Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 12

The Oracle/Someday My Prints Will Come

Aired Unknown Nov 30, 1985 on NBC

Episode Recap

The Oracle

Tummi is seen creeping through the kitchen. Apparently getting a midnight snack. He triggers a trap that alerts the other gummies of what he is doing. He pretends to be asleep but the others see through his possuem act and demand that he go on a diet. The next day Tummi is searching the glen for his food stashes but all have been discovered. Zummi comes and tells him that even the Great Gummies loved food because the old section of Gummi glen is full of pantries. Tummi then rushes off to "learn more about history." At Igthorns castle, the Duke is trying to figure out the Gummi berry juice potion to take over Dunwyen. The ogres then tell him of an oracle whom they have been going to for questions for centuries. Duke decides to go see the oracle. Meanwhile, Tummi is searching the old part of Gummi Glen when he discovers the "oracle trick" or a type of gadget. Igthorn comes to see the "oracle" and Tummi messes with Iggie's mind for awhile then tells him to go get as many gummi berries as they could get then to come back after lunch time. Tummi goes home, and learns from the others that the ogres were picking berries and that they were gone by the time the Gummies came in. Tummi dashed back to the oracle, and told the Duke to go search for a feather to help him make gummi berry juice. Tummi came out to eat the berries after the Duke left, but the Duke had a question about what he was to get a returned early and found Tummi. Tummi was captured but the oracle saved him. Igthorn, ran because the oracle spit fire and caused an Earthquake. The oracle then scolded Tummi for eating the berries then revealed that it was the other Gummies behind that oracle. They then returned home and Tummi returned to his dessert.

Someday My Prints Will Come

Tummi and Zummi were in the library when Tummi accidentally found a secret door. The door lead to an old store room which housed a strange machine made by the great Gummies. Tummi climbed in the machine and turned it on. it started to bounce and soon Tummi and the machine were outside! Zummi ran to get the others for help to find Tummi. Tummi's wild ride led him to Sir Tuxford's camp and totally trashed it. The knight returned to Dunwyen to call his fellow knights to arms against a terrible dragon. Meanwhile, the other Gummies had stumble onto a real Dragon! The gentlest dragon that is. The machine Tummi was in finally stop bouncing and the Gummies were rejoined! The dragon then told them about the machine, that it was a dragon decoy and that she had modeled for the foot. She realized that she was following herself around the forest when she was following the foot prints made by the decoy. Soon Sir Tuxford and his knights could be heard following the footprints wanting to slay the dragon and the Gummies couldn't let them slay their new friend. So Tummi climbed into the dragon decoy and led the knights in the opposite direction. Tummmi then rode the machine over a cliff but jumped off when it bounced back up. The knights rolled a stone over a cliff to "kill the beast." So the dragon decoy was destroyed but the real dragon was safe. She took the Gummies back to her cave and made them some tea and congratulated Tummi on a job well done.