzz, but he realizes she's really lashing out at Ava's father. Buzz advises Olivia to seek closure. Olivia opens up a locked box, taking out a medal that belonged to Ava's father. Ava decides to follow Alan Michael's advice, and shows up at Olivia's, asking to know the truth about her father.

  • Ep. #15034
    Ep. #15034
    Episode 83

    Reva is on the brink of taking her final ride. Billy, overwhelmed with grief, starts drinking. Josh and Cassie arrive at the lighthouse, to let go of the past, and to start his new life with Cassie. Jonathan tries to find Reva to say one last goodbye, and catches up with her at the bridge. The two share one final emotional moment. Tammy's brought down by her run-in with Lizzie, and starts to fear that Lizzie has been using her, Jonathan and the baby all along. Lizzie owns up to wanting to make a family with Jonathan. Tammy hooks up with Marina and Remy, her new roommates, and tries flirting with Remy, who sees right through it. Lizzie lets Jonathan vent his rage about losing Reva, and for one night, Lizzie is Jonathan's anchor. Josh and Cassie find a drunk Billy, and get hold of Reva right before she sails off the bridge. Reva has to choose between continuing on her last ride, or coming back to save Billy.

  • Ep. #15033
    Ep. #15033
    Episode 82

    Reva hosts her going away party, inviting her friends and foes so she can say farewell. Jonathan figures out that Reva plans on driving off the bridge, but decides not to try to talk her out of it. Reva puts on a brave face, even when Harley can sense that something's not right with Reva. Josh and Cassie appear hand-in-hand, and Reva greets them warmly and wishes them well, letting everyone see that she approves of their relationship. Reva says farewell to Josh, slips out of the party and gets in her car, prepared to take her last ride.

  • Ep. #15032
    Ep. #15032
    Episode 81

    Reva starts to spill all to Cassie, but quickly covers when she realizes that Cassie is talking about finding her marijuana. Cassie and Reva have a nice heart-to-heart talk about their lives together. Reva realizes that her work in this world is done, now that everyone she loves is happy and at peace. Reva tells Billy that if she wants to go out in a blaze of glory,without Josh and Cassie ever knowing she was sick, then she has to act soon. Reva asks Billy to help her plan her huge good-bye blowout party, after which she'll drive off the bridge. Josh runs into Billy, who's plagued with guilt that Josh doesn't know Reva's dying. Billy's about to spill the truth to Josh, who says how he's happy with Cassie and that he's moved on from Reva. Josh asks Cassie to move into the farmhouse, and she says yes. The blogger responds to Mallet's newspaper interview with a threatening message. Mallet uses this as an excuse to see Dinah again, and calls some of the victims together to look for clues. Jeffrey gives Mallet a red herring to throw him off the trail, hoping to find the guy himself and get rid of him. Dinah and Mallet's close moment is interrupted by Marina. Dinah blows up at Marina's attempt to get them back together, and storms out. Harley and Gus hope to hear from Dr. Sedwick whether Harley's pregnant. The two are disappointed when they find out that she's not.

  • Ep. #15031
    Ep. #15031
    Episode 80

    At Olivia's hearing, Ava takes the stand and testifies that she believes Olivia was only trying to scare her, not kill her. Gillespie quickly leaves the courtroom, and the D.A.'s case is in tatters. Ava confronts Olivia then takes off with Coop, and Olivia goes with Buzz, who warns her that Ava will have questions about her father. Cassie finds a bag of pot that belongs to Reva and is caught by the cops. Josh convinces them to let her go, then heads back to the house where Matt is waiting. Cassie confronts Reva, saying she knows the truth. Mallet decides to up the ante with the blogger by offering an exclusive interview to a reporter.

  • Ep. #15030
    Ep. #15030
    Episode 79

    Jonathan and Tammy hash out their relationship, and Tammy finally makes Jonathan see that they can never work because he needs to put the baby first. Olivia prepares for her trial. Her lawyer, Marni, tries to boost her spirits, but it doesn't seem to be working. Gillespie sits in the courtroom, ready to testify. Lizzie waits for Jonathan in the hospital while first Lillian and then Beth try to convince Lizzie not to waste her life waiting for someone who will never love her. Coop tells Ava about what he overheard between Buzz and Olivia, with Olivia admitting that Ava's father had raped her when she was a young teen. Jonathan goes to the hospital to pick Lizzie up, assuring her it's for good, while Remy helps Tammy move. Ava shows up in the courtroom.

  • Ep. #15029
    Ep. #15029
    Episode 78

    Jonathan is struck when he sees Gus and Harley eagerly anticipating having a child of their own.

  • Ep. #15028
    Ep. #15028
    Episode 77

    Jonathan wants to protect his child, and finally realises he may have to choose between Tammy and the baby.

  • Ep. #15027
    Ep. #15027
    Episode 76

    Dinah launches a plan to draw out the Springfield blogger. Josh surprises Reva when he supports her decision to be with Billy. Harley suggests that Cassie enjoy Josh while she can.

  • Ep. #15026
    Ep. #15026
    Episode 75

    Ava reluctantly accepts that Olivia is her biological mother, but is determined to press charges. When Emma shows up, Ava shields her from the scene. Jonathan is upset when Tammy doesn't show up at the rendezvous and seeks comforts from Lizzie. Tammy eventually comes by, but only long enough to make sure Jonathan knows she's moving in with Remy and Marina. Reva is unable to make her own funeral arrangements and takes off, running into Josh.

  • Ep. #15025
    Ep. #15025
    Episode 74

    Ava is more determined than ever to turn Olivia in. She and Coop leave, and after blasting Olivia, she and Buzz begin to make love but are interrupted when Ava brings Frank to arrest Olivia. As they're carting Olivia off, she screams out that she is Ava's mother. Reva meets with Jonathan in town and tells him that she bought the fishing shack for him, but a morose Jonathan jokes about going with her when she dies. Cassie overhears their conversation, and wonders what they're talking about. Tammy stops by the station where Remy shows her an apartment. Initially Tammy thinks that he wants her to move in with him, until he tells her that she will be living with both him and Marina. She decides to do it, then gets a message from Jonathan wanting to meet.

  • Ep. #15024
    Ep. #15024
    Episode 73

    Beth pays a visit to Ava to try to get her to lay off Olivia, but Ava isn't interested in listening and Alan-Michael foils his father's plan when he offers to help Ava.

  • Ep. #15023
    Ep. #15023
    Episode 72

    Eleni returns to Springfield to support Marina on the day that she receives the promotion to detective, becoming the youngest in the history of the town.

  • Ep. #15022
    Ep. #15022
    Episode 71

    Olivia heads to Alan's looking for some help with Ava, but he doesn't promise her anything. Later, he asks Beth to take care of the problem.

  • Ep. #15021
    Ep. #15021
    Episode 70

    Rick tries to explain things to Mel after Jonathan announces his affair with Beth, but she wants nothing more to do with him.

  • Ep. #15020
    Ep. #15020
    Episode 69

    Tammy tells Jonathan that she can't keep up the act, which means they can no longer see each other. Jonathan gets angry when he sees Tammy go off with Remy and the Bauers. Reva becomes ill after the pot wears off and has to head out, leaving Jonathan trapped with Alan and Beth. Beth corrals Jonathan when he tries to get to Tammy, and gives him a warning. Rick tries to intervene, pushing Jonathan over the edge. Jonathan calls for everyone's attention, telling Tammy that the "perfect family" she has put her trust in are a bunch of hypocrites. Jonathan shows the picture of Beth and Rick kissing, revealing their affair to all. Olivia runs into Dinah and Vanessa and sees how their relationship parallels her own. Dinah apologizes to Vanessa, saying she loves her mother and always will, which prompts Olivia to seek out Ava. Cassie and Josh go to Cross Creek, but Cassie gets uncomfortable when she feels she has to compete with the many Josh and Reva memories there. Josh finds Reva with Billy and tells Reva he's decided to give Cross Creek to the two of them.

  • Ep. #15019
    Ep. #15019
    Episode 68

    Jonathan asks Reva to help him with Tammy. Reva agrees to help, after she smokes some marijuana to relieve the pain from the cancer. Reva leaves a message for Alan, who calls her back after her buzz kicks in. Alan suggests they go out for a family dinner, and a stoned Reva agrees. Jonathan clues Lizzie in about Reva's odd behavior at dinner, and Lizzie jumps in for the rescue on several occasions. Every time Reva makes a point for family unity, Alan turns it around and calls Reva's family unfit. Remy invites Tammy to join the Bauers for some family fun, but Mel worries that Remy's getting in too deep with Tammy. Rick deletes Beth's call about getting together. Mel is concerned about the Beacon card she found in Rick's pocket. At Towers, Beth text messages Rick to meet him in private, where he tells her that he's giving his marriage another shot and their affair is over. Jonathan gets upset when he sees Tammy with Remy, and Tammy isn't happy to see Jonathan with his "new family." Reva helps create a diversion so Jonathan can sneak off to be with Tammy. Alan blasts Reva for deserting her children. Tammy stuns Jonathan by telling him she can't do this anymore. Josh reassigns Cassie to work in the office. Cassie is upset, until Josh explains that he's making her full partner in the business.

