Gummi Bears

Season 4 Episode 2

Girl's Knight Out / Guess Who's Gumming To Dinner

Aired Unknown Oct 01, 1988 on NBC



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    • Sunni: We're going to have the best meal we've ever had in Gummi Glen.
      Tummi: I'll eat to that!

    • Sunni: Cubbi! Go change into your outfit. We've only got an hour!
      Cubbi: Nuts to you! (runs off)
      Sunni: Grammi, can't he stay in his room during the party?
      Grammi: Of course not. This is his holiday too.
      Sunni: Rats.

    • Unwin: What?! Beaten by a princess?!

    • Calla: I've never seen father so upset.
      Sunni: Maybe you can cheer him up somehow?
      Calla: There's only one way. I've got to tell him the truth.
      Sunni: Boy, you are brave.

    • Calla: Two can play at this game.

    • Unwin: Those other clowns haven't got a chance.

    • Unwin: Goin' for a little spin, Gar?

    • Tummi: Excuse me, Miss, but would you be so kind as to...oh, never mind.
      (Tummi uses a fork as a harpoon to grab a large piece of chicken)
      Tummi: Moby Chick.

    • Gruffi: Zummi, you've created a monster.
      Zummi: I'm sorry I ever gave her that book.
      Grammi: Well, I'm not. It won't hurt any of us to make a little extra effort for a change. Besides, I'm going to cooks something really special!
      Gruffi: Terrific. If I don't work myself to death, I can look forward to being poisoned.

    • Zummi: Decorating was a tradition on Fall's Farewell, but lately, we've gotten lazy about it.
      Tummi: But getting lazy is what holidays are for.

    • Sunni: Caila's gonna come! She said, "yes"!
      Grammi: That's wonderful, Dear.
      Sunni: She got really excited when I told her about all the lanterns and banners we're gonna put up!
      Gruffi: Banners???
      Grammi: Banners??
      Cubbi: Banners??
      Zummi: Banners?
      Tummi: Bananas?

  • Notes

  • Allusions

    • The scene where Tummi harpoons a piece of chicken is parodying a scene from the book "Moby Dick."

    • The scene with Sunni not having the courage to dump the bucket of Gummiberry Shebret on Calla, is paying homage to the Huntsman scene in Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs.