Gummi Bears

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • My favorite Disney Animation show from the 80's. My favorite of all of them.

    I like stuff of mythical legend and adventure and this series had it all, I am glad this was one of Disney's first animated series. For me this show had everything, every mythical creature and adventure I could want, before Aladdin and Gargoyles, this series was exactly what I needed from Disney's animated shows.

    I love how the story is set, a race of bears who were thought to be only a legend are found by a young boy and as the series goes on, the bears find out more about their past. While I did usually record episodes of DuckTales back when Toon Disney was a dumping ground for their old series (I like that is now has new original programming now though), I almost forgot this series until I saw my DirecTV guide and saw it was airing in the morning, while DuckTales comes as one of my favorite classics, this show is superior to it for me.

    I feel this shows colorful wide range of characters can give anyone a character they can relate to, I feel I relate the most to Tummi and Gruffi, for example, I love to eat a lot, and with Gruffi I am not usually the happiest and try to get things done when I have to (sometimes ^^;).

    I will say of any series that should not have been removed from the air, this one should have stayed on longer then the others that were on Disney and Toon Disney, while I know the channels are for kids and they show what is rated highest with them since they are the targeted audience. but still, this show I feel is good for everyone. While I like watching Gargoyles on Jetix and my DVD sets, I am kinda disapointed that this show has not come out on DVD yet (though I do own a bootleg of the series I bought on eBay).

    I would recommend this series to many cartoon fans of mythical legend and those who have kids, this is a good series that would be good for families to be able to have access to for some animated entertainment for the whole family.

    And this is a series that was unfairly cancelled due to the 65 episode rule, but it had a good ending at least for the last episode of the series.