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AIRED ON 1/20/2005

Season 1 : Episode 51

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Two years after the first war, which pitted Coordinators and Naturals against each other due the controversial topic of the modification of Human beings, another war breaks out after the remnants of Junius Seven being put on a collision course for Earth. Shinn Asuka is a young Coordinator who lost his parents and sister in the previous war, when the Alliance attacked Orb. He has since joined ZAFT, and blames Orb's idealist ways for his loss. This series focuses on his struggle to redeem himself, all the while questioning whether he is doing the right thing or not.
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  • They should have stopped at the end of the first series!!!

    Oh dear! What a mistake this series is! To me this is a big step in the wrong direction for the franchise.

    Gundam SEED (the original series) had a reasonable amount of characters that we got to know and love, each for their quirks, each struggling in their own ways to overcome their problems and find and fight for what is right. The mecha design was cool, and made you think wow! that is cool, the conflict between Athrun and Kira was emotional and the deaths in the series were meaningful and full of purpose.

    SEED Destiny turned that all on its head with a juvenille loud mouthed one dimensional "main" character with a cheap replace-a-gundam mecha that almost seemed to cheat as it had (seemingly) infinite replacement parts that could be sent out immediately. As the series progresses he continues to get more and more obnoxious and it seriously made me wonder if the producers actually thought that this character was likable. Too stupid to be an anti-hero, too obnoxious and stupid to be the hero, what exactly was the character that is Shin Asuka.

    SEED Destiny introduced many new characters, ships and mecha, but overall it seemed to be souless, by the end of the series you just wanted Shin to die and that the series would please please end.

    They took Athrun, and made him into a confused little boy and Kira and turned him into a ultimate-god-like-will-not-lose character that wont get a scratch on him, oh except of course when Shin Asuka faces him, even then he avoids death and even a scratch. Of course when Kira gets his new mecha, he truely is unstoppable!

    One of the most poignant deaths at the end of SEED was that of Mwu La Fllaga and I was horrified that they brought him back somehow from the vacuum of space and having his mecha disintegrated and his helmet smashed (at least you see his smashed helmet at the end of SEED floating in space) gave him amnesia and made him into a temporary bad guy. I know they removed the helmet in the special release of the last episode of SEED, but it makes his sacrifice lose its poignancy and demeans it.

    Overall the series felt bloated with characters and it seems much of the same plot devices were used even to the point of the ending scenario (Gasp! Another super-weapon pointed at Earth!! /sarcasm). The animation was on par with the first series and sound track was good, but still didn't match the first series' brilliant score. It left me emotionally detached from the new characters except for my annoyance towards them and hating the writers for messing around with the old characters' personalities and skills (Kira, at one point, slices up Athrun's mecha in one attack, where as in the previous series they were always reasonably matched). The ending was poor with Kira and Athrun remaining spotless in their "shiny" variants of the mecha from the first series and the only reason I continued to watch it week after week was in the desperate hope that some how, some way that the show would improve and be a worthy sequel to Gundam SEED.

    This series had great potential to build upon the success of Gundam SEED, its just a shame that they decided to ruin it so much!!moreless
  • Just as average as usual..

    Ok, I seen this in Toonami on Cartoon Network few years ago, but it ended quickly, but it was only one week, why did they end it?. Well Gundam was move to YTV, but I don't have a YTV.

    It's all the Shinn thingy (which is because I watch this a little bit). The Mobile Suits were quite improving, but they stink in the video game franchise. I gave this average because, there's no decent plots, it's just war, but the mission was awesome.


    Often realistic, but it was ok.

    Voice Acting:

    In the English version, was quite ok and pointless editorial practices was nowhere to be found but only in YTV.


    There quite ok and heroic.


    There's no decent plots, its just a same'ol war and stuff, but missions as well.

    Overall: Average

    Realistic animation, ok English voice acting, heroic characters and no decent plots. I can still recommend you should watch this.moreless
  • Good sequel, I like it.

    Personally, I think this sequel is amazing really. This show is about Shinn Asuka, an obnoxious coordinator who one day looses his family in laserfire. He is then taken to ZAFT where he becomes the best rookie pilot. Shinn pilots the "Impulse", a mobile suit Gundam that are parts that assemble in battle. When Shinn encounters Athrun, and Cagalli, everything changes. Now that another war has started between ZAFT, and Earth, Shinn, Kira, and Athrun must fight to protect all of humanity. The dialog in this show rocks!!!! The twists, and turns in the story will keep you hooked on the series, the emotions are hot as always. The music in this show totally rocks!!!! The themes will make you want to sing, and dance with them. Of course, the Gundam series is best known in my mind for its awesome music, and characters. I really love the characters in the Gundam SEED series. My favorites are: Kira, Athrun, Lacus, Cagalli, and Shinn. Overall, great sequel to one of my most favorite anime, awesome music, and dialog, cute, memorable characters, and unforgettable story.

    Just like the prequel in my mind, this show has powers!!! When I watched the first volume, Erik Darnell edged Johnny Benson by .005 seconds in the Craftsman Truck Series race, Joey Logano won the Nationwide race at Kentucky Speedway. Justin Lofton won his first ARCA race, and the best one, Dale Earnhardt Jr. Won the Sprint Cup race at Michigan Speedway.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who loves sci-fi anime, and race fans like me. Well.....good bye!moreless
  • Another great anime. They must make a season 3

    Gundam Seed Destiny is one of the best animes I have seen. Every episode is mind blowing and the way they end each episode it makes you want to see more episodes. My favorite Character is Kira and favorite gundam is his Strike Freedom/Freedom. I would love to see more of this show soon and hope the rumors of season 3 is true. This show has it all. Action, Drama and Comedy. I just hope that destiny wasn't the last season for the seed story because out of all the gundam show, this is by far the best one there is.moreless
  • A good sequel to Gundam Seed but it's off on the wrong tracks.

    Well, Gundam Seed Destiny isn't that bad. It's just got off from the wrong direction. We've got Shin who've lost his family because they were killed, Athrun joins back into ZAFT for a while, Yuna & Meer screwed off Cagalli & Athrun's Relationship (respectively), and of course a few characters I don't like/hate. As soon as people have watched past Kira getting killed by Shin, this is where it gets half screwy/half interesting. Athrun decides to bail out on ZAFT & took Meiryn with him. Until Shin & Rey starts hunting him down (with Shin killing Athrun off). When Kira & Athrun got on the Strike Freedom & Infinite Justice (respectively), Yuna gets killed by a Gundam! =D And Meer gets shot. =D. Then the war with Durandal with ZAFT against the Archangel & Eternal has started. With Durandal getting shot by Rey & the 2 and Talia Gladys gets killed in the explosion, it ends off right away. DX no explanation conclusion on the Final Episode. You have to see Final Plus of this series. It actually made more sense than the final episode.moreless

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