Gummi Bears

Season 4 Episode 3

Music Hath Charms / A Tree Grows In Dunwyn

Aired Unknown Oct 08, 1988 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Clutch falls in the hole that the tree came from, his hair disappears and reappears in different places on his head.

  • Quotes

    • Gregor: But Calla, you know I don't believe in Gummi Bears.
      Gruffi: (hiding in the tree) You know Kingie, sometimes we are pretty unbelievable at that. (laughs)

    • Gruffi: That's right Trollie, out of ammo. You're heading back to Dunwyn's iron hotel.

    • (Zummi throws a shield and knocks the weapon that Clutch is holding and Clutch runs away)
      Gruffi: Nice spell, Zummi.
      Zummi: Oh, thanks. (laughs) Something I picked up from Grammi.

    • Troll: That's our exit cue, Tuck.
      Tummi: Not so fast, greenie.

    • Troll: Wow! Look at the pretty gold and it's all ours.
      Clutch: Correction. It's all mine. Get over there with the bears. You stay, the gold goes.
      Troll: Why you rotten slimy double crosser!
      Clutch: Ain't it the truth.

    • Guard: Hey! Anybody there?
      Tummi: No.
      Guard: Oh, o.k....Hey!

    • Clutch: (points to Tummi and Zummi) Take the fat one and the old one.
      Tummi: Who are you calling old?

    • Clutch: No! The apple tree! Our gold! What happened?
      Troll: Gophers?
      Clutch: Gophers don't leave cart tracks.

    • Gruffi: Trolls in Gummi Glen? What do you want you smelly green trouble makers?
      Troll: Hey! I resemble that remark!

    • Gruffi: (riding in the cart admiring the statue Calla gave him) An award of merit. That has a nice ring to it.
      Grammi: If he doesn't start pushing, I'll give him an award of merit.

    • Tummi: (they see lights from the castle searching around for something) Oh oh. Did someone leave the moat running?

    • Toadie: (Igthorn is under the spell of the music) O.k. Dukie, time for fungus licking.

    • Igthorn: Well, this is better than I expected. I got Gummi Bears.

    • Gruffi: (yelling) I said...You...Can't...Hear...A...Thing!
      Grammi: Oh, quit flapping your yap Gruffi. Don't you know I can't hear?
      Gruffi: Why didn't she lose her voice instead?

    • Igthorn: It works! The music works!
      Toadie: Not only that, but it's got a good beat and it's easy to dance to.

    • Igthorn: The bagpipe's spell only works on intelligent creatures. That leaves you (Toadie) out.

    • Igthorn: If I hear that music, I'll be more of a mindless idiot than you!

    • Igthorn: Hurry, you dilly dallying nitwit! Bring that crate in here now!
      Toadie: Box too heavy for poor underfed Toadie, your Dukatude.
      Igthorn: Then put it down.
      (Toadie drops the crate on himself)
      Toadie: Toadie hurt himself real bad.

    • Grammi: Who says you can't teach an old bear new tricks?

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