Gummi Bears - Season 5

NBC (ended 1990)


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Episode Guide

  • Beg, Burrow And Steal
    Trolls are on the loose again, and this time they've hijacked an ancient Gummi digging machine.
  • Let Sleeping Giants Lie / A-Hunting We Will Go
    A) Sunni learns the importance of keeping Gummi traditions when a giant reawakens thanks to her carelessness. B) When a wild bear ravages the north part of Dunwyn, King Gregor and Sir Tuxford have to prove their boasts of hunting stories to Cavin.
  • Life Of The Party / The World According To Gusto
    A) Duke Igthorn meets Lady Bane for the first time and falls in love. B) When rules don't seem to have any effect, Cubbi learns an important lesson of life from Gusto by living with him for one day.
  • Return To Ursalia
    Return To Ursalia
    Episode 6
    The Gummis go to Ursalia and meet The Barbic Gummis. The Barbics are there to look for a weapon to destroy humans.
  • A Gummi Is A Gummi's Best Friend / When You Wish Upon A Stone
    A) Gruffi won't admit that Zummi is his best friend until Gruffi mistakes Gusto's lifelike sculpture of Zummi for the real thing. B) Cavin is having problems with knight training, so he and Cubbi explore several solutions against a giant guarding a wishing stone.
  • What You See Is Me / Bridge On The River Gummi
    A) Tummi learns why the handicapped don't always need help. B) Gusto inspires delusions of grandeur into Gruffi's bridge project.
  • The Road To Ursalia
    Gruffi burns the Great Book of Gummis and goes to Ursalia to find another to replace it. Their he meets Thornberry, a gummi who tries to save Ursalia from an evil witch, Lady Bane!!
  • Princess Problems / Boggling The Bears
    A) When a snobby princess visits Dunwyn, she causes a war. B) Sunni finds a a creature that can change into many things. When she offers to let it stay, the creature invites her whole family to come live with them.
  • Ogre For A Day
    Ogre For A Day
    Episode 1
    Duke Igthorn has come up with a plan so secret that Cavin is turned into an ogre in order to spy on him.