Guinevere Jones

YTV (ended 2002)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 2
    • Rebellion
      Episode 13
      As humanity wallows under Morgana's tyranny, Gwen organizes Tasha, Josh, Spencer, Harve, Louise and Katie – all of whom are unaware that the world was ever different – into a resistance. Reluctantly accepting O'Leary's help, Gwen infiltrates Morgana's dungeons to retrieve Merlin's Stone and discovers her way blocked by Reine, Morgana's chief henchman. In a final showdown, Gwen makes the startling revelation that Reine is, in fact, Morgana, who has used the crystal to rejuvenate herself. Gwen leads her friends to victory over Morgana and returns the crystal to Merlin, thereby restoring reality. As Gwen and Karen prepare to move out of Rosen's and find their own apartment, there's one more surprise left for Gwen: the realisation that Patrick O'Leary is her father.moreless
    • Darkness Falls
      Darkness Falls
      Episode 12
      Having used Merlin's Stone to save Karen, Gwen attempts to return the crystal to Merlin's time through Faerie, but O'Leary intervenes and gives the crystal to Morgana. But in a turn of events that surprises even O'Leary, O'Leary helps Gwen escape when Morgana attacks her. Gwen and O'Leary return to the 21st century to find that Morgana has ruled as an immortal for 1500 years. The world, including all of Gwen's friends, suffer under Morgana's tyranny – and Gwen herself has been declared an outlaw for practicing magic, which in this reality is preserved for Morgana alone.moreless
    • What Guinevere Knew
      Intent on saving Merlin, Gwen enters Faerie and succeeds in going back to Merlin's time. Tapping into her former life as Guinevere, she remembers the secret of how to find Merlin's Stone. Gwen manages to rescue Merlin and, thwarting Morgana's attempt to capture the crystal, returns to the 21st century with the crystal to save Karen – with O'Leary in hot pursuit.moreless
    • Spellbound
      Episode 10
      Gwen has succeeded in rescuing Michael from Faerie, but Michael is still under a spell that has caused everyone but Gwen to forget who he is. As Gwen works to undo the spell, she also pursues O'Leary – whom she discovers has been hiding right under her nose. O'Leary tells Gwen that Merlin's Stone is the key to saving her mother. Meanwhile, Merlin is attacked by Morgana.moreless
    • Fifi
      Episode 9
      Spencer is caught in an Internet scam when he inadvertently sells his emotions in exchange for the secrets of the universe. Meanwhile, Gwen is alarmed to discover that nobody remembers who Michael is. Gwen must find a way to break Spencer's contract and regain his emotions, while at the same time figure out a way to rescue Michael from Faerie. Gwen makes the startling realization that O'Leary is working for Morgana.moreless
    • Bloodlines
      Episode 8
      This episode also features Gwen and Michael's first kiss.
    • No Place Like Home
      When Gwen discovers that someone has worked a magical spell to prevent her from leaving the shop, she tries to figure out who is responsible through a series of flashbacks recalling her magical enemies: Reine, Morgana, Ms. Blatt. Meanwhile, Gadowain makes a nuisance of himself at The Arc when he decides to ingratiate himself to Michael's friends, hoping to persuade Michael to remove the iron bracelet and allow Gad to resume his job of protecting him.moreless
    • Easy Money
      Easy Money
      Episode 6
      When money disappears first from the New Sage Shop and the from The Arc, circumstantial evidence points to Gwen as the culprit. Gwen must solve the mystery of what really happened to the money, while staving off the suspicions of an over-enthusiastic police detective.
    • Tribes
      Episode 5
      Gwen finds her friendship with Michael tested as, under Reine's influence, he falls more and more into the role of de facto leader of a gang of bad boys who are terrorizing the school with extortion and threats of violence. To make matters worse, Gwen discovers that her magical powers are defunct. Without magic, Gwen must rely on persuasion to help Michael stand up to Reine. Meanwhile, unbeknownst to Gwen Reine has been experimenting with magic.moreless
    • Wishes
      Episode 4
      When Josh makes a half-serious wish to get Gwen back on an ancient amulet, he discovers to his initial joy that his wish has come true: Gwen is suddenly so devoted to him that she's even willing to give up the magic that has come between them in the past. Ultimately, though, Josh can find no happiness in a love that isn't real – but finds to his dismay that, in her determination to hold onto their relationship, Gwen has destroyed the amulet. It seems there is no way to take back the wish, and Gwen's personality will be altered forever.moreless
    • Detention
      Episode 3
      Gwen and Tasha are forced to work together when the spirit of a past Griffin teacher is unleashed in the school. A discipline freak, this Latin teacher with a penchant for black magic has unleashed a spell that turns all disagreeable students into models of conformity – and a determination to punish the student responsible for imprisoning him fifty years ago, Reine's grandmother. Gwen and Tasha join forces to defeat Mr. Bluton, and in the process mend their friendship. But Gwen doesn't realize that Reine has been awakened to magic.moreless
    • Time Cuts
      Time Cuts
      Episode 2
      When a faerie dog known as Black Angus crosses Tasha's path, legend dictates that she has only a day to live. Gwen, still on non-speaking terms with Tasha, must exercise her greatest magical feat to date: turn back time to save Tasha. Time travel turns out to be more complicated than she expects, and she must find a way to thwart the forces of destiny if she plans on saving Tasha. In the end, Gwen succeeds, but – because time has replayed – Tasha doesn't realize Gwen has saved her life, and still refuses Gwen's friendship.moreless
    • Lost and Found
      Lost and Found
      Episode 1
      Gwen finds herself isolated as she has broken off with Josh and Tasha is no longer speaking to her. But this is a stronger, more focused Gwen who is now determined to learn magic and save her mom. Meanwhile, Michael – without Gadowain's protection as long as he wears an iron bracelet – finds himself manipulated into a fight at school. Gadowain offers Gwen a deal: get Michael to remove the bracelet, and Gad will tell Gwen how to rid Karen of the demon.moreless
  • Season 1