Gundam 0083

(ended 1992)


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  • Season 1
    • The Last Blitz of Zeon
      The events of this movie takes place three years after the end of the One Year War. The Delaz Fleet, a rogue Zeon armada, spirit away a top-secret Gundam prototype known as GP02A. Now in the hands of Anavel Gato (a Delaz Fleet ace veteran pilot), it's up to a rookie by the name of Kou Uraki piloting the Gundam GP01 to retrieve it.moreless
    • The Mayfly of Space
    • A Storm Raging Through
      Cima manages to escape the destruction of the ship. Gato goes on to try and destroy the Federation ship controlling the Solar System as the assembled weapon fires at the descending colony. He manages to destroy the control ship and the colony continues on its descent to Earth. While Uraki fights and finally kills off Cima, Gato heads to the colony to "fulfill his destiny" and is followed by Nina. They run into each other and Nina begs Gato to stop, but he tells her that he has given his life to the restoration of Jion. Nina picks up his gun and threatens to shoot, but it ends up being Uraki, newly arrived on the scene, who shoots him. Gato nevertheless pulls the control lever to redirect the colony. Nina tells Uraki to stop fighting and when he refuses, she turns the gun on him and leaves with Gato. Gato, not wanting Nina to follow him to his fate, knocks her out and has Karius take her and escape. He still has a score to settle with Uraki and meets him outside in the Neue Ziel. The two fight on as the Federation turn the Solar System on them (a lot of the Federation higher ups have a vendetta against the Unit 3, for messing up their deal with Cima). The blinding white light envelopes the two mobile suits and when it finally fades away, Kou awakens to find himself alone - Gato had left without killing him. In the Axis fleet, Karius has brought Nina to the flagship, where she is given a choice to stay or go back to the Federation. The remanents of Jion, led by Gato, refuse to surrender and fight on, attempting to breakthrough the Federation forces and catch up with the now-retreating Axis fleet. Gato is shot down and takes out a Federation ship in a kamikaze attack. The Aftermath: Sinapus is sentenced to death. Uraki is sentenced to 1 year in prison for disobeying orders, but he is released early because the Federation chose to erase all files on the Gundams, and thereby, erases his crime. He is sent to Oakly Base in North America, where he meets up with Keith again and... Nina!moreless
    • Assault on the Point of No Return
      Gato and Uraki engage in combat. They remain out so long that they must continually return to their flagships to refuel, but both pilots brush off their exhaustion and go on. Uraki is especially concerned about the "point of no return," the point in space after which the colony can no longer be stopped from hitting Earth. Cima arrives aboard Delaz's flagship while we see some treachery within the Federation high command. General Cowen, the only supporter of the Albion and her actions, is arrested. Then it is Cima's turn to backstab Delaz. She takes over his ship and holds him hostage, then tells the Federation that the Delaz fleet would like to have a cease fire. But Gato and Uraki fight on, oblivious to all the betrayal. It turns out to be too late even for Unit 3 though. The colony passes through the point of no return as the Federation assembles its last line of defense, the Solar (Mirror) System. Meanwhile, Gato, hearing of Cima's cease fire request, returns to Delaz's flagship. Delaz tells Gato to go on and fulfill his destiny, then cries out, "Sieg Jion!" once before Cima's bullet silences him. An enraged Gato launches the Neue Ziel's claw into the bridge...moreless
    • La Vie en Rose
      La Vie en Rose
      Episode 11
      Axis forces (a "neutral" division of the Jion) provide Gato with a new mobile suit - the Neue Ziel. The Albion docks at La Vie En Rose to pick up Unit 3. While there, they are informed by Lt. Cmdr. Nakato Nakaha that the Albion is to remain at La Vie En Rose to guard the facility and protect the Gundam. Lucette Audivie, an Anaheim engineer and acquaintance of Nina's, confides that the Unit 3 project has more or less been canceled and asks Nina if she can borrow Uraki as a test pilot to complete Unit 3. Nina refuses, so Lucette asks Uraki directly and he agrees to her plan to take Unit 3. The Federation finally figures out that they've been tricked - the hijacked colony is not going to drop on the moon, but on Earth instead. The Jion were just trying to make Federation forces use up all their fuel chasing the colony when they knew they could redirect it at any given time. When news of this reaches La Vie En Rose, Uraki knows it is time to act but Nakaha will not let him. He catches Lucette and Uraki in the hanger with Unit 3 and attempts to shot Uraki, but Lucette takes the bullet for him. The crew of the Albion arrive to stop Nakaha and his crew from doing any more damage, but it is too late for Lucette. With her dying breath she tells Nina that she knew that Gato and Nina were once lovers and asks her to take care of Unit 3 for her. The Albion departs, now carrying Unit 3 to combat.moreless
    • Colliding War Zones
      Too late to save Kompei, Uraki nevertheless engages Gato in combat and they end up destroying both Gundams. As Uraki ejects, he finds Gato waiting for him and Gato tells him he will never forget his name again before flying off to a mobile suit piloted by his only remaining subordinate, Karius. Uraki escapes to Keith's mobile suit and they head back to Albion. Nina is upset and Uraki thinks it is because he lost both Unit 1 and 2, but it's something else... They kiss. Sinapus calls both of them in to discuss the situation and reveals that there is a third Gundam, Unit 3, on a test site called La Vie En Rose. In the meantime, Cima's fleet destroys some mirrors on 2 abandoned space colonies. The Albion gets the report on the hijacked space colonies and realize that because the colonies are now out of balance with their mirrors destroyed, they will eventually collide, sending one colony flying into the moon.moreless
