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  • This classic show was a great way for kids to get some christian morals. Esp today where there are not many shows for kids 2-5.

    I think this show was great for young children and wish it was brought back to a station like SMILE TV one of children's channels. This was a show that allowed children to watch animation that was not violent like in today's shows. The kids today see way too much violence before they turn 5. This promotes social and violent interactive behaviors that can carry on throughout life. If we want our children to be wholesome, we need to continue to introduce shows like Gumby and Davey and Goliath which are good shows for children to watch with good morals.
  • ich liebe gumby

    the best kids show ever.Gumby goo,pokey, the blockheads.. I havent seen gumby for a long time. but they should bring it back i thinnk that the kids might like it...maybe..
    ummmmmmmmm i Love gumby!!! And i want a gumby shirt! I dont really know what else to say about it apart fro it will always be one of my childhood classic shows ! ! ! .. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . the end
  • Gumby!

    This show rocks! Its about Gumby (Of course!), Pokey (Gumby`s pony pal), Goo , Prickle, the Blockheads and the rest. I loved the show when I was younger and I`ve also bought the toys. I love the stop motion with clay which was used in this show. I love the song (The original one) which was used in the early episodes. I grew up with the 2nd one which I hated! :P I wish the show was still on. I miss gumby so much. Im happy to see some of the episodes on youtube which brings back memories... If you would like, Youi can see some vids on the net about gumby. Trust me, you would like them. ;)
  • gumby

    Gumby has many adventures with his friends pokey prikle and goo. he often gets into trouble with the actions of his adventrures. he also has a family who cares about him his mom and dad and his sister minga. Gumby and friends must always find a way to foil the plans of the pesky blockheads. this show is never short on laughs and can put you in a good mood. there are other charecters including the grobees and the professor who has all the wackiest inventions. this show is a classic and it should be brought back. Gumby and his friends always find away to solve their problems as well as have fun.
  • The Revamped Saga of Gumby

    This series is much better than the original version of Gumby. In this revamped saga, Gumby has a little sister named Minga. The Blockheads appeared more often than the early series. Sometimes Pokey, Prickle, and Goo don't hang with each other or Gumby. The 80s episodes are much more hilarious because we all get to see some wacky activities going on. It's too bad that Art Clokey stopped making new episodes. I am a huge fan of clay animation. Even though the 80s series ended with a movie, I'll always remember Gumby as my favorite clay character. Even no matter how old I get.
  • Gumby was literally one of my best childhood friends.

    It's pretty dead here but I'll talk anyway and say that this is probably the best clay animated show ever. I remember watching it when I was a kid and, not only was I attached to Gumby because of his (and those around him) appeal but the show had a unique quality and charm (such as the '87 TMNT had on me) making me hooked. I don't remember much of it except for a number of various moments in my head but that's why it thankfully has come to DVD. I was so disappointed when this show was taken off the air, let alone cancelled. Now that I remember it, I feel kind of down inside because of what it brought to my childhood and now it's gone. Just goes to show the utmost tragic fact that the best things are cancelled early.
    I want this show back!
  • My Favorite Clay Boy

    When I witnessed this rare form of animation, I was amazed to see how clay characters move. Gumby has got to be the first clay cartoon ever. Art Clokey was very original in his idea. Sometimes I wonder if they'll ever show them in television again. I never got the chance to watch ever single episodes from the late 80s and/or early 90s. However they were empathetic to convert them into the DVDs. I can't hardly wait for them to arrive. There are characters other than Gumby himself. Pokey has been hanging around with Gumby for a long time and never broke up a friendship. Their relationship is stronger than ever. Prickle and Goo are also two of Gumby's funniest friends. The Blockheads are considered mischievious villains who cause troubles. The green clay boy has a little sister, Minga. Professor Kapp and the rest are cool.

    I enjoy clay animation myself. No matter how old they are, I'll always cherish these moments forevermore.
  • i look at this now and I laugh!

    When I think about this show now I can't stop laughing, it makes me wonder how I could have loved this when I was a kid.

    It was so incredibly corny! I saw pokey make a joke once that was very predictable and everyone cracked up with laughter - especially Gumby.

    It made me think that these characters were completely disturbed. I think the idea of Gumby and his gang being able to go into books and other dimensions really appealed to me and just the sight of the show is what I found so entertaining. The plot didn't even matter!
  • Too awesome.

    Gumby Adventures is one of my favorite past time shows that is no longer aired on public television. This show used to air early in the mornings back when i was little. I would always try to sneak to the television and turn it on without being noticed to watch it. It was that awesome.
  • He was once a little green ball of clay, GUMBY!!! You should see what Gumby can do today! GUMBY!!! He can walk into any book with his pony pal Pokey too If you've got a heart then gumbys a part of you!!!!

    Ah......Soo many memories....I used to love the gumby show!!! My parents had taped it for my older sibblings when it had came out and when I was born I used to watch it all the time. It was such a great series although m and my brother culd never figure out why in some episodes they had random charectors that gumby had never even met before. But I had to congradulate clokey productions for their had effort in using clay animation. I really loved Gumby!!!!!!!
  • Gumby was a great show.

    Gumby was always a great show to watch and has beena classic for around fifty years.Gumby was a show that every one watch at least once and has been part of many different TV stations. Gumby was invented in the 1950's and came back after all this while back in 1987. Gumby will always be considered a classic.
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