Gummi Bears

Season 4 Episode 5

Zummi In Slumberland / Tummi's Last Stand

Aired Unknown Oct 22, 1988 on NBC
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Zummi In Slumberland / Tummi's Last Stand
A) Zummi keeps getting his spells mixed up and he starts to try and memorize all of them, but winds up studying so hard that he casts spells when he goes to sleep. Can they help Zummi overcome his problem before something bad happens?

B) Tummi almost gets he and Cubbi caught because he is so out of shape and when he and Cubbi jump over the water fall to get away they find a Gummi training course. Can Tummi get into shape before the ogres find them?moreless

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      • Grammi: (slicing a cake) You must feel awfully proud, Tummi.
        Tummi: Acutally, I feel awfully...Hungry! (grabs some cake and eats it)

      • Toadi: Just think, someday people will pay to go on rides just like it. (Igthorn hits him over the head with a fish)

      • Toadi: Intrepid Toadie shall brave the unkown with his Dukie! (Tummi activates a trap) I've got the feeling I'm going to regret this.

      • Tummii: It's just you and me, Iggy. (runs to another part of the cave)
        Igthron: Yes, and in a moment it will just be me. And don't call me Iggy!

      • Igthorn: Why, you little liar!
        Cubbi: Who are you calling little?

      • Igthorn: So, are there any more of you fiendish furballs around?

      • Ogre: (grabs Cubbi who is wearing Gummi armor) Gee, Gummi in a can.

      • Tummi: (he and Cubbi see ogres searching the woods and they hide behind a bush) Maybe they won't see us.
        Ogre: Gummies!
        Tummi: Then again, maybe they will.

      • Tummi: (wearing Gummi armor) Do I really have to wear this stuff?
        Cubbi: Absolutely! You're a Gummi warrior now. I bet you already lost ten pounds.
        Tummi: (takes off part of armor) And here goes another ten.

      • Tummi: (finished obstacle course and is tired) Ta da!
        Cubbi: Congradulations Tummi! You did it!
        Tummi: Actually, I overdid it. (passes out)

      • Tummi: (gets knocked off the log portion of the obstacle course) How'd I do?
        Cubbi: That was good, for your first try. Let's do it again from the top.
        Tummi: From the top? (groans) Oh.

      • Igthorn: As usual, there is only one person I can rely on.
        Toadie: Yep. Only one.
        Igthorn: And that's me.
        Toadie: (dejected) Uh, that was my second guess.

      • Igthorn: Follow me, you ninnies!

      • Igthorn: Troops. We are here for one purpose and one purpose only, to finish off those meddling Gummi Bears!
        Ogre: But Dukie, must get Gummies first.
        Igthorn: I know that, numbskull.

      • Zummi: Maybe my snow spell will cool off that hothead.

      • (the gummi pepper monster growls and Tummi walks in and doesn't see it)
        Tummi: Boy, you must really be hungry, Zummi. I can hear your stomach growling all the way down the...(he sees the monster)...Zummi! Wake up! We've got big trouble!

      • Zummi: These gummi peppers have turned me into a monster.
        (he falls asleep and casts a spell that makes the gummi pepper into a real monster)

      • (Grammi wakes Zummi from his sleep)
        Zummi: Zummi! You've been chanting spells in your sleep!

      • (Gruffi gets caught in one of his traps)
        Zummi: I don't know if your traps work on goblins, but they sure work on Gummi Bears.

      • Zummi: Oh, why can't I remember the shrinking spell!
        Grammi: Because you're working too hard, Zummi dear. You can't think on an empty stomach you know. And my gummi pepper loaf will give you real food for thought. (she leaves it and walks off)
        Zummi: (takes a bite of the loaf and gags) I-I guess if it tastes this bad, it must be good for you.

      • (Zummi accidentally created a blizzrd in the room)
        Zummi: I'm sorry, Gruffi.
        Gruffi: Forget it. Right now, we've got to get some shovels and straighten up this place. Maybe someday you'll get your head straight.
        Zummi: Oh, Gruffi's right. If only I didn't mix up my spells.

      • Gruffi: What are you planning to do with all these gummi peppers, Grammi? Build a castle?

      • Zummi: Oh, my stars! I wanted it to glow, not snow.

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