Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 11

Night Of The Gargoyle/Can I Keep Him?

Aired Unknown Nov 23, 1985 on NBC
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Night Of The Gargoyle/Can I Keep Him?
A) Duke Igthorn sends a magic gargoyle to wreak havoc over castle Dunwyn and eliminate King Gregor. Can Zummi and the others stop the gargoyle before it's too late?

B) Cubbi's flute playing attracts a interesting pet and when they fly to Drekmore, they are captured by Igthorn who wants to use the new "pet" for his own evil purposes. Can Sunni and Cubbi stop Igthorn and his ogres?moreless

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      • Sunni: Not even Igthorn can escape the wrath of Igthorn.

      • Cubbi: Hey Iggy! You throw about as good as a cross-eyed troll!

      • Igthorn: I can't wait to get to Dunwyn Castle with my new door opener.

      • Igthorn: You will, of course, show me how to use it (the flute).
        Cubbi: Never, Duke Dodo!
        Igthorn: Watch your tongue, you babbling bear. My ogres haven't eaten yet today.

      • Igthorn: Welcome to my humble home. I do so love it when guests drop in.

      • Toadie: I got it! I got it! (gets hit in the head with a roofing tile)

      • Igthorn: What's that thing doing on my battlement?
        Toadie: I don't see it doing anything, your Dukiness.
        Igthorn: I can see that!

      • Sunni: He's (Cubbi) such a child. How am I supposed to learn to be an adult from him?
        Gruffi: (not paying attention to her and working on a gadget) Uh huh.
        Sunni: I'm older now. But I'm still always getting stuck with him.
        Gruffi: Why don't you go play with...Uh...Cubbi or something?
        Sunni: Gruffi! You haven't heard a word I've said. Have you?
        Gruffi: What? Oh, I don't know. Around lunchtime I guess.
        Sunni: Nobody ever listens to me.
        Gruffi: What?
        Sunni: Never mind.

      • (Sunni and Cubbi are fighting)
        Grammi: Sunni, why don't you and Cubbie go somewhere fare away and play?
        Sunni: Oh Grammi, that's just what I was talking about. Why do I...
        Cubbi: She's no fun. I don't want to...
        Grammi: Stop! Now you two have just got to learn to get along with each other and now is as good a time as any. Good bye.
        Sunni: But...
        Grammi: Right now!

      • (the gargoyle grabs Zummi's hand and Zummi can't see without his glasses)
        Zummi: Oh, thank heavens you're back Cubbi. Did you get him?
        Gargoyle: No. No bash-bash.
        Zummi: Oh, that's too bad.

      • Cubbi: O.k. plaster puss, where are you?

      • Zummi: (missing his glasses and can't see well) Careful Cubbi. That creature is very cleaver.
        Cubbi: Yeah, well I'm rough and tough.

      • Calla: (to gargoyle) When I get my hands on you, you'll regret the day you were carved!

      • Calla: Show your face, you coward.
        Gargoyle: (laughing) Show face. Show face.
        Calla: It's father's gargoyle! It's bewitched!

      • Tummi: Gee I don't remember sending the king a present.
        Grammi: That's because we didn't send one.
        Tummi: Oh, good reason.

      • Toadie: They took the gargoyle inside, your Dukiosity sir.
        Igthorn: Good. Now tonight we'll see what kind of luck comes to dear King Gregor, good or bad.

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