Gummi Bears

Season 3 Episode 4

Gummies Just Want To Have Fun / Eye Of The Beholder

Aired Unknown Oct 03, 1987 on NBC

Episode Recap

Gummies Just Want to Have Fun

Grammi is doing all the chores around Gummi Glen and is getting tired of it. While she is out hanging the clothes and about to fix Tummi's mitten, an old friend shows up. His name is Nogum and he shows Grammi how to have fun for the first time in a long time. They start playing and she doesn't get around to doing any of her chores. The other Gummies start complaining and tell her that Nogum must go.

She and Nogum leave to have more fun and go to get giant berries off of a tree near Dreadmore. They are in the tree when some fruit falls and wakes the guard dog. Then a couple of ogres come along and pick the branch they were on and they grab Nogum. Grammi takes care of one ogre and then she and Nogum take care of the other one.

Nogum asks Grammi to come away with him to have fun all the time. Grammi reaches into her pocket and finds Tummi's mitten and knows that she is needed here and tells Nogum goodbye.

Later the others return from their search for Grammi and are glad to see her and offer to cook dinner themselves for a change.

Eye of the Beholder

Sunni is going home after a day of learning how to ride a horse when she sees a couple of knights throw a witch over the border and they threaten to hang her if she ever returns. Sunni watches as the ugly hag changes herself into a beutiful woman. the next day, Calla doesn't show up for their horse riding lesson and Sunni goes to the castle and learns that Gregor is going to marry a duchess named Marzipan. Sunni wonders why Calla is acting strangely and notices everyone else is as well. She discovers that Marzipan is the witch that she saw earlier and she is still in her beutiful woman form. Sunni tries to warn Calla, but Calla doesn't believe her and tells her to go home. Sunni discovers that the witch's weakness is sugar and disguises herself. She dresses as the pig at the wedding dinner table and just as the witch is about to marry Gregor, she chases her off with sugar cubes. She corners her and throws the sugar on her to reveal her true form to Calla. They chases the witch until she lands in a cake and now Gregor sees it too. Gregor has his guards take her away and asks who the pig was and Calla says that it was her best friend in disguise.