  • Ep. #15018
    Ep. #15018
    Episode 67

    Harley and Gus find an abandoned baby when they raid a drug dealer's apartment. Harley and Gus bring the baby home for the night when the Social Services department is swamped. Everyone grows fond of the little girl, whom they name Gracie. Gracie keeps everyone up all night and turns the house upside down. Gus tracks down Gracie's grandmother, who's eager to take care of Gracie while her parents are in jail. Gus and Harley discuss having a baby together. Gus admits that his drug history prevented him from ever bringing it up before, along with the fact that Harley's been a parent three times over. Harley and Gus decide to try and have a baby, and the two make love.

  • Ep. #15017
    Ep. #15017
    Episode 66

    Billy runs into Gus and Harley in Vegas and tells them he's getting married. Reva asks them to be their witnesses. Gus sees that this is the real thing for Billy. Reva slips up while getting ready with Harley and says she's ready to marry Josh. Reva calls off the wedding when she remembers her wedding to Josh. Reva looks at a photo of Josh and says that he'll always be her only husband, even in death. Cassie fears that Josh has Reva on his mind. Josh assures Cassie that she's the one he's thinking about. Josh and Cassie share a romantic evening. Rick and Mel grow closer, but Rick feels guilty when Alan asks him about Beth. Rick and Mel go out for a drink, and the two reminisce about the old days when Mel would leave love notes for Rick in his pockets. Mel decides to leave a note for Rick, but is shocked when she finds a key to the Beacon Hotel.

  • Ep. #15016
    Ep. #15016
    Episode 65

    Alan busts Jonathan and Tammy up on the rooftop. Jonathan pushes Tammy away and accuses her of stalking him. Tammy gets a little hurt by Jonathan's ruse. Remy comforts Tammy after Jonathan leaves with Lizzie. Jonathan becomes extremely frustrated at Alan, and his situation with Lizzie. Cassie tries to figure out what Reva's prescription is for when the power goes out at the farm on her and Josh. Reva and Billy arrive in Vegas to get married.

  • Ep. #15015
    Ep. #15015
    Episode 64

    While having dinner with Josh and Cassie, Reva blurts out that she and Billy are engaged, and later tells Billy they should go to Vegas immediately. Olivia is shocked to realise that Ava is her daughter and, desperate to stop Gillespie from killing her, enlists Frank's help in tracking him down. Unfortunately, Gillespie tells her that she's too late. Rick warns Jonathan to keep quiet about his affair with Beth when he catches Jonathan watching Tammy with his family.

  • Ep. #15014
    Ep. #15014
    Episode 63

    Olivia blames Ava when Buzz wants to take a break, and is furious when Ava spends time with Emma. She decides to go ahead with the plan to have Gillespie kill Ava, but gets shocking news from the man who adopted her daughter. Dinah comes under suspicion after a message is found painted on her wall, and goes on to post a message about Mallet and Marina.

  • Ep. #15013
    Ep. #15013
    Episode 62

    Cassie and Josh have difficulty being comfortable around each other, and she takes him on an emotional journey through her past. Reva and Jonathan do all the bonding they missed when he was growing up, and he gives her the idea of going out in a blaze of glory. Billy tries to convince Reva to marry him.

  • Ep. #15012
    Ep. #15012
    Episode 61

    Reva tells Billy she wants to try for a future with him as Cassie and Josh admit that they love each other. Tammy has dinner with Remy and his family, and marvels at how normal they seem. Lizzie makes sure that Jonathan misses Tammy's phone call.

  • Ep. #15011
    Ep. #15011
    Episode 60

    Olivia manages to stop the hit on Ava at the last minute. Ava's adoptive father calls Olivia and leaves a message that her daughter's last name is Peralta. Jonathan and Lizzie move out to get away from Tammy. Jonathan reassures Lizzie when she wonders if they can provide a baby with love. Tammy is impressed when she sees how normal Remy and his family are. Cassie waits for Josh, because of the fake text message Billy and Reva sent. Josh and Reva are trapped in a parking garage when her medical alarm goes off, and she covers. Josh and Reva share a last dance and kiss, as Cassie heads for the parking garage.

  • Ep. #15010
    Ep. #15010
    Episode 59

    Buzz is furious that Frank arrested Olivia. Alan-Michael offers to help Ava with the matter. Olivia realizes that her contract to kill Ava is in effect. The hit man gets in the elevator with Ava. Cassie tells Billy that she can't find Josh. Billy finds Josh at a construction site. Reva tells Billy to fake a text message to Cassie from Josh. Cassie goes to see Josh. As Cassie waits for Josh to meet her, Josh sees Reva spying. Josh and Reva get trapped at the site.

