Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 6

Do Unto Ogres/Loopy, Go Home

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

Do Unto Ogres

Toadie if fired on a giant arrow out of Drekmore castle and is rescued by Sunni. He becomes fast friends with Sunni and throws away the growth potion that she was trying to get rid of. Ogres show up and grab Sunni and knock Toadie into the well where he threw the potion and this makes him into a giant Toadie.

Igthorn is trying to make Sunni talk when Toadie shows up and rescues her and puts Igthorn in his pocket. After causing some mayhem in the castle, Toadie shrinks back down to normal He shows Sunni out of the castle and points Igthorn in the wrong direction.

Loopy, Go Home

A mother wolf runs from a poacher and winds up getting caught, but her little cub is able to get away and it runs into Cubbi. Cubbi wants to keep the little fella and Gruffi tells him that he can't keep it since it's a wild animal. Tummi and Cubbi take him to the crossroad in time to see the poacher ride by with the mother wolf in a cage and Sir Tuford and Cavin in hot pursuit. Cubbi talks Tummi into letting him keep the little cub and he gets everyone else's permission except Sunni and Gruffi. Cubbi calls the little wolf Loopy and the little wolf gets to be a big wolf and starts acting like a Gummi Bear, including bouncing. Gruffi finds Cubbi with the wolf and tells him that the wolf must go. Cubbi runs away with Loopy and the others go to search for him. Gruffi finds them first and sees that Cubbi is trying to teach the wolf how to survive in the wild and is proud. He walks away and falls into a trap set by the poacher who has returned. Cubbi goes to help and he is caught too. Loopy bounces onto the poacher and Cubbi and Gruffi are freed. They hide behind the bushes and Sir Tuxford, a knight and Cavin show up to arrest the hunter. Cubbi knows that Loopy should be with the other wolves in the wild and lets him go. Gruffi is very proud of Cubbi.