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Episode Guide

    • The Secret Of The Juice
      The Secret Of The Juice
      Season 1 - Episode 10
      Grammi tries to teach the secret recipe of Gummi Berry Juice to Sunni, but Sunni doesn't want to learn. Grammi gets captured by the ogres and now it's up to Sunni to make the juice. Can Sunni remember what Grammi taught her?
    • Light Makes Right
      Light Makes Right
      Season 1 - Episode 15
      The Gummies find the Gummiscope, but Igthorn finds it too and chases them off and plans to use it to force King Gregor to surrender Dunwyn to him. Can the Gummies stop Igthorn before he destroys Dunwyn?
    • The Crimson Avenger
      The Crimson Avenger
      Season 2 - Episode 4
      Cubbi's first appearance as his alter ego the Crimson avenger.
    • The Oracle/Someday My Prints Will Come
      A) Tummi tricks Igthorn into believing that he is a god by using a device of the ancient Gummies. Can Tummi keep up the ruse?

      B) Tummi and Zummi find a dragon decoy and Tummi gets aboard it and causes a mayhem that causes Sir Tuxford and his knights to hunt down what they believe is a dragon. Can Tummi stop the machine and lead the knights away?moreless
    • Zummi Makes It Hot/My Kingdom For A Pie
      A) The water has stopped running in Gummi Glen. Zummi, Grammi, Cubbi and Cavin go to the source and fix the problem. Can they find the problem and can they make it back through Drekmore where it is located?

      B) Tummi fights a battle with his own self control when Duke Igthorn temps him with food. Can Tummi gain self-control before he gives away the location to Gummi Glen?moreless
    • Night Of The Gargoyle/Can I Keep Him?
      A) Duke Igthorn sends a magic gargoyle to wreak havoc over castle Dunwyn and eliminate King Gregor. Can Zummi and the others stop the gargoyle before it's too late?

      B) Cubbi's flute playing attracts a interesting pet and when they fly to Drekmore, they are captured by Igthorn who wants to use the new "pet" for his own evil purposes. Can Sunni and Cubbi stop Igthorn and his ogres?moreless
    • A Gummi Is A Gummi's Best Friend / When You Wish Upon A Stone
      A) Gruffi won't admit that Zummi is his best friend until Gruffi mistakes Gusto's lifelike sculpture of Zummi for the real thing. B) Cavin is having problems with knight training, so he and Cubbi explore several solutions against a giant guarding a wishing stone.
    • My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean
      My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean
      Season 2 - Episode 5
      Gruffi & Tummi get ship wrecked on deserted island and meet another Gummi.
    • Ogre For A Day
      Ogre For A Day
      Season 5 - Episode 1
      Duke Igthorn has come up with a plan so secret that Cavin is turned into an ogre in order to spy on him.
    • For Whom The Spell Holds
      For Whom The Spell Holds
      Season 2 - Episode 9
      Zummi experiments with advanced magic gets himself into trouble, when he released an evil wizard.
    • A Gummi By Any Other Name
      A Gummi By Any Other Name
      Season 1 - Episode 9
      A depressed Sunni becomes Princess Calla when a magic hat changes her appearance, while the Princess decides to become a peasant and both get captured by Duke Igthorn and his ogres. Can Cavin and the other Gummies rescue both of them from Drekmore?
    • Toadie's Wild Ride/The Fence Sitter
      A) Toadie stumbles into Gummi Glen and Tummi can't convince anyone he's there. B) A bird threatens the gummiberry bushes.
    • Music Hath Charms / A Tree Grows In Dunwyn
      A) Duke Igthorn gets a magic bagpipe that hypnotizes whoever hears its music except the dimwitted ogres. Can Grammi, who by luck was deaf when the music was played the first time, save everyone from serving Igthorn forever?