  • Ep. #15009
    Ep. #15009
    Episode 58

    Harley sets Dinah up so she'll run into Vanessa and Matt. Everyone tries to keep Dinah from losing it. Mallet enters as Dinah says she never wants to see him again. Dinah and Mallet realize they were set up, and tell everyone to back off. Mallet decides to focus on finding the Springfield blogger with Marina. Coop pushes Ava to press charges against Olivia, but Ava worries about taking Emma's mother away from her. Frank tells Buzz that Olivia is on the run. Buzz calls Olivia in Chicago and Frank copies down the number. Olivia tracks down Ava's adoptive father, who tells her that he split up with his ex-wife, who took their daughter, and he doesn't know where she is now. He says she took her stepfather's last name, but he doesn't remember what it is. Olivia tries to get info, right as the police come to take her back to Springfield.

  • Ep. #15008
    Ep. #15008
    Episode 57

    Ava manages to avoid getting hit, but hurts her arm. Although she initially agrees to keep quiet until Emma gets better, but spills the beans to Coop, who then notices that Ava bears no resemblance to her mother in the photograph that she shows him. Emma finally wakes up and tells Olivia she had a dream about another sister, one with brown hair. Olivia asks Jeffrey for help in looking up the daughter she gave up for adoption, and learns that she was adopted by the Sutton family.

  • Ep. #15007
    Ep. #15007
    Episode 56

    Coop is determined to get to the bottom of Olivia's animosity toward the world, and Ava in particular. Josh tries to get Reva to explain to him why the divorce needed to happen, but she refuses. Blake calls Mallet after finding Dinah with Jeffrey. A drunken Olivia drives right at Ava.

  • Ep. #15006
    Ep. #15006
    Episode 55

    Olivia slips up when she tells Buzz that she can't afford to lose another child. Lizzie and Jonathan are forced to leave without Tammy, who calls Remy for help. Josh admits that he didn't sign the divorce papers and they go looking for Reva.

  • Ep. #15005
    Ep. #15005
    Episode 54

    Rick tries to break things off with Beth but he is unable to resist her. He opens the hotel room door after hearing someone knock, and is horrified when he realises someone has taken a picture of him with Beth. He decides the time has come to tell Mel the truth. Ashlee and Lizzie watch while Jonathan makes out with Tammy at the movies. Later, they return to the Spaulding mansion where Jonathan sneaks down to be with Tammy, and Lizzie calls Dr. Baker to blow the whistle on the lovebirds. Reva goes through the divorce papers when Josh brings them to her and realises that he'll soon find out all about her cancer because she is required to disclose her finances. Billy offers to help her out but she refuses, and tells Josh she can't sign the papers just yet.

  • Ep. #15004
    Ep. #15004
    Episode 53

    Reva tells Josh that she's moving in with Billy, and tries to encourage him to seek a future with Cassie. Jonathan is forced to go out to lunch with the women in Lizzie's family, and warns Beth that she had better get Dr. Baker off their backs. Rick is worried that Mel has figured out about his affair with Beth.

  • Ep. #15003
    Ep. #15003
    Episode 52

    Dinah realises she forgot to cancel the wedding and is unable to get a refund on the reception. She and Mallet decide to use the reservations and each schedules their own party, drawing a line down half the room. Mallet and Dinah finally give in to their feelings and admit they want to marry, but Jeffrey puts the kibosh on the celebration as he demands Dinah steal the file. She grabs it for him, nearly getting caught by Alan-Michael, and the two fall into bed together. Marina hangs out with a devastated Mallet.

  • Ep. #15002
    Ep. #15002
    Episode 51

    Tammy isn't sure what to think when Ashlee tells her that Jonathan has been in love with Lizzie for a long time. Alan-Michael arranges a private shopping trip for Ava that takes place at the Spaulding mansion. After finding Dinah drinking, Harley tries to convince her to give Mallet another shot, but Dinah refuses.

  • Ep. #15001
    Ep. #15001
    Episode 50

    Remy tries to convince Tammy to give up on Jonathan and pursue a future with him. Beth tells Jonathan that she plans to have his marriage to Lizzie annulled, but Jonathan reminds her he knows about her and Rick. Josh heads to Outskirts after taking Reva to the hospital, and Reva tricks Cassie into going after him.

  • Ep. #15000
    Ep. #15000
    Episode 49

    Reva passes out and comes to in a Springfield where everything is reversed. The Coopers are wealthy, and the Spauldings actually have to work for a living. Jonathan is respectable, and Tammy is a biker. Dinah is an environmentalist, and Mallet a shark lawyer. But some things never change as Mallet and Dinah still want each other, Jonathan and Tammy still want each other, and Billy still wants to save Reva. Reva finally comes out of it and is face to face with Josh.

