Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 8

Never Give A Gummi An Even Break/The Sinister Sculptor

Aired Unknown Nov 02, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Grammi Gummi loses her "face" during the act in Never Give a Gummi an Even Break, the "human" one underneath it bears a strong resemblence to June Foray who is the real life voice of Grammi Gummi.

    • When the sculptor is putting the rabbit he caught in his wagon, you can see Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck as part of his collection.

  • Quotes

    • Gruffi: Age before beauty.
      Grammi: I'll climb slowly so you can keep up.

    • Grammi: You ruined the puzzle!
      Gruffi: Me?! Why you stubborn old...
      (Grammi stuffs an apple in his mouth)
      Grammi: Don't you ever speak to me again!
      (Grammi walks into the kitchen and Gruffi takes out the apple and goes in the kitchen and starts to throw it at her)
      Grammi: And stay out of my kitchen!
      Gruffi: (starts to walk off and mockingly mumbles) And stay out of my kitchen.
      (he gets hit in the head with spaghetti noodles)
      Grammi: I heard that!

    • Grammi: Why can't you be big about this?
      Gruffi: Is that a short joke?
      Grammi: Take it as you please, Tiny!

    • Elf: It's getting to where you can't make a dishonest days living.

    • Elf: There goes our meal ticket.
      Assistant: And here comes trouble!

    • Elf: There's a sucker born every minute and I just caught six.

    • Elf: That Gummi's cooking could gag a gremlin.

    • Gruffi: I can't put my finger on it, but there's something strange about that bear.

    • Gruffi: Know what your problem is? You're too soft hearted.
      (Grammi opens a door and hits Gruffi in the head)
      Grammi: Better than being hard headed like some bears I know.

    • Grammi: Don't be so hard on them, Gruffi. After all, my cooking is hard to resist.
      Gruffi: And even harder to swallow.

    • Grammi: That little scamp. Always up to no good.
      Gruffi: That's for sure. (He comes in holding Tummi and Cubbi by their arms)
      Grammi: Gruffi.
      Gruffi: You may have made those Gummi Pops, Grammi; but these two made a sucker out of you.
      (Tummi and Cubbi took the Gummi Pops)

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