Gulliver's Travels

(ended 1993)


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Gulliver's Travels

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Gulliver's Travels, also known as Saban's Gulliver's Travels in the United States, was an animated television series made in Canada. It aired for one season from September 8, 1992 to June 29, 1993. This series was directed by Bruno Bianchi and written by Alain Garcia. It is loosely based on the classic Jonathan Swift novel of the same name. The series opens when Gulliver (voiced by Terrence Scammell) charters a ship and befriends the cabin boy Raphael (voiced by Daniel Brochu). The ship wrecks on the island of Lilliput, a previously undiscovered island populated by little people. Gulliver and Raphael are separated during the wreck, but they reunite shortly. They also meet Lilliputian scientist Flim (A. J. Henderson) and his wife Fosla (Sonja Ball). Fosla constantly nags her husband, but is also fiercely protective of anyone who criticizes him. The group finds adventures in Lilliput, and they eventually travel to other islands. One such island is inhabited by snake people who can cast illusions.