      B) The Gummies help Calla take an apple tree to Dunwyn for the king, but the trolls had hidden their gold inside the tree and now they think the Gummies have it. Can Gruffi save the Gummies from the trolls?moreless
    • A Gummi A Day Keeps The Doctor Away/Duel Of The Wizards
      A)Tummi puts some gummiberry juice into a traveling doctors potion. B)The stubborn wizard Don Gordo won't accept Zummi's help in finding a missing magic key, so a battle of magic ensues.
    • Top Gum
      Top Gum
      Season 4 - Episode 9
      Cubbi leans to fly and lands the Gummies in trouble.
    • For A Few Sovereigns More / Over The River And Through The Trolls
      A) Igthorn hires a mercenary named Flint Shrubwood to find and capture a Gummi bear and ends up being the one that is hunted along with Cubbi. Can they escape the persistant bounty hunter?
      B) Trolls try to hijack a shipment of gold protected by Sir Gawain. Can Calvin and the Gummi Bears help his grandfather save the gold from the trolls?moreless
    • The Road To Ursalia
      The Road To Ursalia
      Season 5 - Episode 3
      Gruffi burns the Great Book of Gummis and goes to Ursalia to find another to replace it. Their he meets Thornberry, a gummi who tries to save Ursalia from an evil witch, Lady Bane!!
    • The Rite Stuff
      The Rite Stuff
      Season 6 - Episode 8
      Calvin tries to prove himself to the Barbics and takes a test of bearhood, which Buddy doesn't want to take.
    • Return To Ursalia
      Return To Ursalia
      Season 5 - Episode 6
      The Gummis go to Ursalia and meet The Barbic Gummis. The Barbics are there to look for a weapon to destroy humans.
    • Bubble Trouble / Close Encounters Of A Gummi Kind
      A) Sunni is searching for her juice when she finds a baby dragon and it drinks the juice which causes it to hiccup bubbles that explode and it is captured by Igthorn. Can Sunni save the baby dragon from Igthorn and his ogres?

      B) Gusto invents a Gummi decoy that turns out to be a lure, but it accidentally lures a bunch of humans to Gummi Glen. Can Gusto and Gruffi get the humans to go away before their home is discovered?moreless
    • A Gummi In A Gilded Cage
      A Gummi In A Gilded Cage
      Season 1 - Episode 2
      Sunni becomes entertainment for the Carpies while Gruffi learns to conquer his fears. Also, a new Gummi device is used!
    • You Snooze, You Lose / Good Neighbor Gummi
      A) Igthorn puts Dunwyn to sleep and Calla takes charge during the crisis. Can she, Cavin, and the Gummies keep Igthorn and his army of ogres out of Dunwyn?

      B) Gruffi breaks a leg trying to do something on his own. Can he learn to ask for help?
    • If I Were You / Faster Than A Speeding Tummi
      A) Igthorn and Tummi switch bodies on Tummi's birthday. B) Tummi cleans up his act and learns faster is not better.
    • What You See Is Me / Bridge On The River Gummi
      A) Tummi learns why the handicapped don't always need help. B) Gusto inspires delusions of grandeur into Gruffi's bridge project.
    • Gummi's At Sea
      Gummi's At Sea
      Season 4 - Episode 16

      Igthorn steals a Gummi submarine and Tummi earns some respect by foiling Duke Igthorn's plans.

    • He Who Laugh's Last
      He Who Laugh's Last
      Season 4 - Episode 7
      Sir Gawain (Cavin's grandpa) tries to prove Gummies exist to win a bet.
    • Wings Over Dunwyn
      Wings Over Dunwyn
      Season 1 - Episode 7
      Duke Igthorn captures all of the Fan Tailed Zephyrs and Grammi leads the way to save them. Can they save the giant birds before they get hurt in an attack on Dunwyn?
    • The Knight's Of Gummidoon
      The Knight's Of Gummidoon
      Season 3 - Episode 2
      The Ancient city of Gummadoon appears for a day and Cubbi and Cavin repel Igthorns attack.
    • Never Give A Gummi An Even Break/The Sinister Sculptor
      A) Grammi finds what seems to be a Gummi that is in a side show and she takes him home to Gummi Glen, but Gruffi thinks there is something wrong with this bear. Are Gruffi's suspicions correct or have they found another Gummi Bear?