  • Ep. #14999
    Ep. #14999
    Episode 48

    Lizzie wants Tammy to be at her wedding to show her support for her and Jonathan, which Tammy agrees to do. Reva and Lillian both have advice for Jonathan and Lizzie when it comes to marriage. Lizzie gives Jonathan personalised vows at the altar that they read to each other. Jonathan kisses Tammy after the ceremony, but the Spauldings drag him off to the bridal suite. While Tammy waits for Jonathan, Alan posts Dr. Baker outside the door so he can't get out.

  • Ep. #14998
    Ep. #14998
    Episode 47

    Reva lies to Josh that she is having an affair with Billy in the hopes of pushing he and Cassie together. Lizzie is furious that Tammy wouldn't lie for her on the stand and begs her great-aunt Alex for help. Jonathan surprises the court by announcing his intentions to wed Lizzie, which Tammy agrees with. Vanessa tries to help Billy deal with the crisis with Reva.

  • Ep. #14997
    Ep. #14997
    Episode 46

    Beth is too afraid of Jonathan's threats to testify for Alan, and helps give Jonathan proof on how Alan has been setting he and Lizzie up. Jonathan doesn't want Cassie and Josh at the hearing. Tammy questions Jonathan on what he's acting as Reva's advocate. Tammy is forced to tell the truth on the stand. Josh and Cassie decide not to pursue their relationship just as Reva, at her mother's grave, is giving them her blessing.

  • Ep. #14996
    Ep. #14996
    Episode 45

    Jonathan takes a photograph of Rick and Beth together, and tells Beth that she had better make sure Lizzie doesn't lose her baby. Lizzie admits to her grandmother that she is in love with Jonathan. Olivia vows never to forgive Ava for what happened with Emma. Ava is grateful to Alan-Michael when he flies in a specialist to look at Ava.

  • Ep. #14995
    Ep. #14995
    Episode 44

    Reva confronts both Josh and Cassie, but neither one is interested in listening to anything she has to say. Josh reminds her that she was the one who told him she was sleeping with Billy, and he's never even slept with Cassie. Cassie tells her she's tired of everything being all about her. Reva decides to tell Josh the truth about her cancer. Before she can she sees him with Cassie and R.J., and decides to keep the truth to herself.

  • Ep. #14994
    Ep. #14994
    Episode 43

    After making love with Mallet, Dinah grabs the file and leaves, taking it to Jeffrey. Josh takes R.J. to Richard's grave and tells him that sometimes it helps him to talk to his father, so he thought R.J. would like to try talking to his. Tammy tells Cassie that she's leaving town with Jonathan. Reva surprises Jonathan by showing up at Outskirts and tells him she's not letting him leave town. Jonathan and Reva agree that they will both stay in town and fight.

  • Ep. #14993
    Ep. #14993
    Episode 42

    Olivia accuses Ava of giving Emma the perfume on purpose. Mallet and Gus confront Ditkins directly after Gus realises that Ditkins is a federal agent. Jeffrey orders Dinah to steal the file that Mallet has on him and Ditkins. Jonathan's attempts to provoke Alan fail, and he wants to leave town with Tammy and Lizzie.

  • Ep. #14992
    Ep. #14992
    Episode 41

    The Springfield police continue to wonder who the blogger is behind Alan-Michael wonders how far Dinah is willing to go to make sure Spaulding supports Jeffrey for mayor. Olivia and Buzz enjoy their date, with Ava and Coop watching Emma. Jonathan and Tammy report to Ashlee and Lizzie about their engagement. Ashlee and Jonathan attempt to show Doris how a parent will do anything for their child. Olivia is horrified when she finds Emma has drank an entire bottle of Ava's perfume.

  • Ep. #14991
    Ep. #14991
    Episode 40

    R.J. is upset after seeing a photograph of himself with Cassie and Josh on Rick remembers Mel telling him that if he was so unhappy with their marriage he should have an affair. Jonathan and Tammy decide to get married that day, but Jonathan stops the ceremony when he realises that a quickie ceremony isn't what she wants.

  • Ep. #14990
    Ep. #14990
    Episode 39

    Rick and Mel are forced to share a bed, but neither one is happy about it. Rick tries to make things better by cooking a big breakfast, but Mel has other things to do. Rick's hearing is later in the day, but Mel ends up having lunch with a colleague, which she realises is a date until Remy busts it up. Dinah hires Mel to be her lawyer after confessing to the Beacon fire. In bed with Beth, Rick says their affair has to end.

  • Ep. #14989
    Ep. #14989
    Episode 38

    Alan explains to Beth that he faked a heart problem because it was the best thing for Lizzie and the baby. Dinah tries to convince Mallet that she's having an affair with Jeffrey, but he has a hard time believing it. Jonathan claims to have gotten Lizzie the gun, which Doris Wolfe suggests makes him an accessory to attempted murder.

