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Ode To A Gummi Bear

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         When will they ever bring back our beloved gummis? This show had everything you needed to succeed: Good animation, lovable characters, great plot-lines, and a good history and basis for the show's characters. I think the most exciting about this series was when they met other gummis or when they tried to contact them. Note the episode when they found the large telescope and were so close to contacting the gummis that stayed overseas. This show had some of the most wonderful villians. They weren't disney villians, they were gummi villians. The Gummi Bears took on a whole new type of villian, not just ones who could shove you. These villians would shoot walnuts at you through a homemade gun and they would tie you up and try to kill you. Now that is some good disney plot. Well, the arogance of the Gummis is no more. The arogance of one at least, Gruffi. None of the gummis live on to this day but they will always be alive on the drawing board of my heart. (Sorry for the cheezy ending, I like nachos and I like to have something to go with them)  Sorry again.

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    Hopefully, there will be a DVD release sometime. Disney either is or has released the following shows:
    Chip 'n Dale Rescue Rangers
    Darkwing Duck
    The Tick


    *Single Disk
    Goof Troop
    Quack Pack

    Hopefully it is only a matter of time.
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    I think they should really release this on DVD, there are so many fans out there who want to relive all those old memories.
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