Guinness World Records: Primetime

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  • Season 3
    • Highest Keg Toss
      Highest Keg Toss
      Episode 13
      In the last ever episode, it is an all out battle to see who can make the Highest Keg Toss.
    • Most Sausages Swallowed
      Indeed, it all started as a gag for Jimmy, who would swallow whole frankfurters as a party trick. But he soon sniffed out success in 2001 as a Guinness World Record holder, swallowing six sausages – without biting or chewing – on the set of Guinness Rekord TV, Sweden. Later the same year he broke his record on Primetime, sucking down seven sausages in a minute – three of them in just 10 seconds!moreless
    • Hanging from Flying Helicopter
      So Hanging from Flying Helicopter sounds like real fun, but after this, it will be less popular.
    • Human Standing Pyramid
      Wow, the World's Largest Human Standing Pyramid, wonder how many people they will need.
    • Leaping over Bar from Two Stories High
      Leaping over Bar from Two Stories High is not all that you would think it can be.
    • Worlds Longest Nose
      No, its not Pinochio its the worlds longest nose.
    • Human Completely Covered in Ice
      Somethings chilly, when a man is completely covered in ice.
    • Most Cement Blocks Broken with Ones Head
      A whole lot of accuracy and precision (more like really painful) when we watch a man break a large amount of cement blocks with his head.
    • Heaviest Load on a Persons Head
      Some real pain on the brain, when everyone takes a look at who can balance the heaviest load on their head.
    • Most Bottles Open with Teeth
      Here is performed a very painful looking stunt, when we see who can open the most bottles with their teeth.
    • Largest Medal Object Removed from Human
      Yuck, here we look at the many Largest Medal Objects Removed from Human body. It is disgusting.
    • World's Smallest Dog
      The world's smallest dog, in terms of length, is Tiny Pinocchio, a steel-blue-and-tan Yorkshire Terrier who measured 20.3 cm (8 in) long on May 23, 2001, and 12.06 cm (4.75 in) to the top of the shoulder. The one-pound pooch, who also goes by the name of Noki, sleeps in a birdcage at the home of his owner, Linda Skeels-Hopson of St Petersburg, Florida, USA.


    • Most Contortionists in a Box
      In this episode, we get a look at how many Contortionists can fit into a clear glass box.
    • Guinness World Records Live: The Top 100
      This 2-hour special takes a look back at 100 of the most impressive world records set in Guinness history. Also spotlighted is a record-breaking stunt performed live by daredevil Chris Ewing.
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