Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 15

Light Makes Right

Aired Unknown Dec 21, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Gummies are sitting around and listen as Zummi tells about the Gummi Bears that were here before and that they had left a signaling device behind, but no one knows where it is.

Igthorn is frustrated over the fact that he hasn't been able to find a weapon to make King Gregor surrender when he is burned by a magnifying glass. He remembers a story from a book that he had on Gummi Bears and he and Toadie go to Dunwyn to get the book. They are discovered as they try to sneak out and Igthorn tears out the page with the Gummiscope and throws the book as they get away.

Calvin takes the book to the Gummi Bears and shows them what Igthorn had taken. Cubbi remembers having a book just like it and they discover that Igthorn is after the Gummiscope too. They go to find it and get there first. They try and signal the other bears and just as they get an answer, Igthorn shows up and they have to retreat. Igthorn threatens to destroy Dunwyn with his new weapon if Gregor doesn't surrender and proves he has such a weapon by destroying a tower and Princess Calla is hurt in the process. Gregor is furious and later that evening, he and the knights ride out to find Igthorn.

The Gummies know that they must destroy the Gummiscope because it is a powerful weapon. They dig through and cause water to rush into where the supports are and Zummi tries to contact the other bears again while Igthorn and his ogres are busy fending off the knights and Gregor. Zummi just misses getting the message when the scope collapses. Zummi is disappointed but Grammi reminds him that at least they got in contact with the other bears and they stopped Igthorn.