Gun Frontier

Gong (ended 2002)




Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • 6/20/02
      Asthe threesome find Sitarunen's hideout, the train carrying the new weapons approaches. Our heroes cannot get to the train because of the enemy's firing. Sitarunen departs with the train carrying Sizuku and the other people from Samurai Creek on board. Tochiro dashes out to run after it. He has to save his sister and his people at all costs!moreless
    • 6/13/02
      Sinunora confesses to Harlock and Tochiro that she deserted from the 'Organization' and decides to part ways with them. However, our two heroes tell her to stay with them as a true comrade. They then head for Sitarunen's hideout. On the way, Tochiro sees a woman who looks like his kinswoman entering a strip joint.moreless
    • The threesome arrives in Jamacity controlled by Sitarunen, one of the officers of the 'Organization.' They try to find the hideout of Sitarunen but cannot move around under the persistent watch of the 'Organization'. Meanwhile, in the secret factory of Sitarunen, Sizuku, Tochiro's sister, and the people of Samurai Creek are forced to work developing new weapons.moreless
    • 5/30/02
      The threesome head for Strobe Town to search for Tochiro's sister, Shizuku. However, in front of the town, Tochiro is blocked by the sheriff saying that no adult less than 5 feet high is allowed to enter the town. Tochiro is outraged but the Sheriff is strict with the law. Harlock and Sinunora go in gathering information about the missing people of Samurai Creek. While waiting for them, Tochiro prepares for sleeping out and meets two young kids, a brother and sister.moreless
    • 5/23/02
      Hurrying to the next town Harlock, Tochiro and Sinunora, find the body of a woman. When Tochiro dashes to it, the townspeople shoot at him. Toshiro ends up unconscious and is taken away for execution by hanging. Can Harlock help him out?
    • Wild Utamaro
      Episode 8
      Harlock, Tochiro and Sinunora get on the train for Doji City. They are going to find the Wild Utamaro who betrayed Tochiro's kinsmen at Samurai Creek. Utamaro is a fierce warrior with the Samurai blade. Sneaking into Utamaro's house, Tochiro asks him why he betrayed his people. Utamaro says, "The Darkmeister is the ruler of the world." The two swordsmen duel in the rain. Behind Utamaro, the 'Organization' still watches over Tochiro.moreless
    • 5/9/02
      Tochiro is requested to carry out an assassination byt s man who may be one of his kinsmen. He goes to a clean and elegant town. Here, he is arrested when he urinates on the street. He is thrown into jail and sentenced to 'hang to death.' His sword cane is taken and there's no hope to escape. Then, a mysterious beauty called Asaka comes to save him.moreless
    • 5/2/02
      Tochiro visits a newspaper company in Westerners Town when he sees the missing persons column. It is a trap set by Nogson, the owner of the Newspaper Company and his brother, Masterson to entice the survivors of Samurai Creek. They are the watchers of the 'Organization.'
    • 4/25/02
      Flint Town – you can do anything you like anywhere in this town. Tochiro becomes a victim of this law and is badly beaten by drunken cowboys. He is brought to Dr. Sulski. Coincidentally, he is the person who helped the survivors of Samurai Creek to escape. His real name is Dr. Madarvic.moreless
    • 4/18/02
      Tochiro goes to Bourbon Town with a woman called Hedelnoya. She says she will set him up to meet Maya, the women who Tochiro is looking for. After some struggles in town, Tochiro finally meets Maya and makes sure she is the woman he was seeking. Will he uncover the secret of his kinsmen?moreless
    • Harlock and Tochiro are travelling for a special reason. Their next destination is Samurai Creek. The two guys and Sinunora are stuck in the desert by a sandstorm. When the storm is over, a gunman called Murigson comes their way.
    • 4/4/02
      Sinunora joins Harlock and Tochiro and the threesome keep on going. Suddenly ferocious bandits attack them. In the nick of time, the Indians save them and they reach a quiet town. However, it is too calm here because there's no saloon and no gun shop in this town.
    • 3/28/02
      Young Harlock and Samurai Tochiro are traveling on the wild and lawless planet of Gun Frontier. They arrive at a rundown town and are hired as guards for a pawnshop. However, they soon kill an unarmed man and get fired after less than a day. Then, they meet a mysterious woman called Sinunora.moreless