  • Ep. #14988
    Ep. #14988
    Episode 37

    Olivia faints after seeing the site and confesses to Buzz that she was responsible for her mother's death. Lizzie fires the gun and hits Alan, but luckily the gun was loaded with blanks. Jonathan wants to tell Cassie and Josh the truth about Reva, but Billy tells him Reva already knows about them.

  • Ep. #14987
    Ep. #14987
    Episode 36

    After finding the photos, Frank is convinced that Olivia is behind and goes to the Beacon's reopening to confront her, but hesitates when he sees how happy Buzz is. Cassie and Josh decide to take their relationship public for the first time at Olivia's party. They run into Tammy and Jonathan, who announce that they are engaged. Jonathan is furious with Josh when he and Cassie say they're a couple now. Ava continues to point the finger at Olivia, and Frank finally comes out and accuses her. When Olivia goes to the website to prove Ava is the culprit, she finds a message directed at her. Lizzie has a nightmare about Alan taking the baby and when she awakens to an intruder entering, she fires the gun Alan-Michael had given her.

  • Ep. #14986
    Ep. #14986
    Episode 35

    Alan tries to convince Alex, Beth, Alan-Michael and Lillian that Lizzie is losing it, and Lizzie only makes things worse when she shows up and accuses Alan of wanting to steal her baby. Jeffrey covers for Dinah when Mallet wants answers, insisting their discussion was business only, and gets the charges against her dropped. Jonathan and Tammy enjoy the day together and when Jonathan impulsively proposed to Tammy, she accepts. At Lizzie's request, Alan-Michael gives her a gun to protect herself with but warns her not to use it.

  • Ep. #14985
    Ep. #14985
    Episode 34

    Frank prepares for a blind date, but is upset to learn that she is a tabloid reporter. She agrees to put her pen away and the two decide to enjoy the evening. Olivia convinces Buzz to take part in a celebrity cooking show, but Ava blows up at her when she finds out. The Cooper men end up arrested when a food fight breaks out, and Coop goes home with Ava, and Frank and his date bid a fond farewell.

  • Ep. #14984
    Ep. #14984
    Episode 33

    Jonathan and Tammy worry that Lizzie is getting a little too paranoid when she runs in terror from a man who only wants to return her wallet to her. Mallet questions Dinah about whether or not she set the fire at the Beacon after he notices that his clothes are missing. Josh tells Reva via her voicemail that he's moving on, but she deletes the message without listening to it.

  • Ep. #14983
    Ep. #14983
    Episode 32

    Reva decides to throw a party for her family without telling them of her condition while Josh decides that he wants to be with Cassie. Lizzie asks Alan and Beth to return her trust fund to her, then is out of control when they say no. Dinah lies to Mallet when he catches her with Jeffrey.

  • Ep. #14982
    Ep. #14982
    Episode 31

    Cassie arrives in San Cristobel, and prepares to live the rest of her life there as Josh rushes through Springfield, searching alternately for Cassie and Reva. Josh spies Reva boarding a plane as she prepares to say goodbye to her children, but chooses to go after Cassie. Lizzie nearly spills the beans to Tammy about Reva's cancer, but covers in the nick of time. Tammy begs Jonathan not to go after Alan's thugs, but Lizzie gives him the address, which leads to a violent encounter for Jonathan. Jeffrey continues his attempts to blackmail Dinah. Dinah is unsettled when Gus and Harley propose their theory on who the arsonist is. Colin tells Reva he's returning to his clinic.

  • Ep. #14981
    Ep. #14981
    Episode 30

    Josh learns from Lillian that Cassie plans to leave town and tries to reach her, but ends up reaching R.J., who doesn't want to leave. Olivia tries to make amends with both Frank and Coop, and tries to get Buzz to assure her that he knows she didn't leave Ava behind on purpose, but he can't say the words. Reva overhears Josh telling R.J. that the three of them (Josh, R.J. and Cassie) are a team, and asks Colin to get her out of town.

  • Ep. #14980
    Ep. #14980
    Episode 29

    Jeffrey is interviewed as the prospective mayor and vows that the truth about him is out in the open, but privately remembers the plastic surgery that made him look like Richard. He is shocked to see Ditkins, a man from his past, in the audience.

  • Ep. #14979
    Ep. #14979
    Episode 28

    Jeffrey attempts to blackmail Dinah into convincing Spaulding Enterprises to back him for mayor, then he and Blake stage a press conference in Mallet's room. After overhearing Josh try to reach Reva, Cassie decides that the time has come for her to leave Springfield. Reva tries to put on a brave face for Jonathan, but when Lizzie forces her to admit the transplant didn't work, Jonathan begs his mother not to give up.

