Gummi Bears

Season 2 Episode 6

Color Me Gummi / Gummi Dearest

Aired Unknown Oct 18, 1986 on NBC
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Color Me Gummi / Gummi Dearest
A) Cavin has taken credit for one of Gusto's paintings and now he must paint a portrait for the king. Will Gusto help even though he will not be given credit for his artwork?

B) Cubbi is mistaken for a baby griffin and Gruffi has his hands full with a baby griffin. Can they get out of the situation without making the mother griffin too angry?moreless

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Grammi Gummi

    Paul Winchell

    Paul Winchell

    Zummi Gummi (Seasons 1 - 3)

    Noelle North

    Noelle North

    Cubbi Gummi, Princess Calla

    Lorenzo Music

    Lorenzo Music

    Tummi Gummi

    Roger C. Carmel

    Roger C. Carmel

    Sir Tuxford (1st season)

    Rob Paulsen

    Rob Paulsen

    Gusto Gummi

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      • Gruffi: Kid, you have more than proved you can take care of yourself. It's just hard to let you little ones grow up, you know.
        Cubbi: Don't worry, Gruffi. There's no way you're getting rid of me. Unless you're serving fish tonight.

      • Gruffi: You know, nobody likes a smart alec Griffin.

      • (the baby Grffin and Gruffi go over the waterfall)
        Gruffi: Great. What else can go wrong? (the water starts to bubble) When am I going to learn to keep my mouth shut?

      • (the baby Grffin licks Gruffi)
        Gruffi: Stop that. You're tickley. Let's not get personal kid.

      • (the baby Grffin hatches and squawks at Gruffi who is haging on for dear life)
        Gruffi: Same to you, featherhead.

      • (the baby Grffin egg falls off the cliff and into a tree on the cliff facing)
        Cubbi: What do we do Gruffi? Gruffi: Beat it while we still have time.
        Cubbi: But when the mother comes back, she won't be able to find her egg.
        Gruffi: And she won't find us either.

      • Cubbi: Gruffi? What are you doing here?
        Gruffi: What am I doing here? The question is what are you doing here?
        Cubbi: Fishing!
        Gruffi: This is Grim Tooth Inlet. It's too dangerous for you to be here by yourself! Now let's get out of here before something happens.
        Cubbi: What can happen?
        (a giant egg that Cubbi is sitting on starts to hatch)
        Gruffi: You had to ask.

      • Gusto: Truly great, they said. Who am I to argue? After all, Gusto, you are a genius.

      • Cavin: Gusto! You came back!
        Gusto: Yeah, and it's a good thing I did.
        Cavin: I'm sorry. I was acting like such a boob this morning.
        Gusto: Oh, Cav-Cav-Cav. That's all water over the falls.

      • Gusto: (trying to go to sleep) Oh, come on Gusto old boy. Forty winks are just around the corner. Dreamland is callin' ya pal. OH, what's the use. I can't sleep! I've never quit a painting before and I can't start now.

      • Grammi: But Gusto, we didn't say you had to take down all your paintings. You can hang up at least one.
        Gusto: Sorry Grammi, but the only thing I'm hanging up is my brush.

      • Gusto: I-I-I don't get it. Have I lost my touch? What if I never had any touch in the first place? What if I'm a self deluded no talent fraud?

      • (Grammi is awoken by a noise in the night and she goes to find it's Gusto taking down paintings)
        Grammi: Gusto! You almost scared the daylights out of me.
        Gusto: Sorry Grams, but you've got to strike while the inspiration is hot. And mine is burning up!

      • Gruffi: We're facing disaster and he's (Gusto) talking about decorating.

      • Grammi: Oh, Gruffi. I just washed this floor.
        Gruffi: (Coughs up water) If we don't fix this soon, that floor is going to wash away!

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