Gummi Bears

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • A Gnostic allegory.

    In the misty days before the unbridled glorification of consumerist capitalism that was DuckTales, Disney released a haunting Gnostic allegory known as Gummi Bears.

    How so?

    Well, I'll tell you.

    The bears live this sort of degenerate life as an outpost in an unfamiliar world where they stand as strangers in a strange land. They know little about their glorious antecedents, the Great Gummis, and are rather surrounded by the decaying relics of technology they neither understand nor could create themselves. They are the last of a very dying breed, attempting to preserve the wonder of this incomprehensible past.

    Into the mess comes the Medallion and BAM--the Great Book of Gummi is opened. They begin to recall their true identity, recover their memory and their power.

    And who are our villians? Well, the value set is pretty flipped. The Gummis are defenders of a feudal kingdom where a self-appointed monarch rules by force. The pretender to the throne, Duke Igthorn, is the force of change and at least has a little ambition to break the endless stasis (drive which would be considered noble in, say, DuckTales). And Lady Bane is a scientist with a giant atomic model who despises the feudal backwardness that surrounds her.

    Yet they are our enemies.

    The Gummis have the unfortunate role of propping a up doomed system against the onslaught of change. Eventually, we suppose, the effort collapses and the world progresses (if progress is even possible) to Reaganomics DuckTales land.