Gummi Bears

Season 1 Episode 14

Zummi Makes It Hot/My Kingdom For A Pie

Aired Unknown Dec 14, 1985 on NBC



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    • (they are crossing a rope bridge to get to the pumping station and Zummi stops)
      Grammi: He's frozen with panic.
      Cavin: I'm going to try something else!
      Cubbi: Try anything!
      Grammi: Yeah! Like a swift kick in the patootie!

    • (Tummi tricks Igthorn and Toadwart into falling into the garbage chute)
      Toadwart: This not where Gummies live, Dukamente.
      Igthron: Brilliant observation, fish face.

    • Toadwart: (puzzled over Igthorn's nice treatment of Tummi) Toadie not get it.
      Igthorn: Of course you don't, peabrain. Food is this bear's weekness. The way to the other Gummies is through his stomach.

    • Igthorn: (to Toadwart) Silence! You recipient of the nincompoop of the year award!

    • Ogre: Has Dukie found what he looking for?
      Igthorn: No, you two legged piece of furniture.

    • Toadwart: Tricky Gummi can't fool quick witted Toadie! I want you to cook, cook, cook!
      Tummi: But...
      Toadwart: No buts, bear, or it'll be the executive deluxe torture plan for you!
      Tummi: Sounds painful.
      Toadwart: You'll be forced to listen to a medly of popular folk tunes sung by Gad and Zook.

    • Toadwart: Tackle that pie poacher!

    • Ogre #1: Dukie right. This costume party just not for us.
      Ogre #2: Yeah, this dress not my style.

    • Toadwart: According to the ogre almanac, it's a fool proof plan.
      Igthorn: The only fool around here is you!

    • Igthorn: Toadwart, what's going on here?
      Toadwart: Enterprising Toadie set clever trap to catch Gummies for dearest Dukie.
      Igthorn: You think you'll catch Gummies with a food fair?
      Toadwart: Everyone knows Gummies have sweet tooth.
      Igthorn: I see. And have you caught any of the little furballs yet?
      Toadwart: No, but we've sold twelve coffee cakes!
      Igthorn: You muddleheaded miscreant! This is the most ridiculous, hair-brained scheme I've ever seen!

    • Grammi: You need to learn a little self control, darlin'.
      Tummi: But I've got plenty of self control, honest.
      Gruffi: Sure thing, Tummi. And I'm the Sugar Plum Fairy.
      Tummi: Look, I promise not to think about food for the rest of the day, promise. Cross my heart.
      Gruffi: Ha! Don't bite off more than you can chew.

    • Gruffi: You'd probably sell Grammi for a sandwich.
      Tummi: Uh uh! It would take more than just a sandwich!

    • (Tummi tries to come and help Gruffi so he could finish and they could eat lunch and accidentally causes everything to fall on Gruffi)
      Gruffi: Tummi! What's the big idea?!
      Tummi: Sorry, Gruffi. I just thought I'd help.
      Gruffi: Help?! Do you think the Great Gummies let their stomachs do their thinking for them the way you always do?
      Tummi: Well...Not always.

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