Gummi Bears

Season 2 Episode 1

For A Few Sovereigns More / Over The River And Through The Trolls

Aired Unknown Sep 13, 1986 on NBC

Episode Recap

For A Few Sovereigns More

Igthorn hires a bounty hunter, Flint Shrubwoob to capture a Gummi Bear. He refuses but accepts after he is offered with a double return. Sir Cubbi and his Grandma are out for a picnic when Flint captures Cubbi.
When the hunter captures the bear though Iaghorn refuses to pay up, and he is aloso captured and put in a jail cell. Flint sends a ransom note to Iaghorn's troll's but none of them can read except for Toadie. The Duke's troll's try a sneak attack on hunter by giving a treasure chest that's actually empty. Flint falls for the trap but still captures all of them because he has a special boomerang weapon. Duke Igthorn though has an escape , he has one loose rock in his cell. He tells his trolls to make a diversion and thus Igthron and Cubbi escpae, though they are chained together.
However, they can't seem to shake of Flint as they try to get away and Igthorn is more concerned about saving the buried gold Toadie has hidden. Cubbi comes up with idea to climb a mountain by a waterfall. Igthron finds a rock big enough to destroy the chain connecting him with Cubbi. Cubbi sees a small hole in the mountain but climb can't climb up by himself. Igthorn helps him on the condition that he get help for him. Cubbi reunites with his Grandma but then hears Igthron crying for him to keep his promise. He slidesa rope to Igthorn who attempts to climb up with his gold. Flint arrives, Igthorn being in a comprising situation, decides to leave the gold and flee. Igthorn rescues his trolls from the castle.

Over The River and Through The Trolls

Sir Tuxford is looking for trolls to prevent them from interfering with the gold shipment for the king. They are foiled by some primitive traps and arrive back at the King's castle in their underpants. Cavin whose Grandfather Sir Gawain is a knight wants to rescue his grandfather who was heading the coach.carrying the King's other precious items.
He tells the story to the Gummi Bears of his grandfather found a special gold medallion that started his belief in Gummi Bears. This is relevant to the bears because without that medallion they can't use the Great Book and use magic.
Cavin comes up with a plan that the bears dress up as trolls to infiltrate their gang. The plan goes awry when Cavin wearing a mustache sneezes and his real identity is shown.
Calvin tells Gruffi and Zummi to run back to Sir Tuxford and lead him and the knights to Cavin's predicament. Tuxford and knights are already planning to do another search. When Tuxford and the knight come up, they mistake the bears for trolls. The bears run back to the trolls where they are trying to open the chest with the gold in it and bring the knights with them. Cavin, aided with gummi juice, rescues himself and his grandfather and make a dash getaway with the King's gold. The trolls are rounded up before one of them can get away.
However one of them scares the horses while Gawain is on the coach. Zummi catches up with the coach and unleashes a spell that makes the coach fly right before it can crash and Sir Gawain is saved.
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