Gummi Bears

Season 2 Episode 8

Bubble Trouble / Close Encounters Of A Gummi Kind

Aired Unknown Nov 01, 1986 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • about 3:18 or :19 into "Close Encounters Of A Gummi Kind" the giant from Brave Little Tailor can be seen.

  • Quotes

    • Toadie: What we do know, oh quick witted one?
      Igthorn: Since we're outnumbered, we...Run!

    • Gruffi: If your dumb dummy ever stops rolling, we might be able to hole up till this blows over.

    • Igthorn: I don't know what stirred up the locals, but I will not lose my Gummi Bears to some Dunwyn bumbler!
      Toadie: Certainly not, Dukamente. We Dreckmore bumblers will find bears first.
      Igthorn: Ah, and to think you're the smartest of the bunch.

    • (a crowd of people see Igthorn and his ogres and run)
      Igthorn: Nothing like a bad reputation to clear a forest.
      Toadie: And you have the baddest, oh most feared and reviled one.

    • Gruffi: What could rile those humans up like this? No one believes in us any more.
      Lady: Look! There's one of them! Come on!
      (they chase the Gummi Dummi)
      Gusto: My Gummi Dummi! It's leading them away!
      Gruffi: Yeah, the same way it led them here in the first place.
      Gusto: Yeah, whoops again, eh Gruff.
      Gruffi: Come on genius, we'll try the quick tunnels.

    • Tummi: (sees a pie on the ground) It'd be a shame to let that pie get cold. I'll just keep it warm...In my tummy. (he grabs it a springs a trap) Uh, this looks bad, doesn't it?
      Grammi: Tummi, if you'd use your head instead of your stomach, you'd get in a lot less trouble. (frees him from the trap)
      Tummi: Then again, facing your troubles head on can be tasty.

    • Toadie: Toadie caught a Gummi Bear! Toadie caught a Gummi Bear! (is slammed into a low branch)

    • Gusto: We can't leave! This is the perfect time to try out the Gummi Dummi. Come on, don't be a wallflower. Make some noise! Hey mutton lips, over here!
      Gruffi: Gusto, you maniac! Get down before.....Too late.

    • Gusto: What are you going to do with an ogre once you trap it? Come on, they make terrible pets.

    • Zummi: What do you think it is, Tummi?
      Tummi: I don't know Zummi, (eats a muffin that the decoy left with him) but I like it. (Grammi takes the muffins) Hey!
      Zummi: Looks a little like Gruffi.
      Grammi: (knocks on its wooden head) There's definitely a resemblence.

    • Gruffi: The thing is never going to work, Gusto. Just like you, it's unbalanced.

    • Toadie: I'm not as dumb as I look, you know.

    • Igthorn: Nutweed! My plan is ruined, again!

    • Sunni: And when it hiccups, these bubbles come out of its mouth and explode.
      Tummi: I feel that way when I eat radishes.

    • Tummi: (sweeps up broken glass under the rug from his mishap) Oh, hi Sunni. Need some help?
      Sunni: Yes! Come on!
      Tummi: Oh, swell, I guess.

    • Igthorn: Come on you lazy twits!
      Toadie: Where are we going, your abruptness?
      Igthorn: To find my super weapon!

    • Igthorn: What is that doing here?
      Toadie: Floating, oh astringent one.
      Igthorn: I can see that, mush-for-brains. Get rid of it!
      Toadie: Instantly, oh commander of loudness.

    • Sunni: (the baby dragon hiccups a bubble with flames in it) Whoa! Well, that easier to deal with than fire. (It pops above them and explodes causing a rock slide) Maybe not.

    • Ogre: Rabbit hole gone! Next time I try mouse hole. Little mouse hole.

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • Close Encounters of the Third Kind

      Episode title is a spoof of the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind By Steven Spielberg.

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