Gummi Bears - Season 2

NBC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • The Crimson Avenger
    Cubbi's first appearance as his alter ego the Crimson avenger.
  • My Gummi Lies Over The Ocean
    Gruffi & Tummi get ship wrecked on deserted island and meet another Gummi.
  • For Whom The Spell Holds
    Zummi experiments with advanced magic gets himself into trouble, when he released an evil wizard.
  • For A Few Sovereigns More / Over The River And Through The Trolls
    A) Igthorn hires a mercenary named Flint Shrubwood to find and capture a Gummi bear and ends up being the one that is hunted along with Cubbi. Can they escape the persistant bounty hunter?
    B) Trolls try to hijack a shipment of gold protected by Sir Gawain. Can Calvin and the Gummi Bears help his grandfather save the gold from the trolls?moreless
  • Bubble Trouble / Close Encounters Of A Gummi Kind
    A) Sunni is searching for her juice when she finds a baby dragon and it drinks the juice which causes it to hiccup bubbles that explode and it is captured by Igthorn. Can Sunni save the baby dragon from Igthorn and his ogres?

    B) Gusto invents a Gummi decoy that turns out to be a lure, but it accidentally lures a bunch of humans to Gummi Glen. Can Gusto and Gruffi get the humans to go away before their home is discovered?moreless
  • You Snooze, You Lose / Good Neighbor Gummi
    A) Igthorn puts Dunwyn to sleep and Calla takes charge during the crisis. Can she, Cavin, and the Gummies keep Igthorn and his army of ogres out of Dunwyn?

    B) Gruffi breaks a leg trying to do something on his own. Can he learn to ask for help?
  • If I Were You / Faster Than A Speeding Tummi
    A) Igthorn and Tummi switch bodies on Tummi's birthday. B) Tummi cleans up his act and learns faster is not better.
  • Up, Up, And Away
    Up, Up, And Away
    Episode 3
    Chummi Gummi comes to Gummi Glen in search of the Great Gummis. When he finds there not there he goes to search for them. Cubbi wants to leave with him so he can become a knight.
  • Color Me Gummi / Gummi Dearest
    A) Cavin has taken credit for one of Gusto's paintings and now he must paint a portrait for the king. Will Gusto help even though he will not be given credit for his artwork?

    B) Cubbi is mistaken for a baby griffin and Gruffi has his hands full with a baby griffin. Can they get out of the situation without making the mother griffin too angry?moreless