      B) A sculptor makes statues of the Gummies with magic dust except for the arguing and fighting Grammi and Gruffi. Can Grammi and Gruffi get over their differences and save the others?moreless
    • A Recipe For Trouble / Gummi in a Strange Land
      A)Grammi tries to become a better cook. She uses new ingredients that lead to trouble.
      B)A slumber sprite puts Gruffi to sleep.
    • A New Beginning
      A New Beginning
      Season 1 - Episode 1
      Calvin meets the Gummi Bears and asks if they will help stop Duke Igthorn from destroying Castle Dunwyn.
    • Up, Up, And Away
      Up, Up, And Away
      Season 2 - Episode 3
      Chummi Gummi comes to Gummi Glen in search of the Great Gummis. When he finds there not there he goes to search for them. Cubbi wants to leave with him so he can become a knight.
    • Color Me Gummi / Gummi Dearest
      Color Me Gummi / Gummi Dearest
      Season 2 - Episode 6
      A) Cavin has taken credit for one of Gusto's paintings and now he must paint a portrait for the king. Will Gusto help even though he will not be given credit for his artwork?

      B) Cubbi is mistaken for a baby griffin and Gruffi has his hands full with a baby griffin. Can they get out of the situation without making the mother griffin too angry?moreless
    • A Gummi's Work Is Never Done
      A Gummi's Work Is Never Done
      Season 6 - Episode 1
      Gruffi & Grammi switch job places. Igthorn makes a machine to destroy Castle Dunwyn.
    • Do Unto Ogres/Loopy, Go Home
      Do Unto Ogres/Loopy, Go Home
      Season 1 - Episode 6
      A) Sunni saves Toadie's life and Toadie falls into a water tainted with a growth potion and this makes him into a giant. Can Toadie save his new friend from Igthorn and the ogres?

      B) Cubbi wants to keep a wolf as a pet. Can he keep it hidden from Gruffi?moreless
    • King Igthorn (1)
      King Igthorn (1)
      Season 6 - Episode 14
      Originally this was the last episode of Gummi Bears. Igthorn leaves town for awhile to get a special termite to destroy Gummi Glen. The Gummi's unaware of Igthorns plan and thinking he left for good celebrate. Zummi thinks since Igthorn is gone he can call the Great Gummi's back and does. Duke Igthorn returns with the termite to destroy Gummi Glen. After destroying Gummi Glen he leads an attack on Castle Dunwyn. He captures the King and takes over. The Gummi's call upon the help of The Barbics to help stop Igthorn. Zummi tells the Great Gummi's not to come. After stopping Igthorn and saving the Great Gummi's, the regular Gummi's find themselves homeless. So The Gummi's move in at Ursalia with The Barbics. Copy this to see screen captions:
    • Ogre Baby Boom / Water Way To Go
      Ogre Baby Boom / Water Way To Go
      Season 4 - Episode 6
      A) Igthorn's ogres are made into babies by a bad batch of Gummiberry juice and Grammi attempts to raise one of them as Igthorn tries to find a cure for the rest of the ogres. Can Grammi raise the little troublesome ogre or will it turn the tables on the bears?

      B) Gusto and Sunni find a mermaid named Aquairanne and Igthron sees her too and her giant sea monster and he plans to use her to make her sea monster wreck the Dunwyn castle. Can Gusto and Sunni stop Igthorn's evil plan?moreless
    • Just A Tad Smarter / Too Many Cooks
      A) Toadwart's cousin, Tadpole, has taken over Drekmore and is now out to destroy all the gummi berry bushes and the Gummi Bears know that the only way to stop him is to get Igthorn back in charge. Can they help an old foe get his castle back?

