Gummi Bears

NBC (ended 1990)


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  • One of my favorite Disney Cartoon shows I ever seen! This was during the time when Disney had really great stuff instead of most of it today...

    I never really watched the series much when I was a kid, even on reruns of the show. But after I bought Volume 1 of Seasons 1-3 on DVD, I got hooked on it! I was VERY surprised how great the series is! Heck I'm a young adult and I enjoy it alot! It has really great characters and sometimes good plot to it, but the characters really make the series good and the adventure as well. Also it has a good catchy theme song that I don't mind that it can be a ear worm, heck there are worst songs to have suck in the head.

    I hope Volume 2 comes out with Season 4-6 of the series so I can watch the rest of it and see what happens.

    Oh and my mother loves the series as well and the song as well. And we both agree, Disney should reintroduce the series again since it was so much fun. Heck it could bring back more Disney fans. Also as my mom suggests, I think the quick tunnels in the series would make a fun Disney World ride and would help reintroduce Gummi Bears.

    I suggest that everybody to watch this series. I think you'll be surprised and actually enjoy it!
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