Gun X Sword

G4 (ended 2005)


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  • This is a truly great show and remains one of my all time favourites.

    Van is a mysterious man who travels the world with a sash that can become a sword in search of the man who murdered his bride. Along the way he meets Wendy a young girl who is searching for her brother. As it turns out their paths are interlinked and they begin to travel together in search of the people they have lost. Along the way they meet friends and enemies and engage in sword fights gun battles and mecha fights all to reach their goal.

    This is a great show with something for everyone, from comedy to mecha, gunfights to love triangles this show literally has it all.

    This is still one of the best anime's you will ever see. Great!
  • The combination of alot of shows I like.

    The story of Gun X Sword is the classic tale of vengeance told on a planet called Endless Illusion.
    A man called Van seeks revenge on the man who murdered his fiance on their wedding day. Van has one goal and that is to get revenge, along the way he meets several other people who were affected by the same person who killed his fiance. Two of the people that he meets are a young girl whose brother left the man who Van is chasing. The other is a man named Ray who also had his wife killed by the same person. The show basically becomes a race between those two to see who will get reveenge on the mysterious Claw Man.

    This show has good animation and a jazz soundtrack, great fights and action to match.

    Gun X Sword is a show that you should check out at least once it has something for everyone. 9.2
  • Bizarre plot, but the art is sufficiently creepy.

    With characters who look like vampires (but aren't), and a 'mysterious drifter' storyline, this series is a strange blend of the themes from western movies and science fiction. A man who wants to know who killed his wife winds up fighting a robot. I think they weren't sure what kind of show they wanted to write, so they just stuck two plots together. I'm not sure I believe in that, but at least the show moves along at a quick pace, and older kids will probably like it. "Gun X Sword" is a pop thriller on par with a tacky but adventurous summer film. If you look at it as just a dash of caffeine, nothing more, it's all right.
  • Gun X Sword does not fit. Some ideas aren't original, although the series is unlike any other. New Name : Van of Vengeance or Van of the ____.

    As I was looking for a new anime to watch and already finished Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, Samurai Champloo, most of Rurouni Kenshin. I thought gun x sword would be kind of cool. Knowing nothing about it I watched the first episode, The translation is quite excellent however it is difficult to read when full screen. It starts with a man in a the coolest of suits, a swallowtail suit and a fancy hat with a ring in it. The world they live in is consumed with chaos and whoever has the best armor is king. The action scenes are quite amazing with Van's sword being able to transform, from rubber into metal spinning it around to deflect bullets. For the most part Van doesn't care much for others, however he will protect people in need if he so chooses. He is in constant search for the man who ruined his wedding and will not stop until he is found. He has a different name every town he enters, such as Van of the Dawn or Van of the devil swallowtail suit or Van the good guy, My favorite is Hangover Van. He always has milk and puts tons of spices on his food. The story progress' with each episode, and there's no filler of sorts. Some loose ends are there but every anime does, except Trigun I've found. Van kind of reminds me of Vash in some ways. So far its probably the 2nd or 3rd most involving 26 episode series. However, its practically unknown. The name doesn't quite do it justice, but those are sometimes the best. 9.3
  • Gun X Sword is not excellent or great, but is a good anime.

    Gun X Sword is not a excellent or great, but is a good anime. The story is decent, but the last few episodes leading to the ending was a let down. The characters weren't very interesting to me. I really didn't care about Van and his search for revenge of his murdered wife, Wendy and her search for her brother or Carmen99 who did nothing for me except remind me of Faye Valentine and the much better anime she was in. Now the thing I liked the best about Gun X Sword would be the animation, which looked great. Overall I gave the show a 7, and I think I'm being nice. It's just that there's nothing special about it. I think if you haven't seen that much anime you will like it a lot, but if you've seen a lot of anime like the classics Cowboy Bebop, Trigun, and other anime, this show is inspired from than you won't like it as much or at all.