Gundam 0080

(ended 1989)


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  • A tear jerking look at the human side of the "One Year War".

    For the most part the Gundam animes ended up becoming victims of their own genre, Gundam Wing was bland, and became fodder for fangirls who write yaoi, G-Gundam was a total joke, but there were some good ones, the ones that were set in the UC timeline.

    What sets this apart from all the other Gundam animes, is it's length(three episodes), and it's content, this focuses more on what war does to people, and how it can make a small child grow up too fast.

    The character development is terrific, they are characters you become attached to, and by the end you might just find yourself crying, in addition to the story, this features excellent artwork, and an unforgettable soundtrack!
  • Gundam 0080-- You asked for Tragic Gundam.

    Ok, I was lucky enough to catch this show on Cartoon Network the 2nd time around on Adult Swim seeing as I missed the Toonami Midnight Run airings. Despite the unbearable Y-7 editing standards that Cartoon Network had applied to even get the show on air and the inexcusable inability to air it uncut on their "mature" blocks, I still found love with this. Ok, the music it grows on you but it's really just sub-par 80s j-pop. The real meat is the tragic factor. I mean like all UC gundam there's always some crazy commander who usurps his/her commanding officer and sends his soldiers into battle without particular care for their survival. What made this show great other than great action scenes was the bittersweet ending. I mean, it wasn't a Gundam 0083 explosive type ending or a Mobile Suit Gundam type of bittersweet but more of the cradle in your knees wondering "what if?..." type of bittersweet. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.
  • I don't care what anyone else says, I think this is the best one.

    After watching this and several other MSG series, I think this is the best. It shows part of the One Year War from the viewpoint of a child. He meets up with a Zeon pilot and befriends him quickly. There are no politics involved, and it's realistic in that the boy does not truly understand the different sides of the war, and that he's just helping his friend.
    It's a short and tragic series. Series like SEED and Wing are pretty shallow compared to this one, both of them having grossly unrealistic and cliche emotions compared to 0080.
    I would definately recommend this, especially since it's only 6 episodes. There's nothing to lose and everything to gain by watching this great show.