Gummi Bears - Season 4

NBC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Gummi's At Sea
    Gummi's At Sea
    Episode 16

    Igthorn steals a Gummi submarine and Tummi earns some respect by foiling Duke Igthorn's plans.

  • The Magnificent Seven Gummies
    A traveler from the Orient searches out the Gummi Bears to honor an ancient pact of friendship and help concerning a dragon.
  • Friar Tum / The White Knight
    A) Tummi joins a monastery to learn not to be a pushover. B) Duke Igthorn's brother Sir Victor, The White Knight, visits Dunwyn.
  • A Knight To Remember / Snows Your Old Man
    A) Cubbi causes trouble when he is play acting like a knight and is told to do his chores and while outside he comes across the ghost of a Gummi Knight that needs help finishing a quest. Can Cubbi complete the difficult quest so the ghost can rest in peace?

    B) The Lord of Winter, Chillbeard, makes it winter in Dunwyn when it should be spring. Can the bears convince him to let spring come or are they in for a very long winter?moreless
  • Top Gum
    Top Gum
    Episode 9
    Cubbi leans to fly and lands the Gummies in trouble.
  • Dress For Success / Presto Gummo
    A) Sunni enters a costume contest in Dunwyn during Folly Day but is caught by Duke Igthorn and learns of his plan to get rid of King Gregor. Can she get away and stop Igthron's plan?

    B) Tummi wants to become a magician while Cubbi pulls his own tricks to make Tummi think that he is really a magician and Tummi is captured by Igthorn when he thinks that his magic will stop them and now Cubbi must help Tummi escape. Can Cubbi and Tummi fool them and escape?moreless
  • He Who Laugh's Last
    Sir Gawain (Cavin's grandpa) tries to prove Gummies exist to win a bet.
  • Ogre Baby Boom / Water Way To Go
    A) Igthorn's ogres are made into babies by a bad batch of Gummiberry juice and Grammi attempts to raise one of them as Igthorn tries to find a cure for the rest of the ogres. Can Grammi raise the little troublesome ogre or will it turn the tables on the bears?

    B) Gusto and Sunni find a mermaid named Aquairanne and Igthron sees her too and her giant sea monster and he plans to use her to make her sea monster wreck the Dunwyn castle. Can Gusto and Sunni stop Igthorn's evil plan?moreless
  • Zummi In Slumberland / Tummi's Last Stand
    A) Zummi keeps getting his spells mixed up and he starts to try and memorize all of them, but winds up studying so hard that he casts spells when he goes to sleep. Can they help Zummi overcome his problem before something bad happens?

    B) Tummi almost gets he and Cubbi caught because he is so out of shape and when he and Cubbi jump over the water fall to get away they find a Gummi training course. Can Tummi get into shape before the ogres find them?moreless
  • The Crimson Avenger Strikes Again / There's No Place Like Home
    A) Cubbi is told not to play the part of the Crimson Avenger anymore and has to thow away the costume and it is picked up by Toadwart. Will Toadwart ruin the good name of the Crimson Avenger?

     B) Sunni wants to move to a new home and takes Tummi and Cubbi with her. Will she find somewhere for them to stay or will they wind up getting in big trouble?moreless
  • Music Hath Charms / A Tree Grows In Dunwyn
    A) Duke Igthorn gets a magic bagpipe that hypnotizes whoever hears its music except the dimwitted ogres. Can Grammi, who by luck was deaf when the music was played the first time, save everyone from serving Igthorn forever?

    B) The Gummies help Calla take an apple tree to Dunwyn for the king, but the trolls had hidden their gold inside the tree and now they think the Gummies have it. Can Gruffi save the Gummies from the trolls?moreless
  • Girl's Knight Out / Guess Who's Gumming To Dinner
    A) Calla enters a squires, tournament to win the right to be her own protector. Can she hide the fact that she is participating from her father, King Gregor?

    B) Sunni goes overboard trying to impress Calla. Will the other Gummies go along with her idea?