Guinevere Jones

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Guinevere Jones

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Gwen Jones is a high school student. She has fled to Melbourne Australia with Karen, her Australian-born mother, to escape shadowy danger in Canada, Gwen's birthplace.

At fourteen, Gwen is going through huge changes. For most of her life she has been on the run, moving from town to town with her mother, always in hiding - but from what, Karen would never say. When they left Canada for Australia, Gwen's mother becomes withdrawn, refuses to eat, and eventually is placed in hospital. Gwen winds up in foster care.

Gwen is a devoted daughter and a devout believer in justice but she has the hot blood of Guinevere running through her veins, which gives her a wildness and unpredictability. She resents and resists the idea that she is re-living somebody else's life. Like any teenager, she thinks of herself as an original.

Character Bios:

Gwen Jones - The hot-headed main character, who is the reincarnation of Guinevere, from Arthurian times. Gwen is able to use magic to stop evil. Although she has great potential, she is still learning from Merlin, her mentor, and the greatest wizard from Arthurian times.

Tasha Meyers - Gwen's best friend. She was studying magic before Gwen moved to Australia. Although she has no magic power, her immense knowledge of it is invaluble to helping Gwen.

Josh Meyers - Tasha's brother. Josh firmly only believes in what he can see and touch. While he doesn't like Gwen's philosophy of using magic all the time, he and Gwen do go out a few times, but eventually break up, though they still remain friends.

Spencer Huang - An old friend of Tasha's, Spencer has no knowledge about magic, but is one of the smartest students in school. He joins Gwen, Tasha, and Josh, after being saved by them from a mind-controlling spirit.

Michael Medina - A mysterious new student at school. It is because of Michael that Gwen and Josh broke up. Gwen was never able to make up her mind between the two. Although never directly mentioned, Michael seems to be the reincarnation of Lancelot.

Merlin - Gwen's mentor. He is a stiff old wizard who doesn't like Gwen's immature, teenage ways. He almost never praises her, but is secretly pleased by Gwen's fast progress in magic.

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Hemsworth

King Arthur

Tamara Hope

Tamara Hope

Guinevere 'Gwen' Jones

Yani Gellman

Yani Gellman

Michael Medina (episode 9+)

Damien Bodie

Damien Bodie

Josh Meyers

Greta Larkins

Greta Larkins

Tasha Meyers

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