Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 7

Wings Over Dunwyn

Aired Unknown Oct 26, 1985 on NBC



  • Trivia

    • When Grammi and Tummi first approach the bird on the nest, they have something in their baskets and in the very next shot, the baskets are empty.

  • Quotes

    • Igthorn: If we despots were meant to fly, we wouldn't have been given clay headed clods like you! (kicks Toadie into the moat)

    • Gruffi: What do you know. This bundle of feathers save my fur.

    • Sir Tuxford: I say. Igthorn always did fight dirty. (gets hit with a bag of dirt)

    • Igthorn: Surrender Gregor!
      King Gregor: Igthorn!
      Sir Tuxford: Have you got rocks in your head, man?
      Igthorn: No but you will. Fire!

    • Gruffi: Swell. Now our gooses are really cooked.

    • Gruffi: Hurry Grammi. Feathers will fly if Igthorn catches us here.

    • Gruffi: Why should I risk my neck for a bunch of silly birds?
      Grammi: Because you'll have to anwser to me if you don't, Gruffi Gummik.
      (the baby bird pecks him in the rear)
      Gruffi: Ouch! All right. I get the point.I'll do anything to get rid of that overgrown gander.

    • Toadie: (riding one of the birds) Down-to-earth Toadie cannot take this!

    • Igthorn: My plan is working perfectly. Once I have these birds under my control, I'll take Dunwyn under my wing weather Gregor likes it or not.

    • Sunni: Maybe we'd better take the little guy outside to play.
      Gruffi: Good idea. Maybe we'll get lucky and he'll fly away.

    • Grammi: (rocking the giant baby bird and singing) Rock-a-bye birdie, in Grammi's lap...
      Gruffi: (singing sarcastically) Under that load, the rocker will snap.

    • Igthorn: The only thing you'll ever catch is a cold.

    • Igthorn: Somebody give that airhead a hand.

    • Grammi: We gotta make sure this momma-to-be keeps her strength up.
      Tummi: What about me?

    • Grammi: These birds must be famished after their long trip.
      Tummi: Yeah, I know the feeling.

    • Grammi: Can you imagine anything more wonderful than that?
      Tummi: Lunch?

    • Ogre: (singing) Toadie up a tree.
      Toadie: Trembling Toadie be up a tree of a different kind when Dukems finds out his dinner got away.

    • Igthorn: Yuck. This slop isn't even fit for an ogre.
      Toadie: That's funny. I just fed it to the troops and they loved it.
      Igthorn: Well I don't! Now bring me something else.
      Toadie: Sorry your Finickieness, but that's all that's left.
      Igthorn: grabs Toadie) Find me something decent to eat or I'll be having Toadie al la Moadie for dessert!

    • Igthorn: I hope you've cooked up something special, Toadwart. I'm so hungry, I could eat a dragon.
      Toadie: Fear not, oh Ravenous One.

    • Tummi: Yum! What's cooking, Grammi? (takes a little of one of the pies and it has a worm in it)
      Grammi: Tummi! Those pies are for the birds!
      Tummi: Yuck! You're not kidding.

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