    • The Nightmare of Solomon
      Out in a section of space known as the Sea of Solomon, the Jion forces are gathering. Off around a spacebase known as Kompei Island, the Federation is also amassing forces for a Naval Review, thinking that a show of forces will make the Jion back off. Instead, that is what the Jion has been waiting for. As Gato prepares to fire off the nuke on the Federation forces, the Albion crew and inparticular, the Unit 1, pursue him, but it is too late. For the revival of the Jion Duchy and it's ideals... for the fulfillment of Operation Stardust... Solomon! I have returned!" announces Gato as he fires the nuke at Kompei Island...moreless
    • Conspiracy Sector
      Burning is feeling his age as for the first time, Uraki bests him in mock combat. Keith lectures Uraki on being naive and can't understand why he can't tell Nina how he feels. Aboard the Lily Marlene, Cima is awaiting to rendezvous with a federation ship, the Birmingham. Albion stumbles onto the scene and Sinapus thinks that the Birmingham is being attacked, so the mobile suits are sent out to help. They fight Cima's people and Burning comes across a briefcase full of information regarding Jion's Operation Stardust. His damaged suit explodes before he can get back to Albion and the secret of Stardust is lost with him.moreless
    • With Shining Blue Fire
      Unit 1 is finally fitted for space and Keith suggests to Uraki that he take Nina out on a date before they depart, giving him a pair of movie passes. At Kelley's home, Cima's henchman Kult shows up with payment for the Val Varo (the mobile suit Kelley worked on) and reveals that Kelley will not be allowed to fight because he only has one arm. We find out Kelley was a friend of Gato's and that they knew each other back from the One-Year War. So Uraki goes to ask Nina out and she sees the tickets, but he chickens out and she gets mad and decides to go home. Kelley goes and takes off in the Val Varo and announces to the Albion that he wants to fight the Gundam. Uraki meets him out on the moon's surface and they realize for the first time that they truly were destined to fight one another. Nina hears the announcement and runs off to the scene of the battle and it is revealed that Kelley knows her as well. Uraki defeats Kelley and urges him to escape, but Kelley points out that he couldn't afford to put in an escape pod. The Val Varo explodes. Meanwhile, Gato thinks of Kelley and says, "We never did get that reunion, did we Kelley? And yet, I shall continue to wait for you... I know that you'll make it one way or another. After all, we're brothers in arms."moreless
    • The Warrior of Von Braun
      Albion lands in the lunar city of Von Braun to retrofit the Unit 1 for space. The crew takes some time off to wander the city. Uraki gets upset after Monsha teases him and runs out into the city streets where he gets beaten up for being Federation. He wakes up to meet a one-armed Jion pilot, Kelley Lazner, and his girlfriend Latuera. Kelley think that Uraki is a deserter. In his garage, he is working on a mobile suit of his own and warns Uraki to stay away from it, but Uraki helps him out anyways. Latuera asks Uraki why he is helping out his enemy, for the war is not over in Kelley's mind. Uraki later overhears Kelley talking to Cima about selling the mobile suit he's been working on and the two men get into a fight. Nina arrives, looking for Kou (who had been gone for a few days now) but Kou says he has unfinished business and goes back to help Kelley complete his mobile suit anyways.moreless
    • Gundam, to the Sea of Stars
      The Albion leaves Earth's orbit and heads through the shoal zone of wrecked colonies on their way to the lunar base of Anaheim Electronics. Nina makes romantic advances on Kou, but he's so dense and focused on the GPO1 that he doesn't notice. Nina tries to explain to him that the GPO1 isn't modified for space and is useless until it is upgraded to Full Vernian.moreless
    • Attack & Retreat on the Burning Sand
      The Albion flies over the Savannah of Eastern Africa as the search continues for Gato and the GPO2A. All of the crew is on edge, and things only get worse when a battle alert is sounded. It turns out to not be an enemy attack, but instead is a fight in the hangar between Monsha and Mora. Mora does not like that Monsha is hitting on all her girls and grabbing their asses. Adel says he will make sure Monsha grabs her ass too, and Mora hits him.moreless
    • Into Battle, Albion!
      Kou returns to the ruins of the Torrington Base. He apologizes to Synapse for taking the GPO1. Kou says the GPO1 is a wonderful and excellent suit. On the bridge, Synapse speaks to General John Kowen from Jaburo. General Kowen orders Synapse to launch the Albion and as soon as possible locate the GPO2A and prevent usage of the nuclear warhead.moreless
    • Endless Pursuit
      Endless Pursuit
      Episode 2
      Gatu attacks Kou and engages him in a close fight. Kou's experience makes him no match for Gato, he is unable to fight properly and gets knocked quite a bit. Gato tells Kou that he is no match for him. What will happen next?
    • Gundam Jack
      Gundam Jack
      Episode 1
      On January 1, 0080, the battle between Zeon and the Earth Federation rages on. Fleet Commander Delaz has been informed that Gihren Zabi has been killed by his sister. Three years later, Federal Forces Kou Uraki and Chuck Keith are engaged in training exercises near Australia's Torrington Base. Their target is a new experimental Powered GM piloted by Lt. Dick Allen.moreless