Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 6

Do Unto Ogres/Loopy, Go Home

Aired Unknown Oct 19, 1985 on NBC



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    • (Cubbi lets Loopy go with the other wolves back to the wild)
      Gruffi: That was a very grown up thing you did Cubbi. I'm very proud of you.
      Cubbi: Maybe I should have got a goldfish after all.

    • (Loopy bounces like a Gummi Bear and bounces on the poacher)
      Gruffi: Oh boy, now I've seen everything. A wolf that thinks it's a Gummi Bear.

    • Poacher: What luck! Two blabber bears for the price of one.
      Gruffi: That's Gummi Bears, you idiot!

    • Poacher: Oh, shut up, blabber bear.
      Gruffi: That's Mister Blabber Bear to you, pea brain.

    • Gruffi: (he finds Cubbi and is about to confront him about running away) Aha. I'm going to give that kid the scolding of his life.
      Cubbi: (doesn't see Gruffi yet) Look Loop, Gruffi was right. You'll never learn to take care of yourself so I've got to teach you. You gotta listen.
      Gruffi: Well, I'll be bounced.

    • Cubbi: Zummi. Do you mind if I have a pet?
      Zummi: Oh, I think that's a fine idea. A little field mouse perhaps or a goldfish wouldn't be much trouble. (Loopy knocks down some books in front of Zummi) Gah!
      Cubbi: Or...Uh...How about something a little bigger?

    • Cubbi: Poor little guy. We can't just leave him, Tummi.
      Tummi: Yeah, but Gruffi said...Uh...Something or other.
      Cubbi: But he's too little to be all alone. Please Tummi.
      Tummi: Well...

    • Cubbi: Hey, look what I found!
      Tummi: Ooh, great puppy.
      Gruffi: That is not a puppy, that is a wolf cub.
      Tummi: I knew that.

    • Toadie: Dukie going to be mad at me, but Toadie take a kicking and keep on licking.

    • Igthorn: Toadwart! You'd better tell me where she went before I make a throw rug out of you.

    • Igthorn: (gets in elevator and yells through speaker horn) Down! (the ogres below start letting it down) Faster! Faster!
      Sunni: Oh no!
      Igthorn: Faster!! (the ogres let go of the rope and it starts falling really fast) This is more like it. Okay, slower. Slower!
      Ogre: (the rope runs out) Oh oh, maybe we should move? (the elevator crashes into them and they are a little dazed) First floor.

    • Igthorn: (finally gets out of pocket) Ah, air. You ungrateful upstart! I'll tear you limb from limb! (giant Toadie picks him up) Did I say "limb from limb"? I meant, "Don't you look thin?"

    • Ogre: (runs from giant Toadie) Dukie not pay enough for this!

    • (giant Toadie grabs Igthorn)
      Igthorn: You've always been a turncoat for those vile little sneaky Gummi Bears!
      Sunni: Will you please quiet him up?
      Giant Toadie: With pleasure, your Gummiosity. Duke stay in here with my hairball collection. (puts him in his pocket)
      Igthorn: No! No! The smell!
      Giant Toadie: I could get to like this.

    • Ogre: Dukie! Toadie back!
      Igthorn: Well, just throw him out agian.
      Ogre: Would rather not.
      Igthorn: Then I'll do it.
      Giant Toadie: Where's my friend?
      Igthorn: (sees giant eye in window) What is that?!
      Ogre: That Toadie-e-e-e!

    • Tummi: (the gummi berry that Sunni made large shrinks) Ooh, shrinking food. What a frightening thought.

    • Toadie: (to Sunni) You save Toadie's miserable life, now miserable life belong to you.

    • Toadie: What makes you think you can do this?
      Ogres: 'Cause we bigger than you.

    • Igthorn: I shot a Toadie into the air and where he lands I do not care.

    • Igthorn: (finishes a giant crossbow) I'll rain pine trees down on Dunwyn Castle. I'll conquer them with conifers.

    • Tummi: (wakes up and sees giant gummi berry that Sunni made) I must still be dreaming. I hope I don't wake up until after I eat it.

    • Zummi: If I have to pick one more gummi berry, my paws are going to fall off.

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