  • Ep. #14978
    Ep. #14978
    Episode 27

    Reva is devastated to see Josh and Cassie together and realises that in her absence her sister and her husband have grown closer. She vents her anger to Billy, but realises that he's right when he tells her that her lies led to the current situation. Alan tries to convince Tammy that Lizzie will only cause problems for her and Jonathan as Jonathan tries to save Tammy from the Spaulding patriarch, but Tammy is more than able to take care of herself. Coop continues to be angry with Olivia for leaving Ava on her own to burn in the fire at the Beacon, and Buzz bears the brunt of his son's anger.

  • Ep. #14977
    Ep. #14977
    Episode 26

    Jonathan decides to surprise Tammy in the shower but gets a surprise of his own when it turns out to be Lizzie in there.

  • Ep. #14976
    Ep. #14976
    Episode 25

    Ava tells Coop that Olivia left her to burn in the fire, but neglects to mention that the only reason Olivia left was because she was desperate to get to Emma.

  • Ep. #14975
    Ep. #14975
    Episode 24

    A furious Dinah burns everything she had gotten for the wedding and the Beacon catches fire.

  • Ep. #14974
    Ep. #14974
    Episode 23

    Blake and Jeffrey's debate over the issues is overshadowed by an airing of a tape of the two having sex on

  • Ep. #14973
    Ep. #14973
    Episode 22

    Alan-Michael agrees to get Alan out of jail. He later takes a meeting with Jonathan and warns him that by declaring war on Alan, he's declaring war on all the Spaulding clan. Jonathan goes home and promises Lizzie he'll protect their daughter. She is touched since it's the first time he's referred to the baby as "theirs." Reva goes to the farm just as Cassie and Josh are kissing. She walks away, unseen by the two. Cassie thinks about leaving town to distance herself from Josh but ends up kissing her again, only this time, Tammy sees them. Reva tells Billy she doesn't want to tell Josh about the cancer until after her appointment with Colin.

  • Ep. #14972
    Ep. #14972
    Episode 21

    Alan gives Lizzie a plane ticket to Italy that's leaving that night and she refuses to go. When Jonathan says that he and Lizzie should have a joint banking account, she tells him she's going to Europe with her family. Alan later tells Beth that Lizzie's baby will have the best possible parents: he and Beth. Lizzie later returns to Tammy and Jonathan's place and says she left something in Alan's suitcase that should keep security busy. Colin plans to return to Springfield and suggests Reva do the same. A conversation with her roommate at the clinic prompts Reva to go home. Blake engineered the blackout at the farm to keep Josh and Cassie together. Sexual tension heats up when Cassie nurses Josh's wound so she distracts herself by going for a swim. When she gets a leg cramp in the water, Josh dives in to rescue her and they kiss just as Reva arrives at the farm.

  • Ep. #14971
    Ep. #14971
    Episode 20

    Alan hears Jonathan say that he wants to be a part of his daughter's life and Lizzie says she got Outskirts back for him and had Lizzie reinstated at school. Alan manipulates Lizzie by saying Tammy and Jonathan are using her for money. Jonathan tells Lizzie he will go with her to childbirth class but she slips out when she finds him asleep with Tammy. Alan wants Lizzie to go with him and Beth to Italy and she considers. Colin tells Reva there is nothing more to do but wait and see if the bone marrow transplant worked so she's free to leave. Josh and Jeffrey get in a fight with almost no provocation. Blake wants Cassie to go after Josh, mainly so she can keep Jeffrey for herself. Cassie calls Reva and urges her to come home. Cassie calls Reva selfish when she refuses. Cassie goes home and finds the air conditioner is broken and she's stuck alone with Josh during a blackout.

  • Ep. #14970
    Ep. #14970
    Episode 19

    Lizzie hears Billy's message to Jonathan that Reva is getting worse. Jonathan admits that Reva is sick and needs bone marrow. Lizzie, who is a child leukemia survivor, understands the problem and agrees to keep it a secret. Lizzie later promises to repay Tammy for being so nice. To that end she decides to move back home so Tammy and Jonathan can truly be together. Jonathan goes to Minnesota and is tested and found to be a perfect match for Reva. She doesn't want him to donate, however, because he had a bad reaction to anesthesia when he was a child. Jonathan insists on doing it anyway and his marrow is harvested and implanted in Reva. Jonathan later admits that he feels like he's finally Reva's true son and he also finally feels like his child's father. He returns to Springfield and convinces Lizzie to move back in with him and Tammy.

