Gundam 0080

(ended 1989)


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Episode Guide


  • Season 1
    • War In the Pocket
      The last member of the Cyclops Team attepts to destroy the NT-1, in order to prevent the annihilation of the Libot colony.
    • Say It Ain't So, Bernie!
      A Zeon commander decides to attack the Libot colony with nuclear weapons.
    • Over the River and Through the Woods
      The Cyclops Team attacks the Federation base where the Gundam NT-1 is stored.
    • And At the End of the Rainbow
      Al holds on to Garcia's truck as it is driving through the city. He notices where it is going, and all of a sudden Garcia takes a sharp turn and Al is thrown from the truck. He decides to go to the police and tells them that the four trucks are suspicious, but the police don't believe him. Then he tells the police he was a victim of hit and run, and he goes with the police to where Garcia and the others were. He sees Bernie and remembers him from when he crashed his mobile suit near by. Al then says that Bernie is his brother and the police leave.moreless
    • Reflection In a Brown Eye
      Al is shown running through town to the damaged Zaku II Kai that crashed. While recording the downed Zaku II Kai the pilot stands there and point a gun at Al. Al tries to get to hold the pilots gun without any luck. The soldier tells Al he can hold his gun but steals Al's camera instead.moreless
    • How Many Miles to the Battlefield
      The Cyclops team start and attack on the Federation Antarctic Base. Garcia and Micha start destroying the base and enemy mobile suits. The federations GM's don't stand a chance against the elite Garcia and Micha.