Gundam 0080

(ended 1989)


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  • Gundam 0080-- You asked for Tragic Gundam.

    Ok, I was lucky enough to catch this show on Cartoon Network the 2nd time around on Adult Swim seeing as I missed the Toonami Midnight Run airings. Despite the unbearable Y-7 editing standards that Cartoon Network had applied to even get the show on air and the inexcusable inability to air it uncut on their "mature" blocks, I still found love with this. Ok, the music it grows on you but it's really just sub-par 80s j-pop. The real meat is the tragic factor. I mean like all UC gundam there's always some crazy commander who usurps his/her commanding officer and sends his soldiers into battle without particular care for their survival. What made this show great other than great action scenes was the bittersweet ending. I mean, it wasn't a Gundam 0083 explosive type ending or a Mobile Suit Gundam type of bittersweet but more of the cradle in your knees wondering "what if?..." type of bittersweet. Watch it and you'll see what I mean.