  • Ep. #14969
    Ep. #14969
    Episode 18

    Olivia attends Mallet and Dinah's engagement party and pretends to be so drunk that she offers Ava a job. Olivia quickly sobers up and makes plans to keep Ava extremely busy. Jeffrey tells Cassie that he knew she wouldn't spend the weekend with him once Josh came around. He later leaves his room key for Blake. Gus tells Harley that he doesn't want her to be his partner because it may strain their relationship. features an announcement that Mallet has been filing reports on Dinah with the FBI for over a year. Mallet tells her that it was to keep her out of jail but she is furious and pushes him into a pond. Josh agrees to spend the night at the farm when RJ doesn't want him to go.

  • Ep. #14968
    Ep. #14968
    Episode 17

    Everyone is shocked when Harley reveals that Alan-Michael will be her successor but only if he signs an agreement saying he will be nice. Alan offers to help out but Alan-Michael says he works alone. Harley tells Gus that she wants to rejoin the police force and be his partner. Reva attempts to tell Josh about her cancer but before she can get the words out, he says he has more important things to worry about then her, like Tammy being in the hospital. Reva hangs up without telling him but tells Billy she needs to go home. He insists that she needs to stay at the clinic and try to get healthy but she makes him promise that he won't call the family for a marrow donor. Billy says he won't do that but later calls Jonathan. Alan tells Lizzie that Jonathan only cares about Tammy and doesn't seem concerned about Lizzie or the baby's welfare. Tammy urges Jonathan and Lizzie to stay under the same roof even though she can't be there to mediate. RJ visits Tammy in the hospital but is worried that bad guys will get him next so he wants Josh to come home with them.

  • Ep. #14967
    Ep. #14967
    Episode 16

    Harley and Gus thwart the robbery but Tammy is injured. Billy is upset that he can't be a donor for Reva.

  • Ep. #14966
    Ep. #14966
    Episode 15

    The "Springfield Burns" website causes troubles for people in town. Reva learns she needs a bone marrow transplant. Josh tries to keep Cassie from going away with Jeffrey.

  • Ep. #14965
    Ep. #14965
    Episode 14

    Dinah runs into various troubles while trying to arrange her wedding to Mallet. Later, Mallet sees a photo that upsets him.

  • Ep. #14964
    Ep. #14964
    Episode 13

    Josh gets upset when he sees Cassie and Jeffrey together. Colin gives Billy some news about Reva.

  • Ep. #14963
    Ep. #14963
    Episode 12

    Billy goes to a bar. Josh and Cassie agree to work though their feelings for each other. Alan agrees to give Lizzie back the penthouse, but there's an unknown catch.

  • Ep. #14962
    Ep. #14962
    Episode 11

    Josh and Cassie admit their feelings to each other. Lizzie gives Tammy and Jonathan some bad news. Reva also receives some bad news from Colin.

  • Ep. #14961
    Ep. #14961
    Episode 10

    Frank, Harley, and Olivia are all asked to be in Dinah and Mallet's wedding party. Billy tells Reva that Josh will understand why she kept her cancer a secret.

  • Ep. #14960
    Ep. #14960
    Episode 9

    Lizzie tells Jonathan and Tammy her plans for the baby. Tammy then gives Jonathan an ultimatum.

  • Ep. #14959
    Ep. #14959
    Episode 8

    Beth treatens Tammy who has gone to her for help. Olivia blames Ava for her troubles with Buzz and Frank.

  • Ep. #14958
    Ep. #14958
    Episode 7

    Lizzie calls Jonathan for help. Cassie tells Josh that Reva has lied to him. Colin, Billy, and Reva celebrate some god news.

  • Ep. #14957
    Ep. #14957
    Episode 6

    Josh receives a medal meant for his dad. Colin kisses Reva!

  • Ep. #14956
    Ep. #14956
    Episode 5

    Tammy offers to help out Lizzie. Jonathan has money troubles. Dinah gets a surprise visit from a loved one.

  • Ep. #14955
    Ep. #14955
    Episode 4

    Gus decides to prove to Harley that he wants to be with her. Rick decides he doesn't want Jude to live with Harley and Gus.

  • Ep. #14954
    Ep. #14954
    Episode 3

    Jonathan remains firm in his decision to give up his rights to Lizzie's child until Alan, assuming Jonathan has changed him mind, threatens to keep Reva from ever seeing the baby -- Jonathan tears up the paperwork whilst at the Bauer Barbecue.

  • Ep. #14953
    Ep. #14953
    Episode 2

    Beth makes a shocking comment to Coop about Lizzie. Reva is forced to face her disease. Josh won't chase Reva yet again.

  • Ep. #14952
    Ep. #14952
    Episode 1

    Alan sends a fake message to Tammy. Gus helps Lizzie. Jonathan makes a confession.

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