      B) Tummi, Sunni, and Cubbi learn the recipe for making taffy and have to use the pressure cooker at Dunwyn Castle to make it and are discovered in the kitchen but not recognized and they promise to make taffy for everyone. Can they cook their way out of the sticky situation they have found themselves in?moreless
    • Beg, Burrow And Steal
      Beg, Burrow And Steal
      Season 5 - Episode 9
      Trolls are on the loose again, and this time they've hijacked an ancient Gummi digging machine.
    • The Magnificent Seven Gummies
      The Magnificent Seven Gummies
      Season 4 - Episode 12
      A traveler from the Orient searches out the Gummi Bears to honor an ancient pact of friendship and help concerning a dragon.
    • Sweet And Sour Gruffi / Little Bears Lost
      A) The Gummies get more than they bargained for when they try to sweeten Gruffi's sour disposition.

      B) There's a thief in Gummi Glen so Grammi and Zummi team up to find the rat.
    • King Igthorn (2)
      King Igthorn (2)
      Season 6 - Episode 15
      Originally this was the last episode of Gummi Bears. Igthorn leaves town for awhile to get a special termite to destroy Gummi Glen. The Gummi's unaware of Igthorns plan and thinking he left for good celebrate. Zummi thinks since Igthorn is gone he can call the Great Gummi's back and does. Duke Igthorn returns with the termite to destroy Gummi Glen. After destroying Gummi Glen he leads an attack on Castle Dunwyn. He captures the King and takes over. The Gummi's call upon the help of The Barbics to help stop Igthorn. Zummi tells the Great Gummi's not to come. After stopping Igthorn and saving the Great Gummi's, the regular Gummi's find themselves homeless. So The Gummi's move in at Ursalia with The Barbics.moreless
    • Dress For Success / Presto Gummo
      Dress For Success / Presto Gummo
      Season 4 - Episode 8
      A) Sunni enters a costume contest in Dunwyn during Folly Day but is caught by Duke Igthorn and learns of his plan to get rid of King Gregor. Can she get away and stop Igthron's plan?

      B) Tummi wants to become a magician while Cubbi pulls his own tricks to make Tummi think that he is really a magician and Tummi is captured by Igthorn when he thinks that his magic will stop them and now Cubbi must help Tummi escape. Can Cubbi and Tummi fool them and escape?moreless
    • Princess Problems / Boggling The Bears
      A) When a snobby princess visits Dunwyn, she causes a war. B) Sunni finds a a creature that can change into many things. When she offers to let it stay, the creature invites her whole family to come live with them.
    • Day Of Beevilweevils
      Day Of Beevilweevils
      Season 3 - Episode 5
      Tummi accidently causes a swarm of bugs to attack the gummiberry bushes.
    • Gummies Just Want To Have Fun / Eye Of The Beholder
      A) Grammi is visited by a childhood friend, Nogum who shows her how to have fun once again, but her chores don't get done in the meantime. Will Nogum get Grammi to come away with him?

      B) An ugly and evil witch named Marzipan plots to take over Dunwyn and it's up to Sunni to show who the enchantress really is. Can she convince Calla who is under the witch's spell?moreless
    • A Knight To Remember / Snows Your Old Man
      A) Cubbi causes trouble when he is play acting like a knight and is told to do his chores and while outside he comes across the ghost of a Gummi Knight that needs help finishing a quest. Can Cubbi complete the difficult quest so the ghost can rest in peace?

      B) The Lord of Winter, Chillbeard, makes it winter in Dunwyn when it should be spring. Can the bears convince him to let spring come or are they in for a very long winter?moreless
    • Life Of The Party / The World According To Gusto
      A) Duke Igthorn meets Lady Bane for the first time and falls in love. B) When rules don't seem to have any effect, Cubbi learns an important lesson of life from Gusto by living with him for one day.
    • Toadie The Conqueror
      Toadie The Conqueror
      Season 6 - Episode 9
      Toadie gets a magic set of armor that makes him invincible but the whole situation turns out to be too hot to handle.
    • Trading Faces
      Trading Faces
      Season 6 - Episode 6
      Igthorn switches places with his twin brother to get conrol over Dunwyn Castle and become king.
    • Let Sleeping Giants Lie / A-Hunting We Will Go
      A) Sunni learns the importance of keeping Gummi traditions when a giant reawakens thanks to her carelessness. B) When a wild bear ravages the north part of Dunwyn, King Gregor and Sir Tuxford have to prove their boasts of hunting stories to Cavin.
    • Friar Tum / The White Knight
      Friar Tum / The White Knight
      Season 4 - Episode 11
      A) Tummi joins a monastery to learn not to be a pushover. B) Duke Igthorn's brother Sir Victor, The White Knight, visits Dunwyn.
    • Zummi In Slumberland / Tummi's Last Stand
      A) Zummi keeps getting his spells mixed up and he starts to try and memorize all of them, but winds up studying so hard that he casts spells when he goes to sleep. Can they help Zummi overcome his problem before something bad happens?

