Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 8

Never Give A Gummi An Even Break/The Sinister Sculptor

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1985 on NBC
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Never Give A Gummi An Even Break/The Sinister Sculptor
A) Grammi finds what seems to be a Gummi that is in a side show and she takes him home to Gummi Glen, but Gruffi thinks there is something wrong with this bear. Are Gruffi's suspicions correct or have they found another Gummi Bear?

B) A sculptor makes statues of the Gummies with magic dust except for the arguing and fighting Grammi and Gruffi. Can Grammi and Gruffi get over their differences and save the others?moreless

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    June Foray

    June Foray

    Grammi Gummi

    Paul Winchell

    Paul Winchell

    Zummi Gummi (Seasons 1 - 3)

    Noelle North

    Noelle North

    Cubbi Gummi, Princess Calla

    Lorenzo Music

    Lorenzo Music

    Tummi Gummi

    Roger C. Carmel

    Roger C. Carmel

    Sir Tuxford (1st season)

    Christian Jacobs

    Christian Jacobs

    Calvin (1st. Season)

    Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


    • TRIVIA (2)

      • When Grammi Gummi loses her "face" during the act in Never Give a Gummi an Even Break, the "human" one underneath it bears a strong resemblence to June Foray who is the real life voice of Grammi Gummi.

      • When the sculptor is putting the rabbit he caught in his wagon, you can see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as part of his collection.

    • QUOTES (11)

      • Gruffi: Age before beauty.
        Grammi: I'll climb slowly so you can keep up.

      • Grammi: You ruined the puzzle!
        Gruffi: Me?! Why you stubborn old...
        (Grammi stuffs an apple in his mouth)
        Grammi: Don't you ever speak to me again!
        (Grammi walks into the kitchen and Gruffi takes out the apple and goes in the kitchen and starts to throw it at her)
        Grammi: And stay out of my kitchen!
        Gruffi: (starts to walk off and mockingly mumbles) And stay out of my kitchen.
        (he gets hit in the head with spaghetti noodles)
        Grammi: I heard that!

      • Grammi: Why can't you be big about this?
        Gruffi: Is that a short joke?
        Grammi: Take it as you please, Tiny!

      • Elf: It's getting to where you can't make a dishonest days living.

      • Elf: There goes our meal ticket.
        Assistant: And here comes trouble!

      • Elf: There's a sucker born every minute and I just caught six.

      • Elf: That Gummi's cooking could gag a gremlin.

      • Gruffi: I can't put my finger on it, but there's something strange about that bear.

      • Gruffi: Know what your problem is? You're too soft hearted.
        (Grammi opens a door and hits Gruffi in the head)
        Grammi: Better than being hard headed like some bears I know.

      • Grammi: Don't be so hard on them, Gruffi. After all, my cooking is hard to resist.
        Gruffi: And even harder to swallow.

      • Grammi: That little scamp. Always up to no good.
        Gruffi: That's for sure. (He comes in holding Tummi and Cubbi by their arms)
        Grammi: Gruffi.
        Gruffi: You may have made those Gummi Pops, Grammi; but these two made a sucker out of you.
        (Tummi and Cubbi took the Gummi Pops)

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