Gummi Bears

Season 4 Episode 2

Girl's Knight Out / Guess Who's Gumming To Dinner

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1988 on NBC

Episode Recap

Girls Knight Out

Calla is frustrated that she can't take part in the squire competition. She enlists Sunni's help and does take part in a disguise. She keeps her secret from her father, King Gregor, and participates against Unwyn and his two bumbling friends. She easily wins the jousting and archery contest. Now the king says they must retrieve a golden apple and the the guys take off.

Unwyn and the others come face to face with a black knight and they are chased away. Calla shows up and uses her wits to get by the knight and retrieve the apple. The knight takes off his helmet and reveals himself to be King Gregor. Calla runs off and Gregor cannot understand why the squire would run off like that.

Later Calla decides to tell her father the truth. He decides that his daughter needs no protection and that she can handle herself very well.

Guess Who's Gumming to Dinner

The Gummies have just finished up preparing for winter and they are looking forward to the holiday where they do nothing at all. Sunni wants to invite Calla and Grammi agrees that it would be nice to have a guest and overrules Gruffi. Sunni goes to invite Calla and Calla tells her about the ball that she went to and now Sunni wants to make more of the holiday than the others had planned. Sunni goes overboard with everything in order to try and impress Calla and the others get tired of it and when the time comes for their meal, they turn the tables on Sunni and Sunni can't believe what they are doing. She finally realizes how badly she overdid things and apologizes. Calla says that now they can all relax and everyone else agrees.