Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 14

Zummi Makes It Hot/My Kingdom For A Pie

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1985 on NBC
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Zummi Makes It Hot/My Kingdom For A Pie
A) The water has stopped running in Gummi Glen. Zummi, Grammi, Cubbi and Cavin go to the source and fix the problem. Can they find the problem and can they make it back through Drekmore where it is located?

B) Tummi fights a battle with his own self control when Duke Igthorn temps him with food. Can Tummi gain self-control before he gives away the location to Gummi Glen?moreless

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      • (they are crossing a rope bridge to get to the pumping station and Zummi stops)
        Grammi: He's frozen with panic.
        Cavin: I'm going to try something else!
        Cubbi: Try anything!
        Grammi: Yeah! Like a swift kick in the patootie!

      • (Tummi tricks Igthorn and Toadwart into falling into the garbage chute)
        Toadwart: This not where Gummies live, Dukamente.
        Igthron: Brilliant observation, fish face.

      • Toadwart: (puzzled over Igthorn's nice treatment of Tummi) Toadie not get it.
        Igthorn: Of course you don't, peabrain. Food is this bear's weekness. The way to the other Gummies is through his stomach.

      • Igthorn: (to Toadwart) Silence! You recipient of the nincompoop of the year award!

      • Ogre: Has Dukie found what he looking for?
        Igthorn: No, you two legged piece of furniture.

      • Toadwart: Tricky Gummi can't fool quick witted Toadie! I want you to cook, cook, cook!
        Tummi: But...
        Toadwart: No buts, bear, or it'll be the executive deluxe torture plan for you!
        Tummi: Sounds painful.
        Toadwart: You'll be forced to listen to a medly of popular folk tunes sung by Gad and Zook.

      • Toadwart: Tackle that pie poacher!

      • Ogre #1: Dukie right. This costume party just not for us.
        Ogre #2: Yeah, this dress not my style.

      • Toadwart: According to the ogre almanac, it's a fool proof plan.
        Igthorn: The only fool around here is you!

      • Igthorn: Toadwart, what's going on here?
        Toadwart: Enterprising Toadie set clever trap to catch Gummies for dearest Dukie.
        Igthorn: You think you'll catch Gummies with a food fair?
        Toadwart: Everyone knows Gummies have sweet tooth.
        Igthorn: I see. And have you caught any of the little furballs yet?
        Toadwart: No, but we've sold twelve coffee cakes!
        Igthorn: You muddleheaded miscreant! This is the most ridiculous, hair-brained scheme I've ever seen!

      • Grammi: You need to learn a little self control, darlin'.
        Tummi: But I've got plenty of self control, honest.
        Gruffi: Sure thing, Tummi. And I'm the Sugar Plum Fairy.
        Tummi: Look, I promise not to think about food for the rest of the day, promise. Cross my heart.
        Gruffi: Ha! Don't bite off more than you can chew.

      • Gruffi: You'd probably sell Grammi for a sandwich.
        Tummi: Uh uh! It would take more than just a sandwich!

      • (Tummi tries to come and help Gruffi so he could finish and they could eat lunch and accidentally causes everything to fall on Gruffi)
        Gruffi: Tummi! What's the big idea?!
        Tummi: Sorry, Gruffi. I just thought I'd help.
        Gruffi: Help?! Do you think the Great Gummies let their stomachs do their thinking for them the way you always do?
        Tummi: Well...Not always.

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