Guinness World Records: Primetime

FOX (ended 2001)


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Guinness World Records: Primetime

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A TV version of the popular book collecting the extremes of nature and human endeavors. Hosts Chris Collinsworth and Emmy award-winner Mark Thompson present a weekly look at the biggest, smallest, fastest and strangest of just about everything in the world. Guinness World Records: Primetime welcomes ordinary people to attempt extraordinary acts in order to earn their places in the record book. The series also features other types of record breakers – people who are unique, like the tallest man or the shortest twins. There is also a "Guinness Game" every week, during which viewers are asked to guess the answers to questions such as: What size is the world's largest shoe? or What country has the most cell phone users per capita?
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  • Not that good. And yes, sometimes it scared me! Really! I speak the truth!

    This show used to be interesting to me...That is...Until they started putting these Medical Files clips into the show. That's where it got creepy and sick. Ever heard of Flesh Eating Bacteria? I'm sure you have. Well, they featured it on one episode, and it really creeped me out. But I continued to watch the show, regardless. But then. One night, they featured a kid named Ahad who got shot in the head by a 357 Magnum. I felt really sorry for him. And then, they showed his HEAD!! His brain was showing and part of his skull fell off! My Mom was shocked beyond belief and I shook with utter terror! That sickening image stayed with me for quite a while. I won't ever forget it or that show.moreless
  • I enjoyed watching these amazing world records being broken on TV!

    I remeber seeing the show when I was very small. I childhood TV program I saw, I would always loved the amazing stuff many people did to break a world record. I would be amazed on what would happen but it ended. I really loved it so much, it should return again! I want to see peope break records!

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