Gundam 0083

(ended 1992)


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Gundam 0083

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The show originally aired on Bandai Channel in Japan (which is why i labled it as "Other"). Then it was shown on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim in the US from 2/23/02 - 5/18/02. Gundam 0083 takes place after Gundam 0080, but before Z Gundam. Three years after the end of the One Year War between the Zeon and the Federation, a group called the Delaz Fleet is formed by the survivors of the Zeon army. Under the command of former Zeon Colonel Aiguille Delaz, the fleet's goal is to rebuild Zeon. Their ace pilot Major Anavel Gato steals the Gundam GP02, a nuclear equipped model in development by the Federation. Lieutenant Kou Uraki pilots the Gundam GP01, the only one left, in an attempt to stop Gato and recover the stolen Gundam before a new war begins. "Operation Stardust," as the Delaz Fleet's operation was known, would shake the foundation of the Earth Federation and prepare the way for the to the soon-to-be-infamous "Titans." Show Type: Japanese Animation (Anime) First American Telecast: Last American Telecast: Episodes: 13 thirty minute color episodes Companies: Bandai Entertainment Alternative Titles: Stardust Memory Characters Kou Uraki: Kou starts out as a regular test pilot for new advances in Mobile Suit technology at Federation's Torrington Base. He is very interested in mobile suits and technology behind them. He is also a superb pilot; able to fend off the more experienced Anavel Gato when he steals the Gundam Unit 2. Despite some of his fellow pilots' objections, He becomes the pilot of the new Gundam Unit 1 (also known as the Zephyrantes). A relationship develops between him and Anaheim Electronics engineer Nina Purpleton Chuck Keith: Keith is Kou's best friend and fellow test pilot. Unlike his best friend, his mobile suit piloting is average, which he gets picked on by his fellow pilots. Despite that, Keith is an all-around nice guy who always gives somewhat useful advice to Kou in his relationship with Nina. Nina Purpleton: Nina Purpleton is the head engineer of the two new Gundams that are being developed for the federation. She is extremely protective of her creations, which comes into conflict with Kou when He checks out the new units when the first arrive. However after Gato's "Gundamjack" of Unit 2, she allows Kou to pilot the Unit 1 to stop him. She also develops a relationship with him as she accompanies him and the Albion to pursue Gato. It is later revealed that she once was in love with Anavel Gato a year ago, until he deserted her on the moon. The Creator Yoshiyuki Tomino, Mobile Suit Gundam's principal creator, is a veteran of the anime industry. In 1964, Tomino signed with Osamu Tezuka's Mushi Production Studio, making his debut on the classis Mighty Atom (known in the U.S. as "Astro Boy"). In the 70's, he became a freelance director and prolific storyboard artist, lending his talents to a number of shows in the popular "super robot" genre. With 1979's Mobile Suit Gundam, Tomino combined the gaudy gadgetry of the traditional robot show with hard science, complex characterization, and weighty themes of war and morality. In the following decades, he's returned to the Gundam saga several times to add to the chronicles of the "Universal Century" era, and most recently (in 1999's Turn A Gundam) to extend the series into entirely new realms. In addition to his work in the anime field, Tomino has also written more than a dozen novels, most of them based on the Gundam universe or set in the fantasy world of Aura Battler Dunbine. Release Dates Japan: 1991 America: 2001moreless