      B) Tummi almost gets he and Cubbi caught because he is so out of shape and when he and Cubbi jump over the water fall to get away they find a Gummi training course. Can Tummi get into shape before the ogres find them?moreless
    • The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again / There's No Place Like Home
      A) Cubbi is told not to play the part of the Crimson Avenger anymore and has to thow away the costume and it is picked up by Toadwart. Will Toadwart ruin the good name of the Crimson Avenger?

       B) Sunni wants to move to a new home and takes Tummi and Cubbi with her. Will she find somewhere for them to stay or will they wind up getting in big trouble?moreless
    • Rocking Chair Bear
      Rocking Chair Bear
      Season 6 - Episode 12
      Lady Bane is getting old so she takes a piece of Sunni's hair to make her young again which leaves Sunni old.
    • True Gritty
      True Gritty
      Season 6 - Episode 4
      Cubbi sees Gritty's true hatred for humans.
    • Patchwork Gummi
      Patchwork Gummi
      Season 6 - Episode 5
      Sunni looses a Great Gummi quilt that has magic. Lady Bane finds the quilt and trys to use it to take over Dunwyn. When Sunni learns Lady Bane has it, she stops her and gets the quilt. Also Duke Igthorn appears in this episode still hopelessly in love with Lady Bane.moreless
    • Once More The Crimson Avenger
      Once More The Crimson Avenger
      Season 6 - Episode 10
      Cubbi almost gives up after a defeat but it re-inspired by a young boys faith in the Crimson Avenger.
    • A Hard Dazed Knight / Mirthy Me
      A Hard Dazed Knight / Mirthy Me
      Season 3 - Episode 1
      A) Igthorn traps Gregor in a magic egg so Calla and Gruffi go save him. Can they pull it off and save the king?

      B) A Gigglin causes a practical joke spree in the Glen. Will this stop the dam from being built in time to stop the water from flooding in?moreless
    • Thornberry To The Rescue
      Thornberry To The Rescue
      Season 6 - Episode 3
      Thornberry visits the Gummi's and gets in the way of things for the Gummis. Thornberry accidently releases a evil spider who seeks revenge on them for trapping her in a cage for years and years.
    • Girl's Knight Out / Guess Who's Gumming To Dinner
      A) Calla enters a squires, tournament to win the right to be her own protector. Can she hide the fact that she is participating from her father, King Gregor?

      B) Sunni goes overboard trying to impress Calla. Will the other Gummies go along with her idea?
    • Tuxford's Turnaround
      Tuxford's Turnaround
      Season 6 - Episode 2
      Cubbi and Tummi learn about responsibility when they help Gruffi instead of watching a tournament of Knights. At the same time Sir Tuxford receives a ego boost when he foils Duke Igthorn's latest attempt to take over Castle Dunwyn.
    • Queen of The Carpies
      Queen of The Carpies
      Season 6 - Episode 13
      The Carpies make Sunni their queen.
    • Tummi Trouble
      Tummi Trouble
      Season 6 - Episode 11
      Igthorn gets a love potion to put on Lady Bane. The potion gets mixed up when he tries to use it. Tummi falls for Lady Bane & Lady Bane falls for Toadie!
    • May The Best Princess Win
      May The Best Princess Win
      Season 6 - Episode 7
      Gregor and Jean-Claude have a war summit while Sunni helps Calla make peace with princess Marrie.