Gummi Bears

NBC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Season 1
    • A New Beginning
      A New Beginning
      Episode 1
      Calvin meets the Gummi Bears and asks if they will help stop Duke Igthorn from destroying Castle Dunwyn.
    • A Gummi In A Gilded Cage
      Sunni becomes entertainment for the Carpies while Gruffi learns to conquer his fears. Also, a new Gummi device is used!
    • Sweet And Sour Gruffi / Little Bears Lost
      A) The Gummies get more than they bargained for when they try to sweeten Gruffi's sour disposition.

      B) There's a thief in Gummi Glen so Grammi and Zummi team up to find the rat.
    • A Recipe For Trouble / Gummi in a Strange Land
      A)Grammi tries to become a better cook. She uses new ingredients that lead to trouble.
      B)A slumber sprite puts Gruffi to sleep.
    • A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away/Duel Of The Wizards
      A)Tummi puts some gummiberry juice into a traveling doctors potion. B)The stubborn wizard Don Gordo won't accept Zummi's help in finding a missing magic key, so a battle of magic ensues.
    • Do Unto Ogres/Loopy, Go Home
      A) Sunni saves Toadie's life and Toadie falls into a water tainted with a growth potion and this makes him into a giant. Can Toadie save his new friend from Igthorn and the ogres?

      B) Cubbi wants to keep a wolf as a pet. Can he keep it hidden from Gruffi?moreless
    • Wings Over Dunwyn
      Duke Igthorn captures all of the Fan Tailed Zephyrs and Grammi leads the way to save them. Can they save the giant birds before they get hurt in an attack on Dunwyn?
    • Never Give A Gummi An Even Break/The Sinister Sculptor
      A) Grammi finds what seems to be a Gummi that is in a side show and she takes him home to Gummi Glen, but Gruffi thinks there is something wrong with this bear. Are Gruffi's suspicions correct or have they found another Gummi Bear?

      B) A sculptor makes statues of the Gummies with magic dust except for the arguing and fighting Grammi and Gruffi. Can Grammi and Gruffi get over their differences and save the others?moreless
    • A Gummi By Any Other Name
      A depressed Sunni becomes Princess Calla when a magic hat changes her appearance, while the Princess decides to become a peasant and both get captured by Duke Igthorn and his ogres. Can Cavin and the other Gummies rescue both of them from Drekmore?
    • The Secret Of The Juice
      Grammi tries to teach the secret recipe of Gummi Berry Juice to Sunni, but Sunni doesn't want to learn. Grammi gets captured by the ogres and now it's up to Sunni to make the juice. Can Sunni remember what Grammi taught her?
    • Night Of The Gargoyle/Can I Keep Him?
      A) Duke Igthorn sends a magic gargoyle to wreak havoc over castle Dunwyn and eliminate King Gregor. Can Zummi and the others stop the gargoyle before it's too late?

      B) Cubbi's flute playing attracts a interesting pet and when they fly to Drekmore, they are captured by Igthorn who wants to use the new "pet" for his own evil purposes. Can Sunni and Cubbi stop Igthorn and his ogres?moreless
    • The Oracle/Someday My Prints Will Come
      A) Tummi tricks Igthorn into believing that he is a god by using a device of the ancient Gummies. Can Tummi keep up the ruse?

      B) Tummi and Zummi find a dragon decoy and Tummi gets aboard it and causes a mayhem that causes Sir Tuxford and his knights to hunt down what they believe is a dragon. Can Tummi stop the machine and lead the knights away?moreless
    • Toadie's Wild Ride/The Fence Sitter
      A) Toadie stumbles into Gummi Glen and Tummi can't convince anyone he's there. B) A bird threatens the gummiberry bushes.
    • Zummi Makes It Hot/My Kingdom For A Pie
      A) The water has stopped running in Gummi Glen. Zummi, Grammi, Cubbi and Cavin go to the source and fix the problem. Can they find the problem and can they make it back through Drekmore where it is located?

      B) Tummi fights a battle with his own self control when Duke Igthorn temps him with food. Can Tummi gain self-control before he gives away the location to Gummi Glen?moreless
    • Light Makes Right
      Light Makes Right
      Episode 15
      The Gummies find the Gummiscope, but Igthorn finds it too and chases them off and plans to use it to force King Gregor to surrender Dunwyn to him. Can the Gummies stop Igthorn before he destroys Dunwyn?
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