Gun Sword

TV Tokyo Premiered Jan 01, 2005 Unknown


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Gun Sword

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Gun Sword (also known as Gun X Sword) is a 2005 Japanese science fiction anime. It tells the story of Van (Takanori Hoshino), a tall, slender, tuxedo wearing wanderer of the planet known as "Endless Illusion." Van's goal is to find the mysterious figure known only as the Claw Man (Kenyuu Horiuchi, Kirk Thornton), who is responsible for the murder of his wife. Van is joined by the young Wendy Garret (Houko Kuwashima, Stephanie Shah), a woman in search of her lost brother Michael. The pair make use of powerful armor and shape shifting weapons to survive the many hazards of the wastes. Throughout the course of their journey, they are joined by new companions such as the female mercenary Carmen 99 (Kikuko Inoue, Michelle Ruff), and Ray Lundgren (Takehiro Sakurai, Liam O'Brien), a ruthless pilot who also has a vendetta against the Claw Man. A total of 26 action-packed episodes were produced.

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Season 1 : Episode 26

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bloody and violent, gunfights, horrible people, large scale destruction, light science fiction